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Apple Responds to SLOWING DOWN your iPhone

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Apple admits to slowing down your old iPhone! What can you do? ►►► dbrand skins: http://dbrand.com/SuperSaf SUBSCRIBE for more ►►► https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSafTV?sub_confirmation=1 Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1XK6ZLU Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSaf Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (894)
SuperSaf TV (23 days ago)
What are your thoughts? Do you think Apple has made the right move?
ANIKET KUMAR (11 days ago)
SuperSaf TV .No very high price...
Future Kannadiga (19 days ago)
I am from India.. Can u give away a mobile for me
Sylvain Alain (20 days ago)
SuperSaf TV yes and I don’t think that others manufacturers need to do that. Nobody except Apple support their phones for 2 years on the hardware(Apple care) and 4 years for the software. Samsung support their hardware for a year and 2 years for their software. We will need to wait and see if Google will end up doing the same like Apple because of their 2 years hardware support and their 3 years OS support for their pixel serie.
DGT INDIA (21 days ago)
Wish you Happy New Year 2018 को आपको खुशियों की कोई कमी ना हो हम प्रार्थना करते हैं भगवान से आपकी हंसी चेहरे पर बनी रहे Happy New Year
Adam Patel (21 days ago)
SuperSaf TV think they did
Tom Ripley (1 day ago)
I don't know why anybody would even contemplate buying Apple now. Slowing down devices and creating phones with fragile screens (see Jerryrigeverything). Is that really a way to treat your customers? I have three Apple devices that just died, not slowed down, and I know loads of other people to whom this has happened. They're not to be trusted.
Pamela Paje (6 days ago)
I'm watching this even when I dont have one iphone. 😂
Fernando E (7 days ago)
very easy to change a iphone battery !!!!!
Hamza Ghauri (7 days ago)
Let's not forget why apple is offering replacement for 29$ ? So people who haven't changed their phone's battery also change battery = their phone become slow = new phone ... business
ANIKET KUMAR (11 days ago)
Níçë video....
AMINE MOHAMMED (13 days ago)
thumbs up although i've seen this video hundreds of times
Vasil Hasamski (16 days ago)
But what can you do if there is no Apple store in your country? Apple is not forcing authorized resellers to offer the same discounted battery replacement.
DoDo Zx (16 days ago)
Can i get one :( ?
Radhe Radhe Production (16 days ago)
All this is bullshit. I had SonyXperia C5 for 2 yrs and battery backup was perfect. 1.5 days average even with 4g on 24/7. Now I have Xa1 Ultra again giving 1.5-2 days average even after 5 months. Stop defending Apple. They are cheats who just wants people's money.
Shamar Coke (17 days ago)
Fucking peasants did you buy an iPhone X to call shit expensive your lucky you even get your shitty battery replaced
Adeeb Hasan (17 days ago)
They should make a software which supports 6 to next coming phone. This software just upgrade phone's performance not apps performance. If they can make this software they will be benefited in many ways. They need not sell extra battery which is they are doing right now. Many country don't have Apple store but they use Apple Products so they can't use this offer. So if they make a software like this and spread in IOS update it will be helpful for every one in the world.
Muhammad Umair (17 days ago)
this is awesome
Apple employees also have less ability to maintain erection👴. Us MANdroids just keep going🏋️‍♂️📱
Sarmad Idrees (18 days ago)
Apple Sucks
FINESSE FLIGHT (18 days ago)
Word to the wise: don't buy a battery case, you'll start getting an air message that says," accessory may not be supported." & the only chargers that work right are stock iOS ones.
Geoffrey Francis (18 days ago)
Apple doing what they do best, mugging there customers off also can i get a min silence for those who paid over £1000 for the iphone x only for them to slow it down next year, nice to hear samsung dont do that aswell
Manohar Singh Baghel (19 days ago)
It's not fair
Kamadev888 (19 days ago)
Apple's customer service is great?
