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Beginning Medical Law

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BOOK REVIEW BEGINNING MEDICAL LAW Companion website By Claudia Carr Routledge Taylor & Francis Group ISBN: 978 1 13801 302 5 And an ebook www.routledge.com AN EXCELLENT FIRST STEP TO UNDERSTAND WHAT MEDICAL LAW AND ETHICS ARE ALL ABOUT An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers As Claudia Carr explains in her excellent text book on the subject of Medical Law, “medical law and ethics is a relatively new area of law that is growing in complexity by the day”, so she presents this basic primer in easily understandable terms dealing with both contemporary and current controversial issues. As with all the Routledge text books, this particular title is probably the best on the market as an introduction to the way in which “Medical Law” operates in England and Wales for those new to this developing subject. Carr adopts a clear and simple approach with legal vocabulary which is carefully clarified throughout the book. One of the main reasons why we consider the Routledge series of legal textbooks to be of outstanding value both in terms of cost and in content is the way in which their authors (all legal experts) explain substantive legal issues in such a readable fashion. For both tutors and students, a decision on which textbook or revision book to use is always difficult but it is clear to us from the feedback we have received from students that the Routledge texts lead the legal field. Many of their titles also have excellent links to websites sometimes marked as ‘companion websites’ which also add much assistance to the hard-pressed learner and is a great additional tool for all. We would also say that the formats used by Routledge for their books are very much of a mainstream formula for legal texts which eases the student into methods of legal reasoning for those just beginning their legal studies and for all undergraduates: they certainly helped us with our preparation so do ensure you look very carefully at all the titles they have on offer! Carr uses diagrams, tables and what she calls ‘on-the-spot questions’ to make the subject come alive. For us, the companion website is an innovation! Therefore, do look at the features at the beginning of the book which will assist with your learning and engagement with the subject matter. The key definitions and the many key cases together with the learning objectives in each of the 13 chapters are of particular help to those new to the subject and the title remains an ideal first introduction to Medical Law for undergraduates and anyone interested in this growing area of substantive law for 21st century. The law is stated as at 1st August 2014.
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