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Best Audio Quality Setup: Explained!

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Share this with someone audio deprived. Thumbs up! DAC's explained: http://goo.gl/HnlhV AudioEngine D1: http://goo.gl/M0GPx ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://gplus.to/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (3413)
Brian Rhen (1 day ago)
Like you to do a updated video on current tech. like this.
Buddy Flankwood (1 day ago)
those beautiful fingernails
Pngas Fwb (1 day ago)
Absolutely you don't know what you talking about.
Yusuph Wickama (3 days ago)
Who's here in 2018?
Jett A Angeles (4 days ago)
I thought DACs meant Digital to Analog Converter?
Kinji (4 days ago)
This guys so smart!!! Thank you!!
Jack Obrien (4 days ago)
So refreshing to find youtube videos that are short, to the point and informative. Thanks for the upload.
Anthony cruz (8 days ago)
Thanks dude
Admin-i strator (12 days ago)
He he he... a Digital Audio Converter eh?
bobans (14 days ago)
Woow! You are so young here!
sam (14 days ago)
2018 👍🔥
Zymon Ramirez (17 days ago)
It's 2018
Blobbejaan Blob (21 days ago)
danified (23 days ago)
oh god this is old
ChokeMonster (24 days ago)
Wow this video is old.. I was like wait does Marques not have a deeper voice than this?
FadedJoysticks (27 days ago)
FiiO E10K or Audioengine D1 which one provides better audio quality?
JL The Hand (1 month ago)
Bro you're the best... Thank you for helping me out!
TrickstaPlays (1 month ago)
The MKB"HD" Days
shane stirling (1 month ago)
Holy shit its baby marques
Adrian Drewlow (1 month ago)
I thought he said they were cheap!!!!! $170 dollars isnt cheap, how much money does he have to consider this cheap, WTF!!!
Schnitzeldroid (1 month ago)
damn, it's weird watching young Marques :D
sid siddu (1 month ago)
Who else watches this video in 2018
Ehsan Wedee (1 month ago)
Watching this in 2018....make a 2018 bookshelf speaker...I am looking for decent speakers
LegendaryVegeta (1 month ago)
ok so wtf is the thick THICC cord on the back of the d1 and how tf can you use that on your phone (i think its the same as the fiio 10k
Manikandan Nadar (1 month ago)
+mkbhd - can you do similar today for smart phones?
Peter Maguire (1 month ago)
Would love to see an update on this front!
Cloud Music (1 month ago)
Mystery Guy (1 month ago)
Watching in 2018🤗
Basil Sunny (1 month ago)
Who else is watching this in 2018.
Chad Simeon (1 month ago)
WOAH didnt even recognize you there man, been a good 6 years
jort switijnk (1 month ago)
is a DAC the same as a audio interface?
Jimmy James (1 month ago)
good for me, my PC Acer never sounded better..
Jimmy James (1 month ago)
Let you know, 109. Can on Amazon, .......will get today...
EZVern (1 month ago)
Your commercials are 30 sec, way to long!
boyinthemirror (1 month ago)
quick, pithy, sublime - everything you need neatly tied up in a small package just like this comment
EDMUNDO MORALES (1 month ago)
ok but what speakers do you recommend
cook (1 month ago)
who is here in 2018? xD
Zia Ul Fikry (2 months ago)
So young
Gurtej Singh (2 months ago)
Who gave a thumbs up for le ninja?
SKBeon (2 months ago)
2018 Squad !
Jose F. Hernandez (2 months ago)
Lol! All those 2017 Comments... Step up your game! Thumbs up if your watching in 2018!!
Dawson A. Oliver (2 months ago)
Thank you for this video! Happy listening :)
The_Dissident (2 months ago)
this was published on my friends b day!
ketaminiac (2 months ago)
i'm having trouble with static noise while listening to music through my new headphones. i never had this problem with my previous headset, but it was usb connected while this one is mini jack. would getting an external DAC solve this static issue?
