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LG V30s ThinQ Hands On

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Read the full post: https://andauth.co/V30sThinQ | Josh goes hands on with the latest and greatest from LG. Again. There's a "new" V30 in town, the LG V30s ThinQ, a not-so-exciting upgrade to the phone we all loved last year. Download the Android Authority App: https://andauth.co/aa-app Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://andauth.co/subscribe ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - http://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://twitter.com/androidauth/ - http://instagram.com/androidauthority/ - https://snapchat.com/add/androidauth - http://google.com/+androidauthority Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: https://twitter.com/jvtechtea Joe Hindy: https://twitter.com/ThatJoeHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://twitter.com/LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://twitter.com/jaycebroda Gary Sims: https://twitter.com/garysims Kris Carlon: https://twitter.com/kriscarlon Nirave Gondhia: https://twitter.com/nirave David Imel: https://twitter.com/durvidimel Bailey Stein: https://twitter.com/baileystein1
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Text Comments (309)
Brown86Power (4 days ago)
It looks like the phone carries the LTE bands for Verizon. Has anyone tried to use the V30S on the Verizon network?
JAMES J. JEFFERS (15 days ago)
It's Think not Q...ThinQ... 😄😄😄😄
LostandAlive (30 days ago)
This makes me regret getting the v30 so soon.
Arnez Carter (1 month ago)
The Lg v20 is way better its kinda crazy because its a bit older
CAMPING DOESN'T PAY! (1 month ago)
anyone here that can please share the LG V30 ThinQ stock Wallpapers? ThanQ!
Pabola-bola (3 months ago)
Release date?
duplessisism (3 months ago)
Is the dual sim card slot separeted from the sd card , or is it hybrid?
GenAndrei (3 months ago)
My v10 of a year and a half is still amazing.
Shameer Malik (3 months ago)
This phone also has bootloop issues?
Juraj Vitko (3 months ago)
is it LaGgy?
NutNbutSpeed (3 months ago)
Really disappointed in LG, THIS device is what the original V30 should have been to begin with but more importantly they didn't even fix it's shortcomings. From a V30 owner let me tell you: When you record for a long time, it in 1080p@60fps it freezes and takes a while to save and if you do not let it sit and finish, you're gonna get a corrupted file. The front camera straight sucks when compared to the S8+ and doesn't even have OIS. Speakers- They suck, when I compared it to my dad's S8+ they sounded teeny! The screen, not great, in sunlight I have to max the brightness in order to see the screen whereas on the S8+ it didn't even need to be close to max to view it. The next one might be because of the 4gb of RAM but the phone seems to lag when I open the app tray. The apps get distorted like low res for a couple seconds then it clears up and goes back to normal. LG really needs to get their crap together! They shouldn't be doing these incremental upgrades without even addressing the shortcomings.
Charles Yeo (3 months ago)
-.- still the same front facing camera
Guy Davis (3 months ago)
From the start LG should have sold this phone in the different colors with RAM and storage options. People questioning why no 845 chip are seeing this phone was an after thought. Just another case of LGs piss poor planning!
Alan Chua (3 months ago)
led light notification?
iLightningFly (3 months ago)
i wanted to buy the bue v30 so bad ...went for black regular xD !
HarD TarGeT (3 months ago)
LG has serious quality control issue. G4,G5,V10,V20, G6 all has image retention issue. Now V30 🤪 has some other serious display problem.
Tommy Lau (3 months ago)
i am a LG V30+ owner. seriously very disappointed with LG. Why not just come out with 6gb and 256gb from the start???
Hara Kami (3 months ago)
I don't like the shiny back
ThatOneWeirdIntrovert (3 months ago)
Phone: LG v30s thinq People expectation: gonna be revolutionary Me: tf 😐
Chris Romberg (3 months ago)
Go away LG...
bomkenkamchi (3 months ago)
Not the latest processor and battery is still less than 3500mah.. improve these areas and you have money..
