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iPhone X vs iPhone 8/8 Plus - Which Should You Buy?

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Tough Choice, iPhone X vs iPhone 8 & 8 Plus. Is iPhone X Better? Is It Worth The $200-300 Premium? Which Should You Buy & Why. iPhone X Features Review: https://youtu.be/cjH3bjyznfg iPhone X Clone Unboxing: https://youtu.be/EYdOmViXm5g
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Pratik Rai (1 minute ago)
I'll go for iphone 7🙄😂
Anthony Morrone (6 hours ago)
I have the iPhone X and where the front camera and the face recognition thing is it’s black I have the white/silver one but why is his thing with the front camera white?
Reese Lappan (6 hours ago)
How do you afford so many phones!!! That’s awesome!!! 😱
carLOS vERA (9 hours ago)
Bro why I am only seeing your face I need to see the fuckin phone
luvs hair (12 hours ago)
Let's get how long till iPhone x plus
JessieBanana (15 hours ago)
I actually don't like the bezel-less design and I feel like Face ID is something they did because they could. Touch ID makes sense because it's more convenient, especially for logging into apps that require long passwords with different cases, numbers and symbols. I don't see how Face ID improves upon that.
Brett_ 96 (22 hours ago)
Buy the IPhone 8 Plus. I have it.
Domonic Rajacic (1 day ago)
There is reachability on the X
ĄGĆ FÑ (1 day ago)
Lol iphone x face regcognition if your old the iphone x wont notice your face
Axl Mae Galarosa (1 day ago)
If you are more on a bigger cellphone, like I do, no more questions asked, go for 8 plus. I prefer the touch ID either.
True Dat (1 day ago)
gamingedrian :p (1 day ago)
Seven Eight X CONFIRMED😂😂
saipul azhar (1 day ago)
I want tell how to know if iPhone is not be original
zaman nimra (1 day ago)
Queen Royalfame (1 day ago)
I would get iPhone 8 plus
Syah 95 (2 days ago)
just bought iphone x. amazing
Alex Tung (2 days ago)
iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X?
Mihaela Vodopivec (2 days ago)
I have allready by iphone 8
Hey Bitches (3 days ago)
So just a iPhone 8 is good😁😁enough at lest😴
Namera Graybeal (3 days ago)
I got my ten today. WOOOW!! I love it!!
Christopher Parker (3 days ago)
So basically the iPhone 8 Plus is better
nandos112 (3 days ago)
Yes get iphone next year they make ur phone slow due to there update making x same speed as iphone 7 lol
Mee. J (4 days ago)
The iPhone X is very ugly to me. The Face ID is a bit much. $1010 is too much for a cell phone. The more iPhones they come out with, the more the older iPhones will slow down, the more money they make. And it's pretty annoying that that happens. Plus, they'll stop updating them very soon. Everyone loves iPhone but, the IPhone X should be the last cell phone Apple makes. If anything more comes out, it'll be ridiculous. The iPhone 8 and older should be a 10/10 absolute buy. But that's my opinion
Unknown94 (4 days ago)
iPhone X because is smaller and no bezels.
Flores Isaac (4 days ago)
Going to buy my first iphone guys and i need help which should i get? Iphone 6s plus or Iphone 8 or iphone X? Help me out give me some recommendations please👌
Flores Isaac (3 days ago)
Tich Boyz whats good about it?
Tich Boyz (3 days ago)
Flores Isaac 6s all day!!!
