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'I live in a bank'

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This former local bank branch in Spring City, Penn. was converted into a private home, replete with the two vaults now used as a full bar and a sauna.
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LTB (4 days ago)
I thought this would be click bait
Admiral (4 days ago)
Could you kindly not put so much animal print everywhere? My eyes say thank you.
Valerie G (10 days ago)
dont like a house that is not lived on . id be afraid to even have a cup of tea in that place , DONT LIKE IT AT ALL
Sue Burgess (12 days ago)
Wow! How creative!!
Robert Blakemore (14 days ago)
When does Burgess Meredith move in? I hear he had RK surgery.
The Miles (21 days ago)
Wow. What an amazing home..
nme 95k (21 days ago)
She's such a boss!
Tom William (21 days ago)
oh she had to keep the old tube TV because she's got a bank vault from the 1800s I'm surprised she doesn't have two tin cans and a string for an intercom. I wonder how many don't understand what I mean when I said that about the tin cans
Arianna Hawk (22 days ago)
Her design layout of it is beautiful! Im dieing for the sauna.
Saucey Pants (22 days ago)
Sweet television 😂
True Aries (22 days ago)
She's so dope! Love her home❤
EllieMacG TV (23 days ago)
Peggy Williams (25 days ago)
Pretty dang cool
ms riiko (26 days ago)
I think it looks cool. If I could grab hold of a place to make it my home it would be an old yet beautiful and safe library.
Bud row (26 days ago)
Filthy Pyro (26 days ago)
me and my family used to live in a bank still had vault and a safe massive high ceilings 150 years old about 23 years ago
Ancient Of Days (30 days ago)
Lady. Can i fuck the shit out of your milf pussy so i can live there?? I will fuck and suck that pussy of all juice and make your lady hump cum good....
lifehackertips (1 month ago)
The bank is cool but her tastes are shit and making it only one bedroom was stupid.
lifehackertips (1 month ago)
She left her 1989 tv in the family room at 1:11
Theresa Taylor (1 month ago)
When "rich" people get bored
Faith Mottinger (1 month ago)
At least if you get locked in the vault, you can drown your sorrows away, lol.
K.C CHARLES (1 month ago)
Well she's RICH:)
Italiano810 (1 month ago)
That, by far, is the most badass thing I've ever laid eyes on in my whole 38 years
Love Unique (1 month ago)
alicia williams (1 month ago)
Love the house but not so sure about the basement with no ventilation
TCOrigamist (1 month ago)
This video gave me motion sickness
saltytsp (1 month ago)
LOL her first job location thats pretty cool
Jay the don (1 month ago)
I'm the world's hottest guy and I approve this house.😃👍
M i t c h B (1 month ago)
Awesome idea. Poor execution.
Sam The Man (1 month ago)
Ok lets get drunk in the "vault bar". robber's come in... FUCK HOW DO WE GET OUT!?
Aupixa (1 month ago)
Hey she has her own fallout shelter bc of the vault
MASON CROSS (1 month ago)
See how awesome this white women is.. !!! Good thing niggers didnt get it.. would have been turned into a crack house getto... !!!!!
Alpine_Vulcan (1 month ago)
The bank is her house, while my house is the banks....
Joseph Hathcock (2 months ago)
make the only entrance go to the vault and make it so that it opens and locks when it closes so Somone walks in there emediatly caught
TheChuck624 (2 months ago)
Whoooa, hold on a second. Abandoned property left in a safety deposit box goes to the state not the person who buys the bank.  It is considered  lost property and is held by the state until someone claims it.
GieeReL GieeSiXeR (2 months ago)
Woofy Simmer (2 months ago)
Very nice! Me and my mother passed this very building while looking at our home city's historic sites
Jesus Christ (2 months ago)
My dumb ass thought this said 'I live in a tank'
The Weakest Baldwin (2 months ago)
She’s gotta be a Jew that’s the only explanation
bristow3269 Carlquist (2 months ago)
What a creative and unique idea for a home and its absolutely beautiful I wish I could do something like this.
Tracer2376 (2 months ago)
Now that is bad ass.
garnet1223 (2 months ago)
And for those who work in banks, many people more or less "live in a bank"
Lou Skunt (2 months ago)
She has terrible taste. What a sad repurposing of an old building.
theaveragehousecat (2 months ago)
I really want a vault door in my house
Jeixs Daier (2 months ago)
So you are a thief and you like banks and you are searching a home well this is the perfect offer for you
Christian kovacdhev (2 months ago)
Vaullt-Tec modern house
Java Brown (2 months ago)
Very cool , Would love to own one. Must spend fortune to make it livable though. There is one now for sale in Quakertown PA ex wells fargo, so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee
Moe Moe (2 months ago)
i hope the vault can't lock when you close it
ant wto (2 months ago)
Looks stylish and comfy
Jacqueline Schulte (2 months ago)
Can I move in!? I love it!!!
