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The Property Show 2016 Episode 185 - Signature Residence

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Take a glimpse into the future of homes in Kenya with smart technology In this week's episode of the Property show with Nancy, she takes us through the smart home in the heart of Kileleshwa. It’s special with perfect workmanship, great finishes, plenty of compounds for everyone.
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Text Comments (17)
Brucely Jay Subhir (27 days ago)
I will tell my mom to buy one unit beautiful house
94110mission (4 months ago)
The Signature Residence is beautiful! I'd like to stay there when I visit Nairobi. I hope one of the owners has a listing on Airbnb.
94110mission (4 months ago)
Wow! Thanks for that first-hand information.
Skeng On peds (4 months ago)
i live there and the cameras for security are very slow and laggy dosent help at all and the lifts are even slower and constantly gets stuck
Wein'tGotMoneyTo Buy (1 year ago)
What a mess. i have gone places but that apartment is high class.
King Mener (1 year ago)
when will Africans set stds wazungu can emulate anyway?
King Mener (1 year ago)
it is ok to emulate wazungu but use materials manufactured locally vijana wapate unga
Pauline Tom (1 year ago)
Si ati hamjasikia #BuyKenyaBuildKenya ama it was a fad? I have a #dream that Kenyans will take pride in locally produced goods and stop overly depending on these other Countries who by the way see us Africans as "worthless",..... #YouNameIt
Dorothy Adhiambo (1 year ago)
ziko Kenya kileleshwa my dear......at a wewe nikama umeshtuka
Daniel Mech (1 year ago)
Kenyans are so used to mediocrity and substandard quality that the moment someone does what they are supposed to do we are left in awe! The quality level of those signature condominiums should be the norm for an apartment in Nairobi. The upside though is that I can see developers slowly improving their designs and finishes. I wish that they would furnish the units with Kenyan made products though. The economy needs it badly!!!
Penny Stang (7 months ago)
Thats lazyness
Moe Moe (1 year ago)
i agree this should be the norm, this is very high class
Denis Gichuhi (1 year ago)
For the first time I'm impressed by Kenyan Realtors! Signature have thought outside the box
Skeng On peds (4 months ago)
they are lying i live there and it is rubbish trust me the cameras are soooo slooow it very laggy so dont belive everything you hear and also the lifts are very slow
Lovely Day (1 year ago)
Naona pia Nancy amepata the woow factor😄.That sales lady really knows how to sell the property. The best properties ever shown on this show.
Jakatu nice (1 year ago)
Nancy hizo signature houses iko kenya kweli.naona hata wewe umeshtuka
Jakatu nice (1 year ago)
Nancy hizo signature houses iko kenya kweli.naona hata wewe umeshtuka.

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