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Inside New Jersey's priciest listing

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Stone Mansion in Alpine, New Jersey is on the market for $50 million dollars ? making it the most expensive home on the market in the state. CNNMoney's Vanessa Yurkevich goes inside.
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Christian James (1 hour ago)
Whoever buys this would have to be a billionaire that's outside of the country and looking to park their cash in the U.S. It would cost close to a million a year to maintain a property like this.
M S (6 hours ago)
Andrew Armstrong (1 day ago)
Leonard Steinberg is South African, ever white South African I have ever talked with talks just like him.
Luciano Bezerra (5 days ago)
Absolutelly amazing...
Linda MARIE (5 days ago)
I love this home I want it prayers for me my dream home lol
Andrew Armstrong (6 days ago)
And it is still for sale listed as $39,900.000.00
RetroGuy76 (8 days ago)
The reporter made a mistake.  It was Henry Clay Frick II not III who lived on that property and died.  In 2007 in fact.  And this house will NEVER Sell for that kind of money.  Look at Bob Hope's houses.  His house in Palm Springs was listed for 50 million.  It sold for 13 million.  His main home in Toluca Lake which is HUGE was listed for 23 million and is now down to 12 million.
Alex S. (10 days ago)
Who on earth would want to live in New Jersey? Especially with the taxes on that, no thanks.
evilucario (10 days ago)
"How is that possible" "It took at 13 minute drive" SMART ASS
Hanna Behin (11 days ago)
I live in the town very near alpine called tenafly. A lot of people call it alpine 2.0 because it also has very large homes and a similar crowd alpine has. Some people may think that they make it look bigger on camera but it’s actually that size. My family went to look at it cause were interested in moving and it was HUGE! No joke I almost got lost And btw it still hasn’t been sold
Mication (10 days ago)
Hanna Behin yeah, that happened.
Jean Jackson (12 days ago)
Wow Wow Wow
Deivy H (12 days ago)
Exactly high taxes, I have to move from jersey
RetroGuy76 (8 days ago)
C'mon dude!  What's a mere 300K a year in property taxes to someone from Jersey?  Besides, when the new governor gets in next week he's going to raise them all up anyway!
Joel Davis (12 days ago)
Bleh, it's in NEW JERSEY though.
Joel Davis (1 day ago)
Panda Torres True. Or Long Island. I was just kinda making a joke. You know, about NJ?
Panda Torres (2 days ago)
Joel Davis if it was in cali it would be worth 5 times more
Monica Dillard (12 days ago)
Zion Garrick (13 days ago)
no library?!
David Archer (9 days ago)
It does have a library.
Tony Davidson (10 days ago)
Why have a room full of books when you can afford 5-star hookers coming to this house every night to give you a 6-star blowjob and pussy fuck ??
Blanca W (14 days ago)
What the Henry clay FRICK do you need a house that expensive for in New Jersey? If you have $50 million retire to someplace tropical. No wonder this has been on the market for 5 years!
RetroGuy76 (8 days ago)
Blanca W  Its WAY overpriced.  Greed.  That's all it is.
Blanca W (8 days ago)
Tony Davidson (10 days ago)
Pretty good point --- why get stuck in freezing cold New Jersey when you could build this house in South Beach and have hot girls in thongs coming over every day to suck your dick !!
Loc'd Emperor (15 days ago)
First off the value of the neighborhood isn't there
RetroGuy76 (8 days ago)
Actually Alpine New Jersey has VERY high property values.
Jane O'Leary (15 days ago)
Andre Landry (15 days ago)
$300,000 a yr. tax =$25,000 a month property tax, no thanks.lol
RetroGuy76 (8 days ago)
Plus the mortgage payment if you don't pay cash! Can you imagine what the gas or oil bill would be in the winter months to heat that thing? Or the electric bill in the summer for the air conditioning? And the staff needed to run it?  It makes me wonder who could afford that kind of money?  Not doctors or lawyers, that's for sure.  Not even some of the pro football or baseball players who live in the area have that much.   Perhaps some high level Wall Street executive but I don't even think former NJ governor Corzine or the new one coming in Murphy has THAT much money  And they were both Wall Street execs.
