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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 - Which Should You Buy?

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Is Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Better VS iPhone 7 & 7 Plus? Design, Display, Features & Complete Comparison Review. Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Clones Drop Test: https://youtu.be/LfbQJAbPApU
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Text Comments (13836)
Linus gerd (1 day ago)
Samsung is the best phone
aron yeo (1 day ago)
Should i buy rose gold iphone 7 plus or matte black?
Christian J Ramos (2 days ago)
I have an S8+, it's a great phone, but i honestly prefer Apple, i'm not hating on the S8+ or on Samsung, it's just my personal preference
Glanced (3 days ago)
2:15 those iPhones at the back make me cry
Glanced (3 days ago)
Apple fangays need to wake up
aliX Gamer (6 days ago)
Dont waste ur time watching the video its just the s8 is better.
Kameon Carter (6 days ago)
iPhone gang like this mother fucker!!! #BoonkGang
Septyx Stars (8 days ago)
iPhone 7 for the WIN😎👻🙈. Go Apple ✅💁‍♀️.
Jacob Grijalva (8 days ago)
The fish or the nation is not secure at all you can literally just take a picture and we can copy it I could unlock it and I contribute super easily
Hghh Bhrbrnnr (9 days ago)
iPhone is better .
MrLowkas (9 days ago)
I used an s7edge for 1 1/2 years... im fucking hating those edges. Same With the Little mistakes in the system.. actually i am using an iPhone 7... trying new stuff
DoctoR T (9 days ago)
Нихх, молдавские номера
GentlesFob2121 Vlogs (10 days ago)
Watching in my iPhone X
Sasha Blouse (11 days ago)
Samsung wins tbh, but I'd buy Apple
Sasha Blouse (11 days ago)
In the comments people are arguing Apple is better or Samsung is better. instead of bashing people who don't like apple or Samsung, just get which one you want and stfu
Shareef Grasso (12 days ago)
Samsung Galaxy and iPhone SE been fighting since both of their brands came out but they finally agreed the Samsung Galaxy is the best
Melinda Amon (12 days ago)
Hube Gaming (14 days ago)
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I will most likely using the galaxy s8 plus for its features, and then transferring/copying photos, videos, content etc to my iPhone 7. I will be using the Galaxy S8 Plus for a little while but will most likely be switching back to iPhone for main usage. I will be making a mini-review on my channel for the Galaxy S8 Plus in comparison to the iPhone in my opinions.
Mateen barwary (15 days ago)
Galaxy s8 is better than iphone 7 plus p also iphone X
Andriansen_15 (16 days ago)
Samsung s8
Ashia Bell Network (18 days ago)
I have an iPhone 7 Plus in rose gold and I am in love with you I will never switch back to any older model 😍
Rohidi Putra (18 days ago)
please give me a mobile phone for free i want to buy it but have no money
Dr Paul Sideris (20 days ago)
samsung is awsome my mom mum has the google pixle 2 my dad has the samsung galaxy s7 and i have a samsung galaxy note 3 my sister has the iphone 7 plus.
Chevycamaroboy (20 days ago)
The Galaxy been smashing iPhone for the longest now but ppl just like having Apple products. I wrote this on my Galaxy S8 by the way
honyburger123 (21 days ago)
Samsung all the way. Loving my S8 and apple can fuck off they got nothin on this
AkaGtop (21 days ago)
I buy GS8 today and it's amazing 😍
Rosemene Liberus (23 days ago)
Ervin Lorincz (23 days ago)
I would buy iPhone.
KAYKKK hj (23 days ago)
Keeneye b (24 days ago)
Who else is watching this on a Samsung j7 sky pro
some body (24 days ago)
This is easy don't buy iphone but where do you need the power you could just buy cheap budget phone from honor
Suryakanta Das (25 days ago)
samsung best
PlAyfOR FuN (26 days ago)
Who else finds samsung boring?
Crystal Estrada (26 days ago)
I like both wish can use 2 phones haha
Bloxxier (27 days ago)
I have iPhone 6 lol
Ervin Lorincz (23 days ago)
good choice
Mega Savior (27 days ago)
Still don’t get why owning anything apple makes you automatically hated in the community I use to own the s8 it’s a amazing phone no doubt about it and I recently changed to the iPhone 7plus was looking for something new and I’ve realized how much hate and idiots there is on both sides android and apple some would say the stereotypical conflict of both brands but it’s quite simple and I’m going to brake it down apple is simple not much customizations it’s smooth and easy to use a perfect daily carrier, if your into customization it’s better to go with the s8 you can download manny more things when it comes to customizations.
Tiger Vlogz (29 days ago)
I prefer Samsung 😅
Vamsi Krishna (29 days ago)
If I had that much money I would buy the iPhone 7 plus
Anthony Amezcua (30 days ago)
All I hear is ssssssssss
Rohith Gangadhari (30 days ago)
Ni bathukula modda
fino gangnam style (30 days ago)
My mom have samsung s8 galaxy its$15 000 .000📱💲
fino gangnam style (30 days ago)
But i buy wift cards not dollars
Lawrence Lakat (30 days ago)
If your watching this on a s8 and go to 2:50 youll think your phone died......
Kauro LP (1 month ago)
From who you have the Blue Samsung galaxy s8?
Aisha Xx3w (1 month ago)
Both r good but I just prefer apple design and software 😊
Dylan Webb (1 month ago)
I used to be an extreme Apple fan but Apple have fucked up and the S8 (in terms of price ect) is the best phone in the world in my opinion
stephan de waal (1 month ago)
iphone is always the best and will always be better
I choice the s8
I Am Lexii (1 month ago)
Shoud i buy galaxy s8 or iPhone 7 plus?
