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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: 2 Months Later

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Full In Depth Review after 2 Months ►►► dbrand skins: http://dbrand.com/SuperSaf ►SUBSCRIBE for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSafTV?sub_confirmation=1 ► RELATED VIDEOS: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus UNBOXING - https://youtu.be/nB7gEgFbZ3s Intelligent Scan vs Face ID - Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X - https://youtu.be/FiVLLKcTCr8 Galaxy S9+ (Snapdragon) vs Galaxy S9+ (Exynos) SPEED TEST - https://youtu.be/khFMwIbMO3o Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera: Dual Aperture EXPLAINED - https://youtu.be/2zaO-MVarFo Samsung S9 Plus vs iPhone X Camera Test Comparison - https://youtu.be/K7xdZJqyE6I Samsung Bixby Voice Detailed Review - https://youtu.be/EI3jMXANGgo The Samsung Galaxy S9+ features a 6.2" Super AMOLED Display with QHD+ 18.5:9 ratio, 12MP dual camera with dual-aperture AF, 8MP Selfie Camera with AF, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810, 6GB RAM, 3500mAh battery, Iris Scanner, Facial recognition, Fingerprint scanner, Intelligent Scan, AR Emoji and Samsung Bixby AI assistant Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1XK6ZLU Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSaf Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (945)
SuperSaf TV (2 months ago)
Hope you enjoyed the video 😎 What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus overall?
Ryan Cairns (11 days ago)
*SuperSaf TV* I bought the s9+ due to your recommendation and it arrives tomorrow; )
pravin vishal (17 days ago)
TheINVG (21 days ago)
Ashok Malla i have a note 8.. and i think im going to change it for s9plus... huawei is Nice but not for me.. i dont like the interface on their system
Ashok Malla (21 days ago)
SuperSaf TV i m planing to buy this phone but i m confused which one i should buy between s9 plus n p 20 pro.. I dont want camera i just want a battry life n most relived cell so can you help me
TheINVG (21 days ago)
SuperSaf TV wich smartphone do u have as daily driver????
Allen Albright (4 hours ago)
It's a piece of crap and I took mine back within the 14 day trial period, thank god.  I have the galaxy s 6 edge, not a bad phone, but it has some stupid issues for sure.    In any case I was impressed by everything I read about the Galxy s 9 plus camera and video camera. In a nutshell it SUCKS. The lens has a curve to the image with video. It is not 45 mm from what I can see. I am a professional photographer and the thing was major let down. I did not test the still camera out too much so this is all about the video camera. I had the video at 60 fps and the image stills were still blurred and it was in high def. Also there is this piece of shit thing called "Bigsby " or however they spell it. Bigsby is this stupid annoying and obnoxious program that you ask questions to get these idiotic quaint answers. So annoying. To make matters worse Samsung has a physical button to activate the thing!! Yes it is just like the volume button and right under it. How DARE they add a physical button onto the phone to activate these piece of garbage program. So in other words you have the volume button the button on the right that puts the phone in sleep mode and now the idiots at Samsung have a button under the volume to activate their " bigsby" program. It actually took me about 8 days to notice what was going on as the thing keeps asking to be set up ever time you accidently hit the button.     So that and the much over rated video camera, that also does horrible things with the lighting, is just not worth the huge price tag. Also the phone is a bit heavy and big, but it is a plus phone so that may be expected.      They are forcing bloteware on us with a mechanical button that you can not remove, Bigsby, and frankly you have to be a total moron to like the thing, but hey there are plenty of morons out there.      Also I was watching youtube with the lights on and the picture was kind of hard to watch for some reason. I have not had that problem with the galaxy s 6 edge.     On the plus side there are a few improvements with the 9 that I would note in the interested of being fair.     The sound is much better and you can add a memory card to the phone. Other than that it was awful and I feel so relieved to have to rid of it. Of course there is a $ 50 restocking fee that they charge you with.      I know iPhones have very good cameras and sound, but they have issues too. Hopefully someday someone will make a great phone. I doubt it will ever be Samsung though as they clearly do not care about us in my opinion, but if you want to waste your money than go right ahead. I should add that the buttons are not response enough, 9 often have to hit them several times to get the thing to work and it's very annoying, though there may be a way to turn up the sensitivity, not sure if there is.
Christopher Schuhart (12 hours ago)
No beard, no sunglasses,... Still SuperSaf!! 💪😊
Pranav Salvi (17 hours ago)
Would love to see a comparison with OnePlus 6!!
Johnson Daniel (1 day ago)
Samsung’s flagships are awesome but they starts lagging after time !!! And those make me hate Samsung !!
Danilo Halic (2 days ago)
You said that the display is best but what about the black crush and color banding issues, i just bought a new galaxy s9 but i have the problem with the black crush in dark scenes when watching videos?
