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What's new in Android 8.0 Oreo?

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What do you guys think of this update? Let us know your thoughts! Check out everything that's new right here: https://developer.android.com/about/versions/oreo/index.html Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed
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Text Comments (1330)
StuntMastah (1 day ago)
My dude listens to SoulChef!!! Thats what I'm talking about!!! :D
G tech (2 days ago)
Can I get a pin
G tech (2 days ago)
Oreo is better than iPhone x
Joseph Carnes (4 days ago)
Wow. Trump working with the South Koreans. AGAIN! And behind Americans backs this time. Not saying ♻ is the way to go on this one. But ♻ has always been the way to go. I'm not going to wonder whats next on this one. I have to wrap my head around the fact that only one of my parents is forcing me to buy a new bird, after the emotional tear of seeing a eleven year old cannary pass. #1 comment, again
Robert Romero (17 days ago)
Not impressed. I've been reading WAY too many reports of poor battery life after the "upgrade" to get it, regardless of claims otherwise.
Dog Yamato (17 days ago)
How you make the small screen for video
Dog Yamato (17 days ago)
🙄🤗🤗😶😚😐😑These new emoji are boring
Lupe martinez (18 days ago)
I just got the 8.0 oreo on my note 8
double ayyee (19 days ago)
I'm with MetroPCS and I have an LG Stylo 2 Plus and *YET* have not received the Oreo 8.0 update smfh. Who else has the same issue??
ORO 0147 (26 days ago)
The part at the end is what really matters.
Brian Lloyd (29 days ago)
Wow this was released last year bit still my galaxy s7 edge doesnt have it yet.
Vincent Wright (1 month ago)
Just got it on my s8 plus at&t
John Flynn (1 month ago)
How do I get the Google G in the top left corner? I have a HTC 10, just upgraded to Oreo( Android 8 )
Septicturtle 04 (1 month ago)
Finally the s8 got it
Chad Thompson (1 month ago)
Does anyone know how to set custom message sounds for different contacts on oreo?
Firozsha Makandar (1 month ago)
I facing problems during calls. during call if any notification comes then huge sound is coming which is big distrubance during any call. Kindly confirm how we can stop this notification sound during calls
Aron (1 month ago)
New Emoji's Finally!
Abhi Mallav (1 month ago)
Android o is awesome
Hatster Fore (1 month ago)
😂😂LG V30 just got it
TAMPGaming 1216 (1 month ago)
What phone has android Oreo?
TheRebelMetalHead (1 month ago)
left my iphone after 8 years of using. i am not regretting it at all!! Android is the best and enjoyable os to use.
FastZrider (1 month ago)
Hate this new Oreo. Just changed to it this week and my phone battery drains quick. It also now has to show every second that Sprint Hub is running, mobile installer, and 1 other app. It says they are always running on the background. I can force stop, but then they appear again. Anyway way to go back to previous platform?
mluu510 (1 month ago)
I hate the new white themed notification center! Bring back the dark theme!
AndrejD303 (2 months ago)
its soooo ungly :/
Isaias Armamento (2 months ago)
Android 8 only??? Im watching right now Android 16 & 17... #dragonball
AMAN RAJ (2 months ago)
Voltbreak (2 months ago)
Android 8.0 offers users the latest in restricted and truncated app usage! Whether it's Call Recording apps or taking screen shots on YOUR smart phone, Oreo 8.0 makes absolutely sure that you can't use any app from any developer! But that's not all! On certain phones, most notably Google's own devices (Pixel, Pixel 2) and a few others like the Motorola Moto Z² Force, owners of Roku and Amazon Fire sticks will also be restricted from using screen casting to these devices from your smart phone! Why? This is done to force users to use Google's own Chrome Cast! Chrome Cast is a subscription based device which keeps charging, and charging and charging users. Forget those other devices you may already be happily satisfied with or even love! Let Google extort you into using their devices and paying them more money! So, if you were happy with your old phone and the expanded features of previous Android OS versions, think again! Prepared to be blown away by exactly how much you can't do anymore! Fewer features! Built in exclusivity to Google's own stuff! Zero access to certain types of apps (Wich developers have been particularly coded out of working around) and more! If increased efeciency, expanded usage, and more person control over your device is what you want, forget it! Android 8.0 offers to take away so much more than it gives back to users! Enjoy!