Paul Jones (19 days ago)
Gone back to Sony . Apple sucks
Tech Prady (19 days ago)
😢 No one cares about my channel. I make tech videos
Washinur Rahman (19 days ago)
moved to android -_-
Whobairt Yadchuck (19 days ago)
What the fuck did I told you all? Fucking iDiots are buying... sorry, RENTING an overpriced ovverrating piece of junk and they are happy, because it's apple. FUCK ALL IDIOTS!
Darshan Sharma (20 days ago)
note 8
Sylvain Alain (20 days ago)
Apple did the right move but I don’t think others manufacturers will have to do the same because only Apple support their devices for 4 years ( iOS) and 2 years for the hardware(Apple care). Samsung and the others support their device for 1 year on the hardware and 2 years on the software. We will have to wait and see what Google will do with the pixel serie. They support those devices for 2 years(hardware) and 3 years for the OS.
Padid AZG. (20 days ago)
It is due to these kind of policies that they urge the CEO to have a private jet.
the Page (20 days ago)
2 questions to you @Supersaf Would Apple had admitted the slowing down issue if it wasn't exposed by Reddit in the first place? How would think if a guy "indirectly" stole some money and he offers to return say like 10% of it ?
sky works (20 days ago)
Thank you Apple, my wife has an Iphone 6s, and I noticed that the phone was not working great and this was her last Iphone. The phone has lot of bugs freezes all the time... and it is upated regulary.
navyan tanvir (20 days ago)
ohh thats why
Indian Train Simulator (20 days ago)
This is a result of the "planned obsolescence"
julbert palma (20 days ago)
I dont own any flagship phone...but just love watching it..watching your vid kinda let me xperience the phone i couldnot put my hands on...nice vids...
Jabbar Khan (21 days ago)
So Battery Is The Issue hmmm
Juan Sanchez (21 days ago)
I'm so Glad I got my Samsung galaxy s8 for the wife & I got my beautiful Note 8 I never had any problems with my Samsung phones in my life. I would never touch an overpriced iPhone in my life. Stay away from iPhones on my opinion cheers.
BAZONA Group (21 days ago)
Saif why do you recommend dbrand in your videos when they have very bad reviews I personally experienced I ordered because of your recommendation a month ago and still waiting for the covers please stop recommending this scam and they don’t reply to your emails.
Becky Lawson (21 days ago)
Almost bought a used iPhone earlier this year... VERY glad I didn't now.
MD Mahfuz (21 days ago)
Happy new year
Black J (21 days ago)
Apple is slowing down the old iPhone to make us buy the new ones and increasing the prices of the new ones... Bravo apple ... Thanks God I got rid of my iPhone 7 plus and now back to Samsungs king... Note for life. Apple sucks balls
Stéphane Silva (21 days ago)
its makes no sense when you say "i do not recomend replacing the battery yourself because it will void warranty"... are we forgetting that this only happens on used iphones? (1 year + of usage). thewarranty period already ended
joe cabrera (21 days ago)
Guys please read my comment. I have an iPhone 6s Plus, never had an issue. I never updated my phone until recently when I replaced the battery because I felt it wasn’t lasting as long as it should. The battery was replaced at a professional store, the tech that changed my old battery took it upon himself to update my phone. The battery is not the problem, it’s those updates that I have been suspected of all these years. That’s why I never updated my phone. I wasn’t crazy, I was right.
Thejus Valiparambil (21 days ago)
This is why Apple suck.
Herminilo Singcol (21 days ago)
IPhone is great, downside is the battery.
Because Apple wants that people buy the almost the same phone every year for 1000$/€.
Abhinav Diwan (21 days ago)
Damage control by Apple🤨
Swagata Mukherjee (22 days ago)
In India it cost around 2000 rs Which is not a less money
Fw3ndly B (22 days ago)
Note4 Edge!!
