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Hannibal Tyron Lanham aka HANNIBAL For KING - Born and raised in Jamaica Queens, New York, Hannibal Lanham aka “Hannibal For King” is known for his impressive calisthenics abilities and the physique he sculpted over many years of hard work. ♚ Real name: Hannibal Tyron Lanham (To the rest of the world, they know me as Hannibal For King). ♚ Born: 4 February 1978 (Jamaica/Queens, NY). ♚ Training Calisthenics for 20 years now. ♚ Weight: 175 - 185lbs (79.4 - 83.9kg) ♚ Height: 5'8" (172.5cm) ♚ Nationality: American ♚ Profession: Calisthenics Athlete ♚ Mission: I am here to inspire & share my information so that I could help more people. He started gaining recognition in 2008, after uploading a video of himself doing seemingly impossible movements on a bar. Since the release of the video, Hannibal has become popular among calisthenics enthusiasts, inspiring people everywhere to start practicing street workouts and reshape their bodies. Hannibal didn’t have it easy growing up – his father was sentenced to prison for an unknown reason, as Hannibal remembers; “Maybe bank robbery, murder, I never really knew.” Lanham only had his grandmother to raise him, and, according to Hannibal, did everything she could to save him from his father’s fate. Eventually, her attempts to save him from criminal behavior proved futile, as Hannibal soon started to deal drugs and work as a bicycle mechanic due to poverty. During that time, Hannibal found exercising as a great way to “escape the outer world” and to release all the stress and negativity. He started off by doing basic movements such as push ups, pull ups, and sit ups, but eventually developed a passion for exercising and started to find new, creative ways to exercise, mainly doing street workouts. Lanham was also a part of a street workout team who called themselves the “Bartendaz”, and they would often train together and perform various calisthenics movements in front of crowds. ========================================­­===== ► Hannibal For King: http://www.youtube.com/user/HannibalForKing1 ► https://www.instagram.com/hannibalforking1 ► https://www.facebook.com/hannibal.forking
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WORKOUT (9 months ago)
Guys, Please put "Like" for Video! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE. Thank you so much!! BIG thanks for the video: ★★★Islam Badurgov★★★ https://www.instagram.com/badurgovislam/ https://www.facebook.com/islam.badurgov/ https://www.youtube.com/user/BarBarsWorkout/
Manuel Miramontes (4 months ago)
He's monster
WORKOUT что за трек?
YoungLuLe 26 (1 month ago)
Hanibal lektor
Rona (1 month ago)
Omgeeez those legs... I'm drooling lol
khaled abdallah (2 months ago)
Is he Egyptian? ?
DavePazz (2 months ago)
Muhamad Amin (2 months ago)
Nice brooo
Hitesh Bagri (2 months ago)
O Man
KelevYam (2 months ago)
Alejandro Camargo Acosta (3 months ago)
jesus molina (3 months ago)
Bro how its possible to weigh 79kg with 1,72 m at 7—8% fat or less, its an inspiration for me, but i dont think its 100% natural.
DavePazz (3 months ago)
Those were Hannibal's stats from years ago when he was eating a lot every day and spending hours training almost every day. He's dropped some size since then because he hasn't been able to train like in his early years due to a lower back issue (slipped disk). Plus he's a bit older now and most likely has been more focused on the personal business side of things than just training like crazy all the time.
Marcelo Ibba (3 months ago)
The man who inspired to all.
sahib eliyev (3 months ago)
HANNIBAL KING workout superrrrrrrrrrrrr
Milos Jovancic (3 months ago)
what is this song called????
barstarzz chiapas (3 months ago)
wow awesome hannibal for king respect motivation
asap (3 months ago)
Music name ??
Uchiha Hikaku (3 months ago)
It's just normal for him now. Those are just like doing push ups for him. Fucking wicked.
El-anrif M'dallah (3 months ago)
Super 👌
KelevYam (4 months ago)
ZoDeee (4 months ago)
The King!
Ajedrecista-loco (4 months ago)
Cuando nació? Sabéis su edad?
hamza karim (4 months ago)
the king of werkout we love you broo ❤❤
B Parker (4 months ago)
Is this omar little from the wire lol
Orthuzz Orthuzz (5 months ago)
Is it in Ukraine?
Ever Lastin (5 months ago)
He looks different.
DavePazz (4 months ago)
True...  he hasn't been physically 100% because of a slipped disk in his lower back.
Khalid Jamil (5 months ago)
This is what i call natural, i remember the very 1st day i saw his video was almost like 6 or 7 years back. He is in much better form and well known celebrity among callisthenics world and others too. Besides, i am at the same desktop job and same as i was those days. Shame on lazy life. Keep up the hard work hannibal King. You are the real inspiration man. Love and respect from Pakistan.
TheNybro93 (5 months ago)
yo! Hannibal mon streetworkouter préféré DMX & 2Pac mes rappeurs favoris que demander de plus ? 😎 vidéo au top! from France 😉
LOWKEY (5 months ago)
Fucking legend
Jessica Y (5 months ago)
Gabriele Guida (6 months ago)
he is very very cool but his planche is horrible xd
DavePazz (4 months ago)
He doesn't do planches like before because of a slipped disk in his lower back which has gotten worse over the last few years...