Armaan Verma (15 days ago)
Note 8
Ervin Lorincz (23 days ago)
iPhone 7
adrian 1k (1 month ago)
TbS Peak (1 month ago)
I just like apple better
TbS Peak (1 month ago)
I would buy iPhone 7
jp king (1 month ago)
Samsung 4 life !
comandante DANIELO (1 month ago)
Galaxy-_-feature YT (1 month ago)
I'll buy the Samsung and I rather Agree with too LaW_18
Slim Daddy (1 month ago)
I should have got the Samsung gs8 it’s way better than ishit 8 plus
WOLF2233 (1 month ago)
You look really cute damn
Dr Norse (1 month ago)
Samsung is the worst but iPhone the best
Nicholas Gandhi (1 month ago)
I currently have a iPhone 7, but definitely switching back to Samsung on my next upgrade..
Hacker Gamer (1 month ago)
Hacker Gamer (1 month ago)
I hate Samsung
Tristan Rubiks (1 month ago)
I recommend the iPhone because I am not a android guy.
khubaib usmani (1 month ago)
braveheart23 (1 month ago)
I would agree Apple's processors are still way more efficient and faster. I just can't deal with exclusivity period
Rithvik Srinivas (1 month ago)
I was deciding between 7 plus and s8, Samsung is just so much better
Lemriel Logan (1 month ago)
I LOVE samsung
abonner-vous a ma chaine pleez
kkgirl543 (1 month ago)
I love this phone but this camera is shit! :'(
Sol Corea (1 month ago)
Dude what are you saying? The IPhone 7 Plus is the best. Very efficient, great quality, fast speed, and really good looking. I can’t take it when people can’t admit that Apple has brought more awesome phones when Samsung failed the note 7 and other cellphone models. I’m sure IPhone 8 and X are the best in the world. Apple never disappoints 👍
WOLF2233 (1 month ago)
Sol Corea who gives a shit it's a phone
Bo3 Lol (1 month ago)
iPhone is best
Google User (1 month ago)
I really think you are from Moldova.
Justin Caro (1 month ago)
I love iphone and no one has the right to insult iphone lovers 💕 plus you’re not the one who work hard for their money, it’s their money and they have the rights to buy something they want and samsung lovers please kick samsung whores balls
WOLF2233 (1 month ago)
Justin Caro calm yourself down it's just a phone
pt Doan (1 month ago)
Iphone is better .
Roy Jiminez (1 month ago)
APPLE has gotten lazy. their phones suck now
TheEpicFighter TEF (1 month ago)
Samsung?apple? Wha r does i use razor phone
Tyler Owens (1 month ago)
ALIEN 598 (1 month ago)
Iphone is for prestige , luxury,for upperclass people and rich people,you guys very poor ,cant afford iphone ,thats why u all jealous with iphone, iphone ram and cpu is small but i played games and it run 60 fps ,better than android,all games never laggy and run smooth,and iphone always working fast than android, android always laggy!im not lying,im used android before iphone,just like lamborghini supercars and nissan supercars
Talha Malik (1 month ago)
Samsung Galaxy s8 plus is best 👍👍
Doug Cannon (1 month ago)
Lol, it was funny when I went to Best Buy to get the Galaxy S8+ for the black friday deal and for a moment when I wanted to get the Coral Blue color because it looks cool and I was so excited that I'd kind of almost said it out loud "oral blue," lol just cause I wasn't thinking straight for a moment being so excited that I wasn't forming my words right.
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zeyin Gomez' (1 month ago)
Buy iphone 7 lag free phone
kolabares potrininus (1 month ago)
If I can have one of those phones i would be really really happy, but it's just a wish, hope I can get a new phone.
Xxtoshi desuxX (1 month ago)
Or just buy both. End of the story
Zoe Lorenz (1 month ago)
Soooo since I have a 7+ should I switch?
L0L (1 month ago)
The full screen on the Samsung’s suck, my dad dropped his once a few inches from the table and the whole screen shattered
La Poble (1 month ago)
Samsung is best!
Heroic Gamer (1 month ago)
Guys I need an honest opinion which is better (as in better I mean faster) iPhone 7 or Samsung galaxy s8
Night Strike (1 month ago)
My dad had a Samsung 8 and he dropped it ice and seeing as there’s no corners it smashed and didn’t turn until he got it fixed
정국s2 서넹 (1 month ago)
Im korean So it takes only a few minutes to fix the Samsung phone, but it took me about a week to repair the iphone. Your time is too long. And I only used Galaxy and I have only one button. The good thing about the iPhone is that every time it comes out, it looks the same, so even an old iPhone can only buy a pretty case I'm sorry about the iPhone
chris chrothered (1 month ago)
i'd go for samsung s8. what type of person would want this iphone 7 that has the same ios of all the iphone has and doesn't have a headphone jack? hmm...
Mor law SorJaw (1 month ago)
Why do Apple and Samsung always compete. Why don't they just work together?
Fathi Al Jishi (1 month ago)
لعن الله سامسونج وجوالاتها
Sticker (1 month ago)
#Apple or #stevejobs
RowdyRides (1 month ago)
Is there bias here. Unsure
Bandicoot 32 (1 month ago)
All I want for iPhone feature is fucking download song or video on iPhone for free not 9999999999999$
Swivel (1 month ago)
U live in Oregon
TTRaptor (1 month ago)
I hate apple. There phones break way to easily and charge you so much to repair it. I love samsung as they actually put effort into there phones where as apple never do they release the same shit every year........

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