Booty Burglar (11 days ago)
Andre Landry well the house is 50 million if you can afford that you won’t be worried about taxes
Redd Drc (16 days ago)
Urban meaning black let's be real
Lisa Smith (17 days ago)
Looks like a castle
deepblue64 (21 days ago)
What for ?
Joel Mathew (23 days ago)
Poor guys most prob the price will go down again
Greg Strasburg (25 days ago)
Big, cold, ugly house.  Wealth doesn't always mean good taste.  Who needs a house this cold and steril?
RetroGuy76 (8 days ago)
I agree brah!  It would be like living in one of those corporate buildings where people work 14 hours a day and all the services are right in the building for them.  Once her kids were married and out, my grandmother built a cute little house in an association community.  Only 4 rooms and a bathroom.  But I remember it being SO cozy on cold winter nights and so happy with the whole family there on holidays.  And also full of love.  You'd need an awful big family to fill THAT place!
Mike Tayon (26 days ago)
Imagine all the other costs associated with this property! You would have to have a TEAM of gardeners for example. A maintenance TEAM, maid staff, chef and kitchen staff, a general manager or two, etc etc! Oh, and of course, a security TEAM! WOW!
Barking Spider (7 days ago)
Mike Tayon when you have that much money that is already none and factored into the price of the investment. Like buying a yacht for example.
RetroGuy76 (8 days ago)
Well, perhaps not a chef.  But yes, if not a gardner a good landscaping company which would cost a fortune.  Definitely a housekeeper who would bring in other people (can you imagine what it takes just to clean those chandeliers alone) and probably some kind of maintenance man.  As for security, I think they would just have cameras and sensors, etc.
Mr. King Kitty (26 days ago)
$10 says these owners don't pay many taxes despite being in a very Liberal state.
RetroGuy76 (8 days ago)
Well, the new owner can always go online and take a course and get a certificate saying he's a minister and then claim the property as a church or monastery and not pay ANY taxes!
Adesh Bhullar (1 month ago)
isn't this house a bit excessive tho? it's nice and all but living in a house so big just seems overwhelming lol
Barking Spider (1 month ago)
This house will never ever sell for that price. I live 5 minutes away.
Barking Spider (7 days ago)
RetroGuy76 I really don’t know where to start on your comment. I'll just leave it alone.
RetroGuy76 (7 days ago)
Barking Spider   There may be homes in Alpine for that price but are they actually SELLING for that price?  And who could afford 300K in property taxes every year?  I don't even think that limousine liberal Murphy who is going to be governor next week could afford that!  Especially since he's going to raise his own (and everyone else's) taxes.  And I'm willing to be the house was constructed in a hurry with shoddy materials which will lead to trouble down the line. Even Bob Hope's house on Pebble Beach which is like ultra exclusive was on the market for 50 million and ended up being sold for only 13 million!
Barking Spider (7 days ago)
RetroGuy76 hell no dude. Way to cheap. There are many homes in the area that are that price. That would be a major steal.
RetroGuy76 (8 days ago)
Barking Spider  Why?  Still too much brah?
Barking Spider (8 days ago)
RetroGuy76 lmao you're crazy.
Audrey Nicoletti (1 month ago)
Not beautiful
WhoAmINotToBe24 (1 month ago)
This could sell as good business space, But as a place to live... Nah... Crazy.
naturegurl83 (1 month ago)
Ain't nobody buying that shit 🙄
1973Washu (2 months ago)
Is it even possible to have too much of a good thing?
SiGUY E (4 months ago)
Would buy it, buuuuuutt, it's in New Jersey.
miguel amaya (5 months ago)
Too bad we didn't view very much of the house, I love the tax bracket. Just basketball court. We are moving on, lost Intrest... sorry.
Google User (5 months ago)
These MORONS who build these airports pathetically trying to masquerade as single family "homes" are all hopelessly obsessed and possessed by the EVIL afflictions of ego, materialism and GREED UNBOUNDED. I'm all for big, not huge homes but the 1 percenters and their gargantuan monstrosities that they build and live in (maybe a few months out of every year and sell after owning for just a few years) today are RESOUNDINGLY REVOLTING. The interviewer asked the interviewee "Is this too much house" and of course, instead of being HONEST he responded with a ridiculous linen of bull. I hope it never sells and the developer learns a HUGELY painful financial lesson. It's STILL FOR SALE today.
qtbeauty95 (17 days ago)
lol nice vocab words
Silva Boi (5 months ago)
If that house had a sauna it would be perfect
Too Rich (5 months ago)
Is this fake news
Addy franklin (5 months ago)
Khu NoPie (6 months ago)
Nice Fricken mansion
Noktunal (6 months ago)
Welp. This house just ate mine. But I'd be scared to live in a house so big. Give me a ranch and I'll be alright lol
Sir (6 months ago)
IT was on sale for 45 million dollars. and no one bite and now they increase the price
A2Kaid (7 months ago)
The house isn't even that nice for a 50mill house. You can get a way better house (more modern) and better location.
