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Inside New Jersey's priciest listing

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Stone Mansion in Alpine, New Jersey is on the market for $50 million dollars ? making it the most expensive home on the market in the state. CNNMoney's Vanessa Yurkevich goes inside.
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Fausto Parrales (1 day ago)
Amy M. (1 day ago)
Bus loads of refugees or homeless people could live in that house! Insane.....Besides the taxes how much is the hydro bill?(and that is only one of the many more bills this house will cost monthly.) You would be a fool to invest in this house....You could never make money on it. I think they said they already dropped the price by $10 Million. Sad....;-((
Jill D. Boston (2 days ago)
That bathroom faucet costs more than my car
Nina Chip (2 days ago)
For all of you saying he has a "fake British" accent, this is how English South Africans speak, it's influenced by British English and Afrikaans accents.
CivilGuy (4 days ago)
What about deal nj
Ibu Faridah (5 days ago)
It is really Royal house I ever seen and l want to buy it one day
Decoded Flames (6 days ago)
I want thishouse
Dillyn (6 days ago)
That realtor is a snob
Mamelto Gonzalez (7 days ago)
Too much of a good thing is wonderful 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mamelto Gonzalez (7 days ago)
Man it looks awesome. I love the art work.
incyphe (8 days ago)
Still on Sale after 7 years on the market. Now $39.9 million. I think it will probably sell soon.
Hans News (8 days ago)
If you have 50 million dollars you can customize design your own house
Teddy Marian (8 days ago)
*urban* buyers who want an escape from *urban* living...
Maria Rodrigainz (10 days ago)
The whole house is bigger than most schools in jersey 😂
Maria Rodrigainz (10 days ago)
1.5 million dollar taxes? Wow and I thought 11,000 was bad
Maria Rodrigainz (10 days ago)
That basketball court is the size of my old high school gym lol
m (10 days ago)
dream house
Gamer CeCe Poston (12 days ago)
Who the fuck will buy that they dont need all that space buy a apartment are a tiny house jeez🙄
haps1001 (13 days ago)
A$AP Rocky shot a video here right?
through my eyes (14 days ago)
it's not a "home", it's a house
PhilipB (15 days ago)
haha... so funny how so many people will find this house impressive. It's tacky AF + no billionaire would ever DREAM of living in NJ (or neighboorhoods like Short Hills). Seriously....NJ....why don't you just live in Fort Worth, TX! Haha
sam s (16 days ago)
Its 40 million on zillow
Billie Henderson (18 days ago)
sharks machinez
Brad Erwin (19 days ago)
CNN is fake news
puglover (20 days ago)
Only 860 homes in a neighborhood? ...
Itsyaboiswishmaster3 (24 days ago)
Even though I have poor parents, I would never want to have a home like this.
markbrown1993 (25 days ago)
This is a dream home
Pip Pipster (25 days ago)
Way too small
And it will continue to drop until it becomes worth the value.Its a nice place but a massive rip off.
MegaEpic KiwiMaster (27 days ago)
Why tho
Matt Damon (27 days ago)
You got 50 mil to throw down you’re going to Cali not Jersey
Samal Sachin (1 month ago)
And here i am living in a small house in india thinking i am a one lucky human.
Ryan Cook (1 month ago)
um with only $125,000 a year for me. No thanks
Jand Eshow (1 month ago)
2:17 the most FAKE laugh I ever heard
Jand Eshow (27 days ago)
JDmsz (27 days ago)
Jand Eshow that's how classy white ppl laugh
CrispSloth (1 month ago)
No thanks, I’d rather live in Florida! The people are nicer and for $50mil I can buy my own island
Maya Brown (27 days ago)
CrispSloth :( you’re right, living in jersey sucks
Francisco Santos (1 month ago)
This house in "BEVERLY HILLS" would be about $80 Million dollars 🤔🤔🤔🤔😁
skirts365 (1 month ago)
Probably owned by a Pilgrims Society member and resold to another Pilgrims Society member, and will end up with an annual property tax bill of $8.64 like Pilgrims Society member, citrus kingpin Henry Richmond Slack of Peapack, New Jersey, representing the Oppenheimer diamond, gold and platinum fortune. Fricks also represented in the premier Secret Society.
