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WEIRD Chinese Phone HUNT and Unboxing!

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Time to scour the gadget markets for something unique and interesting! I need to get a second place prize for my giveaway and we need to do an unboxing! Brown-Eye's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jc9991 Quest for the best Chinese in the USA! Episode 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFAejbtB5W0 Episode 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSYOW-2eg2k Episode 3: https://youtu.be/PUjQSPgkwLA Episode 4: https://youtu.be/qu2ItMRYuIM Conquering Northern China: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringnorthernchina DISCOUNT CODE: STAYAWESOME Conquering Southern China: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringsouthernchina Support Sasha and I on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/serpentza Join me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/winstoninchina Twitter: @serpentza Instagram: serpen t_za My other channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/advchina
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Text Comments (1376)
serpentza (1 month ago)
Congratulations to the two winners! Love you guys!
mazza (4 days ago)
the speakers are the same as the grill on the car too
j1 r2 (19 days ago)
serpentza is cool love you
j1 r2 (19 days ago)
Notification square
penguins forall (27 days ago)
It's Android made to look like iOS.
laishram singh (1 day ago)
hey man you r truly one of a kind.....keep going.............................lots of love from dubai
lihan song (1 day ago)
Wow, Tamiya cutting mat. Do you build Gunpla?
Ariyan N.K.B (1 day ago)
Brown starfish, he corn holes him
WOW three (4 days ago)
you can buy it only 150rmb if you can 😂😂
Tom Nichols (5 days ago)
I missed the give away phone? Stay awsome
Tom Nichols (5 days ago)
Stay awsome
serpentza (5 days ago)
Yes unfortunately!
thelitecommando (5 days ago)
Love the videos, ever thought of just ordering the phones online and having them shipped *for free* directly to the winners?
serpentza (5 days ago)
What would be the fun in that?
- Pete (5 days ago)
It is actually 主菜单 instead of 王. It means main menu.
Anthony Maloco (5 days ago)
I had no idea they made a phone that looked like a BMW key Fob. that looks exactly like My keyfob
Turbrooo (5 days ago)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 / 64GB /4GB , Euroversion in Switzerland its 240.- CHF in Stores
myplane150 (6 days ago)
That brick phone would be great as a house phone. Fun conversation starter.
Ben Brown (6 days ago)
Brown eye?! 🤣
jay Day (7 days ago)
very cool!
406 nova (7 days ago)
Browneye !?!?!?!? Lol
Matthew Martinez (7 days ago)
really enjoyed the vid .... can't wait for more!
PartiZAn18 (8 days ago)
"Can you give me a cheaper price?" "220" "How about 200?" "How many are you going to buy?" "Just 1" "Ok" Man I enjoyed that.
Yaser Nor (10 days ago)
5:21 ..accident
Matt Dodd (10 days ago)
Those little phones are whats known as a prison phone in the uk, the ones that look like car keys/fobs are now more popular as even if they are found they maybe overlooked. They do not cost much more in the video than on ebay.
dikerma hasky (10 days ago)
Winston you are the best on this youtube channel, stay awesome, and you have a big fan in Bosnien not just the US..
serpentza (10 days ago)
Vortex (11 days ago)
I would love to see the food reviewed there in China. Might be interesting...
Mythrays1 (11 days ago)
What are they wearing at 0:40 lmfao
Mythrays1 (11 days ago)
Brown Eye wtf lol
steve gale (11 days ago)
LOL, that brick cell phone, I had one of those similar types in the 80s.
patio87 (12 days ago)
200, you probably got ripped off. From what I've seen from other youtubers in these malls you could have haggled that thing down to like 25 rmb or something.
CrystalGaming Pro (12 days ago)
What's up with China and fake Apple products
TheSilenceIsKey (13 days ago)
would really like to see the kinda of music production gear at those markets!
Celery Zeng (13 days ago)
Once I brought one of my german collegues there in 华强北 to buy phone box , but no phone box suit him....
The Apple Shill (14 days ago)
Decided to check out Richard's insta and it's apparently his first time winning anything, so I guess you shouldn't feel so bad after all. Sure, a lot of users put a lot of effort into their comments, but I bet you made Richard's life by stopping at his comment.
Explorer (15 days ago)
主菜单 不是 王菜单!not king menu it is main menu!
mqdad green (15 days ago)
That's so cool tbh I want one rn
Honest Entertainment (15 days ago)
Sir pleasease visit a Chinese market of ac and what is smallest ac exist on China.
S. Neo (15 days ago)
I always send by Shufeng
melondog82 (15 days ago)
Hi serpentza....I got a China smart phone bluboo s1 its ok but ads keep popping up on it so now I don't use it, is they any apps or something that I can uninstall ??
