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Moto Z Review: Is it Still Worth it!? (6 Months Later!)

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How does the Moto Z / Moto Z Droid hold up 6 Months Later? With all the recent updated to Android 7.0 Nougat has the phone improved? And is it still worth the purchase? Watch to find out! Moto Z vs Moto Z Play Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hdAs3vjfAQ Buy Here: Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2jqQGI1 Amazon Canada: http://amzn.to/2gQTI3Q Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2gvOo7J Nice: http://getnice.com/c/MatthewMoniz/B9VN_uDmAQw Dbrand Concrete Skin: http://bit.ly/2dbsTaa Help support the channel by using my Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon US: http://goo.gl/BVc5ez Amazon Canada: http://goo.gl/SK9sQK Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/is1MXU Follow me on Nice: http://getnice.com/c/MatthewMoniz Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattmoniz123 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mattmoniz123 Website: http://www.matthewmoniz.com
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Text Comments (188)
Novell Blair (30 days ago)
Thumbs up for Bob Marley and The Wailers on Spotify.
TJ Ninneman (4 months ago)
I was lucky to get a Moto Z onsale at Best Buy for the insane price of $240 early this year. This a pretty great phone for the price. Display is really good. Software experience is stock and very quick with little to no lag. Camera is not great but very serviceable. My only major gripe is the battery is atrocious. I can only get through a full day if I really limit my usage. Otherwise I'm charging at least once per day; sometimes twice.
Adrian Cirlea (4 months ago)
I had it for almost a year now as a daily phone and I enjoyed every day of it. I love the fact that although the z2 is out I still get almost weekly updates on the software witch means they still value the customers that they have and not completely drop them as soon as a new phone comes out like other companies do. The battery life only bothered me when I had weak reception as I seen that it tried harder to find it in that situation. But honestly you can't compare the battery pack with a normal power bank because it's almost the same price as a good one but adds the advantage of not having another bulk thing in your pocket. If I would change anything about the phone, I would add an headphone Jack on the projector and the battery pack. And also I would like to add that I recently bought the gamepad mode witch is intended for z2 but works perfectly with my phone, so again they still value the customers they have
Mr. C. (5 months ago)
Budget is right on $400. It's either Essential Phone, MotoZ, or the Huawei Mate 9...Which should I get for Black Friday?
Drew C. (5 months ago)
Mr. C. I suggest you go with the mate 9. Better camera and battery life than moto z and essential phone.
thtupid (6 months ago)
I was really sceptical at first about this phone. I have a moto x style and thought that this was a step back for motorolla. Especially that huge camera hump and small battery. However, when I saw how easily the moto z2 force scratches, how crappy the x4 screen is (compared to the X style 1440p), I was going to jump ship and get a nokia or something...when I saw a moto z on ebay for less than 450 AUD. So I got it and I totally take back everything I said about it. It's a very solid phone! Speedy! Efficient! Yes battery doesn't last the entire 24 hours but it does last my entire waking hours. Then, if I am ever low on juice, I stick on my battery. Or I stick it on my wireless charging pad. Thing is, I permanently have the moto style mod attached so there is no camera hump. The phone itself has an awesome screen. The speaker is just fine even if there is not stereo sound (It's even louder than the x style). All the gripes I had about this not being a proper replacement for the X style is totally unfounded. This is an excellent phone; especially for under 450 AUD. Considering the X4 is going to cost 700 bucks here in Aus, this moto z is a no brainer.
Francis Adaletey (7 months ago)
I have moto x 2 but I want the moto z am I right to let go the x2?
MIHAI BOGDAN BOJAN (7 months ago)
Francis Adaletey That's what I did a week ago. It's​ a step forward for sure.
Melon gamer (7 months ago)
There's a mod dev kit
MTL Sniper (8 months ago)
Best phone I've ever owned
zemos777 (9 months ago)
Hi, which is better in your opinion: 1) Lenovo P2 2) Moto Z play 3) Samsung A5 2017 Knowing that I am an average user (not a gamer) that use my mobile a lot for reading, browsing and navigation as I travel a lot. My main priority is for a battery that can last for more than one day and a decent camera . Thanks a lot
Abdallah Noor (8 months ago)
zemos777 definitely the z play with its 3500 battery and near stock experience
Noel Sevilla (9 months ago)
iPhone is boring now. s8 I hate it because of the fingerprint placed at the back and Snapchat on s8 so bad.
Noel Sevilla (9 months ago)
from iPhone 7 plus and s8 I switched to Moto Z.
hgallegos915 (10 months ago)
this phone doesn't stay behind. I'm happy with it? even the play is good!
