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This wasn't easy for Jack to do... He did it for you.
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Unbox Therapy (4 months ago)
Jack hopes you enjoy this.
tyranado infernorino (5 days ago)
I envy this man
Manak The Pro (16 days ago)
Last comment
kkk kkk (1 month ago)
GrapedHD (3 months ago)
Nobody else can comment now
Steven Johnson (4 months ago)
Unbox Therapy damn
K9X Mysterious (1 hour ago)
When we actually discover who J A C K is on June 23rd 2018!???!!
Charlotte Davis (7 hours ago)
Lol..I loved it!!
Dimple Orneel (10 hours ago)
Unboxing jack
iAppleBeta (11 hours ago)
Sakura (11 hours ago)
JACK IS A C A M E R A!1!!1!11
Luis Cely (17 hours ago)
best video EVER .
Shreyas Pimpalgaonkar (18 hours ago)
The Moonlight Sonata. Behold Beethoven for this masterpiece.
Arbaaz Patwari (20 hours ago)
Best face reveal of all time
Trash Player (22 hours ago)
Why does he look like that guy from lost
Karim Salah (1 day ago)
One of my fav vids on YouTube. I come here from time to time to check jack.
yung sasuke (1 day ago)
Jacc the snacc
AwesomeX (1 day ago)
i still get nightmares to this day
Spierstheamazing HD (1 day ago)
Who else is watching this is 2075
Eeshwar Jagirdar (1 day ago)
So haunting
The RandomGuy (1 day ago)
I'm officially the 4M viewer because after I played the video it showed exact 4,000,000 views!
Satadru Mallick (1 day ago)
Unboxing of Jack! :p
Hemanth Chenna (1 day ago)
Marshmello should watch this, and gain inspiration from it for his own face reveal
marek karasz (1 day ago)
Yeees finally. Hallo jack!!! You real
Eugene Ng (2 days ago)
Its like someone died!...... LMFAO
Areel Khan (2 days ago)
PIANO BLIND (2 days ago)
Hey Mr. Jack Is that the mouthwash in your eyes? Hey Mr. Jack Is that the cause of your surprise?
_ TeddyTv (2 days ago)
*and the Oscar goes too...*
Nafis Sazeed (2 days ago)
Hi jack...maybe one of the most anticipated unboxing of all time
Ian Coleman (3 days ago)
Unboxing a jack......... a jack in the box?
Elias Paez (3 days ago)
Best unboxin EVER 👌
Nemisis 007 (3 days ago)
He looks a lot like his dad
Bosky Mamosky (3 days ago)
Damn that was beautiful
Tahsin Labib (3 days ago)
Andreas Alexandersson (3 days ago)
Best unboxing ever <3
Ask Erikstad (4 days ago)
But where's the _Headphone_ *Jack* ?
Veteran Bicycle (4 days ago)
Jack knows how this works.
Dimitri Kerby (4 days ago)
Top ten face reveals
Dima 44 (4 days ago)
So many years people wondered, you’d think this video would get like at least 5 mill views by now. The regular video right before this one almost has the same amount of views
Prakhar Pandey (5 days ago)
That's a hell of a creepy intro.
JustKir (5 days ago)
my whole life is explained now...
Ibrahim Aal (5 days ago)
sob sob ahhhh jack we love you ahhhhh
nox ghoster (5 days ago)
one of the greatest face reveals ever
xxTrisix (5 days ago)
I can die in peace now
WASDIsKing (5 days ago)
so... thats the face reveal of Jack? is jack the video editor? loved that piano music i enjoyed Jack, and Lew
Freakin Gamer (6 days ago)
Reported for spam and misleading
Abdellah Chaaîbi (6 days ago)
best unboxing yet
Andwell Williams (6 days ago)
a51mj12 (6 days ago)
is he in pain? what is this?!
Dylano Dylani (6 days ago)
So is he real or not?
Dima 44 (4 days ago)
Dylano Dylani obviously he’s real
Dragon's cave (6 days ago)
Hello jack...
Crazy PopCorn (6 days ago)
I'm how to basic oops wrong video
axaxaxaxa axax (7 days ago)
Is Tom Jack?
Genipsis Space Agency (7 days ago)
Greatest fucking face reveal
Agustin Cruz (7 days ago)
He needs sum sylica gel
Preston Ferry (7 days ago)
Why was Jack so against revealing his face?
