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'I live in a bank'

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This former local bank branch in Spring City, Penn. was converted into a private home, replete with the two vaults now used as a full bar and a sauna.
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TruthOldSchoolStyle (1 hour ago)
Awe Sum !
SISTIC1 (1 day ago)
Yousif Al Azzawi (1 day ago)
John Terrence (2 days ago)
Fuck you
richard courchene (10 days ago)
I once heard about this old woman who lived in a shoe with a bunch of kids. cannot remember if she ever figured out what to do or not.
Nicholas Littlejohn (10 days ago)
Doris Rosa (25 days ago)
Oh I would feel like a Queen in that house too, it's amazingly beautiful..
Aragon90 (1 month ago)
Milf shes hot nice rack
Richard Phelps (1 month ago)
Well you have a nice armory for an arsenal
David Brown (1 month ago)
I would have them vault doors fixed were they can't be locked.
Hector Sanchez (1 month ago)
She a queen in a old bank Wtf
Randy Clifton (1 month ago)
Disliked bc ITS FUCKING CNN Fuck yall #FakeNews
Irene Kakishina (1 month ago)
i love this house so fantastic :)
wow, just came from church home. videos.
Princess Johns (2 months ago)
She spent all that money and still has tacky ass decorations 😂
Mohammed Ahmed (2 months ago)
Ok enough show off. Tell about ghost.
Ronny Sterling (2 months ago)
Fake news!
Music Maven Publishing (2 months ago)
Great job. Love how you kept original details.
Tammy Benson (2 months ago)
This is actually quite aesthetic and beautiful. I don’t mind friendly ghosts, but with the original basement vault being almost 150 years old with the history of a robbery/hostage situation, it sounds kind of sp👀ky!!!
MCGamerOG (2 months ago)
Did they take the money printers, or wait a minute is that how she paid for I?
ZOLTAR (2 months ago)
L💰VE her sense of decor. Those curves are so elegant. The vault bar is so cool! That blue with the silver & crystal & neon. So stylish & tasteful.
Davis Griffin (2 months ago)
This is super cool
CreatingtheReaper (2 months ago)
really tacky, not gunna lie. and screw her half circle dining room. looks like crap and takes up alot of room, and why all the carpet?
Elver Morales (2 months ago)
Would love to visit nice!
Dai Rugger (2 months ago)
Incase of Zombie outbreak, close vault!
larry baker (2 months ago)
She has a SAFE room for the upcoming ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE 😝
PA -J- (3 months ago)
Good way to not let someone leave and drink n drive just lock em up in the bar lol
salamandrina (3 months ago)
muy thai (3 months ago)
actually i like the house but yeah she should give all the safe deposit stuff back to the owners and what kind of bank closes and leaves all that crap behind small town bank i guess wells fargo would never do that............or would they?
Tim Tam (3 months ago)
Meh at least you survive at a zombie apocalypse
blaydemastah (3 months ago)
so.. did she steal the bank or how did she afford it?
Ben P. (3 months ago)
wait so this bank closed and left their paperwork, customer info and some money behind? what the fuck
Qua2real (3 months ago)
She isn’t the only one living in there if you see shadows😬
brittany mazza (3 months ago)
That is so cool I like that that's a good idea man
Carolinas SweetTea (4 months ago)
I wish I could have a old building or home I could live in....
Text_ (4 months ago)
I would be paranoid about people locking or getting locked in the vaults. I would make the locking mechanism unlockable.
amey perry (4 months ago)
Mars Chimera (4 months ago)
ugh that carpet
MisterZ3r0 (4 months ago)
How is it legal to leave paperwork and safety deposit boxes unprotected and have some batty woman buy the bank and go through other people's things?
victorferr1 (4 months ago)
Only, Don't get locked in the vault
Quix (4 months ago)
use the vault as a panic room dumbass
S Mohammed (4 months ago)
I would use the vault as a safe room, beautiful
Debi (4 months ago)
This is amazing ,your furniture is so beautiful, I wonder if she had a decorator
demi alferez (4 months ago)
If you live in a pethouse
Tom Yazel (4 months ago)
makes no sense.  resale is nothing...only to her.  oh well...I don't have to live there.
