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10 cool things to do with Huawei Mate 10 Lite!

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Here are 10 cool things you can do with Huawei Mate 10 Lite! Join me on Social media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dgtl_Advntrs Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dgtl_advntrs/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dgtl.advntrs/
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Text Comments (118)
nosterbebot (20 hours ago)
Very helpful! Many thanks.. :)
Zeeshan sab (2 days ago)
Mate 10 lite is beat 💓 phon
Best Gamer (2 days ago)
Mani Jaffery (3 days ago)
hey bro i have set a data limit on my net data usage and can't remove it now?" any solution
Daan Jansen (3 days ago)
very helpfull
Filip Bozic (4 days ago)
ma brutalan si prio eo ti besa
Fahid Mughal (5 days ago)
It's not working scroll
NoNo Gomes (7 days ago)
Should i buy this phone or an iphone 6?
Digital Adventures! (6 days ago)
Iphone 6
Marius Georgescu (9 days ago)
Thx man
Bugs Bunny (9 days ago)
Yr i forgot my "Safe" password which was created in the internal memory and unfortunately unfortunately i've forgot one of my sequrity question too Could you help me out please in recovering my password?
Imam Bin Shams (10 days ago)
How to watch full screen video on huawei mate 10lite
Mirza Hadi (10 days ago)
watching on mate 10 lite
Hadi hossaini (11 days ago)
Does it has notification light for messages apps notification?!
MohamedHusseinQarmou (12 days ago)
UX TECH CHANEL (13 days ago)
This english👎👎👎
Digital Adventures! (11 days ago)
+UX TECH CHANEL thanks for the certificate!
Jenny van Formosa (13 days ago)
I am doubting to buy Huawei Mate 10 lite or Mi A1 , (especially Camera funtions ),please advise !
Digital Adventures! (13 days ago)
+Jenny van Formosa I'm biased towards Mate 10 Lite because of vetter camera and extra features you get from EMUI. But Mi A1 is already running on Android Oreo but has terrible camera. Depends what you want from a phone
moni jee (14 days ago)
i have problem. some time my mate 10 lite wifi or 4g internet not work and then i restart my mobile phone and wifi or 4G works... after some time again i face this problem.. what is the problem..
Digital Adventures! (11 days ago)
+moni jee no idea
Dilovar Bazarov (14 days ago)
How to switch on the "Always on display" mode ?
Khizar Butt (15 days ago)
Thatx cool, i am going to buy one in few days, itx v.usefull info for me...
Digital Adventures! (11 days ago)
+Khizar Butt Happy to help ☺️
Vuk Stanković (16 days ago)
i may be retarded for asking this,but why cant i connect to wifi its asking for some idetity stuff somebody please help : ^)
Amy (18 days ago)
you can use for the first screen shot you showed your knockles and make an S. then just tap somewhere you want. its easier
Sawsan Shour (19 days ago)
Very helpfulllll i have a question though whenever i download and apply a new theme the lock screen wallpaper keeps changing can u help me thank uuu
Umer Shabbir (20 days ago)
A Clash Royale Player Detected! 😁 Whats Your Name And Clan?
Erik Mekiassen (22 days ago)
good video but I think this is on every Huawei phones but tanks for the tips
Shahzeb Akram (23 days ago)
What's new in this?
Faheem Abbas (23 days ago)
These features are also available in the previous versions of huawei phone like honor 8
Digital Adventures! (11 days ago)
+Faheem Abbas they are everywhere
Rafael Custodio (23 days ago)
Very helpful. Thanks!
Digital Adventures! (11 days ago)
+Rafael Custodio happy to help ☺️👍🏻
Toreador (27 days ago)
Haven't you stated just obvious??
Ayesha Saleem (27 days ago)
If I receive any link in whatsaapp or any app I can not open it up . Why ??can you plz explain how can I open links in mate 10 lite ???
İpek Soğuksu (28 days ago)
Bisho Atef (29 days ago)
How can i make double touch lock screen on and off
Khurram Awan (29 days ago)
Very Nice Thanks Bro...!!!
Azim Hilman (30 days ago)
mate 10 lite = nova 2i ?
# Kinkel (30 days ago)
Thanks for that video
Bilal Aslam (30 days ago)
make a video on honor 10 lite.
sheeraz mughal (1 month ago)
Thanks lovly video
Wali Mughal (1 month ago)
mate 10 lite it is then! !
Prince Talha Junaid (1 month ago)
any swipe option for contacts. right swipe for call and left swipe for message like in samsung mobiles
Digital Adventures! (1 month ago)
+Prince Talha Junaid no
Prince Talha Junaid (1 month ago)
how could we hide message content in Huawei Mate 10 Lite. Only message icon shall display in the status bar not the name of sender and message content
Digital Adventures! (1 month ago)
+Prince Talha Junaid download a third party message app
Can we install stock android launcher in mate 10 lite?
Digital Adventures! (1 month ago)
+Mirza Muhammad Talha Baig depends on the launcher u download. Nova or Google now will vastly improve the speed
Digital Adventures! Will it affect the speed of phone or battery performance that much? I'll be grateful!
Digital Adventures! (1 month ago)
Mirza Muhammad Talha Baig yes
Goace Florin (1 month ago)
indians talk soo funny,and smell awful.
NUMAN AFTAB (1 month ago)
Kindly tell me about Folder 📂 and files 📂 hide option
Tanios Dany (1 month ago)
You have a Clash Royale chest to open. How can you not open it?! :(
Syed Muhammad Tayyab (1 month ago)
Double tap wake up screen?
Syed Muhammad Tayyab (1 month ago)
Horizontal view from both sides?