Justin m (2 days ago)
I can usally make it a day and a haly sometimes a day and a quarter with my s9 pluss lol. Thats more than enought for me especially after coming from a iphone 7
Sweet Dee (2 days ago)
I have had the 9 plus since it came out. At first it was great. Now I have problems with phone calls and slow downs. It will lock up for no reason. Videos will play but my phone is locked. I can't do anything. I'm really disappointed. I went from a s7 edge to the plus. I wish I still had my edge. Great video. I like Bixby and look forward to updates.
Mike Wazawskie (3 days ago)
I'm not gonna talk about specs.. are you sure? Check your video once more. Lol!
DesignbyChesa (7 days ago)
I'm getting the lilac tomorrow!! Can't wait
flex seals (7 days ago)
Now i understand why the word super comes in your name
Lexei Oznerol (7 days ago)
give away please....hahaHa
kishan prajapati (8 days ago)
Are you giving away Samsung S9+? I look forward to receive it as my Eidi. 😁
mangolollipop (8 days ago)
I have a S9+ and my phone is like AU$1200. Geez
Shobha Navgire (9 days ago)
1 million subs soon.....
Ali Ahmed Khan (9 days ago)
Hi. Can we download Live Wallpapers on Samsung S9+. Only Samsung S9+ users answer!
Dr Peter jones (10 days ago)
why dont you review the landrover mobile phone launched this month june ?
Jack Wolf (10 days ago)
I got one and loving it
Kieran (10 days ago)
Jack Wolf Same here fam
Eucharia Ofoma (10 days ago)
S9 plus is Bae 😍😍
Winter Aalyah (11 days ago)
I will get an s9+ in Coral Blue soon(I just loving the color,design,and display on it and it looks better than the display on my crappy j7 2017)😍😻💙
Bloxxor (13 days ago)
What glasses do you wear my man, they're sick
Nitin Kumar Beepin (14 days ago)
I would like to see ir remote, air browse, rds radio, 2 speakers, flash in 16mp front camera in samsung next phones..some of the options have disappeared in samsung smartphones and they were useful.thanks
aamir maqbool001 (16 days ago)
Supersaf is super supersaf
Hey It's Arii (16 days ago)
Hey It's Arii (16 days ago)
The S9+ is *SEXY*
Hey It's Arii (16 days ago)
I'm getting the s9 + but dont know if i should get black or purple
M AS (17 days ago)
i want headphones to be in the phones in the year 3000 and beyond!
M AS (17 days ago)
1mill subs and saf shaves his beard off! lo...l not hating on ya beard bro!
nikchris69 (18 days ago)
This guy is on the Samsung payroll
Vlad Vavric (18 days ago)
Is the Liliac purple just for women?
Ximena G (10 days ago)
Vlad Vavric no
gabriel ortiz (20 days ago)
Watching on my s9+ 😍
pp poh (20 days ago)
I am totally new to smartphone, however, right now I am considering buying one. I would really appreciate if SuperSaf, you could let me know whether I should buy Samsung Note 8 or Samsung Galaxy 9 plus. Thank you.
TheINVG (21 days ago)
In planning to change my note 8 for this one.... but im still thinking
Aaron Hunt (22 days ago)
wishwaakash (23 days ago)
Super video.. 😘
John F (23 days ago)
Sick beard
Besnik Rrustemi (26 days ago)
Only "IF" they had a Google Edition model or rom to download separately, i would've signed lifetime membership with Samsung.
veer pratap (28 days ago)
supersaftv u are my favorate
sayeem rahman (29 days ago)
Sehaj virk (29 days ago)
One of best device #supersaf
Blinsia Pereira (30 days ago)
This phone sounds like a beast manh. . :)
Abhi Jith (30 days ago)
Ananthan Rajeevan (30 days ago)
This is the future of smartphone design, Not that dumb notch.
watch media (30 days ago)
S9 is always the best
Justine Kho (1 month ago)
The S8 however is also a piece of technology bringing out the utmost power u can really appreciate, however the S9plus is far more superior than this there are few changes in this smartphone that u can really appreciate that is very valuable to everyday life well it's kind of technology rising to upper heights that I can see the progress continues to grow fast Thanks to Samsung for that.
Sayed Zahidul (1 month ago)
It is a very good phone. The presentation was very good.I liked the display much more than anything.Thank you.
sateg (1 month ago)
you convinced me Saf, thanks a lot. Going for my s9 +
Darshan Patel (1 month ago)
Really love saf's honest review
Sandip Chotaliya (1 month ago)
Best phone
Raihan MDS Iqbal (1 month ago)
Very nice video. Very best daily driver
Matthaeus Tsopels (1 month ago)
dbrand skins.....
Ashish (1 month ago)
I Love this phone..and your detailed review on it.
