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how to find Best Clone/Replica/Fake iPhone 7/7 Plus | Shat Rong

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Factory Update the Newest iPhone 7/7 Plus Special Red Edition with The Same Specification As Before: 1) MTK6582 QUAD CORE 1GB RAM 8GB ROM(Can be expanded by adding micro sd card) 2) CAMERA: BACK 8.0MP, FRONT 2.0MP 3) SUPPORT GSM 2G, WCDMA 3G, CAN SHOW FAKE 4G LTE 4) 1280X720 PIXEL SCREEN RESOLUTION 5) 4.7 INCH FOR IPHONE 7, 5.5 INCH FOR IPHONE 7 PLUS 6) 2500MAH BATTERY 7) Fit ORIGINAL CASE PERFECTLY 8)Color: GOLD/ SILVER/ MATTE BLACK/JET BLACK/ ROSE GOLD/ RED HERE BELOW IS THE LINK TO BUY THIS IPHONE 7/7 PLUS:
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Topu Unlimited (7 days ago)
ভাই আমি কি অন্য মেমরি ব্যবহার করতে পারবো??
ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo (10 months ago)
You're a complete idiot

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