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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 - Which Should You Buy?

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Is Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Better VS iPhone 7 & 7 Plus? Design, Display, Features & Complete Comparison Review. Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Clones Drop Test: https://youtu.be/LfbQJAbPApU

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Text Comments (12996)
KMR DIY (1 day ago)
I have the S8 you really want this or the S9
Alejandra Juarez (1 day ago)
i wantt facetimeee but i have s8
joshuadguerrero9 (2 days ago)
the problem with android phones is that they lag in a long time, while the iphone can hold their speed for a very long time
Diego Sanchez (3 days ago)
This comparison is amazing, y Luis your Video. Like.
Rahul Sharma (5 days ago)
Yesterday i buyed s8+ by selling my iphone 7 because of infinity display and battery
Rahul Sharma (5 days ago)
Yesterday i buyed s8+ by selling my iphone 7 because of infinity display and battery
Fliomena Emanuel (7 days ago)
Fliomena Emanuel (7 days ago)
Damn Samsung is goooooood
Unike Acharya (7 days ago)
I love samsung
Creeperdude 27 (8 days ago)
Do S8 vs iPhone X
Robo Bear (8 days ago)
Oh god remember when the iPhone x was rumoured as the iPhone 8 Jesus christ
qwertyuiop asdfghjkl (10 days ago)
Ive been using a Samsung now for over 6 months after being an iPhone guy for years. I was completely unbiased when I got it. but I have to say... iPhones are much much better!! (IMO) people get way too wrapped up in specs. the OS on an iPhone is incomparable, intuitive and way more user friendly its a work of art. apple have always been the OS leaders. have you actually given them both a good try? that was my personal conclusion anyway!
Ringer MD (11 days ago)
Why there is MD sign on wall??
ghathan L (13 days ago)
Interms of use..features..applications..shape..samsung wins..but in terms of pride..name..and prestige..apple wins..
Louis GAMING (13 days ago)
I like razer phone better im having it right now all games are not lag 64GB and and big display i like razer better 😂😂😂 idc what arr you guys going to say MY LIFE MY CHOICE I HAVE MY OWN CHOICE
Crisp Cuts Landscaping (14 days ago)
It has more than the I phone 10 for half the price? Hell yeah.
right now,which is more expensive????
RoBeRt OmG (16 days ago)
iphone is shit
RoBeRt OmG (16 days ago)
I have s 8+
Robloxmaster2018 ! (21 days ago)
Okay I HAVE THE BIGGEST ISSUE WITH ALL ANDROID PHONES. So let’s get to the point. So when you add anyone or litterely one person to a conversation with somone who has an iPhone you can leave the group chat or name it and no FaceTime??? WHY so i dont know what to get but rn it’s between 7 Plus 8 or s8 tell me what I should get
Lizzie Wing (26 days ago)
Apple will always be better🤷‍♀️
Diego Garcia (27 days ago)
I've had bad experiences with Samsung devices in the past so there is literally no way I'm touching any Samsung product ever again. Also, I've already invested a lot of money in my iTunes library. Anyway, I do agree that Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones are so much better than the iPhone in terms of specifications and functionality but I still prefer the simplistic design of the iPhone plus the seamless compatibility with other Apple products such as iPad and iPod which I use everyday.
Manuel Oranga (27 days ago)
I have S8 and would still prefer to have it a metal back than Glass.
Wendy Williams (27 days ago)
He’s too cute to understand the specs
Remixer Bonnie (28 days ago)
I see iphone like a phone for business man's. Iphone 7 is better
Zach Basinger (1 month ago)
am i the only one here who likes apple and samsung??
Musaib Nazir (1 month ago)
which one has the headphone jack ?