GoldenPimp (15 days ago)
I love how people in China speaks English. It used to be only people in HK has "some" grade school English skills. It amazes me how even small retail shop cashiers speak English now.
Jamal Habboushi (16 days ago)
Thanks for uploading such HQ and interesting stuff. Hope you and the Mrs (Sesha?/Sasha?) are doing well!
Gus Sanz (16 days ago)
I like to see more of the smaller towns, how the react differently than the bigger cities. (Also the food the serve )
Taisin Viper (16 days ago)
those USBs look like the old SONY type :)
Party Pillz (17 days ago)
so who won the phones?
Obama Zhou (17 days ago)
Wonderful Amazing (17 days ago)
3:09 I thought that's cockney.
goodfella21f (18 days ago)
Brown eye, LOL!
Burial (18 days ago)
3:08 can I have a butcher's? The "subtitles" seem to be getting more and more... creative!
arcadeuk (19 days ago)
Why not setup an ali express sellers account and ship things for free to your friends :) Just get them to make a token purchase to get your shipping label
Daniel Corral (20 days ago)
Originally from Miami and seeing that picture on the Oppo of Josh Richardson in a Miami Vice Jersey was awesome, not gonna lie xD.
Jako1987 (21 days ago)
Think. That yellow phone full of lithium cells. You need do charge it only every other year.
Omar Irsyad (21 days ago)
apple shop everywhere
Arthur van der Wal (21 days ago)
The fact she agreed on your price so easily shows you got ripped off :D
Mahesh Purbe (21 days ago)
really its good
Robert Clute (21 days ago)
Everything china makes is garbage. Chinese space station launched in 2011 and was abandoned in 2016 and waiting to fall down on earth. HAHA Chinese shit
Amazingseed (22 days ago)
$200 is still a rip off tbh.
Xsocia Lee (22 days ago)
to whom are you giving to toys? how to enter?
serpentza (22 days ago)
Already had the giveaway
Pj Belangel (22 days ago)
Love your content man! Feels like i'm right over where you're at. Stay safe and stay awesome ♪
Omega Man (22 days ago)
His name is "Brown eye"? Isn't that a nickname for a butthole? I'm really hoping I misheard.
Jake Blake (22 days ago)
Hey! Winston Sterzel, do you remember that time when you raped a Chinese girl in sha zui, and then bragged about it to me in 2006? I do...
Brian Cirrincione (23 days ago)
that phone is freaking hilarious.
SmokeAndClickCircles (22 days ago)
Just about to comment that, I would love to have that thing.
Brian Cirrincione (23 days ago)
a few years back i ordered a phone from AT&T. it arrived, the next day 3 more phones arrived! and 3 more the following day!! i was baffled. i held the phones. waited to be charged by AT&T. the charge never came. so i ended up selling 6 phones. XD
braddeicide (23 days ago)
How is postage expensive when so many ebay sellers do it free?
idkzero (23 days ago)
best trick to get into the counterfeit area.. bring a chinese guy to hold the camera :D
lauraiss (24 days ago)
I like you man and consider your videos great. Would have a 12 beers with you. Not rum, hate rum. Ok, if you insist, few ciders. Pear, not apple.
MultiGamerClub (24 days ago)
It would be hilarious if i showed a mobile like a bmw as a key to my boss.
Kunal Behrani (24 days ago)
Btw i bought same bmw mobile for 9$ in india
Sephra Ardan (24 days ago)
That’s so cute!!!! Really anything miniature I’ll shoot for 😂 I married my husband for his phone rooting skills ❤️ he’s hasn’t bricked a phone yet 😂 when you said “car phone” I was thinking of the old phones that were in the center console of cars in the early 90’s 😝📠☎️📟
MOE GREEN (24 days ago)
stay awsome
MOE GREEN (24 days ago)
i love your chanel id love to get the phone, my brother drives a bmw it will be a mad thing if i give it to him thru you
Linktoyourheart (24 days ago)
Dang I missed a give away
That's a pretty cool 'weird' phone, thanks for putting the effort.
Sean Wuh (25 days ago)
唯品会 weipinhui is an famous online discount store in Chn for thousands commodities like clothes shoes appliance phones and etc.
Sean Wuh (25 days ago)
哈哈 终于看到华强北了
POSEIDWNAS13 (25 days ago)
I found it for 30 £ here in the UK on ebay
Jimmy Jamm (25 days ago)
Brown eye 🤣🤣🤣
craig tiffany (26 days ago)
There are apps in the UK that let's you buy from China and postage is cheap.