Layla Nassam (4 days ago)
First of all @EverythingApplePro People might have big hands so it might fit their hands thats why theres a iphone 8
sabrine dalena (5 days ago)
I would like to say thanks for sharing this.... For further help and support you can contact to the toll-free number:- 1-866-201-2001
Anime -lover -chan (5 days ago)
I can't decide I want the iPhone ten but I'm still in school and I don't want it stolen but the iPhone 8 is still a very good phone. IT IS SO HARD TO CHOOSE AHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHH SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO HARD TO CHOOSE
For the price it’s better to get the iPhone 8
Lunar The Brave2021 (6 days ago)
I still don’t know wich one to get
Harith rashid (6 days ago)
I got the iphone 8 and ill trade it for a iphone 7 cos it has no difference when im using it
Akshay Sharma (6 days ago)
The iPhone X has reachability
Lorena (6 days ago)
Who watch now from the iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X? (Me= iPhone 8 Plus )
miguel guerrero (7 days ago)
What cover/skin does he have on the X? It covers the notch in white? Please help
miguel guerrero (7 days ago)
What cover/skin does he have on the X? It covers the notch in white? Please help
Cameron Betts (8 days ago)
Bought the iPhone 8 Plus. I think it’s a better option for the price
Mejia Kids (8 days ago)
It’s X not 10😡
brianna amaro (8 days ago)
Can you do a video explaining the iPhone upgrade program‼️
martincho rios (8 days ago)
Maybe u have small hands... for me the iPhone 8 plus it’s perfect because i have big hands
hans daren (8 days ago)
sorry im not rich :( I phone overprices :(
Tony The Tiger (8 days ago)
i just got me iphone 8+ yesterday and i've never felt happier for owning such a device god bless apples
Naomi Taylor Noe (9 days ago)
P bower (9 days ago)
The amount of ads in this short ass video. God
K Gregory (3 days ago)
Get ad block from google chrome.
Don Gadi (10 days ago)
why are you guys using people?
Don Gadi (10 days ago)
Fuck iPhone series. I didn't come to the world to changing phones every six months. what the fuck. until the one I'm using crashes. I will buy an Android phone.
Suzette Campo (10 days ago)
I rather Touch ID so maybe 11 (Plus) would have both options ...
kaiden Riley (10 days ago)
Can I have a iPhone x
Jack (10 days ago)
I’d take the 8 anyday
Lilian K (10 days ago)
my dream phone is the 8+. i think it’s beautiful and the camera is phenomenal. i currently have the 6s
henna a (11 days ago)
i prefer iphone x because the 8 plus doesn't fit in my hand, that's just too big
Ticho Plays (11 days ago)
buy oneplus
Sup Nibba (11 days ago)
watching this on an 8
JHUMAD BHRO™ (11 days ago)
https://youtu.be/4JeApvlw1jI WHY AN 8 PLUS IS BETTER
JHUMAD BHRO™ (11 days ago)
Sold to buy an 8plus.
YSB ReverseOso (11 days ago)
Iphone CAN NOT do portrait on the front camera
Alex .A (11 days ago)
I just bought my iPhone 8 Plus gold and haven’t opened it, I’m so exiteddddd
erin black (12 days ago)
The phones on the cover of the vid are fake because underneath the iPhone righting ( on the bottom of the iPhone ) is a bunch of writings that the real ones don’t have
JJ Bush (12 days ago)
Which one is better for porn ?
Geraldine Hines (12 days ago)
JJ Bush iPhone x
lheamhay villasin (12 days ago)
IPhone X is expensive toy IPhone 8+is a real tool
HSpartaL (12 days ago)
Anyone watching on an iPhone 5 😭
LEGGO ARMY (12 days ago)
Get the iphone 8 i love it for me though My brother has iphone X couple months later its dead
Rondal Ballard (13 days ago)
We should buy 8 plus
Joakim Uni Arnaldarson (13 days ago)
Isn’t iPhone 8+ the heaviest Apple phone since iPhone 4? And in my opinion, 8+ is way too big. I’m gonna buy 8 cause 8+ is too big and iPhone X is not really worth almost 50% more expensive!! iPhone 8 is enough for me (but I wish he had portrait mode, and Animoji).