James Allen (2 months ago)
Digital to Analog Converter. Crap.
Liam Fox (2 months ago)
What is this
angery doggo (2 months ago)
Look at this dood
Cairdeas Films (2 months ago)
Anyone notice how his voice is like wayyyy deeper now, opposed to this video and this era of MKBHD
Tech Prady (3 months ago)
FUTURE (2 months ago)
wrong year
Matthew Turner (3 months ago)
If I plugged a chromecast into Cambridge Topaz SR20 which DAC would be used? The one in the chromecast or the one in the SR20?
Die Now Please (3 months ago)
Android figure is possessed by satan.
Ian Kelley (3 months ago)
looking to get an external amp along with the d1 dac/amp ive had for a little while to get more power into my headphones. Ive got a pair of senns and a pair of beyerdynamics. Opinions on whether or not its necessary and if so, what amp to look at
BigChief THE GREAT (3 months ago)
Woah, old Marques
Sakib Ahsan (3 months ago)
wow! you used to be versatile, man!!!
Nikolas Karalis (3 months ago)
Hello,I have an ASUS XONAR DX sound cart and I use 2 ways for listening .The first one is using the SPDFI port for my amplifier (optical connection ) and the second one is a coaxial connection (not using the soundcard in this way) . I notice, that the sound quality with the soundcard (optical connection) is by far better..Really fantastic quality...BUT.. When I listen from Spotify Premium (better sound quality..they say) in some classical songs (with piano) I hear a tricky sound like deformations.When I turn it to coaxial connection the deformations disappear. I hope to understand my problem..Why this happens ??
Oleg Perchyk (3 months ago)
MKBHD come a long way since 2012. Keep at it bro!
Alex Brumbaugh (4 months ago)
Well let me ask you this I have a home theater system a Samsung it's got HDMI ports and Optical ports now let's just say for playing video games for the Xbox One X PlayStation 4 Pro what is the better sound HDMI or Optical?? Thanks
A B (4 months ago)
yup, digital to analog. human ear hears analog
عدنان باشيخ (4 months ago)
Do one about ps4. How to get the best audio quality
Jacob K (4 months ago)
Bro. Wow. Just. Wow. So cool
ArtisChronicles (4 months ago)
I never forgot about audio, I just decided to deal with it later. now I'm having trouble getting a mic working well. some weird stuff with with Windows. basically it records too quietly.
Benjamin Ocean (4 months ago)
With Headphones like the Sennheiser HD 800S, i was wondering if i should get a DAC like the Hugo 2 or TT, or an amp or both? Im not sure of what i actually need to get the best sound possible out of my headphones. If you could clarify this i would be grateful. Thanks.
MODERN FLEX (4 months ago)
this makes sense now. i bought a pair of AKG K702 and wondered why they sounded sub-par, may pick up a dac
jeff chanon (4 months ago)
plain and simple, thank you. And, your mic sounds great.
Ben Roys (4 months ago)
I wish u did more of these more recently
Nabeel Khan (4 months ago)
any dac accessory which can be used with galaxy s8 ?
Sandana _1124 (4 months ago)
Who's watching this video in 2017 ?? 😂😂😂
sjcongo (4 months ago)
Dude ur so wrong... please stop ;) go to school
Patrick star (4 months ago)
digital to analog converter!!!!! it is not digital audio converter
Titan Carreon (4 months ago)
How do you compare this to a SENNHEISER GSX1000?
D AM (4 months ago)
Would this work to connect a 5.1 Z5500 Logitech system to a 2017 iMac 27" desktop?
T Tommy (4 months ago)
Omg, He has those Cheetos boxes from 2012.
AngryZombie808 (5 months ago)
Garbage in, garbage out. External dac is the way to prevent putting a garbage in your ear from your pc/laptop/phone.