Timothy Anderson (8 months ago)
So I said, "Yass, Lovey and I will take it if you can move it out of New Jersey".
Mark Logan (9 months ago)
Indrajit Dewanjee (9 months ago)
Best I can do is $30,000
mpg869 (9 months ago)
it's almost as nice as my house
I live in NJ and I live in a tiny amazing town everyone around us doesn't know us. We have a beautiful view of the Empire State Building here it's beautiful here. Nothing bad happens here. The worse thing that happened was a deer coming to the middle school
IDontBuyBull (9 months ago)
Even If I had 200mil I wouldn't buy that. I'd lose big time purchasing that.
KAYLEIGH UNICORN (10 months ago)
i live in this area and i have been in that house for a party
Gabriela 111 (10 months ago)
Yes, I do think this is too much house. It just is. Amazing place, of course, but I would not choose to live in it.
Shoaib K (10 months ago)
Master suite with wooden floors ??
billyomnom (1 year ago)
That fake British accent is really getting on my nerves...
Andrew Armstrong (6 days ago)
Leonard Steinberg is South African, ever white South African I have ever talked with talks just like him.
Aaron Glisson (18 days ago)
billyomnom ikr
jody024 (1 year ago)
It was built, and has been empty since then listed first at 68million, now listed at 48.880 million, that's a 20million cut. Interestingly enough is that the property has been removed from Zillow on December 31 but is still listed on Sotheby's. the property adjacent to it was also removed from Zillow. Simple fact is; the house is too big.
tightpantsJONAS (1 year ago)
like damn
LEONIDAS MARTEL (1 year ago)
Chris (1 year ago)
maintenance would be ridiculous., I can be barely bothered cleaning my room. imagine cleaning this whole house every month.. and then the gardening. No thanks. you'd need another 50mil to keep this abomination going without it going to shit. Just changing all the light bulbs alone wouldn't be cheap.
RetroGuy76 (8 days ago)
Every MONTH???????? LOL.  Houses like this either have live in housekeepers or a staff that comes in DAILY!
Mohammad Barmawi (1 year ago)
The taxes on this house in Virginia would be $500 thousand. Wow.
Barking Spider (7 days ago)
emotionscomeandgo not that much. Trust me. Alpine is one of the highest in the country. The Virginia comment is a joke.
RetroGuy76 (8 days ago)
And in South Carolina it would probably be 10K.
emotionscomeandgo (7 months ago)
Mohammad Barmawi Alpine is around .7% I think. how much is it in Virginia?
btc_real (1 year ago)
I hate it.... okay maybe I'm jealous, its not like I can afford it.
Brooklyn Z (1 year ago)
The way he talks is so bullshit
Daniel Conradie (1 year ago)
Brand. Math (1 year ago)
You look at the videos in the reccomendded list and see a video that says "This is life on 7.50 and Hour"...pretty coincidental
Ari Entyse (1 year ago)
There's nothing wrong with our strip malls... People love to find stuff to complain about.
Brand. Math (1 year ago)
Lol I was wondering why she chose that as a complaint
twap is wife (1 year ago)
right and i just moved from rahway nj to north Carolina and they have more and worse strip malls
Raka Aditya (1 year ago)
Million dollars home feels like hell without Wi-FI
Soundafek (1 year ago)
I have a $1000.00 deposit. Can we start there...
RetroGuy76 (8 days ago)
I'll match that and we can be roommates brah! I can use the garage space!
Zahuruddin Sheikh (4 months ago)
invest five hundred of it on the market, don't invest the money, do paper buying, in six months if u put continuous effort to understand how the market happens, in a decade you shd be a millionaire with that! :)
A2Kaid (7 months ago)
Omg you suck then lol You're falling behind.
