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OnePlus 5T vs Razer Phone SPEED Test

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Razer Phone vs OnePlus 5T Speed and Performance test, Camera launch, Browser, Apps, Gaming Speed tests as well as RAM management. SUBSCRIBE for more ►►► https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSafTV?sub_confirmation=1 Razer Phone vs OnePlus 5T both have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 8GB RAM Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1XK6ZLU Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSaf Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (1104)
ThanatosXR (2 days ago)
J Muzhen (3 days ago)
I still love OnePlus 5T anyways.
Soham Chowdhury (29 days ago)
If i think about price & performance... I’m going with OnePlus 5T
Jezreel Dinong (30 days ago)
Guys. Im having a hard time choosing for a gamer phone. Can you guys help me choose Razer phone? Or Oneplus 5t?
Magma MoDz (1 month ago)
The Battle of the century.
Jatin Choudhary (1 month ago)
Hey saf next time add critical ops most demanding web game.
Christoph Tantscher (1 month ago)
If it comes to the Performance in games Razer phone would clearly win
Ragil Narrendra (1 month ago)
Alus nu mana atuh anjing??
AzzkikrHD (1 month ago)
The thing i love the most with the One Plus 5T is the super fast charging, we're talking 100% within an hour!!!!!!
Well im fuckin broke so shhh
Fernando Carvalho (1 month ago)
Nesse vídeo temos 16 GB de RAM
Tasia Conatser (2 months ago)
Why are you so focused on load time for apps? I don't think I've ever cared about that at all. What matters is performance after the app has loaded. Mainly fps for games and how fliud they run and feel. I would rather an app take 10 times longer to load and have a higher FPS. OMG my phone takes 3 milliseconds too long to load maps.... How long does the battery last while playing games? Another real world important benchmark that means more than app load time. You crippled the razor to make it fair for the razor, nevermind you had to lower resolution and refresh rate to even do the benchmark. So in crippled mode the OnePlus 5t did blah blah against the first phone to ever have a 120hz refresh rate. Lol benchmark Of apps opening and screen unlocks....
Gaming Doge (2 months ago)
Ill take the razer phone
LyonXO (2 months ago)
Ok so i think im gonna go with the oneplus
anti MOBA (2 months ago)
I use ONEPLUS and RAZER I choose ONEPLUS with test GAMING oneplus HAS speed than RAZER oneplus MY smarthphone RAZER is lag REVIEW P.U.B.G mobile Oneplus Is Flagship Killer
U MOM GAY (2 months ago)
Tip if u want to test speed try Injustice 2, its a very preformance heavy game
Louise Rivera (2 months ago)
Send me the razor phone
nirmala Jayaprakash (3 months ago)
Thanks for providing this speed test.
Zed 5786 (3 months ago)
So razor ain't waterproof at all but the t5 is
patinho legal ツ (3 months ago)
Razer phone pra games ele é rápido em tudo ele foi feito pra games tlgd
Ciro Rozzi (3 months ago)
Two beast
om naik (3 months ago)
this channel is very nice who does comparison in slow motion i never see that in any other review channel very nice keep it up super saf
om naik (3 months ago)
Razer phone is little bit backward in ram management
GTA Tutorials (3 months ago)
One plus faster ALMOST THE SAME LOL
David Battlefield (3 months ago)
OnePlus has once again proven "price does not necessary stand for everything"😉🤜🤛
Adam Rafiq (3 months ago)
Love razor phone
Tanmoy Bag (3 months ago)
Oneplus rocks
Tyler Shaver (3 months ago)
One Plus 5t has a better connection to the WI-FI than the Razer phone I feel like some fishy stuff is going on here...
Gustavs Reders (3 months ago)
I personally would buy 5t and i will. Razer is actually for gaming, but who does gaming on a phone. And the design of 5t is so nice. I hate the sharp edges on razer
dragonball13gnawd (4 months ago)
Both are very good in terms of speed and performance and pretty much the same specs. Get the Razer phone if gaming is your top priority because of the 120hz refresh rate which makes games look much smoother or you can go with OnePlus 5T if price is your main concern. But again they're both extremely snappy phones and I love them both. Thanks for your video SuperSaf
LionixHD (4 months ago)
doing a fucking internet speed test on twitter and stuff that was very smart and call the different speeds at the same xDDD
MaGiC TrIcKs (4 months ago)
hahahaha Oneplus 5t is beaten by Razer Phone....
mark twentynine (4 months ago)
I want to see fps not those fucking touching things at the same time (as if u are perfect to do it at the same time)
gaming zone (4 months ago)
Same to same speed
John Doe (4 months ago)
the speakers on the razor tho are crazy how much is that phone
Muhammad Fatkhur Rifan (4 months ago)
Seth Engris (4 months ago)
Tip for reviewers! Never change the display settings. That is a load of BS, nobody would ever turn a 1440p screen into a 1080p one. Its not actually 1080p because 1440p is twice as many pixels and you cant cut pixels in half, therefore you arent getting the full experience. Also, keep the refresh rate at 120, because thats the only selling point of the razor phone TBH.
007 dynamic gamer (4 months ago)
A tie
John Choi (4 months ago)
i think loading the game not opening but loading the game to main menu the razer phone is slower beacuse of the screen refresh difference it moves up to 120 even if you set it on 90 when your in an app or game but then again im not really sure
Oih Gug (4 months ago)
Бека -_- (4 months ago)
1+5 best
Ashutossh Guptaa (4 months ago)
razer phone made for gamimg😅😅
Elfferich (4 months ago)
*only ever so slightly later*
Helping You (4 months ago)
Agora ponha o Razer em 120hz :s
Dark Soul (4 months ago)
The Razer phone needs a good software to explode the hardware
Too Drunk_ (5 months ago)
Your right finger is clicking before, ever so slightly.. so I'd say their both the same.
