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Updated Pixel Launcher Overview - New Pixel 2 Features!

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We all want to get our hands on the Google Pixel 2 as it has some amazing new features. One of those amazing features is the updated Pixel Launcher. Well now you can get it on your device! Watch and learn! ____________________________________________________ ▶ Official Updated Pixel Launcher https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/pixel-launcher/pixel-launcher-p-4275643-release/pixel-launcher-p-4275643-android-apk-download/ ▶ Rootless Pixel 2 Launcher (MOD) https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/paphonb/rootless-pixel-2-launcher-mod/ ____________________________________________________ ▶ Pixel Wallpapers 2017 (By Pranav Pandey) https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/pranav-pandey/pixel-wallpapers-2017-port/pixel-wallpapers-2017-port-8-0-0-pp-6-0-arm64-release/pixel-wallpapers-2017-port-8-0-0-pp-6-0-arm64-android-apk-download/ ▶ Google Wallpaper https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.wallpaper ____________________________________________________ Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed
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Text Comments (209)
luks okram (4 days ago)
where can i change the icon
Lorenzo Wyman2704 (9 days ago)
On my Android phone ZMAX pro running Android 6.0.1 when I try to do the pixel launcher it says "Unfortunately, Pixel launcher had stopped"
vignesh rao (15 days ago)
How to remove that fade animation from the bottom of the screen?
Brenda princesa Lindaa (15 days ago)
I really hate Android for a simple reason, it's a monopoly of Google, just as iOS is for Apple, they claim it's open source but it isn't, not real open source. A real open source mobile OS would be the likes of Jolla Sailfish and Ubuntu Touch. Can you change your engine search from Google to another one, with this launcher? mainly an open-source based one that doesn't track you, like Duckduckgo? Or at least Firefox? At least on my iPhone I can change the browser/search engine from Google to Duckduckgo, but with Android it's harder, with Google's own software it's almost impossible, they will force you to use Google, and then track your location and all your information as usual. I'm not stupid. But Android is still better than iOS and Apple which I completely despise
vykunth Rao (16 days ago)
for all those of you who dont have the option of changing icon shape or missing option in the google pixel launcher, you have to enable "developer options" and then the setting just appears in the spot automatically... To enable developer options, go to Settings-->System-->About Phone, and tap on where it says the build number over and over until it tells you developer options are enabled. the change icon option then appears ..
sumith chandran (20 days ago)
Sumith Chandran: New pixel 2 Launcher 100% Working methord to set pixel Laucher as system app. Also help in avoiding crash ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ https://youtu.be/-u5zwZ1MmgE
Darren Johnson (22 days ago)
I have the OG Pixel XL and the G in the search bar stays white no matter which wallpaper I put up. Is there a way to change it to the colored G in the settings?
ashok vardhan (28 days ago)
But not enable for LeTv
the gammerman 1234567 (28 days ago)
Help it doest work on my device .....when I click the home it says unfortunately pixel luncher has stopped (help)
Caaz (1 month ago)
The modified version doesn't work on my Nexus 5X, i have Android 8.0.1, is it only for rooted devices??
MIRHA (1 month ago)
For me weather widget doesn't appeared, just the date... Someone know how to fix that?
Bálint Béres (1 month ago)
How i can see the calendar thing on the homescreen?
Bálint Béres (1 month ago)
Whitch is the good Link for the Real Pixel 2 Launcher, with the Long Press Gestures and so...
Isuru Gajasinghe (1 month ago)
how to change icons rootless
X App not installed ____________________ Ok
Łukasz Wojciechowski (1 month ago)
On Huawei P10 many settings is cut. No many options but waiting for upgrades - especially icon shapes. I love simple launchers.
xTenshi (2 months ago)
At A Glance doesn't even work
Tn Han (2 months ago)
how to change iconpack?
Spydr (2 months ago)
Tn Han ya cant.
Anurag Jatav (2 months ago)
Can we use custom icons in this ?
TAAAAAAAAACCC (2 months ago)
Dstar Creations (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/ENXwC6QfJAw watch video
Dodo Man (2 months ago)
like the wallpapers so much
LTUL (2 months ago)
Is it possible to install for Nexus 5x?
Frank Tee (2 months ago)
I have installed this on MXPE running Nougat. What a perfect combination?
Google User (2 months ago)
at a glance is invisible on mine
Reincarnation User (2 months ago)
damn dude , finally it works , i tried every single apk that available out there but failed to open , and now this , it works .. but only for the modded version ..sad news
Dibyendu Dhenki (2 months ago)
It's hurtful for Motorola device?