Soundafek (1 year ago)
+Nomad K Sure you do ;)
Nomad K (1 year ago)
I don't even have that fml
Din (1 year ago)
It's a nice house that managed to not look as gaudy as most of the other Jersey mcmansions next to it. It does not look like it's worth 50 million though. Maybe they spent it all on the gold faucets :p
RetroGuy76 (8 days ago)
I'll give 15 million and they can take the gold faucets out.
Juan Alonzo (1 year ago)
HiFaez (1 year ago)
what is that guy's accent?
Andrew Armstrong (1 day ago)
South African
RetroGuy76 (1 day ago)
Sam Magid  I said that already.  A week ago.
Sam Magid (1 day ago)
HiFaez fake British gay accent
Andrew Armstrong (6 days ago)
South African.
RetroGuy76 (8 days ago)
Its called "middle class gay guy wanting to sound like old family English aristocracy" accent.
Deicidium (1 year ago)
pls can i have it for free
superbly random (6 days ago)
Fast Frets Can that be free as well... See, that's the magic of fantasy, everything's free!! 😂😂
Fast Frets (13 days ago)
And what about the property taxes and maintenance costs? See, you didn't think through your fantasy lol.
Futurestar33 (1 year ago)
Look past high taxes...................
Jaylin Bell (1 year ago)
I would buy this.
spongebobspongebob24 (1 year ago)
+Rigoberto You can never know.
Rigoberto Molina (1 year ago)
Aww, sadly you can't.
Barbara Thornton (1 year ago)
The only people who can afford this is the ball players that refuse to stand for the national anthem, liberal movie stars, and celebrities like Rosie O'Donnell that believe the middle class taxes should be raised. I think they should buy this and fill it with illegals and refugees that they can help support.
Luke C. (1 year ago)
My boss would be able to buy that
RetroGuy76 (8 days ago)
I seriously doubt it.
Barking Spider (1 month ago)
Luke C. Tell ur boss I said fk you.
Kiera Young (1 year ago)
That indoor basketball court is bigger than my house no joke😅😅
johnny Macon (1 day ago)
I got it but can I put sum down it til I get through cashing my lottery checks and buying a Ferrari a Bentley and Bugatti 😂
Only dope stuff (12 days ago)
Lol the master bathroom is bigger than my apartment 😣😂
angel reyes (6 months ago)
Kiera Young
IamGod GodIam (1 year ago)
Those are some cheap looking wood floors
AGUK PTR6 (1 year ago)
max 27 million.
jeff ghant (1 year ago)
Nice house. But only Trump could afford it.
Leina Ruby (3 days ago)
jeff ghant jake paul probably could
RetroGuy76 (4 days ago)
Andrew Armstrong  No thanks dude.  I'm not an outdoorsy "into the wild" kind of guy.  The beach (at the ocean that is) is about it for me.  Plus I like having access to things one cannot get "out in the wild" like the best medical care and a society that believes that the Constitution applies to ALL people. Where else do you get that other than the northeast and the west coast?  Besides, SOME of us have to stay back east just to keep things going! LOL!
Andrew Armstrong (5 days ago)
Earn some cash and head out into the wild, worked fantastic for me. I don't care to see either of them again, as I was born and raised on the lower eastside of Manhattan, I'm a former New Yorker for life!
RetroGuy76 (5 days ago)
Andrew Armstrong  Usually the move to Jersey has to do with the amount of space for the price, the school system and the overall safety if you have children.  The problem with Jersey is the politicians (particularly the corrupt democrats) who drive up the taxes.  The problem with NYC is the gentrification due mostly to MY generation which is driving up the rental costs.
Andrew Armstrong (5 days ago)
For someone who does all their business in NYC why Jersey? I mean two hours in a limo,1 in a copter, if they let you go. Jersey and NYC have about the same ridiculous tax rate cause both of them forgot how this country started. Not worth the cost to me.
Erika Doll (1 year ago)
To anyone commenting anyone who lives in alpine is a brat or a snob, it's not true. This guy is very rich yes. However I live in alpine as well and it's really nice. Nice people and great schools!
rmompremier (1 year ago)
@CNNMoney name of the music playing @1:43 secs and 2:55?