Sorcha Bright (13 days ago)
How much cheaper is the 8+ to the iPhone x
OMG up to now I'm still confused which phone should I buy, the 8 plus because i love its gold and I want a big phone or the X/10 because its all screen, face id, and its camera display and I love them both because its IOS 11, latest iphones and its made of glass like my first iphone 4s
ABDUL MANNAN (13 days ago)
iphone x is the best
Maxim Adison (13 days ago)
Be the first to WIN the NEW iPhone X! http://lnkclik.com/6CYZ
Labib Hoque (13 days ago)
Please Make A Video Comparison between iphone 8 Plus & OnePlus 6
Mother Russia (13 days ago)
The iPhone 10 does have reachability btw
Pringle (13 days ago)
Im getting 8 Plus after August 16
pamela platero (14 days ago)
iPhone X is great
Kayleigh Lowe (14 days ago)
I phone x
Anonymous Hacker (14 days ago)
I will buy iphone x
Instinct Umbreon (15 days ago)
Not sure which one to buy can you tell me which one to buy specifically
Maxine Aliyah Alcazar (15 days ago)
Anyone watching with an iphone 5? Coz i am😂
Baha XperiaUltra (15 days ago)
Thank you ☺️
Krishn Patel (15 days ago)
Iphone x does have reachability.
KING MESSIAH (16 days ago)
So the 8 no. Ana Moji or something. I confused on wtf phone was which
Rany Larino (16 days ago)
Pls give me an iPhone 8plus 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Puglet Slime (16 days ago)
guys help meee which one should i get? the 8 plus or the x?
Ashmil Durrani (16 days ago)
you are rich
leonard johnson (17 days ago)
Soon as i get my paycheck i am getting a iphone
Dave Ortega (17 days ago)
Iphone 8plus gang
Zylice Liddell (18 days ago)
Do you need to charge wirelessly or can you still use the cable if you want to?
ariana rina (18 days ago)
А × че китай
Antonio Montufar (18 days ago)
Cant get iPhone x cause i am a identical twin and then he could get in my phone
Rose (18 days ago)
I think I’m gonna go with the 8+. Thanks
Jordan Clary (18 days ago)
he looks like freddy when he worked @ the pear store
Tuna 156 (18 days ago)
Next is the xs
Official Kevin Rosa (18 days ago)
I love the iPhone X🤩🤩🤩 It’s Really Good and I don’t regret switching from Android to Apple 🍎. APPLE FOR LIFE
Tameeka De Deuge (19 days ago)
Iphond x is way better than 8 8plus
SophieOlivia xo (19 days ago)
Okay pls let me know which I should get! Literally anyone drop ur opinion much appreciated x
A Crz (18 days ago)
SophieOlivia xo 8 plus. I just got mine and love it. X is too expensive and small. Good luck with your buy.
Alicia Caballero (19 days ago)
its iphoneX not iphone10
Mathias Jensen (19 days ago)
The iphone 8 looks exactly like the other iphones and people say the iphone x is expensive atleast they made a new style so its even more dumb if you upgrade to an iphone 8 if you have the iphone 6,6s or 7
Dominic Rascon (20 days ago)
You should give me one of your iPhones
Single Mom Tech Bomb (20 days ago)
Awesome video. You were unbiased throughout the video and that's just what I was looking for. Facts, so I could make my own decision. Going to go with the X. Thanks! (btw you're a cutie.)
Chris velazquez (20 days ago)
I got the iPhone 8 Plus I’m not evening lying
abbie sharpe (20 days ago)
Dropped my iPhone 7 in the bath watching this video still works 😂😂😂😂😂
Adriana Marroquin (21 days ago)
iPhone X does have the reachability option..!
jimmyk0147 (21 days ago)
I returned iPhone X went back to the 8+ and oh boy what a good decision take it from somebody or who had the iPhone X since launch there’s a lot of things I don’t like about it and most of my friends a agree One screen size I’m not into the long narrow screen. If you’re going to buy a phone everybody wants a decent screen size I want to have a wide screen was resembles more like the iPad Then the long skinny screen screen another reason why iPhone X overheats After extensive usage charging or backing it overheats Another reason touch ID to me is more master polished than Face ID another reason the screen is too bright on iPhone X that sometimes the middle of the day hurts my eyes Another reason the 8+ it’s more better like a tablet and you could turn into landscape mode is better for typing etc. and the 8 Plus Is better speakers and the battery last longer

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