Fly Flicks (22 days ago)
Buy from Apple?!?! Hahahaha, Id rather shit in my hands and clap.
Baconface McGee (22 days ago)
My bother has an iPhone 6 and a iPad Air ruining iOS 9.3.5. He's going to be replacing the battery soon and at the end of 2018 as well. He's going to use it as long as he can.
Baconface McGee (22 days ago)
People are making a mountain out of a mole hill!!!!!!!
Bello Umar (22 days ago)
Apple's latest INNOVATION "slow down older iPhones" 🤔
shaj ali (22 days ago)
f apple
K Lee (22 days ago)
In emergency situation, old version iphone couldn't save you. ha! It's a fraud.
Ivan Tech (22 days ago)
They made millions of dollars on phones they would otherwise have not sold (at least not yet), because people would have never upgraded had they known that a battery change would have fixed the slowdown. Now they offering batteries at cheaper prices but guess what! Those people have already upgraded and no longer need a battery...
Salman Flimban (22 days ago)
i dont agree coz i feel apple scams us about changing the battery to just get more money from us
Idris Sofiyan (22 days ago)
Say hello to GALAXY
Vishnu Rajendran Amboo (22 days ago)
Unethical ways of screwing your customers, all batteries will show down.. The question is the iOS now prompt for the newer and faster processors that's makes older processors work harder thus reducing battery life? The battery excuses is utter bullshit
Tomáš Chalupski (22 days ago)
I think Apple should let you decide if you want faster phone but worse battery life or slower phone but better battery life...
Shalobacach (22 days ago)
wtf is with you face gesture on thumbnails?
totok gendeng (22 days ago)
in a nutshell, an iphone is good for only over a year, either you change the battery or the phone may start shuting down... apples only commitment is update the os but only to give you information on bttery health, no permanent fix yet,... worse, do you still feel good if your iphone is ‘cracked’ open to replace the battery, i dont think the device will be as tightly put together as new afterwards...
ARUN KUMAR (22 days ago)
I subscribed. ....pls send me a mystery box
Miroslav Jančovič (22 days ago)
For anyone with an iPhone 6 or later whose battery needs to be replaced, available worldwide through December 2018. Wtf is this shit? I bought new iPhone 6s 2 weeks ago? Now what if my battery will work properly 1.5 years. Then I have to pay 80€ for replacement again. This is ridiculous. Then they should just stop selling old iPhones. Retarded apple I hope they will lose so many customers.
Time Line (22 days ago)
Time Line (22 days ago)
Why?????? Because Apple is so Fucking greedy! They want more!!!!
Danny Alvarez (22 days ago)
Allowing you to switch a battery at a reduced cost is a temporary fix, only because they're not promising to increase the speed of your device at the time you replace the battery. Kind of a big deal if you ask me
启强洪 (22 days ago)
Well, but the throttle still ongoing then..
Thomas Regan (22 days ago)
Whoever brings back removable batteries like those back in the day, I'd buy one. Have spare battery go from flat to 100% in less than the minute it takes to change batteries, who needs FAST CHARGING?. Battery probably costing Apple only couple of dollars so still making money out of their customers misery
Thomas Regan (22 days ago)
Not trying to push people to upgrade from slowing iPhones? It's a joke, I'd always choose to have PERFORMANCE over BATTERY LIFE ..... Who is Apple trying to fool, should give replacement battery FREE
Məhərrəm Məmmədli (22 days ago)
RIP iPhone
desert storm (22 days ago)
How on earth a new battery will bring back the previous speed of the phone?
ask khan (22 days ago)
Apple is fooling us
Dragan NijeVažno (22 days ago)
It's all bs. Why is there no option for users to decide it? Like in settings or to have option of setting cpu downgrade by percentage.
superman touch (22 days ago)
But if the software is already installed in the phone if the battery is changed won’t the performance remain the same ?
