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The Property Imperative Weekly - 14 April 2018

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We review the latest finance and property news, which signals further risks ahead
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Lost Soul (2 months ago)
I have noticed lately across social media community groups many people looking for JP's to sign documents...as well as alot more people looking for part time or full time work. I believe there is a lot of juggling going on in many new households.. The property market is hurdling across the ground at brake neck speeds, in the distance is a dark object growing larger and larger...I wonder how many property investors are going to realise they are now sitting in an unstoppable vehicle going head long at that dark object...that impenetrable odject, how much more time do they have before it too late.......or is it already!!!
Walk The World (2 months ago)
I think you could call the situation fluid - look out for my post tonight on the investor trends by state!
countchivas (2 months ago)
Special appearance by the doggy
Walk The World (2 months ago)
Yep. they like to get in the picture if they can...
Yusuf Maltese (2 months ago)
The storm Is coming and most people are not prepared I wonder what Scott Morrison is going to say lol he has been pretty quiet at the moment.
Big Sinner Risk Ninja (2 months ago)
I think this article is your best work yet Martin. Thanks so much for keeping the main stream media honest. Subs doing very well too!!!!
Walk The World (2 months ago)
Thanks, appreciated.
Big Sinner Risk Ninja (2 months ago)
$3m slap on the hand for the enforceable undertaking is hardly worth it. The internal bank admin costs would be more than that. Bit of a joke. Regulator penalty is underwhelming probably because it will have too much of a negative effect on APRAs mandate of ‘financial stability’.
Big Sinner Risk Ninja (2 months ago)
Thanks again for another smashing article Martin. Would love to hear your views on China Australia relations (given 35% GDP derived from China trade and potential trade war-like tariffs) and possible implications of some of your scenarios on the AUD and maybe if you are feeling adventurous, AUD gold price behaviour in such scenarios. Thanks for considering. Cheers
Walk The World (2 months ago)
Thanks for those suggestions, will add them to the (growing) list!!
Big Sinner Risk Ninja (2 months ago)
Sydney has the sharpest and most sophisticated investors. Smart money exiting early as can afford to be best informed. Their loses as a percentage is much higher $$.
freesyddotcom (2 months ago)
Hey Martin, which do you think will occur first...? Housing crash or WW3?
Walk The World (2 months ago)
Suspect housing will win that race...
Chris H (2 months ago)
great video as always!
Walk The World (2 months ago)
Thanks, appreciated...
Tobacc0 (2 months ago)
Nice piano. Do you know, "Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime"...?
Walk The World (2 months ago)
HA HA - need more than a few dimes to solve the upcoming financial crisis - need the theme from the billion dollar man!!
funky homosapien (2 months ago)
I know of no other country on earth as dependent on property and property price increases as ours. It is literally the only game in town. All those builders, contractors, finance types, real estate types, literally all our eggs in the one basket. It is THE economy. I wonder what the social and societal ramifications will be when it all goes down. All those dreams. 1 million AUD buys you an average house in syd or melb. Martin, do you see detached housing weathering the storm better than units, ir will both be affected in your view? thanks for your work, it is brilliant.
Wing Kee Chan (2 months ago)
Lost Soul - Vacancy tax would only hurt speculators who are keeping their units vacant in the hope of capital gain. Investors of buy to let are not affected.
Lost Soul (2 months ago)
I read recently that the Victorian government is now looking at applying a vacancy tax on units and houses, they are still putting all the t&c together. This will hurt the investors directly by paying an extra tax or indirectly as extra properties are quickly brought onto the market for rent, thus lowering rental returns on existing properties.
Actually there are partially empty residential towers in Sydney and Melbourne mainly foreign investor owned. Any significant downturn here and overseas could see a large number of sales and repatriation of capital overseas. Retirement of debt and being debt free is the ideal before our economy turns down.
Wing Kee Chan (2 months ago)
Recalling the ghost cities of China, any evidence of ghost blocks in the major cities?
Walk The World (2 months ago)
Both effected, but units first, thanks to higher investor ownership, and flood of new units coming on stream. But all property will be impacted. See Ireland.
Bill Hollingsworth (2 months ago)
Stratified hedonic index? Golly!
Walk The World (2 months ago)
Stratified - split into value band. Hedonic index - this approach to price index construction controls for compositional change by obtaining information on housing characteristics (e.g. bedrooms, bathrooms, land size, suburb, etc.)...
Sue Blue (2 months ago)
The lunatics are really running the asylum on this one!
google eyes (2 months ago)
More like they are running the sheeple station.
Maaa_aaa_aaate (2 months ago)
+Sue ...... Or is it by design ? The big players make money when the markets go, up or down. If they are controlling the direction of the market, the win is even larger. Hence JPMorgan market trading desk had only 2 days of loses in 4 years. Not rigged at all..... /sarc
Tainui Babe (2 months ago)
Walk The World CREDIT availability or the lack of, is EVERYTHING! Why do people not understand this???
Walk The World (2 months ago)
The role of credit in the boom is still not widely understood, it is not just marginal, its fundamental!

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