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OnePlus 6 Review: Is the flagship killer now the killer flagship?

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Our review of the OnePlus 6, which is the most expensive - and powerful - OnePlus device ever. Is the flagship killer now finally the thing it sought to destroy? We take a closer look. Thanks to dbrand for supporting the channel: http://dbrand.com/AP Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed Background tracks by: DJ Grumble - http://bit.ly/2hShtN1 LAKEY INSPIRED - http://bit.ly/1OAApVv
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Text Comments (618)
Jevon Palmer (21 hours ago)
Hey Zach. Since you have lots of wireless chargers, you should send me one as a gift. I have a Galaxy S9 Plus. Pleeeeaaaaasseeee!!!! 😊😊😊😊
shubhankar munshi (1 day ago)
3:50 how do I don that please tell me
aj yiadom (2 days ago)
Having a hard time deciding between this and the mate 10 pro
Hafizh H (3 days ago)
Just realised zachary works for android police now
Mr Hook (3 days ago)
https://youtu.be/wxg_FRmyh-U Better!.
All Android Hacks (3 days ago)
I need this phone
Evanx373 (6 days ago)
Why would anyone want to copythe notch that the iphone x has? Seems kinda dumb to me.
everydayfun (6 days ago)
one plus 6 phone killer huh wait for note 9 to defeat one plus 6 on speed performance then we will see how those one plus fans cringe just cause it defeated note 8 and S9+ with 6 gb ram note 9 will be the new flagship killer phone for the new one plus and the new iPhone's released if note 9 can't defeat the new iPhone's released then S10,S10+ and galaxy x will defeat the new iPhone's in terms of speed honestly I'll only trust Samsung cause they have no notch on their phones and they still kept their headphone jack.
Super Tylt (6 days ago)
1) Call yourself the "Flagship Killer" 2) Swap words around 3) ??? 4) Profit
PC KUCHING (9 days ago)
Try the hand held video stabilize and mic record volume, it kill ip x, P20 and S9+.
XxshonenxX (10 days ago)
If oneplus is gonna copy everything apple is gonna do could they at the very least make a 4.8" phone with an 18:9 display? Too many phones are huge now a days
Maddu (2 days ago)
XxshonenxX yes so true, I need a smaller good quality phone
Fonsidian (10 days ago)
Headphone jack?
Panzerkampfwagen (10 days ago)
This or s9?
Silkl4sh (10 days ago)
Like 3 months ago i bought brand new S8+ for lower price than 5T and oh boy S8 is just superior in every aspect to 5t so oneplu$ is not a bargain anymore
Kapitan Trzynasty (10 days ago)
the Hardware is not excelent as you say , I like very much my OnePlus6 but...Sound Quality of Speaker is very bad:/ no bass at all.And yeah the camera, I bought 1+6 for this 4K60fps feature but Focus-Hunting during recording of Video is annoying, I dont know, Maybe they can fix this through updates
LeagueOfNations94 (11 days ago)
Is stereo speaker possible with an ota update? Just curious hardware vs software
Sokar599 (12 days ago)
Wireless charging is just stupid. You waste a ton of energy, something we should cherish, and for what. Just so you don't have to plug on a cable? How lazy can you get.
Sokar599 (12 days ago)
Every. Single. Phone youtuber just 'casually' mentions they'll slap a dbrand skin on their phone.
tigerag29607 (12 days ago)
love my 5t and would love a 6... honestly love the cleanness of the hardware and especially software.... id much rather have the clean software than bloated / gimmicky features...
Raul Medina (13 days ago)
Why keep using the phrase"perfect" no phone out there is perfect
tarno89 (13 days ago)
As you said. Wireless charging and stereo speakers are not a deal breaker. These features are not so important in my opinion. Dash charge is still the best in the world and I personally use headphones and external speaker. By the way, their bullets headphones sound fantastic.
L-Jeff Law (13 days ago)
I’m actually between this and a Pixel 2
KENSG (14 days ago)
Man..sweet review. Good stuuf :)
Zachary Anderson (10 days ago)
KENSG Thank you!
Tek Minion (14 days ago)
What has been your experience with it being able to maintain a connection via Bluetooth?
Sergey Faynitskiy (14 days ago)
Even OP3 sounds better yhan this. There is no logical reason to buy this phone. Few months from now there will be new OP6T.
supermindblower69 (15 days ago)
For all of those who are looking to buy an OnePlus device here you can take a voucher for 20€(or is it $ i aint sure :)) https://www.oneplus.com/si/invite#IGRMCNXC70Q68KV It's just one of those things to get you to buy more stuff from them but hey 20 bucks is 20 bucks.
Nick Tse (15 days ago)
OnePlus 6 ,zenfone 5z ,xiaomi mi8 Or going for the cheaper xiaomi mi mix 2s?? What your opinion??? Nice video btw!
DR devil (15 days ago)
i am using samsung galaxy s duos2 should i upgrade
Tøp Clique (15 days ago)
Am i the only one that dont care abiut the notch ? It looks ok and im not bothered by it
Which theme/icon pack are you using
Matt (16 days ago)
It’s rubbish compared to the iPhone lol
Oni-Wan Kenobi (17 days ago)
Your video quality and commentary is up there with the best. Keep it up— do more!
Asif Irfan (17 days ago)
OnePlus 😍
holly in hindi (17 days ago)
Make a video on xiaomi mi 8 or mi 8 se
Aswin Adirono (17 days ago)
Anyone knows how to fix the cropped screen on instagram for example?
Jayden Decaire (17 days ago)
Will there a 6t?
N. W. Dood (18 days ago)
I have the Revvl Plus. It has a decent speaker, as good as OP6. Otherwise, I am fine buying the OP6.