NOOB game (5 months ago)
Oneplus 5t BETTER flash of CPU and GPU no LAG than RAZER
virtuals 007 (5 months ago)
Razor is good. 4000 battery an quick charge
Nabiel Rivaldo (5 months ago)
OnePlus 5t ftw
DangerJoker ! (5 months ago)
But Razer is a gaming phone!1!1!1 with half of storage!1!1!1! 300$more expensive!1!1! But Razer slightly seems like Sony Xperia!1!1!1! Congrats, u passed the Razer fan test
Burhan Adenwala (5 months ago)
have you faced any issue regarding playstore dowload error on OP 5T
Travis T (5 months ago)
Now add 5 points to the razer for screen 120 setting. 😂 razer wins hands down.
I just really like the style of the razer phone. I'm torn
#0ff0ffAzok Unlimited. (5 months ago)
Love the quality and coloring of the op5T Display
Not a Furry (5 months ago)
Did you go to the settings on the razed phone and boost it to 120Hz???
Rajesh Babu (5 months ago)
When can we expect Razer Smartphones here in India???
M. Alaa (5 months ago)
You Must do Galaxy Note 8 VS OnePlus 5T Speed Test!!
denny ground (5 months ago)
Display on 5t looks gorgeous... so vivid and the multitasking as well
Krishna Chaitanya Hota (5 months ago)
Doesn't make any difference for micro seconds difference on loading time...still there are many things to compare...audio quality, battery charging time , display quality,form factor, software experience,it's updates, resale value etc
Akicita8 (5 months ago)
I've had my OnePlus 5t for about 2 weeks now and I love it! I can see why it's in the top smartphone discussions of 2017!
ZexyAndrea zzz (5 months ago)
e v e r s o s l i g h t l y
KronoVi XKGN (5 months ago)
which one should i buy?
Abdulwahid bin Muhammad (5 months ago)
Unfortunately, one plus 5 isn't selling in my country :'(
Rogue Bloodfalen (5 months ago)
What's the background music!!?
Rabz (5 months ago)
beautiful phones <3
Master Plays (5 months ago)
Turns on 120hz option.............
Lepster Tracer (5 months ago)
the razer will crush the 5t
Doesnt Matter (5 months ago)
Razer better display and speakers, 5T better camera and faster fingerprint scanner. $699 vs $549
dill pickledz (5 months ago)
Thank you razer for not following the glass back trend
Daniel S. (6 months ago)
The advantage of the Razer Phone is a more responsive touch screen. That is your ~1sec advantage on many apps. But all in all, the 5T seems to be faster loading apps.
Anibal Alvarado (6 months ago)
what type of xperia is that? lmao
Nukin' Walruses (6 months ago)
Please do Dokkan Battle
Mmmm O (6 months ago)
razer (:
TheGamingSalmon (6 months ago)
Oppo f5 fingersprint is the same at oneplus 5
[7L] Mirliva (6 months ago)
krishna sunkara (6 months ago)
please do a speed test btw 5T and pixel 2XL
Justen J (6 months ago)
1 thousandth comment
L115A A1 (6 months ago)
Ez0rus (6 months ago)
Hard to choose, Razer has better screen, speakers, bigger battery and imo looks nicer.. But its limited network and price
Jaagup Lõhmus (6 months ago)
razer win
Jawad ahmed (6 months ago)
Open apps not just Games. Anyone Agree??
thekingbr2004 (6 months ago)
Who win?
Kyle Virtucio (6 months ago)
Iphone x: Im out...
Dominik Kudela (6 months ago)
What is the name of that song? Please
erik77 (6 months ago)
turn off the animation both phones!!!
soumendu roy (6 months ago)
Fuck razer one plus beats it
kenneth co (6 months ago)
Razer 1st to launch app, lets wait for the one + 5 to launch it so he could beat razer in starting the game cause razer lost its momentum. Lol.
kenneth co (6 months ago)
Exiting apps on the one + 5 first lol. Letting it have more processing time to recover and get ready for new apps.
Glanced (6 months ago)
Where can you buy the one plus in the UK
Aziz zs (6 months ago)
The difference in finger prints is. That razer doesnt require you to flip your goddamn phone while playing a game on your pc in order to put your finger. Having the finger print behind is absolutely retarded. Im using iphone 6s and it comes in really hand specially when im chilling and having my phone on a desk or something
Hydraks (6 months ago)
Spoiler : they are both insanely fast compare to most of the other phones.
Dylan Loo (6 months ago)
I'll pick the OnePlus 5T
TheJuanazox (6 months ago)
and what about benchmark test? plis
kli1991 (6 months ago)
Since the Razer phone has Nova prime, you can change the animation time to be even less you know
Riqu5 (6 months ago)
Watching on my oneplus 5t, its faster than you even need.
WPG original (6 months ago)
The razor phone looks like nextbit robin
alwi yana (6 months ago)
Speed charge Test please
Saadmaan Shahriar (6 months ago)
5t is best
Legion Z (6 months ago)
when you're trying to do a games test on a non gaming vs design for gaming phone xD
bombdiggidie (6 months ago)
Opt5 is Razer Phone's b**ch tbh

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