Kattz (3 months ago)
This is a gorgeous phone. It's what the LG V30 should have been. The fact that is almost the same as the old version isn't a bad thing. I like that both LG and Samsung have improved the previous models instead of completely redesigning them. We will get better phones this way.
julius bergen (3 months ago)
Still Waiting for the oreo update on my "normal v30"....
itisthefear (3 months ago)
Its so sad that they dont realise that the front camera is ruining such a beautiful phone... same happened with the g6... i have the g5 and i have a superior front camera from both g6 and v30
ShanghaiWall (3 months ago)
Neither Android Authority, Engadget and the Verge didn't address the main drawbacks of V30: screen issues and subpar frontal camera. Makes me think its paid "hands-on".
Clous von (3 months ago)
I'm guessing they didn't want to get overshadowed by Samsung at mwc
Handsome Dan (3 months ago)
Love my v30
Jon W. (3 months ago)
LG needs to thinQ about that 12th year of straight losses with their mobile division that stupid choices like this, is going to bring them!
Jeff Rebuzora (3 months ago)
It should be pronounced as think (thinkQ) since it has the new AI machine learning system. Makes sense right?...... Your welcome.
TheFlacker99 (Flak) (3 months ago)
I know they probably won't but an upgraded V20 would be good. I love my V20.
TheFlacker99 (Flak) (3 months ago)
But what about a v20 ThinQ.
J (3 months ago)
TheFlacker99 (Flak) they have one its called the v30
Feroz Muhammed (3 months ago)
If this phone is priced right then yes I was waiting for this updated LG v30 S thinq. The v30 just lacked that extra ram and storage.
Funny-Bunny (3 months ago)
But does it bootloop ? That's the golden question. However, I suppose time will tell, so basically you have to pay in order to get fucked at a later time/when you're not expecting.
Gal (3 months ago)
Nah... G6 was great, V30 is great.. not issues anymore with it.
Secular Guy (3 months ago)
Samsung Galaxy S9+ > LG V30S > iPhone X
J (3 months ago)
Secular Guy LG v30 is better automatically because of its video recording features and hifi DAC. This new one isn't worth the upgrade unless you never had one. Very underrated phone.
GJSpot (3 months ago)
I've been an LG user since the LG G3, this time around I will be dropping LG for Samsung. LG has disappointed me with the LG G5 and G6 (which I currently own). When LG decided to drop the IR blaster on the G6 it was a let down and it also lacked the LED notification. Albeit, I could have used the "Always On" screen display to show notifications, it never worked that great and it drain the battery fast. The cameras on the LG phones have never been that great either, specially on low light conditions compare to its competitors. Lately, my G6 has been giving issues when making phone calls and receiving text messages. I have also notice that my G6 battery drains too quickly on standby, randomly freezes, and I find myself rebooting the device at least 4 times a week. Another thing that really bothers me about LG, is their lack of commitment to update their phones to the latest Android OS. Samsung on the other hand, have been doing pretty good with their phones so far, specially with the new S9. I can't wait to get it!
Benjamin Obeng (3 months ago)
LG V30 ES STINK QUE? Really?! LG you could come up with a better name
Minion Bay (3 months ago)
256GB is the new LG V30S+
ntprsm (3 months ago)
Wait, what? I purchased my LG V30 in Moroccan Blue. It looks just the same to me? How is this a new colour?
Tim Robinson (3 months ago)
I love my LG V30+ :)
Darin C. (3 months ago)
As you know even the makers are stagnating ie LG. Phones market is saturated and the makers know it. Boooring!
Still rocking my V20. Burnt out on upgrading “just because I can” ...excuse.