Christoph Schuermann (5 months ago)
The basics are well explained. Thank you. Good hifi or high-end gear is a different thing.
crownie (5 months ago)
dude the quality fo this video ois so great i thought it was from 2017 but it's from 2012 lmao
big die (5 months ago)
Your pop filter fits perfectly onto that circle on your shirt
TheEndTimes (5 months ago)
Dirty dirty nigro!
oobleckboy (5 months ago)
If you're not ripping CDs as AIFF, Apple Lossless or WAV, then anything better than a decent computer's internal DAC would again probably be overkill.
Anil Ch (5 months ago)
Gudang Satu (5 months ago)
what mic you are using its so sensitive,,,
ewan thomas (5 months ago)
Kdhd do you cut your own hair, bro it looks awful.
Lothar Scholz (5 months ago)
Main reason to buy external audio systems: You build a Hackintosh and don't get sound running. At least this was for me. But i currenly live with a US$ 3.50 USB stick from China. I'm not an audiophile.
Only_Max (5 months ago)
I really to get rid of the sound from my mechanical keyboard any suggestions ? (i'm using a Blue Snowball (i can buy a new mic/stand/pop filter/etc)
Reza Molavi (5 months ago)
Thank you for the information. Here is a problem I have and am hoping you can help me solve it. As you are well-aware, there are lots of different content creators with varying degree of audio recording quality. I find myself constantly adjusting and messing with audio settings and end up more dissatisfied than ever. Is there a software/hardware combination solution to equalize and/or normalize audio reaching my headphones (I use good quality wired headphones B&O and B&W on an average PC listening to lots of spoken words)? please advise and thank you very much in advance
Maximus Tech (5 months ago)
no offense: Talks about best audio; talks on blue spark
vibememes (5 months ago)
Maximus Tech (5 months ago)
spambryan17 (5 months ago)
Something I dont here anymore from MK - BAWS.
2QUICK (5 months ago)
Hey Marques, what sort of amplifier would be good for listening to music through High End speakers that is coming from a laptop? I just want to hook up some really great speakers to my laptop and surely I need some sort of power source since I don't want to purchase an audio/video receiver. Thanks!
Jordan Martin (5 months ago)
Hi Marques, I have a very directed question. Have you ever tried the Audioengine HD3 speaker? They come with an inbuilt PCM 5102 DAC. Would you recommend using an Audioengine D1 (AKM 4396) DAC with this? Would there be any difference? and could you explain the difference between the PCM and AKM D/A convertors? Thanks in advance :)
Jay Lane (5 months ago)
So young back then 😊
Andrei Marinescu (6 months ago)
There is much more to it . Like the player? Stick to phones maybe ?
jc selanova (6 months ago)
You mean Digital-to-Analog Converter right?
Rian Loubser (6 months ago)
DAC - Digital/Analog converter. And the analog components surrounding the DAC chip is really important, this is what makes the largest difference in audio quality between most devices who even share the same DAC chip .
Samuel Awolaja (6 months ago)
Love your video, thanks for the explanation. I'm currently designing and putting together my own theatre set up. Your comment on audio resonated with my own ideas. I have a HTPC connected to my 5.1 surround sound system, can this Audio Engine D1 bypass the internal Realtek sound card of the HTPC and so the D1 becomes the default setting for my audio to be played via the 5.1 set up? Also does the D1 support windows 10 and is it plug and play?
Mohamed Osama (6 months ago)
RIP captions
Techtosterone (6 months ago)
So uh, can anyone recommend a cheap but 'okay' sounding DAC?
Advent Seph (6 months ago)
can we get a 2017 edition of this video?
Luck (6 months ago)
Can audio interfaces make the speaks in your laptop sound better
burgerboy does some shit (6 months ago)
wow you look so much younger
Bryson Peek (6 months ago)
Does the Scarlet solo do this as well, or is that just for recording microphones? Super new to all this stuff.
LoS-_- (6 months ago)
You lost me at audio....

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