KDFWAviation (2 months ago)
How do you get At A Glance to use the Google logo font like in the video? It uses the default Android font on my phone
Richard Landicho (2 months ago)
can't hide the icon label at home😧
RSR pranks (2 months ago)
Lots of bugs in this launcher
vlogospheer (2 months ago)
Pixel 2 I here... Yay! Pixel 2 wallpapers are amazing and everyone can get them ...yay! Look if I swipe right you can see a The Verge article about how horrible the Pixel 2 XL screen is... Oops
Ufuk XiYiZi (2 months ago)
Hey uhm, I've installed the launcher and it works perfectly fine except for the weather, like it isn't displayed as on your phones. Any help?
Keiah Billingsley (2 months ago)
Would you follow my YouTube channel
Simon Thomas (2 months ago)
I installed it, I like it but I'm getting old icons😔
nezzly (2 months ago)
That outro sounded like MKBHD's
Christian Jay Magowan (2 months ago)
installed the launcher but it doesn't allow me to change my wallpaper, it says "App isn't installed"
Christian Jay Magowan (2 months ago)
My bad, I got it figured out
MR. BUCK MAN (2 months ago)
pixel launcher is not working budddy, it is popping the " unfortunate message"...
Gordon (2 months ago)
Highly doubt Google will bring these UI changes to the Pixel or any other device but the Pixel 2
Sandyuz (2 months ago)
Location based earth wallpapers not working. App keeps crashing
Tyler Travis (2 months ago)
I grabbed this, but I still like nova better.
Harshvardhan Trivedi (2 months ago)
Filip Boskovic (2 months ago)
I have bug in searc apps , my icons pops up on down on keyboard, and battery level icon are crossing , google pixel with my stock laucher. I use p9. I try every version, any patch soon?
Ak Gaming (2 months ago)
how to get this rom(Stable) for xiaomi mi max 32gb???
Dank Meme Master (2 months ago)
I need the modified app drawer search bar. But the modified one doesn't install... Using a pixel here. The first link works fine for me.
Parker Time (2 months ago)
When I download this on my S8 Plus the app just crashes.. Downloaded it from a few different sources and just wont work :(
Rowdy CM Barrera (2 months ago)
Just get Action Launcher 3 and buy the pro version. You not only can get these things but also use Android O notification previews.
SARTech (2 months ago)
Why Pixel Launcher on My Phone Always Keep Stopping, My Phone is Samsung A5 2016 Android Version 7.0 Nougat. Please Help Me..
Sharan M (2 months ago)
Swipe down for notification will be a handy feature.. I hv got used to Oneplus' Oxygen OS..
Hydra Hawk (2 months ago)
Guyz trust me nova is better
Mark David (2 months ago)
It won't install on my nexus 6p *help please*
snuck22 (2 months ago)
The UI/UX and icon design still look old and dated. Having multiple icon design languages and styles on the same screen sucks. Installing a new app and then realising its icon is of a totally different style than the ones you have on your home screen sucks. Installing custom launchers and icon packs won't fix this, as no icon pack contains icons for all apps out there. I changed my phone a couple of weeks ago and could have gotten any phone currently on the market, but since I have OCD, I am horripilated by Android's UI and UX. It's sooo unfinished and fragmented. I really wanted to buy an Android phone, but just couldn't! I have used Android for a couple of years and I found myself constantly wanting to change icons, menus, lists, fonts, colours, etc. all day long, constantly installing all kinds of launchers, icon packs, everything - but just could not get the feeling of a solid UI with a solid UX that looks like it's part of a whole. And now I'm stuck with an iPhone and although there's almost no customization available, at least the OS looks like it's part of the same design language. And the icons as well. ...
Abdullah Al-Marhuby (2 months ago)
I miss stock Android (currently using 7 plus)
jerry pride (2 months ago)
Am I the only one aggravated by the pixel 2 XL being referred to as the the new pixel 2??
Patrick Harmon (2 months ago)
how do i get the google to show up on the right?
Hosni Guiling (2 months ago)
Wallpaper doesn't work
officialpartychannel (2 months ago)
thx for the animated wallpaper!
Alex Bogár (2 months ago)
The modded launcher works fine on my Galaxy Note 4,but the At Glance widget doesn't want to show up. Anyone had the same problem ?
xTenshi (2 months ago)
Yeah it doesn't work for me either!
Mr. D3Z (2 months ago)
Blaž Veber (2 months ago)
It looks really nice on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Android – 5.0.1 Lollipop
Nazif Morshed (2 months ago)
What was that at 3:01 ?
cutecatmeow aj (2 months ago)
Im on samsung galaxy A is ipad
Chris (2 months ago)
First link doesnt work for me. Second one does but the "At A Glance" widget doesnt appear and there is an annoying white shade at the top and bottom of the screen. Also, is there a way to use icon packs with this or at least get rounded icons in this launcher?
Safayet Jamil (2 months ago)
I installed but it doesn't display date. What should I do?
karan kumar (2 months ago)
Red wallpaper at 0:04 Anyone have link?