İulia (6 months ago)
❤️👌🏼💪🏼 the hardest variations of most exercises and he's making it look so smooth!
Messorem Mortis (6 months ago)
Am I the only one that found it funny as shit that they had DMX music?? Lol much respect King
kayz (6 months ago)
high reps or time under tension
DavePazz (6 months ago)
If you think you get any benefit out of such high rep numbers, then do it... but first you have to establish your own tension protocols (how much or how little you are capable of creating).
kayz (6 months ago)
DavePazz Ok thanks 👍✌️ What about guys that talks about high reps workout like 400-500reps a whole workout ??
DavePazz (6 months ago)
time under tension first and foremost...
N3stoor (6 months ago)
he is looking smaller tho, probably off cycle
DavePazz (4 months ago)
No... he explained in another video had a slipped disk in his lower back which grew worse over time until it caused damage. He's had to really cut back on his training the last few years because of it...
Hokus Pokus (7 months ago)
Where have you been king its been a long time
DavePazz (4 months ago)
He really cut back on making video appearances the last few years because of a slipped disk in his lower back which has limited his training...
jesse montesano (7 months ago)
what's the name of this song?
jesse montesano (7 months ago)
what's the name of this song?
Taneleer Tivan (7 months ago)
Can i get the music somewhere?
sz42781 (7 months ago)
No steroids respect
steven marriott (7 months ago)
Good seing him on an other video I thought he was dead coz he just vanished from YouTube without warning
william Olsson (8 months ago)
What's the song name?
Jean-luc Picard (8 months ago)
HFK kicks ass. Don't worry about what those weak bitches say about your legs.
Nate Norman (8 months ago)
now that's the TBE
Zanacha Shaba (8 months ago)
Those muscle ups from the low bar. He looks skinnier tho.
DavePazz (4 months ago)
Yes he has lost weight and muscle... He hasn't been at 100% physicality the last few years because of a slipped disk in his lower back. It seems to have really affected his training the last few years.
Zanacha Shaba (8 months ago)
Tyron is the BEST. Humble king.
King Mufasa (8 months ago)
You seem a lot smaller than 2011
DavePazz (4 months ago)
He is smaller... He explained in another video that he's had a slipped disk in his lower back that just grew worse over the last few years. Because of that, he's had to really cut back on a lot of the training he used to do.
Pro Uuganaa (8 months ago)
he are the king for turnik
Jeremiah Robles (8 months ago)
Epic video
Spek (8 months ago)
Hey. He's got a phone clip finaly!
Montreal hey (8 months ago)
i found hannibal first time in 2007 he worked with barilla this guy still workout the same style damn respect
Angel Diaz (8 months ago)
Can you imagine making the mistake and thinking dude is some skinny joe shmoe and picking a fight wit em smh he's retardily strong
Gray A (8 months ago)
2:07😦holy shit. that's awesome.
wirowmaker (8 months ago)
You are the best man ultimate respcet for you ;]
Apath eosis (9 months ago)
I have to say im very upset that one of my main mentors was in Far Rockaways and i live in the rockaways and i missed him damn hopefully u will put on YouTube when u will return to rockaway and i will be ready to meet u peace love and happiness to u Hannibal for King
Michael Perone (9 months ago)
No doubt one the strongest cores I’ve ever seen
Как именуется музыка сможете дать подсказку изволь
yuri boyka (9 months ago)
Yes is king 👏👑
Nezvanyhost (9 months ago)
as you know LEGENDS never ,,die,, !! ❤️
KINGDANNI (9 months ago)
marco polo (9 months ago)
Flyleaf Plot (9 months ago)
Hannibals abs have abs.
Br ave (9 months ago)
Logan Van (9 months ago)
From Republic of Korea - Respect you HFK
Orthuzz Orthuzz (4 months ago)
North? :D
nani 17 (9 months ago)
Did he got smaller or is it just me?
DavePazz (4 months ago)
Hannibal hasn't been at 100% for the last few years because of a slipped disk in his lower back... He's had to cut back on a lot of his training because of it.
Flyleaf Plot (9 months ago)
He does appear to have lost some overall size, but still ripped as hell.
Ramon Homjak (9 months ago)
at least one who is not on juice. this is what you can achieve without juice. this is maximum. lets leave aside people who chop woods with the axe. they have arms the size normal humans leg but ok. hannibal is the king
Renaissance Fitness (9 months ago)
Didn't know Connor Mcgregor was his coach...
Oleg Smith (9 months ago)
He is much slimmer as to beginning right?
Nick Macchiavelli (9 months ago)
Song in background: 2Pac feat. DMX - Do you want to live forever.
Riky Bologna (9 months ago)
He's the strongest athlete's training Calisthenics without costantly hollow position who I never seen.