Francesco Solfa (1 month ago)
I brought it because my Samsung s5 broke. Was is a good change? Thanks
Asfar Raza (1 month ago)
kya ap muje yah bata sakte hen k setting me ja k security & privacy ki option ati ha osme ja k agy app lock ki option ati ha muje es option me yah bat achi lagi k me koi b app ko finger apni se b unlock kar sakta hon leqin bro app lock k andar messenger ki option nai ha ap kya bta sakte hen kuch k kya waja ho sakti ha?
ahmad ali (1 month ago)
i think this phone is better option than Mi A1
ahmad ali (1 month ago)
yeah i have also chosen Mate 10 lite for my new phone and for your camera point i think huawei will improve it in oreo update but now the Pixel 2's moded camera app is available for non-pixel users if you want astonishing portraits as you know pixel 2 is the best rated camera phone by DXo mark.
Moiz Ahmed (1 month ago)
ahmad ali well i am also comparing these two phones as I wanna buy one of them, in camera mi A1 takes the lead although huawei has dual cam both front and back but their software is not very well. apart from that, feature vise after seeing this vid, it looks like mate takes the lead... I will definitely buy mate since I am not a camera guy 😂
AbdulQadus Abdullah (1 month ago)
How to enable touble tap to screen on
Techno World (1 month ago)
Owesome video dude
alizay khan (1 month ago)
Aoa... can u plzzz.. Tel from where to increase screen time... Its 30 sec.. I want atleast 3mins....
Digital Adventures! (1 month ago)
+alizay khan from display settings
mir haider (1 month ago)
dear It has Screen Mirroring? without Any cables ?
Emi Delfa (1 month ago)
Its a cool phone thats for sure. But between a Bq aquaris x pro and this one?? Which one would you prefer??? Thanks bro
Yasir Ali (1 month ago)
Good work Bother
Islam H (1 month ago)
What about camera .. some people said that it's so bad in night ... I hope to Know your opinion .. Thanks
Digital Adventures! (1 month ago)
+Islam H its not great I would say... Almost like any other huawei midrange phone
Ayhan Topal (1 month ago)
good job. Thanks
OM (1 month ago)
Nice mate. Thanks mate 10/10
Technical Stars (1 month ago)
That's cool bro.... Thanks :)
Mohamed Azazy (1 month ago)
Excellent! But are there any other features for this cell phone?
shafeed p.y (1 month ago)
Mohamed Azazy 2 fb 2 messenger 2 whatsapp u can use in this phone.. We can change the focus of the photo on live time or after took the photo
Tengene (1 month ago)
Thank you Hahaha
BackWard Adventures (1 month ago)
all this i can do it with Huawei Honor 8 wich is old 1 and a half year
Raza Khan (2 months ago)
great! gentleman
muhammad ahdul ahad (2 months ago)
How did you set up a fingerprint lock on gallery folder? Is it a default function or any app?
REJA WASIF (1 month ago)
muhammad ahdul ahad open phone manager and check app lock
Digital Adventures! (2 months ago)
+muhammad ahdul ahad default function
Shehab U. Ashraf (2 months ago)
really nice could you make a full camera review for this mobile ? it will be great
SN Pakistani (2 months ago)
Bro huawei mate 10 lite gyco vrbox or USB otg supported ha???
SN Pakistani (2 months ago)
okay thanks
Digital Adventures! (2 months ago)
+SN Pakistani gyro-- no, usb otg-- yes
nadeem zafar (2 months ago)
how we delete recents call log when we sending a new message
Technology Vlogs (2 months ago)
Nice brother i like your confidence Also visit my channel bro and suggest me some good stuff
Farukh Saeed (2 months ago)
Best video thanks alot
Digital Adventures! (2 months ago)
+Farukh Saeed welcome! 👍🏻😊
badr0100 (2 months ago)
Basically 😀
Digital Adventures! (2 months ago)
+badr0100 I know 😂
melvin U (2 months ago)
huge thanks for the video
Digital Adventures! (2 months ago)
+melvin U happy to be helpful 😊👍🏻
Rana Hannan (2 months ago)
How to enable front cam bokeh effecr?
Digital Adventures! (2 months ago)
+Rana Hannan turn on the portait mode
L.R.T (2 months ago)
Are you from Pakistan? That's great dude.
Casper Lind Hansen 9A-KV (2 months ago)
this is great to know since i wil get this phone in january. thaks for making me love this phone even more
Ares 5454 (8 days ago)
Casper Lind Hansen 9A-KV got it now? xD
Тишина (2 months ago)
Change title to 10 cool things to do with EMUI 5.
ebad ali (2 months ago)
Does the fit option affect the experience of the app
Waqas Haider (1 month ago)
Plz tell me where is NFC function in mate 10 lite
Digital Adventures! (2 months ago)
+ebad ali some of them
Shoaib SheyBi (2 months ago)
Thankyou very much brodaH
Amr moro (2 months ago)
Great 😍
Digital Adventures! (2 months ago)
+Amr moro thnks! 👍
Amir Xhahzad (2 months ago)
Nyc job brother
Digital Adventures! (2 months ago)
+Amir Xhahzad thnks :)
Shoaib Khalid (2 months ago)
Welldone bro........
DANi CreaTion (2 months ago)
Wow! Nice Video ❤❤❤
HamXa A. (2 months ago)
Compare P10 Lite / Mate 10 Lite / Xiaomi Mi A1
Dildar arya (2 months ago)
Can you make water test video of honor 10 lite ..??
Syed Fareed (2 months ago)
I already knew all this
MMO7 GT (4 days ago)
Syed Fareed (1 month ago)
Wali Mughal 🎩🎩
Wali Mughal (1 month ago)
then why did you came to visit this video
Syed Fareed (2 months ago)
LOL all things are great u can buy it with no problem
LOL (2 months ago)
Syed Fareed bro tell me about this phone like battery gaming camera display/ I want to buy/

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