Nightmare_0-mega Von (1 month ago)
That is a stunning house, looks like it's own elite city.
Eric Z (1 month ago)
Who is the ugly, money worshipping host coming out of the hideous truck? Never mind, it's Vanessa Yurkevich. Looked it up.
Get over IT (1 month ago)
human beings... We are truly selfish creatures.
ILove Hearthstone (1 month ago)
Hizz Nim (1 month ago)
Us fcking a and its empty mcmansions which will eventually be snapped up by foreigners. Good luck with that. Oh there’s quite a growing number of Americans living in studio apartments in Chiang Mai, just saying. Maga much?
Maya Brown (1 month ago)
Read McMansion hell?
Eric Z (1 month ago)
Your comment reeks of jealousy and horrible English skills... What toilet of a country/culture are you from?
Jay Eda (1 month ago)
omy god i see this in minecraft its called dans mansion lol hahahahahahahhha
Helena Nepembe (1 month ago)
Most Beautiful House ever!!
Martin Lanigan (1 month ago)
You only live once you can't take it with u
nawaz dahya (1 month ago)
still for sale for 40 mill
Michael Comer (1 month ago)
What a wast of money !
Michael Comer (1 month ago)
Bottom line don’t live in jersey lol
TimberWolvesX X (1 month ago)
its ok i guess
Gunther (1 month ago)
All cause u got pissy over the return policy at century 21
Gunther (1 month ago)
U got a heart attack? Too bAd u seperTed urself from urbam life
Gunther (1 month ago)
If u r in Nj u do not want to isolate yourself from urban living go to pennsylvania and wash urself in a ditch a ur pigs and chickens
Gunther (1 month ago)
Why would u usolateyourself from civilization
Ruben (1 month ago)
Now its 2018 and the home is still on the market for 39 Million. All i got to say is Location Location Location. Its not in a prestigious area not to mention its new jersey not the hamptons. Also 30 minute commute lols good luck with that
Eric Z (1 month ago)
If I had nearly unlimited resources, yet my only options were either this house, or a <1 million dollar, 2,000 square foot spanish style house, I'd choose the latter. This house is very ugly, cheap looking (ironically enough), and ominous.
Runninghorse Gallop (1 month ago)
Hmm... looks like a hotel or bed and breakfast. If I lived in a home that big, I would hear every little noise at night. "Whazzat!?"
If that guy loses all his money, he will also lose his accent..
moviedude22 (1 month ago)
gaudy but..........I'll take two, pls.
Anderson Racine (1 month ago)
For that price I expect the elevator button to be clean😔
chris lake (1 month ago)
if they took the money it costed to make this house and put it into making Nj better all r hoods in Nj would be gone
Andrew 07 (1 month ago)
That dudes fake ritzy accent though lmao
robert bass (1 month ago)
Is estate on market sale ? ws.inc.ws.enterprises@gmail.com
north shore (1 month ago)
$50 M and you get yellow grass...
Weed (1 month ago)
Man I’m speak real shit I had so much money I could of bought me a amazing house (nothing like this) but my point is just be thankful for everything you have in your life and tell your mom and Dad you still love them while they still alive
Keith Caldwell (1 month ago)
who cares
cdude100 (1 month ago)
The reason why nobody wants it is because 1 it's in New Jersey what celebrity or entrepreneur would want to live there? 2 it's to big what would you do with all that space and not to mention you would have to have a full time maintence man on duty minus well just let him live there for free and pay him a salary of 40k.
Dino saur (1 month ago)
Clarence White (1 month ago)
Romyan (1 month ago)
Why would you live in New Jersey? Just live in New York SMH.
TheYafnit (1 month ago)
It's absolutely exquisite.
Daniel Rasmuson (1 month ago)
I'll take 3.
jason rothfeld (1 month ago)
Yeah fucking right 30 minutes from downtown manhattan. Getting thru the 495 to the end of the Lincoln tunnel alone is 45 minutes to an hour with normal traffic.
Wade L. (1 month ago)
At 0:35 no shit Sherlock
Frank JR Skelton (1 month ago)
Is this Home Still on the Market?