Parvej Khan (1 month ago)
the dezine came from s8 😒
Olayide Alex (1 month ago)
S9+ is really dope and I love it
ohlnwwlknat (1 month ago)
buy this if you want long running smartphone
Jhon Paul Natividad (1 month ago)
About the battery my s9+ is pretty much having like the same battery as my old s7.
Jhon Paul Natividad (1 month ago)
I've only had it for like a month.
Michael Upchurch (1 month ago)
I currently have a note 8 I personally prefer the s 9 plus CS I find that I'm using the stylus alot less
Adrianna Aida (1 month ago)
Great review bro!!
MK Alcaide (1 month ago)
Stunning Phone😍 Good job SAMSUNG👍👍👍
Jesse (1 month ago)
Im prob first to notice that you look like a jihadist.
Indranil Banerjee (1 month ago)
Thanks for such a wonderful informative video.... Was planning to buy iPhone X... but now I think I need to change my mind.... 🤔
mohan kumar (1 month ago)
Can you please tell me it's duration .. ? I mean the life span !
YURI (1 month ago)
Thanks for your video..!! I have gone off Samsung a lot lately, their high prices mainly but I think they have droped their game... Their phones don't look like they stand up those prices, they actually look cheap IMO. There are other phones out there that look nicer and I would rather spend my money on over a Samsung even if it's just as much.. I hate the look of the latest Samsungs and how the screen curves over the sides like the Edge phones did (that I hated).. For example I think that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S looks like its worth twice the amount just because of the way the screen looks the finger scanner, the camera lenses and just the overall finish, IMO. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S is where my money is going. If I had enough money to waste on a phone I would buy the huawei p20 pro. I will never buy another Samsung or at least until they up their game.
Justine Kho (1 month ago)
Well the slow mo was their trick but also I really like the octa core with a clock speed processor very interesting your diggin it mr.Supersaf keep up the good work!
Reggie (1 month ago)
Would't it be interesting if Samsung made their own OS like apple, exclusive to Samsung devices only. So they could ensure that their devices receive updates faster and devices keep updates for a longer period.
Chad Enguero (1 month ago)
best phone ever!
Chad Enguero (1 month ago)
s9plus is superb! ❤️😍
Tobias Persson (1 month ago)
Great video, it seems like a amazing phone. Samsung have great design.. As always.
William Lendio (1 month ago)
Love it❤️❤️
KT Super 31 (1 month ago)
Dope lit and what not
Sanjib Purkait (1 month ago)
I see many video on s9/s9+ but this full details reviews a have seen. Twitter-@sanjibpurkait5
Jenish Panthi (1 month ago)
the display😍😍the camera😄😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💕
Tino M (1 month ago)
everytime i want a new phone i watch this guy :)... great vid saf, also getting my s9+ tomorrow cant wait :D
Jordan Altoveros (1 month ago)
Still the best smartphone of 2018 with the best features!!
Deepak Mahato (1 month ago)
Super slow-mo is awesome
Deepak Mahato (1 month ago)
Camera is best at low light
Deepak Mahato (1 month ago)
I love this phone it's camera , it's ar as well as the Bixby . It is the 2018 beast....
insaneAbe30 (1 month ago)
for how long is the battery holding up on a 4k video recording? is the s9+ gets hot to the point it would stop recording video to prevent device damage?
The Kaifu (1 month ago)
Great review
Lincoln Motshepe (1 month ago)
I love this phone!
Khaja Moinuddin (1 month ago)
Your reviews and opinions about the phones is just awesome.
Richu C Philip (1 month ago)
Patricia Regis (1 month ago)
very beautiful I want too much this wonderful machine!!!!!
Farhan Mujeeb (1 month ago)
Best smartphone out there
Ashik Arya (1 month ago)
Seelam Phaninder (1 month ago)
nando flos (1 month ago)
Perfect mobile, !!!!!!
Mark Kendrick (1 month ago)
I'm looking forward to the Note9 based on how great the S9+ seems to be
I can win this cellphone in samsung Website ?
Nyiko Lucky Mashaba (1 month ago)
The s9 is magic would love to get one
kaio produções (1 month ago)
I want to win
kaio produções (1 month ago)
Eu quero
Eduardo Silva (1 month ago)
nice video supersaf
Nideesh Kumar (1 month ago)
Superrb performance
Alx Production (1 month ago)
My favorite feature is the display.but from what i saw i from your review i think i love his camera to.
Walid Noori (1 month ago)
Samsung is the best ❤
Elliot Max (1 month ago)
Didn't it release in 25 Feb.! , how two months then?!
Spa ghet (1 month ago)
Got my Samsung S9 plus yesterday!! 😎
z3r0 (1 month ago)
The video is way too long in my opinion.. I shut it off at half
Jeff M (1 month ago)
Great review man.

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