Best The Many Contents (1 month ago)
Melwin BG (1 month ago)
i would bae iphone
Android Apps Games (1 month ago)
very nice
Hamid Seid (1 month ago)
I like iphones better
Miguel Diaz (1 month ago)
I used the Samsung s8 cuz of u and the I hated it I switched to a iPhone 7 Plus
Miguel Diaz (5 days ago)
Seaya yes I did I bought it at T-Mobile I used it for six months it lags and i hate the way the camera is it’s a piece of shit
Seaya (5 days ago)
I guarantee you havent actually tried the samsung s8
Taha Whyne (1 month ago)
how are you going to click a button by accident in your pocket?????
roblox84 (1 month ago)
I can’t wait until I get this phone
Robert Wilson (1 month ago)
I don’t know what to get! I want a Samsung because of the camera headphone jack and battery and bezel but iPhone has better Snapchat photos and FORTNITE!
Delight Infamously (1 month ago)
but then again I like iPhone 7s
Delight Infamously (1 month ago)
nevermind I like s8 better mmm
Delight Infamously (1 month ago)
which one is better to watch movies or videos?
Delight Infamously (1 month ago)
I don't know what to pick I mean I'm a Samsung guy but still I wanna try out apple 7 or 7 plus I feel comfy with s8
DynaBloxed (1 month ago)
but what are u gonna do the with the extra frame rates
DynaBloxed (1 month ago)
Lets not be phone bias both samsung and apple are gud
hvnter jordan (1 month ago)
I had honestly don’t care which is better or worst because i know which ever ones better it’s not gonna be better by that much. I have a iPhone 7 right now but had androids in the past so I can go both ways.
JoeGTR 080 (1 month ago)
IPhone sucks
Moni Rom (1 month ago)
Could you tell me, which one is more better between iOS and android ?
_Roxy_Fnaf_ (1 month ago)
*Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7* Who will win?? ...Huawei Nova...
Lil A (1 month ago)
He’s comparing the newest, most expensive Samsung with the iPhone 7+ which is not the newest, yet I still find the iPhone a lot better 😂 why not compare the S8 with the iPhone X 😂😂 iPhone would beat the Samsung by miles
AnGeLo (1 month ago)
Lol. Esti din Moldova?
Scarlet Black (1 month ago)
darn it ..i am tired of deciding which phone to get ...i think i will just stick with my netbook for the rest of my life...i don't need a phone anyways since i am antisocial ..sigh
brian Atterbury (1 month ago)
My I Phone 7 Plus is a year old now and still a Beast...Why Switch?
Saud Alkhenin (1 month ago)
everyone has an opinion.
Dan 41k (2 months ago)
Bro where u from ? I see u have in background IAPPLE first one with Republic of Moldova flag :D
Fran Flores (2 months ago)
Galaxy another level
WWE KID (2 months ago)
Personally I think iPhone is better,but Samsung is good to
Edilberto Herrejon (2 months ago)
Samsung should do it’s own thingy like android, iOS that thingy tho
Edilberto Herrejon (2 months ago)
I mean one is Korean and I have already embraced my inner koreaboo so...
Abdullaziz Mohamed (2 months ago)
Why do you always look like you are about to laugh bro?
Jack Sanders (2 months ago)
I like them both but..........FaceTime???
linda Rose (2 months ago)
Guys a iPhone is no good cuz u can't play games it will shut down cuz I try it for me so I got what my dad as a Samsung Galaxy I luv your vids
Es 8
I SORATON##### (2 months ago)
The s8 i8s clearly better than the iPhone7
Zero Hour (2 months ago)
But but but.. Apple did it "first" lol pathetic company. Using BlackBerry "Swipe from Bottom" and Samsung Facial Recognition. Apple is a scumbag company, moving their database into a dictatorship hell hole called China.
Dumitru Sirbu (2 months ago)
Esti din Rep. Moldova? :)
janissary (2 months ago)
i had a galaxy s4 for the last 2 years.whas a real good phone whas even the second owner and dropped it so many times broke the screen for the second time the phone wasnt worth the 100 euro screen repair again so i needed a phone and bought my self a s8 just wow!!! love it have it now 4 days
Shawn Mazerella (2 months ago)
I highly regret buying any iPhone after the 4s. I’ve had all iPhones. Even my 8 is the same as the 4s!!! Dumb!!! I don’t regret buying the Samsung galaxy s8 bought it last month
HARD ENDURO (2 months ago)
iphone rocks!!!
deva raj (2 months ago)
donot create comparing video,based on your channel name finally u will said iphone.....