The Hammerdown (3 months ago)
All this is fine but I want to do more with my phone than notification 8.0 isn't bringing much is it?
Wade.B Maharaj (3 months ago)
i have 90% of These features on my LG stylus 2. software 7.0 😐
Csongor Erdei (3 months ago)
Hi guys! Please someone help me cause I can't put the youtube video down to a little window. I think I need to enable to disable something.
skull (3 months ago)
Still a shittttty 💩 iOS fan..???
Bhagwan Lakhawat (3 months ago)
Oreo also supports Bluetooth 5.0... Simply play sound simantaneously to multiple Bluetooth devices... They call it wireless sound system.
Pravin Raj (3 months ago)
w how can we enable double tap to wake the screen..??
sangam sarkar (3 months ago)
Android 9.0 will be Hide & Seek and the best part Android 10 Dark Fantasy. 🤓
Parminder singh (3 months ago)
how to get android oreo update on my mi a1 because its update failed once due to phone switching off and now it's not showing me updation option in the about phone section.Please do help me. thanks.
Famil Sd6 (3 months ago)
How do i use youtube pictur in picture mode for my miA1
Jake Jensen (3 months ago)
I still wish they would change all the obvious things that iOS does BETTER.. like.. swipe to delete a message (using galaxy S8) or how about leave a group in sms!? Maybe it is mostly just the hardware designers I should blame and not so much the iOS.. Even the phone size is EXTREMELY uncomfortable.. anyone who doesnt have long or huge hands knows what Im talking about.. Trying to extend my thumb twice its length to reach the notifications bar.. I wish android would just follow in the foot steps of iOS when it comes to interface.. so incredibly user friendly and simple. Also I love the iOS emojis much better, they look more real and have no altered look. If you want a sad face, you use the sad face. Android.. heres a cartoon blob.. Why.. I mean its not a bad idea just make all your emoji changes add ons for the OS not the pre installed keyboard.. but hey.. Android will always have more abilities than iOS. XD
Mahmudul Hassan (3 months ago)
Best 👌👌
Gsv Srinivas80 (3 months ago)
When did Moto g5 plus get Oreo update...?
sreeram padmanabhan (3 months ago)
You forgot to say how Google maps navigation minimises to a window just like YouTube.
ajay kumar (3 months ago)
In mi a1 after updating to oreo I am facing lagging when calling it's strucking and calls also not going properly please provide me some solution for this issue
Nongdamba Angom (3 months ago)
YouTube background play doesn't work on my device
Himanshu Patel (3 months ago)
Nice I'm loving Oreo 🍪
Himanshu Patel (3 months ago)
Charles McCormack (3 months ago)
The emoji after tapping the build looks like a Oreo-Octopus... right?!
daveheel (3 months ago)
i have a nexus 6 on nouget. i'd like to know if it will get the oreo update.
Kristián Rogoň (4 months ago)
whats a mobile?
Anwit Paul (4 months ago)
*Waiting for mi A1 to get Oreo*
Pankaj Dalhotra (4 months ago)
Phone's name?
Abdullah Arif (2 months ago)
Pankaj Dalhotra Google Pixel.
Eoin Morris (4 months ago)
Itsan octopus becuase it has 8 tenticles.
SHADOWxWOLF (4 months ago)
i just dislike emoji's in general.
Jan Vince Dimalanta (4 months ago)
wow. thank you for the review!! i love the new emojis! 😍
Steve Philipz (4 months ago)
its a customised nogut
Mickey Chapple (4 months ago)
when will the Moto x4 android one edition get Oreo?
Arpit Shukla (4 months ago)
Same as nova launcher
swami gavhane (4 months ago)
Its something like oxygen is which is installed in one plus series
Ayyfan Fan (4 months ago)
Ios better
今天有人 (4 months ago)
i'm be like ANDROID 9.0 is calling ANDROID PORNHUB
Cinnamon - (4 months ago)
The display kind of sucks, I'll stick with Nougat, Actully I wanted to go back to lollipop ;-;
owais taibani (4 months ago)
Will samsung note 5 will get 8.0 update?