Bugg OFF (10 months ago)
I have the Moto Z Droid and a S7 Edge. I use my Moto Z alot more than my S7 edge. I hope they make a new Camera Mod with improved video and higher megapixels since the phone already has a good camera.
Krzysiek Borek (10 months ago)
Hey now I'm using Xiaomi Mi 5s but one of my friend would like to give me Moto Z for my Mi 5s. Should I exchange Mi 5s for Moto Z?
Otan Er (10 months ago)
This is more of an opinionated subjective review rather than a technical review.
Jodie Tenrilenka (11 months ago)
that UI is hideous
VonDa in Wonderland (11 months ago)
I hope they put the mods on sale soon♥
chx1975 (11 months ago)
I think the keyboard mod on the indiegogo is the killer mod you were looking for. At least for some of us.
Stoney Lawson (1 year ago)
I keep going back and forth between the Z and the S7 edge, and I believe I personally enjoy the Z more..
Abdallah Noor (8 months ago)
Stoney Lawson interms of?
Jack AFC (1 year ago)
I bought it yesterday for 249€ :D
UCCC 2415 (9 months ago)
Jack AFC Thanks mate. Enjoy the mate 9 😀👍
Jack AFC (9 months ago)
UCCC 2415 But now I own a Mate 9. :)
Jack AFC (9 months ago)
UCCC 2415 In my opinion the P10 is way better in Camera Performance.
UCCC 2415 (9 months ago)
Jack AFC how would you compare the Moto z camera to the p10?
Jack AFC (1 year ago)
Matthew Moniz For this price it is a good device. But I think I will keep my Huawei P10 and sell the Moto Z here in Germany for 350€. The battery is a little bit to week for my issue.
Joshua Heywood (1 year ago)
i found this moto edge mod that's amazing but no headphone jack...don't know if I can do it lol
Joe Stankiewicz (1 year ago)
I like the mods, and the Hasselblad mod really jumped out to me. I hope with the recent news of the upcoming moto z2 that newer mods will be backwards compatible with this phone. Also stock android was a huge pull for me coming from a Nexus 6P.
Paolo Pizzi (1 year ago)
There are tons of refurbs and brand new Moto Z/Play/Force phones that have been sitting in a warehouse and that are now on sale on EBay and other places  for $400-500. Even more interesting, Moto Z Force's that have been unlocked and now work on every GSM carrier (the only drawback is that Verizon's crapware is still there, but you can disable it...) That's actually one of the reasons I passed on the Moto Z when it came out. I really wanted the Force (the Z's puny battery is ridiculous and the Play is not flagship-level) but it only worked on Verizon (no way I'm going back to the worst and most expensive carrier...) So, I got this new Z Force on EBay for $460 and it works without issues on T-Mobile. Very happy now...
kodi kodi (1 year ago)
3:42 "it lacks poor battery life"??? lol go back to school
Jammy_gaming (1 year ago)
what are those Sennheiser headphones at 0:56 cos they look so cool
Jammy_gaming (1 year ago)
Thank you, keep up the good content 😉
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
They're the sennheiser HD 6 Mix headphones: http://amzn.to/2oeGKmR
Josh Carter (1 year ago)
I have a z play, love it!
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Nice! It's agreat phone!
Ankur Sharma (1 year ago)
I think the Moto Z Play is better worth the money
Arvin Dwight (1 year ago)
moto z play is better, if you like better battery. I have been using without charging for a day and a half. (sometimes 2 full days)
Daymian Hayes (1 year ago)
the battery mod almost doubles the battery life
Dave ThePirate (1 year ago)
I LOVE my Z Force! the whole Z line seems to me, to be under appreciated. the emphasis of the device is so heavy on the functionality of them. close to Stock Android. always on sensors to give notifications. NFC for Android Pay use. video and pictures are great. the fingerprint scanner for security and it's so handy to use to wake it up or put to sleep. upcoming Mods are looking great too. don't like the missing 3.5 jack? there's and for that. one mod will allow for the most data storage any device has ever been able hold on a magnitude scale. battery mods are so much more handy then a third party power pack. and you can keep several without being bulky. oh I could go on. I just don't understand why there's not more respect and love for this device
Lashing Out (1 year ago)
Dave ThePirate I'm actually going to be picking one up after i get paid and submit my tax return forms, etc. I got really hyped last year, then remembered i was broke and 16. Now I'm a year older with a good job, and my phone just bit the dust a day ago, so I'm all lined up to drop in my SIM card and go!
Deon Young (1 year ago)
I have the Moto z play that has the headset port and the battery last all day
Torin Shields (1 year ago)
actually the way to avoid the pitfalls of this device....get the cheaper Z play. amiright? Does daydream work with the Moto Z Play.
