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The Voice Assistant Battle! (2017)

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Siri vs Google Assistant vs Bixby Voice vs Amazon Alexa. Original Siri vs Google: https://youtu.be/JFiu5rfnhzo Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (16646)
Globial YT (15 hours ago)
What about cortana
Faysal Ahmed (18 hours ago)
Bixby can sing many raps......if you want you can check it out.....i just love bixby and thanks to galaxy note 8.......i love this phone
Sumeet Vp (1 day ago)
Bixby is the worst
Rick Banik (1 day ago)
Siri is the best
Hema Latha (1 day ago)
I like to join with u...
Douwe Boerma (1 day ago)
lil alexa
Alex Cross (1 day ago)
Where is cortana
Nyzma Kumala (2 days ago)
Where is Cortana
sidharth murali (2 days ago)
I doubt google assistant is actually a human working at their office
Samriddha Sharma (2 days ago)
Thanks for asking about Nepal
ROYAL R (2 days ago)
Samuchit Dhital (2 days ago)
So nice he included nepal
Islam Saadoun (2 days ago)
Google is the best
Canaan Morehu (2 days ago)
Ask Google to tell you a riddle
Hussain Aladwan (2 days ago)
google pixel and bixby are actually good
Marcos Alcantara (2 days ago)
what happened to Cortana why is not used
Mohammed Ibrahim (2 days ago)
Bixby 🔥
Errol Ebanks (3 days ago)
Moninder Kaur (3 days ago)
Google Assistant
Nutan Sharma (3 days ago)
Isaac Russel (3 days ago)
Woah woah! I can’t pick one! Merge them all! XD Imagine that... haha..
Toriel 123 (3 days ago)
Definitely google
Lloyd Share (3 days ago)
Why does my phone have two built in assistants its silly
You forgot Microsoft Cortana
dani belghiru (4 days ago)
Bixby raps like a god
youtuber pradeep (4 days ago)
I like vvideo because you have asked about nepal
ninjaman5j5 (4 days ago)
You know as much as people dislike bixby it can do alot of things that the other assistants just can't. And you know what, samsung phones are still android and thus they still have the google assistant.
RoostEr Singh (4 days ago)
You forgot cortrana
Amity Ali (4 days ago)
You cheated for siri
sandmanoseven (5 days ago)
Go Google
MK14 Gaming (5 days ago)
Where's cortana
Marques you r cheating
QuickPro Studios (5 days ago)
holy crap can't believe bixby managed the uber thing that is soo cool!
Suzann Sharma (5 days ago)
from nepal
Rahul Sah (5 days ago)
We fell proud when any foreign ask about nepal.
Rahul Sah (5 days ago)
Thanks for asking about nepal
Shayan Hooshmand (5 days ago)
thumbs down for alexa and bixby
Keval Boricha (6 days ago)
LOL OUT LOUD (6 days ago)
Google assistant is the best
Paul _peaceaddict_ (6 days ago)
You know what! Cortana sings me songs well than these shits.
hannan ahmad (6 days ago)
Siri is best ever voice assistant
hannan ahmad (6 days ago)
Samsung Bixby is trash
Javeed Akthar P (6 days ago)
You want Siri to win
Muhammed Zaman (6 days ago)
13:3 definetly barca!!!
Abhinand Ramachandran (6 days ago)
Bixby raps amazing.....😂😂
Jack Awesome (6 days ago)
You should have said to google assistant just take a selfie
nitrate NITIK (6 days ago)
i live in nepal
Explorers Venugopal (7 days ago)
I like google and siri????