Samsung Sony (4 months ago)
Sameera Pathan (4 months ago)
hadi niko97 (4 months ago)
What your phone?
Nusrat Hasan (4 months ago)
Which phone you are using??
Abdullah Arif (2 months ago)
Nusrat Hasan Google Pixel.
YR DESIGNZ (4 months ago)
what mobile is this ? is it available on lg new series ?
Abdullah Arif (2 months ago)
YR Designs Google Pixel.
Mayuresh Shinde (4 months ago)
I have most of theses features in stock Android 7.1.1
npy ss (4 months ago)
Can you do a droptest with Oreo on your Phone please?
Ayush Kathuria (4 months ago)
Half of these features are already available on oxygen os.
pranav js (4 months ago)
Pure android?like for moto devices ans a1 ?
Akash Sharma (4 months ago)
I'm already on Android Oreo on my Xperia XZs 😍
harpreet singh (4 months ago)
Same as nougat 7.1.2 NOKIA 6
Hrishikesh Adsul (4 months ago)
O == optimization
Kuldip Pabla (4 months ago)
Youtube video is not playing in nokia 8 like tht. I mean in Oreo update.
V B (5 months ago)
Did they get permission of NABISCO to use the Oreo trademark?
BeastlyGamer Dude (5 months ago)
i cant wait, i have a Samsung Galaxy S7 for all you nerds, SM-G930T
Bantakiwi (5 months ago)
My one plus is just updating to 8.0 now
i remember using some xposed tools back on my LG G3 that enabled PIP for pretty much any app.. let's just hope such plugins won't be blocked by Oreo so we may be able to work around these YouTube-Red restrictions
Sujith Ishtar (5 months ago)
The icons scrolling along when you pull the notification bar back up is there in Nougat as well. -___-
jafar shaikh (5 months ago)
Nova prime launcher giving all these features already lol no need for oreo😂😂😂😂
SMKurama (5 months ago)
hey what's up guys it's scarce here
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCfImxDpeJY Explained Latest Android Version History in This Video.
4:32 wait, my Android Marshmallow can do Google Autolock since, like, forever... how is it a feature?
SangoReborn (5 months ago)
Finally, youtube in a small screen.
Know it Mate (5 months ago)
What are the best dual cam phones https://youtu.be/tS9DlnzS_qo
Rei Allen Phillip Ramos (5 months ago)
Android P will be something that starts with 'p' and ends with 'orn' yep, definitely, Android Popcorn
Black Heart (5 months ago)
Why did I get an iPhone this yeeeaaar!!! Whyyyyyy? I guess next year it’s android TIIIIIIME!
Aℓℓ σf мє (5 months ago)
Meh half the stuff S8 already has, but nice to get a few more bits 👍
Active Tech (5 months ago)
Which phone he is using
Active Tech (2 months ago)
Abdullah Arif Oh yeah I didn't notice it
Abdullah Arif (2 months ago)
Active Tech Google Pixel.
Franco C (5 months ago)
I want the update just to get rid of those ugly blog emojis. Lolol
Android Tech (5 months ago)
Umm what android 9.00 will be Rossugulla?
Tolmoli (5 months ago)
which phone is that?
Sujith Shiva (5 months ago)
Is this features available in pixel2
Szalámi (5 months ago)
After this video i switched to android
Kunal Landge (5 months ago)
Calling function is changing or not?
Adhesimol The Gamer (5 months ago)
Next is android 9.0 snickers
PhilipsBeatz (5 months ago)
I'm calling it now, android 9.0 is gonna be pineapple
Rahul Vishwakarma (5 months ago)
1st of all change that fucking wallpaper 😂😂😂 it looks like u have got your screen broken 😂😂😂
Doy Shinja (5 months ago)
Infixr (5 months ago)
Android 9.0 will be android peanut.
It's a me Mario (5 months ago)
The octopus in nightmare fuel
Hari Giri (5 months ago)
I want to uninstall Oreo 8 , how could I can , please tell me
维康傅 (4 months ago)
Hari Giri unlock your phone's bootloader and flash a custom Rom

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