Chris Sullins (1 year ago)
The Z Force is phenomenal with the Nougat update.
garak0410 (1 year ago)
I had the Note 7 and Pixel XL and I've settled on the Moto Z Force Droid. Amazing (albeit slower) Camera, fantastic battery life, fastest charging of any phone out there, the mods are great (and more to come.) I do not have the problem of the mods gaping if holding too tonight. The Moto Z Force Droid is HIGHLY recommended.
I love mine and the battery mod is the best you can buy. no thicker than a style and real difference using the efficiency mode vs a power pack, another thing to carry. projector and new mods still being released.
Ross Milligan (1 year ago)
the solar battery pack Mico moto mod is definitely worth it, cheaper than the others with the same or more power plus a solar panel integrated!
Monkey Nut (1 year ago)
Just paid 300 for it.. uk normally 500... so what's not to like... I will probably get the incipio case though.. the should have made the moto z with a bigger battery!
AirborneReed85 (1 year ago)
good review but you failed to mention twice about the head phone input on the phone, you get an extension at plugs and where your charger goes that allows you to plug headphones into your phone
Abbos Imomov (1 year ago)
Does this phone sound as good as galaxy s7?
Mark Brown (1 year ago)
Abbos Imomov the z force sounds way better than the S7
ben owen (1 year ago)
Abbos Imomov hahahaha, no way, the Moto Z is an also ran next to the S7.
Mike Trieu (1 year ago)
The reason I prefer the battery mod to external power banks is because the "efficiency mode" keeps the internal battery constantly topped off at 80% charge, thus preserving the longevity of the non-user replaceable battery pack compared to "dumb" external batteries that always charge to 100%, causing more wear cycles. Plus it's super annoying to have a cable jutting out of your phone while you're trying to use it.
Kevin Rabie (1 year ago)
4000 mAh battery needs to be the minimum
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
that would be sweet!
Colin O (1 year ago)
I would never get it for 700. Unless it was the best software experience I could find (I chose the Pixel for the fastest updates and pure android), I wouldn't even buy it for 600. But it was on sale for $450 on B&H in the US, and that was 100% worth it. Assuming you can get at least one battery mod too. This was w/no tax or shipping fees, plus 125 worth of freebies like a camera phone bundle, a $60 VR headset, and a $25 B&H gift card. Nice additions, but still, I'd say at $450, then it's worth it. What with all the stiff competition. Now, if you're on Verizon, and get a better deal, then it's even more worth it. Anyway, that's what I value it at
PLAYER SLAYER (1 year ago)
Moto would have made a killing if they released the Z Force worldwide
Sean S (1 year ago)
Completely disagree about the battery pack. Ridiculous to compare it to dragging around a battery pack and wire. Living with the two day to day I cannot see how one could prefer dragging around a separate device. Battery pack also gives it a grippy back to make it less prone to slipping out of your hand.
Sean S (1 year ago)
Otherwise I completely agree with the review. Weak stand alone battery for sure
Dom Giunta (1 year ago)
Matt, solid review. can you do the Z Force?
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
THanks Dom! = ) Unfortunately, I can't it's not available here in Canada.
Shaarujon Vijayakumar (1 year ago)
Great Review!
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Thanks Shaarujon!!!
TechLineHD (1 year ago)
Great review. I love the sound quality in your vids!
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Thanks man! = ) Just sound proofed the room so it got rid of all the nasty echo.
ashish dhandharia (1 year ago)
kindly review the new vivo 5plus
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+ashish dhandharia I'll look into it
Limitless Tech UK (1 year ago)
Great review Matt and it seems to more rounded since 7.0, still the poor battery life is a deal breaker.
Limitless Tech UK (1 year ago)
+Matthew Moniz anytime Matt
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+Weston D thanks Weston! I agree the battery life is meh
Paarth Sood (1 year ago)
wooooohooo no dislikes !!!! 👍👍👍
Paarth Sood (1 year ago)
😂 Lol 😂
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+Paarth Sood don't jinx it lol
alexander ekin (1 year ago)
moto z is great but square fingerprint design is ugly
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+alexander ekin ya the back and recent tabs should of been beside it
William Andrade (1 year ago)
3:42 "it lacks poor battery life" technically means it has good battery life lol
Karan Hasija (1 year ago)
It has a nice battery, easily gets you through the day and I play future fight which is graphics intensive
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+William Andrade haha nice catch , verbal mess up!
ytown4 (1 year ago)
I think it is worth it at $499 US that I see it at occasionally on Amazon. At full price though, not worth it, their are better options.