The Amir khan (2 months ago)
Samantha Aviles (2 months ago)
Is the s8 good? I have the s7 but idk I wanna switch to iPhone is it worth it? Anyone have an android switch to iPhone and regret it? Ugh
Clash With Sean (2 months ago)
Guys I Have recently bought a samsung S8 and I am very impressed with the preformance of the phone.However everyday I am missing my Iphone 7 more and more.I dont have a lot of money what do you guys think I should do?
Delight Infamously (1 month ago)
I mean this your decision
Muhammad Zamir (2 months ago)
Should i buy iphone 7 or samsung s8 for 2018 ?
jaymac sn (2 months ago)
S8 my apps closes all the time, annoying and buggy
Savvy Luis (2 months ago)
That's like comparing a BMW and an Audi.
Rizzftw17 (2 months ago)
One question, does it turn on if I tap the screen when Always On Display mode? Like IphoneX
jenny pher (2 months ago)
I don't know which to buy, help!!
Subha Deb Samanta (2 months ago)
Your S8 is fake S8
Keira Hole (2 months ago)
Defiantly samsung
Marlie 2lit (2 months ago)
iPhone 7 is better than samgsun
And Samsung has a secret touch pen around cool uhhh I’m getting a really cool phone case
I hate iPhone it’s so anoying I have Samsung galaxy note four my parents have Samsung galaxy note 8plus it’s really good
Joseph Terrones (3 months ago)
Alison Alvarado (3 months ago)
I have the s8 but I like iPhones better
Tessa 101 (3 months ago)
Apple and Samsung are awesome (I prefer samsung) But imagine what kind of phone we would have if they worked together! Hint:we will all be spoiled
Parth Tiku (3 months ago)
iphone sucks
#its just life (3 months ago)
Still waiting for the replica
James Dacunto (3 months ago)
i can get a s8 for $250 or a iphone 7 plus for $200 which should i get
Timothy L (3 months ago)
Those fucking red iPhones on the left slowly sliding off the boxes for the entire video... I couldn't focus at all.
STRAWBERRY im A Banana (3 months ago)
unicorn fluff gaming (3 months ago)
Ppl like Apple cause of how they look but it's not about how they look there rubish
hady chehadeh (3 months ago)
Nooooooo this is the most untrue thing I have ever heard Samsung is poop iPhone 7 Plus is the 1st phone in the world
lego trollerofROBLOX (3 months ago)
U need to buy samsung the products are beter than apple like microsoft is doing super well like samsung so dont buy yhe iPhones or ipad im saying this becuse the samsung products like the samsung phones and tablet of samsung has more FPS/FRAMES
Sarmad usmani (3 months ago)
Blue Man Scoops (3 months ago)
First he say the Samsung is huge then he says it’s small. #Team iPhone
Fish Boi (3 months ago)
Allot of people say that apple is overpriced and overrated. Well it you search for the s8 plus on amazon, it’s about a couple hundred dollars more than the IPhone 7 Plus...
ROBLOX Videos (3 months ago)
I finnaly got a phone and I got a iPhone 7 I LOVE IT ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖
ROBLOX Videos (3 months ago)
I hate samsung
Foxy-BrEeZy Perez (3 months ago)
Even the samsung galaxy s7 and s7 edge is better than the i phone x
Noodle Gamer137 (3 months ago)
apple copied samsung
Sum Tube (3 months ago)
So basically iPhone X but way better
Nak Cauchy (3 months ago)
You said about Samsung better than IPhone 7 too much
Rachit Singh (3 months ago)
I’m from the future, in the future some new phones will be iPhone X, 8/8plus, Samsung note 8, google pixel 2/2xl, razer Phone, red hydrogen one, and etc.

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