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Top 5 Latest Smartphones In June 2018 !

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Here is the Top 5 New Best Smartphones june 2018. A couple more new phones recently launched and we have also had the chance to spend more time with some others, which leads us to reevaluate some of our initial experiences.All smartphone have good build quality and unique design and better performance and good battery backup.All smartphone work very week. 5: Lenovo z5 4: Xiaomi mi 8 3: LG V35 Thinq 2: Oneplus 6 1: HTC U12+ i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe my channel Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Click Here to Subscribe:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-3XJxY4sVdB_LG2idABvig?view_as=subscriber
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Text Comments (60)
Vishnu Kumar (3 days ago)
Bhai top 10 budge laptop under 20000 ki video upload kro
Jp Dela Riarte (3 days ago)
Vivo Nex S Oppo Find X These two phones destroys the notch designs!
Dr. smile (4 days ago)
Can you plz suggest me a smartphone under 30k which have snapdragon & android oreo??
SMART TECH & MUSIC (5 days ago)
Moto one power 😎
Srinu S (6 days ago)
What How much (6 days ago)
Hardik Pali (8 days ago)
Who the best results camera phone?
Iron man game (9 days ago)
nice video
Sharon lung kin shun.own. 手机专买店林育羽龙毅看管
PLAYBOLD SOURAV (12 days ago)
Lenovo Z5 Best
Oneplus 6 (12 days ago)
I'm oneplus 6 user world,s most fastest phone ever you buy is a oneplus 6
Nabakumar Manna (13 days ago)
one plus 6 and last phone music how a song download
Gyani Gujjar (13 days ago)
Gyani Gujjar (13 days ago)
Semafor Ion (14 days ago)
N-o longer copy it to iPhone x 💪 copy 😒 And other phones🤛😩
Imarjan Dhar (5 days ago)
Semafor Ion z Banteithymmai Nongru Banteithymmai Nongrum
Frankz Angelo Labia (15 days ago)
Where's LG G7?!
#1TECH WORLD (15 days ago)
Brother ye videos kahaan se lete ho, tell me please
Kartikey Singh (15 days ago)
Can u plz tell the price of mi 8
Jovec Prado (15 days ago)
oppo f7 is the best phone with 6.23" notch screen
Rajesh Mahapatra (16 days ago)
Tech-ET (16 days ago)
thank you sir
Zahra Zarei (16 days ago)
Juste sony
Arpit Chourasia (16 days ago)
You asshole
Nayan Laha (16 days ago)
Super action
Harshit Soni (16 days ago)
ye phone acacha hai please ye mujeche de mai iske 20000 dooga
Ketul Gandhi (16 days ago)
Harshit Soni nuys
Dhaliwal Saab (16 days ago)
The u12+ is the beast which can beat the speed
mango v (16 days ago)
what phone is on thumbnail
Nikita Holub (15 days ago)
mango v it's the second one the MI
Danial khan (16 days ago)
No G7 thinQ.
Prince Bhujel (16 days ago)
Now other companies start copying the apple unique design without home button and iPhone X is still best phone in the world
Javy B (3 days ago)
Prince Bhujel yea buddy they weren't the first ones. IPhones are for people thst don't know shit about technology, they are simple to use and there's not much to them, they don't even have fast charge yet. They just came out with the wireless charging pad, the galaxy s6 had that, then galaxy s8 comes out with face recognition then of course the iPhone does too. Samsung s8 comes out with infinity screen then of course the iPhone x or 8 w. E the fuck it is does too. All they do is sit back and copy, no innovation what so ever. Only thing iPhone was better at is their camera but guess what now the galaxy s9 camera is better.
KLËØN FRØZÊÑ (16 days ago)
Nice smartphone
jay deep (16 days ago)
Notch notch and just notch. Copycats
Mutiah Johar (15 days ago)
jay deep ikr
Nikita Holub (15 days ago)
jay deep just stop jugeing phones with notch
Bhadresh Prajapati (16 days ago)
Whabout Honor Play?
Dr. Rajesh cheruku (1 day ago)
Bhadresh Prada patients
Tito B. Yotoko Jr. (16 days ago)
I dislike those notches. Until now I can't get passed them. They're so distracting!
Charles Anju (16 days ago)
Rudan Rajput (15 days ago)
Charles Anju hii
Pravat Biswas (16 days ago)
Mi 8 ka price kitna hain ??
Arsh Sandhu (16 days ago)
MTV Noida (17 days ago)
MTV Noida (17 days ago)
Mi note 5 pro ya samgsng j7
Sohail Ahmad (17 days ago)
Î love you video
siddharth gupta (17 days ago)
Without any reason you include oneplus in all video.. please include latest phones from june july not phones from last month.
zaid siddiqui (16 days ago)
siddharth gupta right
Mohd Hazaqil (17 days ago)
gamer123 Raimundo (6 days ago)
Mohd Hazaqil not yet their still working on s10 on 2019!!!
Ledarius Finnie (17 days ago)
Good video Top 5 Latest Smartphones In June of 2018 ! This From Tech ET
Arjun Srivastava (17 days ago)
Kitna upload krte ho bhai?? Kaha se utha re ho??
#1TECH WORLD (15 days ago)
Arjun Srivastava Brthr muje v bataana agar pta chla
Sheikh Riyaz (17 days ago)
bhaijaan abhi abhi launch hua ho aisa koi htc huawei ya asus ka koi mobile btayye
Tech-ET (17 days ago)
honor 10,,,,, Asus ZenFone 5 Lite

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