RoseWolfz Prime (3 months ago)
Beautiful phone anyway also I love the AI features
Magma Vol (3 months ago)
Well Guyz,, 6gb RAM,128GB Rom ..& better Camera(well kinda(AI)).... atleast its better than nothing
Purwati Woro (3 months ago)
Bad front camera
David Velasco (3 months ago)
That blue is beautiful
David Chan (3 months ago)
Nice so nice LG mmm LG judy hope going to be a good phone
Mx Jonson (3 months ago)
What is your phone? It's a LG V30s ThinQ? You're welcome
Good Eye Visuals (3 months ago)
The upgrade is not worth it. The original V30 is a beast! Loving mine.
Good Eye Visuals (3 months ago)
6-7 hours :)
J (3 months ago)
David Valle Rodriguez I usually get around 6 hours of screen on time.
David Valle Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Christopher Guevacci how is battery life ? How many hours of screen on time?
alexandergoldman (3 months ago)
Isn't ThinQ pronounced "THINK"? That's how I hear other reviews pronouncing it...and would believe its how LG branded it... Let's see..
LancerZ (3 months ago)
LG is forgetting the G6 users still in nougat 7.0 very nice ¬_¬
ITSKILLERQUEZ (3 months ago)
It's not the same that cool
Harlock2day (3 months ago)
nice iq but is just copying the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, which is already on the market. Odd that this journalist forgot to mention that. Still it looks like a beautiful phone and LG is a top company.
Ashish Kalam (3 months ago)
basically V30 was 4/64 and V30+ was 6/128 now V30s is 6/128 and V30s+ was 6/256 and new colors
HaxorTech (3 months ago)
Ashish Kalam the V30+ still only came with 4 GB RAM
TechnologyGoat (3 months ago)
I like the new Blue color! :)
SerenityReceiver (3 months ago)
Is Thinq purely software? Than they should update the older v30s.
Zi Viod (3 months ago)
But let me guess, it's not going to release in Europe
Da Fuq (3 months ago)
So, basically another version of the Not Hotdog app ;)
Raushan Kumar (3 months ago)
Roc ,Ujjain
dGladiator (3 months ago)
Is the guy Leonard from BBT
Bojan Tomic (3 months ago)
Still beautiful and still great! And Samsung is calling this kind of update an "S9". 😂
InfiniteTony (3 months ago)
i came watching this.............
Pau Gironès (3 months ago)
AI cameras are bullshit. I already know what am I looking at, and I will tune the sttings as I wish.
irfan ali (3 months ago)
Front facing camera still just 5MP?Really? Selfie is not important to LG but!!!!everybody dose!!!! Sorry fail
RUS (3 months ago)
They could have Improved the front facing camera.
Gal (3 months ago)
let me help you here, download the Google Cam Port for the V30 (by cstark27 on XDA). Trust me, you will get a whole new camera experience! Hard to imagine, but you will have a new, good, selfie camera! (and even portrait modes for both rear and front cameras).
SuperJuvexxx (3 months ago)
Lmao they copied Samsung on the "new" camera features
Nonnen (3 months ago)
no improvement in the selfie camera? wow..
Gal (3 months ago)
let me help you here, download the Google Cam Port for the V30 (by cstark27 on XDA). Trust me, you will get a whole new camera experience! Hard to imagine, but you will have a new, good, selfie camera! (and even portrait modes for both rear and front cameras).
Burai Navarro (3 months ago)
Thanks for upgrading the v30 for something kinda useless camera feature, this would still help drop the price of the v30 and v20. Waiting for the price drop then its time to switch from the v10
morbid._. kid (3 months ago)
oi, music credits birocratic - ERGO
ThisEpisode (3 months ago)
After about a year with iPhone, I really want to come home. Can someone tell me if Android/Google has an dedicated video editor kind of like iOS iMovie. No a third party app from the App Store isn’t an option for me, and yes there is more reason about both operating systems that has me sticking with iOS atm.