Wendy and David (5 months ago)
Inside Tha JackaLs Head (5 months ago)
This is an amazing home! Love what she did with the bank.....
michellemilanii (5 months ago)
When you're so rich you can afford a bank 💀
Dad_a_Monk (5 months ago)
-me: "Yeah...so I live in this old bank and have the vault in my living room." -interviewer: "Um...what do you keep in it?" -me: "Twinkies...I mean they took them off the market once, I'll be damned if I'll ever let them get my Twinky stash!"
bob boby (6 months ago)
where the fuck is her kitchen
Janola Bleach (6 months ago)
That would be so "boss" being able to say "I live in a bayyynk
Kalle Klæp (6 months ago)
Nick R (6 months ago)
please get out of my feed
stephen kennedy (6 months ago)
what was the purchase price in 1989
James Palmer (6 months ago)
This folks is what your parents were talking about by calling folks CROOKS! 😟 This lady had to have screwed over a shit ton of people to get to where she ended up
Luke Almond (7 months ago)
White circular wall in the middle totally fucking ruined it
Kung Markatta (7 months ago)
Nice home
Iceman (7 months ago)
I really want this as a house, wait what about a black figure never mind you can keep it.
JoJoZep ofthejungle (7 months ago)
Looeez Zeeool (7 months ago)
for the retards hating on her style, she said she wants to "Preserve as much of the bank as possible" so she didnt invest on making certain things look better.(e.g.: Carpets) If she likes it it's not a waste of money...you dumbass
TWDxKILL3R (7 months ago)
I'm super jealous
sandesh gurung (7 months ago)
there is a ghost in there..
God Emperor Trump (8 months ago)
I'd turn that vault into a gun and money storage. Use it for its purpose. Fucking women. Sheesh.
shellghost5 (8 months ago)
looks "safe"
Refried Beans (8 months ago)
I have a sperm bank
Carl Zafano (8 months ago)
poor little women.... the result is awful !
Linus Cleveland (8 months ago)
This is actually super cool looking
Chad S (8 months ago)
this is ridiculous
svampebob007 (8 months ago)
sauna with no ventilation and no draining, give this lady an award_slow clam_ make it "to the dumbest sauna location in the world".
Ndeshipanda Amupolo (8 months ago)
i have no idea how to comment on this thing
unbuiltcam (8 months ago)
you started as a bank teller......where did you get all your $$$....just curious
Freedom-Vietnam Kay (8 months ago)
How the fuck can you buy a bank and live in it?
Ricky Spanish (8 months ago)
I fucked a woman's mouth at a party in 1984 that looked just like her. Fantastic night. She was a trooper because I remember farting and passing out. I went to jail in 89 and her brother almost pushed my shit in.. The 80's were beautiful times.
GUTER FÜHRER ! (8 months ago)
I hope you get brutally raped in that volt and no one can here you
SW1RL (8 months ago)
Title of video: I live in a bank Channel name: CCNmoney See how they connect
Rhonda Holland (8 months ago)
to everyone. likes. you happy cool
Zoned (8 months ago)
My aunt lives in an abandoned bank.
if i date her,,,,can i say im dating a Banker?
Trooper99z (8 months ago)
I wish I lived their
Matias Kurvinen (8 months ago)
2:22 Ei vittu
MCM (8 months ago)
bitch got money
piperbob2 (8 months ago)
Wow !
Brysen Calhoun (8 months ago)
0:12 is my last name on the door
Nigel Perren (8 months ago)
Is your favourite Olympic event the pole vault?
Jack smith (8 months ago)
She would be fine if there was a zombie apocalypse
Jack smith (8 months ago)
She would be fine if there was a zombie apocalypse
Forgotten Ally (8 months ago)
Why is this on my Recommended??? Thanks Youtube...
musie musgun (8 months ago)
waw coll
Nexus5150 (8 months ago)
RandomUser043 (8 months ago)
what a shallow, self-centered cunt of a fucking bitch...
Inferno (8 months ago)
Helo stranger dont be afraid, you are not on the wheird part of youtube yet you can fallback or die trying
pkbjorn35 (8 months ago)
Corn Dog (8 months ago)
1:27, shout out to the camera man!
David Bacon (8 months ago)
well done! fantastic! amazing! :-)
D 5 (8 months ago)
It'd be super awesome if it weren't for all the tacky furnishings!!!
Breanna Heuszel (8 months ago)
Why would you not try to return all that money, to the person, or their next of kin? Greedy bitch.
MrTm81 (8 months ago)
Jennifer A (8 months ago)
I find it kind of strange that the bank left so much behind. Imagine people's private banking information is in her house. How unsettling.
scottie patt (8 months ago)
ell well this is the coolest thing ever. I'd like to visit

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