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Larry Roeseler, Baja 500, June 3, 2017

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Larry Roeseler #96 pitting at race mile 155. He took 90 gallons. 1.7 mpg! The brakes caught fire just at the 8 gallons/second fuel transfer started. The crew handled like pros, I am very impressed.
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Brian Smith (1 year ago)
Chemical retardant doesn't seem to me to be the thing for putting on a brake fire, maybe just a pressurized water extinguisher would be better. Steam vs. chemicals to breathe.
sdibaja (1 year ago)
I am no expert, it seemed to work quite well with little drama. There are just so many things that can be kept handy at times and places like this.
Edlin Grosso (1 year ago)
bien x el super piloto larry

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