The Red Gamer (7 days ago)
Google assistant
Filmy Creare (7 days ago)
Hey where is cortana ?? Cortana is better than android assistance
Bibek Nepal (7 days ago)
Love from Nepal Glad you asked an question about Nepal.❤❤
Soumyadip Biswas (7 days ago)
But Google assistant can take a pick and it is the best
Kushagra Sharma (7 days ago)
Bixby is much better than shown but no doubt the king is Google assistant
Shekhar Thapa (7 days ago)
Thank You 💖 Love and Support from Nepal💪
Kanishk Parmar (7 days ago)
The google assistant's rap is better than this and it adds music
Kanishk Parmar (7 days ago)
I knew Google Assistant would win
Subash Kharel (7 days ago)
Nice to hear you saying my country's name. NEPAL :)
Ninad Kadam (7 days ago)
whats the name of the intro song?
Joshua Pheasant (7 days ago)
i love bixby
Iuguolo (7 days ago)
To be fair, some of the mess ups were because you were TOO specific XD Like, if you tell google "take a selfie", it does it, but when you tell it to open an app first it thinks you want a different program. Same with telling it to open the store first rather than just 'install X', thought it just brings it up and lets you push the button, which is likely to avoid accidental installs ^^:
Mumtak Mize (7 days ago)
Google assistant
Bubbzillah (8 days ago)
How does he have google assistant on his OnePlus 5 ???
Ryan Garay (8 days ago)
I have a samsung but i definetly use the google assistant
lilmamadrea87 (8 days ago)
Supreme Karkee (8 days ago)
S voice is better
Golden Life Gaming (9 days ago)
You are lucky siri raped for you he is an old basterd he does not like to sing and tell story he only like you to tell him to set the alarm and shit
m m (9 days ago)
best rap : bixby best ideas by searched : google
kevin mutinda (9 days ago)
I think Siri failed on how tall he is(Barack)
Raag Maharjan (9 days ago)
There should be cortana... In the battle
Hey Marques, you forgot the microsoft's voice assistant it's called "cortona".
Samson Boldizar (9 days ago)
You have to take into account that the bixby is super new compared to the others
kishore gopinathan (10 days ago)
Google can take selfie
Explosive Mega master (10 days ago)
Dude Siri doesn’t do conversation
Siddharth Chhatpar (10 days ago)
Alexa sucks
Noorul Naziha (10 days ago)
What bout cortana?
Johnpeter Marston (10 days ago)
This the very best youtuber in planet
TeDz002 (10 days ago)
Bixby's rap was LIT, yo!!
DKHD (10 days ago)
Siri obviously
DKHD (10 days ago)
I sped this video up to 1.5 just so it wasn't 18 mins
Arnab Roy Chowdhury (11 days ago)
You should use eco device for Alexa.
Razani Omar (12 days ago)
Bixby rap tho
Stefan Balevski (12 days ago)
But where is cortana
Aman Kumar (12 days ago)
According to video observation Google>Apple>Samsung>Amazon (Voice command) # it's my suggestion.
Aditya Kansana (12 days ago)
Bixby was awesome in installing apps👌👌
Jet Tech (12 days ago)
Google is the best....
Jake Sherrard (13 days ago)
Bixby is the slowest and pretty shite
Jake Sherrard (13 days ago)
Siri sounds like a retard unlike every other type of phone
Act3z (13 days ago)
Yo bixby's rap was hot fire🤙
Joel Fernandes (13 days ago)
Google and Bixby
div Gaming (13 days ago)
did he forget cortana !?
KiMoX (13 days ago)
Google assistant is better thana siri! Hope there is GA in my iphone.
Antriv Singh (13 days ago)
DUDE CORTANA??????!!!!!!!
Ahmed Mohamed (13 days ago)
I choose Siri of course
Rebel Star (13 days ago)
Most powerful & 1st touchless control was "OK Google now" & "OK moto x" from motorolas
multigamer6464 (13 days ago)
Google won who agrees 😓
Egzon Arifi (13 days ago)
U forgot Cortana
ΔDΛΨ (14 days ago)
Bixby can sing😂
Cortana is the best than any other AI personal assistant!
Iyasin khan (14 days ago)
Bixby's rap 😂😂😂😂

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