Gabi (1 month ago)
love this house
Michael Lorenzo Rojas (1 month ago)
Better off in my city, with 50 million you can live in sunny LA.
Kizz Boss (1 month ago)
Damn it's awesome
RivalsAirsoft3 (2 months ago)
Shit in Jersey doesn’t sell - my grandparents have a house they’ve been trying to see for 11 years which they’ve taken 8 Million off of so far. Indoor pool, sauna, spa, 2 master bedrooms, 3 large secondaries. 16k square feet
2nd A (2 months ago)
Second most expensive... and dropping. $45MM now. Len Steinberg; the queer American with the faux English accent.
John Wilkerson (2 months ago)
I hate this guy's accent, it's very fake
Christian James (2 months ago)
Whoever buys this would have to be a billionaire that's outside of the country and looking to park their cash in the U.S. It would cost close to a million a year to maintain a property like this.
M S (2 months ago)
Andrew Armstrong (2 months ago)
Leonard Steinberg is South African, ever white South African I have ever talked with talks just like him.
Luciano Bezerra (2 months ago)
Absolutelly amazing...
Linda MARIE (2 months ago)
I love this home I want it prayers for me my dream home lol
Andrew Armstrong (2 months ago)
And it is still for sale listed as $39,900.000.00
RetroGuy76 (2 months ago)
The reporter made a mistake.  It was Henry Clay Frick II not III who lived on that property and died.  In 2007 in fact.  And this house will NEVER Sell for that kind of money.  Look at Bob Hope's houses.  His house in Palm Springs was listed for 50 million.  It sold for 13 million.  His main home in Toluca Lake which is HUGE was listed for 23 million and is now down to 12 million.
OfficialMichellemarie 26 (2 months ago)
Alex S. (2 months ago)
Who on earth would want to live in New Jersey? Especially with the taxes on that, no thanks.
evilucario (2 months ago)
"How is that possible" "It took at 13 minute drive" SMART ASS
Hanna Behin (2 months ago)
I live in the town very near alpine called tenafly. A lot of people call it alpine 2.0 because it also has very large homes and a similar crowd alpine has. Some people may think that they make it look bigger on camera but it’s actually that size. My family went to look at it cause were interested in moving and it was HUGE! No joke I almost got lost And btw it still hasn’t been sold
Mication (2 months ago)
Hanna Behin yeah, that happened.
Jean Jackson (2 months ago)
Wow Wow Wow
Deivy H (2 months ago)
Exactly high taxes, I have to move from jersey
RetroGuy76 (2 months ago)
C'mon dude!  What's a mere 300K a year in property taxes to someone from Jersey?  Besides, when the new governor gets in next week he's going to raise them all up anyway!
Joel Davis (2 months ago)
Bleh, it's in NEW JERSEY though.
Joel Davis (2 months ago)
Panda Torres True. Or Long Island. I was just kinda making a joke. You know, about NJ?
Panda Torres (2 months ago)
Joel Davis if it was in cali it would be worth 5 times more
Monica Dillard (2 months ago)
Zion Garrick (2 months ago)
no library?!
David Archer (2 months ago)
It does have a library.
Tony Davidson (2 months ago)
Why have a room full of books when you can afford 5-star hookers coming to this house every night to give you a 6-star blowjob and pussy fuck ??
Blanca W (2 months ago)
What the Henry clay FRICK do you need a house that expensive for in New Jersey? If you have $50 million retire to someplace tropical. No wonder this has been on the market for 5 years!
RetroGuy76 (1 month ago)
Angelo  Mick Jagger lives on his own island. But he still gets around! LOL!
Angelo (1 month ago)
Blanca W 🤦‍♂️
Blanca W (1 month ago)
It doesn't have to be an island but someplace at least warm and with nice weather.
Angelo (1 month ago)
And do what on the tropical island for the rest of your life - rot away?
RetroGuy76 (2 months ago)
Blanca W  Its WAY overpriced.  Greed.  That's all it is.
Loc'd Emperor (2 months ago)
First off the value of the neighborhood isn't there
RetroGuy76 (2 months ago)
Actually Alpine New Jersey has VERY high property values.
Jane O'Leary (2 months ago)

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