Mister E (2 months ago)
Idk I'm not sold on this
Justin Cheeks (2 months ago)
Works on s6 edge plus but not s7
Sheila Dey (2 months ago)
Already using modded pixel 2 launcher and pixel wallpaper by Pranav Pandey in my s8+ I'm really satisfied
Tommy Flynn (2 months ago)
The "G" on the search bar is permanently white for me, regardless of the wallpaper. I'm using the modded launcher and Google's Wallpapers app.
Bálint Béres (1 month ago)
Tommy Flynn I cant open the not Modded version of it... Device:Galaxy J5 2017 Android 7.0. Samsung Exp. 8.1
Japheth Prem (2 months ago)
Tommy Flynn Your welcome
Tommy Flynn (2 months ago)
Japheth Prem thank you!
Japheth Prem (2 months ago)
BTW i use the normal Pixel launcher not the modded one
Japheth Prem (2 months ago)
Tommy Flynn it changed for me after i installed the Pixel Wallpapers.apk and applied a live wallpaper ...😊
Nabil Ahamed (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot for the video. Helped me a lot as I was looking for the easiest way to customise my one plus 3 like the pixel UI. This is surely it! Just wished that the icon pack could be customisable too. :(
Ruben Casarez (2 months ago)
But that screen is so ass tho
Korey Paul (2 months ago)
Working on my rooted Nexus 6 running Pure Nexus 7.1.2
One Eight (2 months ago)
Doesn't work on S8
Obayeed Hassan (2 months ago)
After applying this , when long press home button, g assistant doesn't work. Instead show old screen search.
Aditya chaubey (2 months ago)
His name's pronounciation is somewhat like paan-day.😄
Shubham Mhashelkar (2 months ago)
Aditya chaubey ikr
ICMonster (2 months ago)
Why does my Google now look different to the one in the video? Even with the modded launcher
Sathira Katugaha (2 months ago)
Anyone else can't stop seeing the jelly effect on the op5?
Sathira Katugaha (2 months ago)
Saurabh Bahmani I'm pretty sure it's the 5 unless he uses both in the video. This one has more rounded corners like the 5 rather the more square shape of the 3t
Saurabh Bahmani (2 months ago)
Sathira Katugaha The phone used here is OP3T and not OP5. And that is not the jelly effect FYI.
Dereck Gutierrez (2 months ago)
Thank you for this! That modded one is freaking perfect. It's exactly what I was looking for. 🙌🏻🙏🏻
Bhavya Saran (2 months ago)
is there any way to hide apps in pixel launcher ?
vasu97 (2 months ago)
He said only works on android O... I believe all of those working on nova
Dank Meme Master (2 months ago)
vasu97 except the inertia effect and the widget and also the bounce animation and the folder animation.
varun arora (2 months ago)
Mod app not being installed on nexus 6p..can't scroll right to see Google now home..pls help
Tareq Saleem (2 months ago)
I still think that Nova launcher is better looking and has more features.
Mihai Lazar (2 months ago)
J Ξ T L A G TSF launcher yes I have been using it since 2012 on my Galaxy S2 ... All the way to my Galaxy A3 and still use it on my LG G6 now I can't find a better one ... Once you get used to the non grid based layout you can't go back I just find it a LOT easier to reach all icons when placed in a roughly HEXAGONAL pattern because out fingers are just better at moving in circles naturally, and once you get used to the folders opening in a circle at the bottom half of the screen for maximum reachability and no need for pages in folders even if you have 16 apps inside It's just too convenient Now please note that this is not for everyone and if you don't know how to set it up properly you're going to have a horrible time but I do suggest you at least check it out (just don't judge by the play store photos ... They're really old ... Like really REALLY OLD )
jetlagKing (2 months ago)
Mihai Lazar tsf?
Mihai Lazar (2 months ago)
Tareq Saleem TSF wipes the floor with moth of them
jetlagKing (2 months ago)
Tareq Saleem right on more features but doesn't look as polished as the pixel 2 launcher
Ryan T (2 months ago)
This has been out for over a week
Dank Meme Master (2 months ago)
Ryan T But not the modded one
Thujey Hyolmo (2 months ago)
Not working on nexus 6p!! Peevious one was working!
Supa Mariio (2 months ago)
how to unistall the pixel launcher??
Mbithuka Tech-world (2 months ago)
Supa Mariio go to settings>>apps>>pixel launcher.. Then uninstall shit 😂
Jahaziel Martin (2 months ago)
But can't change the icons...there's no setting to change it :( and the stock icons on the One Plus 3T are not that cool :(
Jahaziel Martin (2 months ago)
I been using Lawnchair for at least a month, but to be honest, this Pixel Launcher is smoother and feels like butter. But I will keep using Lawnchair until this is solved.