German Shepherd (10 months ago)
ytown4 4 months later at 270 a go for the force?
abc def (1 year ago)
Kevin Woodruff I got mine for free on a contract so it was worth
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Totally agree!
JSantana319 (1 year ago)
Moto Z is a great phone, but the mono speaker is a bit of a deal breaker for me because I'm spoiled with front facing speakers. Great review Matt!!
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Thanks man! = )
mateenatlas (1 year ago)
I have one and it's great. Definitely recommend.
RalfsStuff (9 months ago)
+Noman Khalid it should be fine. the battery seems small at first but gets a mindful user through the day. even if you run out of juice the phone should be completely charged in around 75min. (first 30% in 15min)
Tech With Mani Baba (10 months ago)
mateenatlas Battery life dear? i m planning to buy
PlayTech (1 year ago)
hey matt awesome video! I was wondering if you can shout me out and if not, it's ok, I'll just work harder for more subs and stuff and I'll try again! Anyway, keep it up!
PlayTech (1 year ago)
Matthew Moniz ok haha though if you don't want to do a plain shout-out, maybe you should do an unknown youtubers series idk and if not it doesn't matter, maybe you want to keep it professional. Anyway thanks for replying! almost 100,000 subs ;v
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Thanks man! I don't really do shout outs. It takes away from the video. But keep hustling!
Rohit Dhyani (1 year ago)
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+Rohit Dhyani you're welcome rohit!
dlr1984able (1 year ago)
wonderfully put... i guess the Moto Z Play makes up for the negatives..
Jubach (1 year ago)
That starry wallpaper at 1:19, can we get a link to that?
Jubach (1 year ago)
Matthew Moniz Oh okay thanks so much! ✌🏼
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+Jubach download the app backdrops it's on there
Terry Blanc (1 year ago)
what if I was able to get the Moto Z for around $300? is it worth it?
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+Terry Blanc totally!
Darsh Khithani (1 year ago)
Really liking the new A-roll setup!! and amazing video Matt!!
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
+Darsh Khithani thanks man : ) still fine tuning everything but it's coming along
Ant Van Biggs (1 year ago)
Do you prefer this over the mate 9?
Larry Musgrave (1 year ago)
The Force takes care of your battery issue easily. One aspect that you didn't mention about the Moto phones compared to my Samsung Note phones is that with this you may add an SD card and choose to use it as a separate drive, or integrate it into the phone's memory. I did the later and my phone now shows over 90gb of internal memory. Applications now have near limitless space, photos and video as well. Using the new green labeled Samsung Evo 64gb card ($19 on Amazon) is extremely fast and supports your 4K video with no issues. Also, the previous issue with the very low notification sounds was patched last week, so you now can finally hear your notifications. Also, you may go to your battery settings and activate the battery saver that essentially kills data while the phone is resting with the screen off. Consider it a deep sleep, yet you'll get calls and text like normal. if you need to check emails or get Facebook Updates, simply unlock your device and it will begin checking on updates for your internet based applications. My big complaints after a month of daily driving the Moto Z Force, the glass on the back of the phone that shattered the 3rd day I had it when I dropped the phone onto my hardwood floor. The second item is the previously mentioned loss of the headphone jack. I'm extremely annoyed with that decision by the manufactures. There are situations where we buds that are cheap, light and disposable are a better option. Not everyone is interested in or capable of using Bluetooth, especially if working in a facility that you are not allowed to have devices to emit (I work in a nuclear power plant, yet use earbuds to listen to music. We must be in airplane mode for the safety of the plant). So for some of us, this is a painful situation.
Colin O (1 year ago)
Larry Musgrave The Force only takes care of Verizon customers, don't forget.
Jason Wilde (1 year ago)
I'd buy the z play over the regular z
uituituituituituit (1 year ago)
nice re-review! I have the Z Play and can't wait for Nougat!
Jonathan Miranda (1 year ago)
Good Video ..:v! Wallpaper?
Luke Taylor (1 year ago)
See you in the next one, Matt. 🙌
Don Braugh (1 year ago)
1st Android smartphone was a Moto X Pure Ed. and I can't like anything other than Motorola just as much. My latest is the Z Play and I can't wait for Moto Z 2017 w/Tango!