Asif Ansary (7 days ago)
It's very nice to see you Jack... What took you so long to reaveal yourself...?
Asif Ansary (7 days ago)
I have been following Lou's videos for over an year
Asif Ansary (7 days ago)
Preston Ferry...but Lou have done many videos mentioning Jack before, and he didn't revealed his identity and kept mentioning for so long. This video came to my attention only now....sorry for that. But I really wanted to ask this question, for so long. I didn't see anything wrong in that.
Preston Ferry (7 days ago)
Asif Ansary this video is three months old! Why did you take so long to reply?
Madhav Sujith (7 days ago)
More like "jackception"
Alfred p.p (7 days ago)
Handsome Jack...
Zankokun (8 days ago)
This is some psychological shit going on here.
Mr Art (8 days ago)
It’s the chosen one
Trenton Cox (8 days ago)
Beautiful and astonishing
ChillestForm 101 (8 days ago)
uhhh he just looks like your average white guy
Sadie Blackwell (8 days ago)
he's real
Kevin Coates (8 days ago)
I don't know if I'm ready to see Jack's face, but now this video exists, I must see it.
gadgetorials (8 days ago)
why dont you change the video title to the most satisfying video ever
Lord N (8 days ago)
Best cameramen ever...
Liquid Pixels (9 days ago)
Damn, Jack is handsome <3 ....no homo
Casey Todd (9 days ago)
They didn't care who I was until I put on the Jack.
Branko Jr. Filimonovic (11 days ago)
yaaaay jack
Taresh gurjar (12 days ago)
Everybody ask with me who is jack
Brooklyn Smithers (12 days ago)
Jack is super hot. Send him my way.
casual gamer (13 days ago)
My life is complete now i can die in peace
Matilda Stevens (14 days ago)
I bet it’s not even jack
Gunnoo TV (14 days ago)
In the thumbnail he was slender man lol
Meggy owo (14 days ago)
Damn jack😍😂
CrimZone (14 days ago)
M.S. First Movement fits on this.
Waves 雅各 (15 days ago)
guess who is recording that man named jack, JACK
gaming4u Andmore (15 days ago)
Any one else get the vibe jack is like dead from the funeral type of music ?
Jun Cordova (15 days ago)
Now we’re looking for Rose..
X Pos (16 days ago)
This sht is the coolest
Jack (16 days ago)
Cool! Sigh?
BARON-Rahul 777 (16 days ago)
The best face reveal ever! Better than stig's
smart smashing (17 days ago)
i don not get it:(
Sandy Cheaks (17 days ago)
I thought jack was the camara to the right of lewis
harish kumar (17 days ago)
Jack and Tom are brothers?
Sap Brahh (17 days ago)
Thumbnail is terrifying
Adittya Abir Dhrubo (17 days ago)
Aryaarpan Sharma (18 days ago)
And the giant beanstalk??
bamanboi (18 days ago)
how thoughtful
Dennis Moore (19 days ago)
I can die in peace now...
iamusic Gabriel (19 days ago)
I know who Jack is HES A CAMERA
Caméron Jàmes (19 days ago)
Great video YouTube has ever given us !!
gn0015 (19 days ago)
I was hoping to only find this out when I'm in my death bed.
AlmightyPelican2 (19 days ago)
Such a beautiful reveal video!!
Da 8-BitCAT (19 days ago)
why does jack look like lew?
Greg James (20 days ago)
Dont think Jack is an actual person, but the camera that records all unbox therapy episodes.
asskings (20 days ago)
whats up with all the sadness???
Wayland C (20 days ago)
Amazing the lengths to which they'll go to hide Jack, even doing a "reveal" video. Those who know, KNOW that this isn't Jack.
Another How to Basic clone...
Arpon's way (19 days ago)
Uvuvwevwevwe Onyentenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas actually they did the reveal before how to basic.
beyond balling (21 days ago)
He looks like FPS Russia
Junior Yeti (21 days ago)
That... was .. coooooollll
Luiz Builder_Roblox BR (21 days ago)
hayk oganesyan (21 days ago)
Hope he doesn’t trick us like how to basic. Still an awesome video.
Akrid (21 days ago)
Where did it go....... It went missing

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