Mark Teuteberg (3 months ago)
Why not update everyone's camera app to support the new tech? It's just a software update... Frustrates me beyond belief xD
Mark Teuteberg (3 months ago)
Yeah and i see the software is comming to the G6 as well so I am happy now xD
Gal (3 months ago)
V30 will get the new features in software update. The new phone is an addition of 2GB RAM and 256GB storage.
Aadithya bose (3 months ago)
Psycho Cuber (3 months ago)
But is it thinner?? No
ITSKILLERQUEZ (3 months ago)
Psycho Cuber thinner than other phones
Anton Chigurh (3 months ago)
Why is the camera lagging?
Maxim (3 months ago)
Another missed opportunity. Should've upgraded the front camera. The only thing the V30 lacked.
(3 months ago)
damn Sammy should learn making design
Eusebio Escelante (3 months ago)
All of these could have been achieved via software update. When did LG started following Apple by renaming the same LG V30+ and re releasing at MWC?
Yashaswi Narayana (3 months ago)
They should have added OIS for wide angle lens
Mario Bartos (3 months ago)
Nah, it would be waste. That camera doesn't have autofocus and its general use for landscape so no real important.Maybe for video but still... Better sensor> OIS
SomePlaceForVideos (3 months ago)
It seems like if you aren't Google or Samsung, accessory companies ignore your phone.
Phalad TiGeR (3 months ago)
Lg should at least revamp all ui, icon for a modern style which comes with 8.0
Jake Lam (3 months ago)
Everybody is jumping on the AI bandwagon. It won't be long till SkyNet is born.
Banch (3 months ago)
Morrocan Blue was the only color available here.
Dragan Zrilić (3 months ago)
Sorry but after the LG G6 camera (which you gave an 8.9 rating or so) any LG phone in the near feature is a no-go for me. If you want a phone with a decent camera you should buy a(n) Iphone/Pixel/Galaxy/Note/Mate phone. Everything else isn't an option.
Chris Clark (3 months ago)
I have a V30 and 6GB of RAM would have been nice. 4GB is a bit laggy. They better give existing owners a software update with some of these camera improvements. But I won't hold my breath. I haven't even received an Oreo upgrade yet.
tigerbalm (3 months ago)
Will it think my wang is a banana or geoduck? Interesting....
Leopold Lacić (3 months ago)
Are those Apple Homepod rings of death on a table ?
Sheela K (3 months ago)
jing713 (3 months ago)
Great looking phone which still looks great........I guess....
Pushpendra Chaturvedi (3 months ago)
all they needed is 4000mah battery
J (3 months ago)
V30 has a pretty damn good battery life
skid (3 months ago)
Android Smart Phone, Samsung = marvel LG = DC
J (3 months ago)
V30 was the best phone last year. Samsung shit the bed with their built in Bixby button and shitty fingerprint placement. Traded my s8+ in for a v30 and never looked back.
Abe (3 months ago)
Still waiting for Oreo on my g6
markus rayna cars KSA (3 months ago)
So is this bright mode will be available for my LG V30+ ???
Abi Nubli (3 months ago)
Change the name of AI cam to Doge cam
Bimo Tunggal Dipowardani (3 months ago)
will the first v30 get an updare for this software ?
Shane P. (3 months ago)
Are you related to Sophia Vergara?
Tanmey Saraiya (3 months ago)
They should first give Oreo update to the og V30.
Jared Hoats (3 months ago)
LG just ensured that they get a 13th straight quarterly loss. This company needs to be gutted and they need to reevaluate their target market and price point. Edit: I own a V30 and love it, but they'll never break Samsung and Apple's grip on the US market with their bad ad campaigns and skeletons in their closet (bootloop)
TM (3 months ago)
my sony has this feature long time ago
i raul (3 months ago)
nothing interesting. This should be just a software update
Gal (3 months ago)
Just made a great phone better.
Etzel Calderón (3 months ago)
Lg mate v30
Peej Read (3 months ago)
LG should have added o.i.s on the wide angle camera.

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