Naydine McDermott (22 days ago)
If I'm buying a phone for over £200 or I'm paying £30+ a month it better last two years especially since you're locked into paying it for that time period. All these companies are just greedy for money. This is deliberate.
Zafri Zulfi (22 days ago)
Waaw... no excuse , apple makes money , they want money. Is this r8 move then pufff. What do u think, they removed headphone jack in first place.
Jay B (22 days ago)
Honestly, I usually keep my iPhones for about 3 years or so. I've never had problems with the performance or battery in that time. I guess I've been lucky, or I just don't push my phones too hard.
Nithin Prasad (22 days ago)
They are already pretty slow in the market and when it comes to tech and upgrades , so....nothing makes any sense now.
Mikayel Jamalyan (22 days ago)
Other manufacturers should not cuz THEY DO NOT SLOW PHONES DOWN
JORDAN (22 days ago)
If apple slowing down for strategy it's for sell to you new one but apple want to care your phone then it's shows what kind of cheap material apple using after Steve I've sold mine cook
Kerron Hope (22 days ago)
Funny how people will say €79 is two much for a battery replacement but will pay €1000 for the phone. 🤔 Interesting. Apple f*cks all their consumers and when y'all complain they just f*ck y'all a little softer and provide great customer service. If you f*cking me frequently, damn right you better give me the best goddamn customer service.
Shyam A (22 days ago)
This is the beginning of end of Apple. Google and Samsung are lot better when compared to Apple. I was looking forward to buy iPhone 8. But now I realize that it would be a blunder doing so.
Jayden Dickson (22 days ago)
people spend $30 on a case
Jayden Dickson (22 days ago)
dbrand solve all problems
Soumajit Ghosh (22 days ago)
Feels like the BlackBerry day for Apple has arrived.
Rahman Shafique (22 days ago)
I NEED HELP MY IPHONE X lags in facetime, houseparty, and other cellular calling apps. I tried on wifi and cellular and i hard booted, reset network settings and tried everything.
Honza Štěpán (22 days ago)
On other site old iphones are still faster than old androides....and I am s7 owner so....
Aman Amar (22 days ago)
Statement given by Apple is bullshit!!! It was deliberately done. To push to buy new iPhone.
Sujeewa Dhammika (22 days ago)
Apple suck now 😈
TechRadd (22 days ago)
yup they have kind of a never the less its better to know before then knowing it later on
Wen S (22 days ago)
The reason why i love android 😁
jeff willis (22 days ago)
Apple Sucks..Samsung note 8 rules.
I have an iphone 5s. 😢
alan piggin (22 days ago)
Hopefully other manufacturers will follow suit, in the U.K. you’re generally about an 1hr away from an Apple store or Samsung store. Not quite sure how one plus etc could manage this within a same day service. I’m an iOS and Android fan. I had a Motorola Dext 8 years ago which had a 7 day repair time through CPW.
Omar Elliott (22 days ago)
They give nothing for free even when they are in the wrong
Chong Chern Peng (22 days ago)
Lame excuse and Sponsored video by apple. Smart move to clear all the old battery stock left unsold. Consumer should have the right in the first place decide whether to update the ios if its impacting their battery performance or phone performance in the first place. apple made billions from this move and now only giving peanuts back to you all.
George Zhu (22 days ago)
Why you need to replace your battery for a phone under the warranty? It’s under warranty which means it was purchased within 12 months.
Pilar Perez (22 days ago)
yes they should offer it on all phones
Xarc Factor (22 days ago)
Everyone knows the answer yet, there are 100's videos about it.
Archie Austria (22 days ago)
Apple doing this crap since ios 7 on iphone 4!
Hector Torres (22 days ago)
Thank God for Samsung. I've never had this type of problem with my previous and current Galaxy Phone 📱
saego360 (22 days ago)
If it was due to the battery they would of told us ages ago... its to make you buy a new one, apple knows how to make money
Ninjawarrior700000 (22 days ago)
The Apple is shit

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