MrSlowbo (26 days ago)
Where did you get the Oppo A57 smart phone, how much was it. And where can i get it shipped international ? Thank you =)
Dory Fin (26 days ago)
You told them to say 'Stay Awesome' 😂
Eazy Street (26 days ago)
Do they have anus phones? Some thing small enough to smuggle into prison? Oh and charger.
serpentza (26 days ago)
VinnyIuspa1 (27 days ago)
Why does he call himself brown eye? Might as well be called asshole. Also, question. Due to the lack of toilet paper in China and the disgusting bathrooms, is it in general a bad idea to eat a Chinese girls ass? What about anal? I would assume shit dick would be really bad. Hopefully your wife keeps it clean so you can chow down. Cheers!
ZEKUN XU (27 days ago)
lmao king menu. That's main menu dude
serpentza (27 days ago)
Mark Pascall (28 days ago)
Congrats winners! Good show Winston very generous.
butch ignacio (28 days ago)
You should talk about the social credit score.
Logan Kaur (28 days ago)
Hispanic every sufficient intent willing distribution cloth toxic emission.
Matt Ferguson (28 days ago)
Be honest. What phone do you use? I find as a foreigner in China it's pretty convenient just to use an iPhone (with apple maps!) with no need for a VPN.
Mark Pascall (27 days ago)
I use Blu Advance 5.0 and Blu Vivo XL2...( I wonder if it's a Vivo?) Anyway ...
serpentza (28 days ago)
I use an iPhone
Artful Dodger (28 days ago)
WOW! Stay Awesome Winston!
THE NORTH GUY (28 days ago)
It is a good idea to root this phone whit the new android ?
THE NORTH GUY (28 days ago)
In fact the bmw flip phone can be use like in breaking bad for dealing shit :P HAHAHAH im joking, its meth xD HAHAHAH :)))) im funny when im bussy at night.
Ken Nguyen (28 days ago)
You haven't checked the fidget spinner phone, it's much more interesting. LOL
ÉN (29 days ago)
My huawei p10 is a bit like that oppo
Brotherhood Legacy (29 days ago)
ur friend seriously looks like chow yun fat
Ard Zhou (29 days ago)
Finally I find you from YouTube! You are the person who praised China at first but now, you get paid and slander China. Hypocritical villain !!!!!!
Ard Zhou (29 days ago)
Who care?
serpentza (29 days ago)
Lol, how is a video about phones slander?
Caryn Schwengel (29 days ago)
Interesting how you were not followed by security this time.
tim elkins (29 days ago)
Dayve Hallam (29 days ago)
New sub here, and I must say I really enjoy your videos! But I must ask, what's with the suits?! :)
serpentza (29 days ago)
I have a video about that https://youtu.be/Oqp5zI4Ng_s
Camren Harris (30 days ago)
I've done watched a couple of your videos and have learned is that , Chinese people are fucken greedy for money
Wu Kong (26 days ago)
just like you.
Shawn Peh (30 days ago)
Sheol Velez (30 days ago)
The brick phone resembles a satellite phone.
BoGy (30 days ago)
Hey .. Serpentza .. i've been watching you for quite a while now, and it's great you want to give back .. but unfortunately you used a very unfair method to pick the winners. Probably just because you didn't know any better, as you still tried to bring in some randomness... but next time if you need to pick a random comment from one of your video's; just use the random commentpicker for youtube. It's a site that will load all the comments, it will filter double comments (so each users has 1 entry, no matter how many posts he made), and then you can let it select a random comment. It'll show you the username and said comment that is the supposed winner... ofcourse you can do this as many times as you want if you need multiple winners ... so maybe an idea for the next raffle you're organising? btw; i'm not affiliated with any site.. i just saw what happened ('ill scroll on my mobile -> only 2 pages scrolled, i could tell you up front you wouldn't scroll half way down) and would like to see that everyone really has the same chance on winning something :) btw; keep bringing the nice vids and ofcourse stay awesome!
MATS0ZETEX (30 days ago)
serpentza what do you think about the CJayride situation? I immediately thought of you when this happened of the media slandering you, but what similarities can you draw between the relatively more violent and abusive reaction CJ got compared to your notoriety from Chinese Tabloids.
hail the anime snake king
Walla (30 days ago)
how high is your chinesse level?
Vera Ramirez (30 days ago)
The flip phone works 2 hustle 🚬 🍦 ❄...💩
ChronicKoff (30 days ago)
When my friends & family leave their devices unlocked, I do a quick youtube search for serpantza/ADVchina & subscribe them on their account, usually without their knowledge...300K SOON!
serpentza (30 days ago)

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