V Armstrong (2 months ago)
V Armstrong (2 months ago)
Jahaziel Martin lawnchair ........
Nishant Chhabra (2 months ago)
grid is too compact no option to change redmi note 4
Kendahl Titcomb (2 months ago)
The only thing that sucks about most launchers is that some native widgets don't work. I happen to like the native ones like the clock, calendar and a few others over the Google and 3rd party ones
Kendahl Titcomb check here Pixel 2 launcher for any phone. . .https://youtu.be/v_xjwoRstAc
sbn025 (2 months ago)
that mid transparent draw doesnt look that good
Patrick Hermey (2 months ago)
The Pixel is far from Vanilla.
Kenny 92 (2 months ago)
Can't remove the "At a Glance" widget or even move it , which sucks
Kenny 92 check here Pixel 2 launcher for any phone. . .https://youtu.be/v_xjwoRstAc
jetlagKing (2 months ago)
Kenny 92 is there option to use adaptive icons
Kenny 92 (2 months ago)
I uninstalled and reinstalled the modded version, and now's there's more settings and an option to disable "at a glance"
cerissa brown (2 months ago)
Victor Lazo Was think about going back to Nova too. I did end up updating apps in Google play and once they were done I was able to long press and get preference options.
Victor Lazo (2 months ago)
cerissa brown I finally switched to Nova Beta and Zooper Widget Prp and got the same result as the Pixel Launcher
Khaled Salhani (2 months ago)
Nova Launcher all the way!
Indian Train Simulator (2 months ago)
I can most of these features with the Nova launcher and Trident 3 Zooper widget.
I tried installing both versions of this launcher and both times it said App Not Installed. I have a Nexus 6P running stock Oreo 8.0
Kamil Vohra (2 months ago)
Dank Meme Master Ok
Dank Meme Master (2 months ago)
Kamil Vohra the first link is working just fine but the modded one doesn't install. Using the pixel too.
Dank Meme Master (2 months ago)
Mike's Tips, Tricks & Reviews go to settings and stock launcher and uninstall all updates or maybe launcher 3 is responsible.
I have Launcher3 and Nova Launcher installed
Kamil Vohra (2 months ago)
Same issue on my google pixel stock 8.0
Aniruddha Patil (2 months ago)
Jai ho Pandey Ji Ki!
Sma Das (2 months ago)
It’s slowly becoming AndiOS
Faiz Arsyad Wahab (2 months ago)
I'm gonna wait until Nova releases all of this as an option
Faiz Arsyad Wahab check here Pixel 2 launcher for any phone. . .https://youtu.be/v_xjwoRstAc
Faiz Arsyad Wahab (2 months ago)
Vinod Meel I meant the look of the Pixel launcher. We haven't got the Google search bar on top of the app drawer. Dude thank you, but yes I'm using Zooper for the widget. I have the Pixel 2 look atm.
Vinod Meel (2 months ago)
Faiz Arsyad Wahab and u can get same calander temperature widget by using another widget app.
Vinod Meel (2 months ago)
Faiz Arsyad Wahab u don't get that animation features..btw i don't like Google search bar at dock..m still using old pixel look customization
Faiz Arsyad Wahab (2 months ago)
Vinod Meel I am aware... I use it. But it doesn't have all the features yet.
Miheer Poradiya (2 months ago)
Hiw did u changed the icons?
Dank Meme Master (2 months ago)
Miheer Poradiya Nova boi
Miheer Poradiya (2 months ago)
Dank Meme Master okay, i got it, I'm on 7.0 so i won't get those options..
Dank Meme Master (2 months ago)
Miheer Poradiya they are the stock OnePlus icons if you are talking about the adaptive icons they are in the settings
Drag Race Media (2 months ago)
Pixel 2 is ugly. I’d rather own something less hyped like Vivo or OPPO.
manavpaul57 (2 months ago)
Hildegard Chachki Wait you will chose an oppo/vivo over a pixel?Are you off your meds? Or did i just feed a troll
Kiran Neupane (2 months ago)
Vivo & Oppo less hyped!!!!! You must be kidding me :D
Drag Race Media (2 months ago)
Jump, you homophobic neckbeard.
Drag Race Media (2 months ago)
Shivam Goyal (2 months ago)
Oneplus 5 jello effect.
jetlagKing (21 hours ago)
Roke Beedell ignorant?
Roke Beedell (22 hours ago)
jetlagKing (2 months ago)
Shivam Goyal I didn't really notice it until you pointed it out
twingo5969 (2 months ago)
Can't Install it on my 3T :(
twingo5969 (2 months ago)
Doesn't work for me :( What can I do?
Dank Meme Master (2 months ago)
twingo5969 use the modified one. It works fine for me

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