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Dear Twitter!

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Dear Twitter. Let's have a quick chat. Tweets: http://twitter.com/MKBHD Dear Apple: https://youtu.be/HRgtHE9_3KU Dear Samsung: https://youtu.be/xfG15i_uQvc Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: The Woods by Alltta ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (3250)
Fusion Graphics (2 days ago)
actually this video could be like 10 seconds long - just shorten it down to Dear Twitter, PLEASE LET US EDIT TWEEEEEEETSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for watching, see you guys in the next video. Peace!
Suprem Hatchet (5 days ago)
Edit test Ok done
Layz Mb (7 days ago)
sooo.. you can't delete and repost a tweet?
Sajeela Sidheek (8 days ago)
I was too late to see this video. Eventually its crazy. I like it BUB.....
Rakib Hasan (1 month ago)
well i love twitter for pc(w10)
Nyiko Lucky Mashaba (1 month ago)
Adeeb Taja (1 month ago)
For all MKBHD followers on Twitter: you remember the "Deer Samsung" tweet 😂 Wait for a second video "dear Twitter" (or maybe this time "DEER Twitter") 😂
Hunter Locke (1 month ago)
Please do this for: Instagram, Youtube, Spotify & Netflix
Aadit Valecha (1 month ago)
The Joker (2 months ago)
Why am I watching this? I don’t even have Twitter
Wheezy (2 months ago)
it doesnt matter at the end of the day, its just a social media app, people just need to get out and experience real things in life
Codmicha (2 months ago)
Let’s just edit every single comment, just as a middle finger to Twitter
Aavash Ex (2 months ago)
See Twitter 🐦 I can edit this comment why u don't like editing tweet
Awesomeness (2 months ago)
Can you please talk to Facebook as well? ...showing 'active now' when you're offline for some people just forces you to actually log out, which isn't what fb wants. There are so many people who would stay on fb for hours if fb was like old times. No doubt.
salih Kp (3 months ago)
😔 i deletes if i misspelled. What a worst think doing I am
AM's Vlogs (3 months ago)
Shaiba aa (3 months ago)
Never trust an edited comment.
Sidharth Punathil (3 months ago)
I would really appreciate Twitter if they could increase the character length of usernames from 15 to somewhere 20. I can't even give my full name in the username field. If u think this is reasonable give me a thumbs up.
Tanmay Patil (3 months ago)
Great argument for editing tweets. Both the hilarious and serious ones!! Just brilliant.
Joe (3 months ago)
It looks like you can put tweets back in order by going into settings and unchecking "show the best tweets first". Although it doesn't seem like that should be the default option like it is.
Owen Daize (4 months ago)
I think we need a THIRD dear apple.
Pedro Marconi (4 months ago)
edited this
L Ray (4 months ago)
Yessssir what twitter app do you use?
Ben Chew (4 months ago)
Oh looked I edited my comment, come on Twitter
Mercury (4 months ago)
Dear Twitter, bring back Vine.
Platinum Poop (5 months ago)
Is everyone else's timeline not in chronological order except mine? I've never had that problem.
Light Vision (5 months ago)
You suck
Tiny Rick (6 months ago)
There's no "God particle". And, by the way, there's no God.
S.J.'s Adventures (7 months ago)
The real think that's hampering twitter from making real innovative changes, is they are still trying to be SMS compliant, even when most SMS apps have evolved beyond those limitations that Twitter is still trying to comply with.
Aniel (7 months ago)
"Twitter loses all it's credibility" That's happened a long time ago
insekt (7 months ago)
Alright alright shit is on!
Driver (8 months ago)
Ostrich160 (8 months ago)
An easier system to editing tweets When someone retweets something, its in the form that it was when they retweeted it. When you click on it, your taken do the most current version. So retweets are essentially classed as tweets but would obviously display differently
CloudyKills (8 months ago)
this was posted May 26, 2017, yet we still can't edit tweets.
smjavaid (8 months ago)
mkbhd mentioned an app that he uses to get tweets in chronological order, anyone know which one it is?
Waste of Time (8 months ago)
Ferth Jun Allen Soquillo (8 months ago)
well twitter maybe teaching us to think before we tap that's why we can't edit
Latte (8 months ago)
Use Tweedeck! Real time twitter timeline!
Lukas Balestracci (8 months ago)
Joshuamiika (8 months ago)
I agree!
surfingsuicune (8 months ago)
Twitter is trash. Horrible platform run by horrible people. If they were any more transparently proto-Fascist, sjw-sympathizing, extreme, alt-Left, they'd probably just self-immolate. Fuck 'em!
Karan Patil (8 months ago)
twitter is like that one random idea that got taken over by everyone. i never really got into twitter mainly because as marques said old post are always seen on feeds, i thought its my slow internet or something idk, which really made it pointless because why would i reply to someone's one week old post and whats the point following them if i keep getting delayed post. i dont think ill ever get into twitter
ShdwftheSuN (8 months ago)
We would not have the glory that is COVFEFE if we could edit tweets!
Márcio Amaral (8 months ago)
This is totally unrelated but, it was a jornal editor that called it " the god particle", physicists never called it that way and we still need (if they actually exist) to detect sparticles and gravitons great video btw and yes...i´m late!
Better Life Reviews (9 months ago)
Love it! Maybe they will bend to public opinion at some point. I would like if they would include photos easier (from Instagram, when linking an article or website, etc), instead of just putting a link to that photo. The "edit tweets" examples are brilliant!
KeepTheTime.com (9 months ago)
Chronological order is what makes Twitter Twitter. Without it, it's not really Twitter.
TheRealProcyon (9 months ago)
I think it should be without limit still showing the history.