Karan Hasija (11 months ago)
Don Braugh moto x 2017 will be coming around September, see Google
Erik Gamez (11 months ago)
Which moto x did u have? I have a moto x and want to upgrade but not so sure to which phone
Karan Hasija (1 year ago)
+ApplepieFTW but the Moto z is awesome, i have one and it had the best slow mo cam ever
ApplepieFTW (1 year ago)
Motorola became pure trash after getting bought by lenovo. The moto g/x (1st gen) was insanely successful, yet they literally kept nothing in their newer phones that made it so great. It's essentially the same as the rest of the uninspiring, bad Chinese brand phones. Which is a shame, because 4 generations similar to the original ones would've been awesome
Karan Hasija (1 year ago)
I have it, it's awesome, jumped up from a moto X , the graphics, the sound and what battery life for such a small battery, easily gets me through the day. Didn't get a mod though, they are like getting a game, eventually you'll get bored. But the phone is perfect, has the best camera and the slow motion FPS was of the charts
The Halfrican (1 year ago)
I wish they would spend less time on making gimmicks for the phone and spend more time on budding a beast of a phone
68 likes no dislikes very positive
Felix S. (1 year ago)
I thought that my G5 had a big chin with the on screen navigation buttons. till I saw these Moto z.
Felix S. (1 year ago)
+Matthew Moniz lol forgot about that phone. At least the Moto has a fingerprint
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Big chin award goes to the Pixel
Mr.TechReviewer (1 year ago)
@Matthew Moniz What android smartphone resembles the iPhone 7 Plus?
Aakash Chandra (1 year ago)
Yeah the old BG 😍 well watching this on my Moto G⁴+
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Abdussamed Ličina (1 year ago)
phone is excellent, battery life is great with me, i get around 5 hours of SOT just like on my old S7. only thing that bothers me is the auto mod on camera Which sometimes captures two inages instead of one. but other than that, my advise is that this phone is a must have!
Kenny Lilipaly (1 year ago)
it's still expensive
Mahad Mohamed (10 months ago)
Yacine S it is now 265€ in Finland
Yacine S (1 year ago)
XPkake really? could you give a link please?
XPkake (1 year ago)
eh, 300€ here in finland right now. I wouldn't say it is expensive
Karan Hasija (1 year ago)
taking in all the features . hardly
Potato (1 year ago)
Ankur Sharma (1 year ago)
Potato Now is that what Android P later will be called? 🤔
Jerad Johnson (1 year ago)
Potato chips. Modular phones
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
tyler durnell (1 year ago)
I want nougat I have the droid turbo 2
Yacine S (1 year ago)
Karan Hasija I have the galaxy s3..
Karan Hasija (1 year ago)
I want marshmallow. Have the Moto X(2013)
UrTech Therapist (1 year ago)
Loving your vids latley. So crispy!!!
UrTech Therapist (1 year ago)
Matthew Moniz great expect an email😂
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
yup it's on my about page on my channel
UrTech Therapist (1 year ago)
Matthew Moniz hey dude listen is there any email i can contact you?
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Thanks man! = )
Jared Busch (1 year ago)
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Tech Analogy (1 year ago)
please .if you want to give the phone away .. please I beg you in Jesus name ..I available..my Gmail is seyiaworeni4@gmail.com
Tech Analogy (1 year ago)
Potato thanks bro ...I hope he gives me
Potato (1 year ago)
MR tech I say we give the phone to this dude :b
hijui999 (1 year ago)
7 th
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
1st on your comment. I win
Atif Ghafoor (1 year ago)
hello what about the moto z play
Maciek Marcinkiewicz (1 year ago)
Atif Ghafoor well you can't go wrong with either the Moto z play or lenovo p2. It's your choice really.
Atif Ghafoor (1 year ago)
I had the oukitel k10000 last year 10000mah battery but it was under powered and too heavy
Atif Ghafoor (1 year ago)
Am a fairly heavy user not because of brightness or using bluetooth or gps but actual screen on time i often have to charge my phones twice a day
Maciek Marcinkiewicz (1 year ago)
Atif Ghafoor I have the Moto g4 and it has a Snapdragon 617 but the g5 is rumoured to have the 625 which is the same as the Z play and to have 4gb of ram which is more than the Z and p2
Maciek Marcinkiewicz (1 year ago)
Atif Ghafoor the Moto and lenovo can both last you at least two days of battery life from what I've seen. Two best batteries on the market really.
Subhashish Mohan Dash (1 year ago)
hey handsome Matt..🤗🙏
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Well hello!
coffee keeps me going (1 year ago)
It was actually a really awesome phone. They just didn't advertise it right
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Ya it's pretty sweet!
Mriganka 16 (1 year ago)
👍 Love your new video Matthew.The thumbnail looks awesome
Mriganka 16 (1 year ago)
Matthew Moniz Welcome!
Matthew Moniz (1 year ago)
Thanks again Mriganka = )
Diogo Venade (1 year ago)

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