Servo (1 year ago)
This is why we need to vote for Bernie Sanders
Heikoti Lao (1 day ago)
But Bernie owns three of these lmao
Emmanuel Macron (2 days ago)
rich people are still going to be rich they might have higher taxes but people who can afford this will also be able to afford this with 10% more taxes
Marsha Malone (6 days ago)
Welfare is a career path if all other paths are cut off. Some are more valuable to themselves than they will ever be for others with their minimum workhorse wages and weak benefits.
Tony Davidson (10 days ago)
Bernie Sanders understands the middle class about 100X better than Commie Trump --- who only cares about dropping to his knees and sucking off Putin and his band of Russian cronies
Bob Fraze (13 days ago)
So no one can have it, and everyone else can have $5 more in their pocket without working for it?
Mark Sadowski (1 year ago)
Biggest lie from the realtor: "less than 30 minutes from downtown Manhattan." That's interesting, because we live in the first town over the GWB in NJ (Fort Lee), and it still takes 15-30 mins on average just to get over the bridge to UPPER Manhattan. Driving up to Alpine from Fort Lee takes another 10 minutes in of itself. Even if you were commuting at 2AM in no traffic, you could "possibly" do it in 45 minutes. During rush hour? Try 1 1/2 hours or more.
Tony Davidson (10 days ago)
The whole idea of "driving to Manhattan" for work every day is a joke --- unless you leave the house at 3AM or your workplace and house are both at opposite ends of a bridge going to the island
Barking Spider (30 days ago)
North jersey Kevin what is incorrect? You are wrong as hell.
North jersey Kevin (30 days ago)
Mark Sadowski - you are incorrect
Barking Spider (1 month ago)
emotionscomeandgo Lincoln tunnel? Please. Only the GWB from there.
Audrey Nicoletti (1 month ago)
He said 50 minutes
Jaybel Lim (1 year ago)
"most large" lol.
Weodo (1 year ago)
Most laaaaaaargee
w35t51d369 (1 year ago)
Wtf Americans pay taxes on their homes?
Barking Spider (1 month ago)
w35t51d369 Bergan county has the highest property taxes in the country. I pay 30,000 a year.
PenguinxII G (2 months ago)
where are you from
Fulgar (1 year ago)
yep. especially with clinton.
Johannes R (1 year ago)
Wtf you don't? by the way I'm german
chelez (1 year ago)
Breathability? Seriously?
Marsha Malone (6 days ago)
I thought that was what he said. Lol!
RetroGuy76 (8 days ago)
You better have some mega big lungs for THAT much breathing!
Gusti Scarlett (1 year ago)
Saw the aerial view and thought, "hah no basketball court?" aaand I was wrong
Sauga Direct (1 year ago)
derty QWERTY42 (1 year ago)
Ahaha, I like how she has to persuade people that Jersey doesn't suck by listing only half the things that suck there, the people, the weather, and the traffic alone are unbearable. I wouldn't live in Jersey if they gave me a free house, I would instantly sell it and move to North NY, same distance and far better environment. Plus the governor of NJ is a total proven scumbucket
Andrew Armstrong (6 days ago)
@ Bob Bob Just seeing if you changed your view on New Jersey a year later.
Sixtus (7 days ago)
And the people who are apparently moving to fl, good luck, because that's like going from the burner to the oven. But if cheaper living offsets every other aspect of life, go for it.
Sixtus (7 days ago)
derty QWERTY42 I don't know where you're living, but I bet you it can't compare to NJ. Apart from the governor, everything you listed is total bs. Plus the weather? This is the east coast buddy, get used to it.
RetroGuy76 (8 days ago)
They're getting a new governor next week which has promised to raise everyone's taxes (which are already the highest in the nation), legalize pot and designate the state as a "sanctuary state."  So what's so bad about the "scumbucket" as you call him that's in there now?
Sebastian Moya (12 days ago)
derty QWERTY42 if they gave me this house for free I would sell it and move to Miami or LA
Koro Sensei (1 year ago)
the batcave is missing
Chris Matthews (1 year ago)
My Tungkongnuch (1 year ago)
I won't even have to leave my house if I lived there HAHA
Matthew L (1 year ago)
+My Tungkongnuch just get your fleet of servants to buy things for you
Atom Baxter (1 year ago)
I'll take it!!!!🎩💰💰
Im CheWy (1 year ago)
first cock
Jake B (1 year ago)
First one

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