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rashmi gadhavi (7 months ago)
thanks Sir I am student of llb
Hemanshu Pansanyia (9 months ago)
sir i completely agree with your lecture.... this is like women enjoying both the side.... our aunties are not ready to giv consent on our grandfather property which is lawfully ours as verbal/mutual understanding between them and my dad but since now my dad have passed away they are now after all he property and we cannot do anything cause of the law ammended in 2005 and unfortunately my grandfather passed away in march 2006... and also another effect will be that no son will dare to hand over the earnings to parents cause of this law...
pawan patil (9 months ago)
thnx sir i agree to yr thoughts hope govt will consider yr ideas
Santosh Kumar (11 months ago)
sir ji good morning my wife do case under sucession act for Fixed deposit in which my brother in law was nominee . court give decision that all money give to nominee that is true or not
Santosh Kumar (9 months ago)
any high cout and supreme decision in this regard
D.K. Dubey (9 months ago)
no succession law in case of nominee
how can a man have two widows? It's illegal as per Hindu marriage act
Abhishek Sharma (1 year ago)
what about divorce as it can't be done without mutual agreement?
Piyush Pranav (2 years ago)
Sir, A very nice and impactive lecture on amendment in Hindu Succession Act 2005. Thank you so much sir, for giving a fruitful declaration on the Act.
Puneet Kumar (2 years ago)
very true this amendment has ruined all the hindu relations
Ghazala Rahman (2 years ago)
so true your observations - via YTPak(.com)
Manoj Yadav (2 years ago)
What u r advising wrong that consent of women to sell property, this way , his male own progress. I am telling facts how marriage institutions were survived, in fact there was no choice of divorce which was good , it was only on grounds and marriage was considered for seven births, so that practically a women can live with her husband lifelong and not to think of divorce unnecessarily. Now they get attraction of divorce as property can be taken from husband and if it is not coming easily they can take it by blackmailing whole family by 498A. It was actually, a women had a right to have a property only with marriage ( to promote marriage institution), not before marriage. Unmarried girls were having only right in father's [property along with the brothers) but not separate share, which is now given in 2005 is blunder. Now girl property is reduced to half with their husband as husband sister is taking that right. So women property is divided into two parts, so that she can be divided into two families( here which you say is correct) a big fighting problems will come. brothers may not like sisters or sister-in law will have bad relations with girl. There was no attraction of choice to girl to be unmarried earlier and have her own lifestyle because she was not entitled for big property rights along with husbands if remain unmarried. So comparatively they ( girl) choose to marry instead of unmarried. Girl used to live good life as she had equal food from the same land along with husband and after husband death property goes to her on first occasion. Now she has to run to two different places so that more disturbance will occur in marriage institutions, more chances of adultry. Congress on the name of women empowerment gave more attraction to girl to be unmarried by introducing amendment in 2005. She become independent right why she will choose marriage, second if by chance got marriage she can use 498A and extort money. Congress introduced divorce provision with mutual consent which was not a Hindu part, just to eliminate marriage institutions of Hindus. Now she can have choice of prostitution or live without marriage or adultery because she is shown the path towards end of social norms where they will be subject of entertainment and not of respect. BJP if really HIndu..must remove Sect 13 of HMA 2005, IPC 494 and 498A, HSC Amendment 2005 but I am sorry they also don't know the Hindu problem , girls are coming to court as if it is a market to get divorce, money and her paramour. And surprise is that courts are giving them.
AMC Spl (3 years ago)
nice sir

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