DAN_OMG YT (9 months ago)
Do dear YouTube
Dedi Merdeka (9 months ago)
just make sure, you read what you write FIRST before tweeting it.how bout that? XD
Urban ninja (9 months ago)
Marq give me ur T -shirt link
Alex (9 months ago)
Cubeo F. Cheese (9 months ago)
An alternative could be creating a character edit maximum, only allowing up to maybe 5 characters to be added, deleted or changed. (edited: changed our to or)
Rabbit X (9 months ago)
We still can't edit tweets.
Tannmay S Gupta (9 months ago)
So much for editing tweets after COVFEFE 😂😂🤣
M 215 (9 months ago)
Dear Google
1c2reative (9 months ago)
is it just me. but....you can delete the tweet and post it again corrected/edited? imjustsayin. first world problems.
Master Shake (9 months ago)
I hate twitter, and snap chat. Please do not use twitter or snap chat.
Duke (9 months ago)
Let us quote tweets with photos! please and thanks.
Jayson Collado (9 months ago)
Fenix is dead?
NOLAPicasso (9 months ago)
If you haven't, can you do a 'Dear Google/Android 🙏' video? Two main points I would like for you to touch upon is Google implementing an Android equivalent of FaceTime and ALL ANDROID OEMS (GOOGLE INCLUDED) to have front facing speakers on their phones.
Rhys Smith (9 months ago)
Enforce furthermore contain obviously poor theory fade attack standing speaker join.
Jon Lamp (9 months ago)
No! Twitter, don't listen to him.
level27xrock (9 months ago)
MKBHD, do a dear Instagram video and tell them to bring back chronological order in your timelines. At least to have the option to select it like Facebook's "most recent" option for your news feeds. IG has the same precedence as Twitter to a lot of people; not seeing someone's important post right as they post it instead of 3 days later is just foolish. IG needs to get their s*** straight.... Literally.
Will Dresner (9 months ago)
I'd say allow people to edit the tweet for about two minutes
Santarpan Roy (9 months ago)
Dear Microsoft
Bound4Earth (9 months ago)
I think Twitter really needs to focus on being profitable before it disappears completely. Although the edit Tweet thing would be really simple to implement by just clearing all likes and retweets. It would essentially be a new tweet but on the same link.
Dreikelvin Media & Sound (9 months ago)
Mastodon is a great alternative. They still don't let you edit toots though. But thanks to the democratic open source system, I don't see why it couldn't happen in a future update.
Aplito (9 months ago)
i love ALLTTA!!
Joshua Maghiar (9 months ago)
But Marques... #Covfefe... We don't need editable tweets just for that reason.
Patrik (9 months ago)
Do NOT let people edit tweets. One word: covfefe.
Uncontrollable Love (9 months ago)
What is that third party app that you use?
J C (9 months ago)
twitter=no order at all
Gabriel Clarete (9 months ago)
dear clippers pleaseeeeeeeeeee do a video
Saiham Rahman (9 months ago)
That thumbnail killed me.
Peta Gonkyi (9 months ago)
I too wish an edit feature.
Akash Lalka (9 months ago)
MKB lowkey a savage
Pumpkin pawa (9 months ago)
Dear Ryan, next
Maxime Mobayen (9 months ago)
who agrees
Maxime Mobayen (9 months ago)
dear twitter why don't you fix your stock price It has been sitting at the same price for who nows how long I mean come on in 2017 can you guys at least move like 10 to 50 points up at least go up like facebook stock
Kenji Tasaka (9 months ago)
Excellent approach to editing tweets. Having the original as a reference is very important, especially if we want to hold certain famous/infamous people accountable for the things they say online.
J3LLybeann (9 months ago)
Grey Duck
Themusicaligera (9 months ago)
GeneralBlackjack (9 months ago)
Dear Twitter, you keep censoring popular celebrities who have deviant political views.
Irene Marquez (9 months ago)
Dm📱🔋📲👌👌👌 Nice!!!
Amar Mukherjee (9 months ago)
DreamzforSale (9 months ago)
Dear Marques, i think it is time to update your userId to MKB8KOLED
Simon Pichler (9 months ago)
Darnass whom It looks like really strange job $evident
Mitchell Perry (9 months ago)
Dear MKBHD, Apply at Twitter.
BINOY STAN (9 months ago)
Its right I had to delete tweet too because of spelling mistake and didn't tweet again.
H4U TM (9 months ago)
Please make Video on Dear WhatsApp!!!!!
Ronhi Lee (9 months ago)
No one uses Twitter in China, even if it's unblocked😏 And it's so difficult to watch your vid in China
Hassan Aboueldahab (9 months ago)
i need Laugh reaction on youtube :D
Jorge Arellano (9 months ago)
Twitter has one of the best media assets outthere and God it is fucking mismanaged. They have the resources to create a cool experience and Twitter please if you really want us to watch live content on your platform, make it fucking easy to find those broadcasts. Have like a separate catalog or something. FIX YOUR PRODUCT! The Users will eventually come.
haxhxm (9 months ago)
Dear MKBHD,it's 2017 but I don't know whether you have heard of auto correct it corrects sentence contruction errors. (this is just a joke)
siddhu sudarshan (9 months ago)
hey marquee
BecusWerKidz (9 months ago)
Marques Marques Marques Brownlee, Okay as a YouTuber, and YouTube viewer, I would like to be able to see a "Like" button on the Full Screen so I don't have to exit Full Screen. Dear YouTube, I would like to be able to click the "Like" Button when in Full screen.
Adrian Alborez (9 months ago)
Hey bro, please do a dear oneplus. They are a small company but they can use some direction about how they support their devices and how they manage customer support. You got some pull so help out a little. Thanks

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