Jaycee Styles (9 months ago)
I would absolutely love to see Hannibal for King, Frank Medrano and Chris Heria battle it out for calisthenics supremacy. Great video
Federico Molina Cedano (27 days ago)
We focus so much on the competitive nature of things that we overlook the fact that all of this is really amazing. It's a little sad.
ZUZAINFINITY (5 months ago)
Jaycee Styles OR they could just all come together for one big workout video and motivate more people to become more fit.
Alex TheGreat (5 months ago)
I think Chris would rape them both at strict competition.
Reject Broken (5 months ago)
Hannibal killed em.
Timmy Turner (6 months ago)
Hannibal for King in his prime beats all of them. The man is 39 right now
chanses armstrong (9 months ago)
he has been doing this so long, why is he so weak in comparison to other calisthenics athletes
DavePazz (4 months ago)
he hasn't been at 100% physically the last few years because of a slipped disk in his lower back...
I thinks gmhe is no longer the king. Still hard to beat but not the king.
Hannibal el primer gran calistecnico que vi por internet motivación al 💯
Halil Mutlu (9 months ago)
Hey which dmx song is this btw?:DD
Halil Mutlu (9 months ago)
Thanks man.
Carl John (9 months ago)
Do you want 2 live forever - Tupac ft Dmx
the notorious (9 months ago)
the king man ...
Boryan (9 months ago)
Hannibal is inspiration for all Bar Brothers!!! Thanks for all.
Andreas Höber (9 months ago)
Music ?
Andreas Höber (9 months ago)
Carl John thx
Carl John (9 months ago)
Do you want 2 live forever- Tupac ft Dmx
Jones (9 months ago)
Hannibal The King of Calisthenics.
H M (9 months ago)
hanibal the king
Randall Utendahl (9 months ago)
You never upset bro... Good lookin out.
Drilleth (9 months ago)
Hannibal is one of the only calisthenics athletes who has PURE control. You see all these guys on YouTube and Instagram kipping and swinging about on the bar - there is NO excess movement with Hannibal, everything he does is with full control. This is why he is (and always will be) my favourite calisthenics athlete.
Max Cheng (2 months ago)
He was my favorite when I first turned my workout into calisthenics ONLY. Now it's been 4 years, and he is still my favorite!
David Šekoranja (5 months ago)
chris heria also amazing
nani 17 (9 months ago)
Drilleth true
JM SB92 (9 months ago)
real street workout... :)
Walid Azzouz (9 months ago)
Song : 2pac ft DMX - do u want 2 live forever
DUDE Calisthenics (2 months ago)
Walid Azzouz tnx
Walid Azzouz t y
Graham John (4 months ago)
Salute !
Orthuzz Orthuzz (4 months ago)
Thx darling.
Erica Kane (9 months ago)
He got a lot smaller i must admit still a beast though
DavePazz (4 months ago)
Yup... he's had lower back issues the last few years which has really affected his training.
Das_n's AMV (9 months ago)
Das_n's AMV (9 months ago)
park regentst (9 months ago)
Дастан Сонуналиев 2pac feat.dmx do you want to live forever
Das_n's AMV (9 months ago)
Carles (9 months ago)
Дастан Сонуналиев darude-sandstorm
I remember one of your first videos that got the whole street workout movement started
WA'SET SWARTHY (9 months ago)
there's your super solder and GOD particle all in one white amerikkka
Miguel Cabrera (9 months ago)
Awebo qué buena motivación saludos desde México. 💪😎
Radik Radik (9 months ago)
Обычный про гимнаст выполнит эти упражнения,ничего выдающего не вижу
King Rome (9 months ago)
He's still ripped and cut but I can tell he lost some gains.
DavePazz (4 months ago)
He has lost some gains for sure... Hannibal talked about having a slipped disk in his lower back in a different video and that has really affected his training for the last few years.
I Workout KING (9 months ago)
Gannibal KING. I' am next King)) look my video))
Curtis Foymartin (9 months ago)
NYC gladiator!
Duxov Calisthenics (9 months ago)
Hanibal You have created history workout big respect ✊ 💪🏻
shaif afraah (9 months ago)
Lord of calisthenics
Amanda Milo (9 months ago)
The King is back!!
Luca Scano (9 months ago)
Very good Hannibal
1337Serbia1337 (9 months ago)
neymar leandro miranda (9 months ago)
It's good to see him again in what he does best ... I hope he continues like this by inspiring many people and hopefully we can
Nelly (9 months ago)
Conner mcgregor @1:43
Joel Couture (4 months ago)
Nelly LOL!!! That’s a good snipe there bud. Love pointing out lookalikes
Dewi Neon (8 months ago)
Look a like
Виталий W (9 months ago)
Usher Raymond axaxa! no, Islam Badurgov https://youtu.be/5uu1unfr2DI
oleg (9 months ago)
Usher Raymond I thought the same
Usher Raymond : Conor knows he loves blacks! Nigga wish he was us smh acting like floyd
conejo novic Cruz (9 months ago)
The king! The legend! Anyone knows the song name?
The One (9 months ago)
ХораДом (9 months ago)
Ислам Бадургов

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