Teddy Bass (2 months ago)
I like the way she has not cashed out the gems she found. It is all been preserved
RyonRykal (2 months ago)
Dream home (almost).
black horse (2 months ago)
WOW, shut up and take my money !!!!!
Tip Tig (2 months ago)
knowing some one passed on in there would freck me out
Tip Tig (2 months ago)
specter gaming (2 months ago)
Fucking gets locked in the safe gets cocked as fuck
RockyAliTyson (2 months ago)
She's got a damn vault people. That's pretty damn cool.
Jack Hannington (2 months ago)
I really like this house strangely
MDSsystems (2 months ago)
if she breathes she's a THOT
Sisu Rannikko (2 months ago)
LoL she has sauna! Wonderful!
Juancardo Ra Ra Ramirez (2 months ago)
West phillidelphia born and raised in bank is where I smoked most of my dank
Bruce Cox (2 months ago)
interesing story, wonder how hard it was to get the zoning converted
Eeddee (2 months ago)
Where's the kitchen?
ugly shit (2 months ago)
omG me 2
Stephanie Dream (3 months ago)
That must of been worth loads... And she's single or???
Ken Ken (3 months ago)
I wanna see the bathroom..
Weird Tube (3 months ago)
I live right by this bank
NikeX 1 (3 months ago)
So if someone goes in there are they robbing a bank or breaking into a house?
Englandsbestlover (3 months ago)
What the house worth?
Hillel Friedler (3 months ago)
so good
Brandon Marshall (3 months ago)
mariam (3 months ago)
This 'bank house' looks amazing, tbh I'd love to live there it looks so cosy and nice inside! And.if there's a robbery just lock the vault from insode
kylem1112 (3 months ago)
looks amazing but where's the kitchen?
Aaliyah Stone (3 months ago)
No wonder why you're so rich, all u did was take everyones money...
Oh shit they closed the fucking door on me * yells * ANYONE THERE! No ones here guess I can take gum
sherry a (3 months ago)
How beautiful !!!!👍👍👍👍👍😇
john H. (3 months ago)
I would just put my bed in the vault so if someone breakes in who cares
the warhamer chanel (3 months ago)
Coolist house ever
Boeing (3 months ago)
I’d use the vault as a door to my bedroom so I couldn’t get murdered
bigdud (3 months ago)
the design looks ugly, and that half circle makes the room... very small
Taters And Gravy (3 months ago)
This is awesome
Daniel Fjäll (3 months ago)
I wouldn't wanna be in a sauna that has a vault door to it
bigv3192 (3 months ago)
Im just wanting to know how much she bought it for
Talk about getting too comfortable at your job....... the bitch made it her home
Justin Bieber (3 months ago)
Career goals
cheeseman (3 months ago)
I'm just wondering how much this cost and what the point of a house so big is since I didn't see anyone else in the video and only 1 bedroom I assume she lives alone.
Frankie Bella (3 months ago)
what a wait of money !!!!!!👎😬
OfficialCrewly (3 months ago)
What are the differences between "I live *in* a bank" And "I live *on* a bank"
G Nerd (3 months ago)
Carmen Eugenia (3 months ago)
I love this!! It’s sooooo cool!!!❤️❤️❤️😍
Knxo B (3 months ago)
I thought it was cool n all till she said a spirit is in there...
Man this is a mansion…
Keefe (3 months ago)
She seems like a nice, fun lady
Charlie Harper (3 months ago)
That place is beautiful! She's got really good taste! If I had a home like that I'd never leave!!
Libby Allah Moon (3 months ago)
I don't know why you guys complaining I mean money found in freaking bolts volts whatever it's called I mean free money more food more clothes and more stuff you can provide
Kai Quiara (3 months ago)
This is the greatest house I’ve ever seen
Mr Penguin (3 months ago)
wow thats really smart
Kevin (3 months ago)
I like dat house but dat bar “oops got locked again”
randy roti (3 months ago)
Beautiful.....awesome home. thank you for saving everything you could
Mary Dickens (3 months ago)
That is just a gorgeous home and you should feel very safe I wish I was your neighbor during tornado season we would be safe in that basement!!

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