Jonathan Hanks (18 days ago)
Wireless charging is slow as f*ck. Once it's fast, I might care about it.
larson seq (18 days ago)
Watching on my xperia m
Varad Mane (18 days ago)
What music player was that? Spotify?
L1MaT (19 days ago)
I love it! Best phone 😎 OnePlus6 voucher 20€ for free: https://www.oneplus.com/hu/invite#EQXEU9VTQAN9XGE
koala koala (19 days ago)
I like your hair
Mihir Bhoir (19 days ago)
How is the camera on oneplus 6 when compared to iphone 7
John II (19 days ago)
Good review. I have a 5T and see no reason to upgrade. I mean this phone is good, but not going to switch.
Lotte (19 days ago)
Should I get this or the google pixel 2 xl? Looking for a phone that has good battery life, a clean android experience and reliable software updates (for longevity). Also: I am a student, so: is the google pixel 2 xl worth spending more money on? Any women who use this phone?
Honza Hluštík (19 days ago)
Al Ray (20 days ago)
What people fail to realize is that... Wireless Charging, Stereo Speakers, Water and Dust Cert., QHD Display, etc.... costs money. If they were to incorporate most of these (or all) into the OP6 the phone could easily cost upwards of $650-$700. The company knows exactly where they can cut corners and keep prices true to their brand. You can't expect a phone to stay in the same price range forever. With inflation and competition packing the best of the best in their products but also charging a hefty (ridiculous imo) dollar amount. If you think about how much more you're getting for ONLY $30 extra it is really an amazing deal.
Scizz Ayo (20 days ago)
liked the video but clicked the dislike button because of the dbrand skin plug. can't watch a video these days without the uploader pushing these damn skins.
nishant saloki (20 days ago)
Great video..
Negoita Sergiu (20 days ago)
Get a free OnePlus case using this voucher https://www.oneplus.com/ro/invite#IIH5YN7OJDUPPID
Hi. I've been asking this in oneplus 6 forums but it seems no one can give me the answer. So here it is: I'm a 3T user and I must say I'm very much happy about my phone that I didn't even bother buying OnePlus 5/5T. But this time, I am considering buying OP6. My ONLY concern is the camera. Why does OnePlus have to make a camera that has a higher resolution sensor, same aperture size as the main camera and only use it for portrait mode? I mean, isn't it just a waste of resources? Even with my 3T, I can do bokeh effect using this particular "google camera app". No wide angle, no crisp monochrome, no telephoto??? Just portait mode for the secondary camera? I hope you understand that many of phone manufacturers uses low pixel secondary cameras if it is just for portrait mode. This is not a hate comment but I really need enlightenment as to why so much resources is used for such a not-so-necessary feature? If would have made the cost lower and also the selling price as well. ARE THEY TRYING TO DECEIVE US? It feels like a complete downgrade."
Carolina Rodríguez (20 days ago)
Can someone tell me where did he buy the camo skin? Does you have to buy it? Or there's a new edition or something
Richard Calvillo (20 days ago)
cubbz5 (21 days ago)
I would get over the galaxy if it didn’t have the notch
SouL mAn oUt (21 days ago)
Apple sucks
anandhu (21 days ago)
http://newphonespecss.blogspot.com/2018/06/one-plus-6-comes-in-two-variants-68-gb.html for complete specs of the phone
U turner (21 days ago)
Paid advertisement
Zachary Anderson (21 days ago)
U turner Nope. Would've disclosed it if true.
Babar W. (21 days ago)
I am ready to see how it performs after seeing a lot of lag with the Galaxy S9+. I have already ordered the 8GB variant.
Venkata Nandi (21 days ago)
It can never be a flagship or its killer. Its stuck in the mid-range from start till now.
Jeff Wiesneski (21 days ago)
I'll take a headphone jack over dual speakers any day.
SidXing (21 days ago)
oh man that red 5T wallpaper 😮🤤
Flames Tornado (21 days ago)
if they atleast enable the speaker in the notch to work as another speaker it will be awesome even if it wasn't really stereo speakers. but it will make it much better for sure. if not maybe root users make it but you know not everyone will try rooting a phone and for a new phone its more unlikely.
Aroder (22 days ago)
i'm debating between this and zenfone 5z which comes next month. hmm... hmmm...
evans boateng (22 days ago)
No way for notch
monkeytown (22 days ago)
the notch looks pretty good on this one! saw some people talking about the xiaomi mi 8 being the "better oneplus 6" but their take on the notch is ugly as crap. liking this phone pretty much so far. the one thing i will never be able to understand is why so many people want the wireless charging. i´d take a "plug-in-and-still-use-it" over a "put-down-on-charging-pad" solution any day.
Adrian DSouza (22 days ago)
Using it ! Enjoying it!
JoL Villaronga (22 days ago)
Can you do a microphone test on a loud environment? Like simulating a concert? I had the One and the 3t and the Mic makes cracking noise when is loud.
TheChameleon2008 (22 days ago)
it got nice specs but the camera's aint that great... no stereo speakers.... no sd card... no wireless charging... no water proofing.... so to me its not worth the money. I think a high end phone should have 1 point where they accelerate on other brands and it seems that oneplus doesn't have any
kornikof (22 days ago)
Oneplus 6 it's very good phone for the price. I believe! Now if you add a micro sd slot, a dual speaker set up, an IP68 rating and a wireless charging you will have a Samsung galaxy s9 plus, wich cost $840, so this phone cost $250 to $350 less and has more then a midrange phone plus the essential for phone a top shelf phones. You can leave with one speaker, phone charger much faster then Samsung phone, ip68.. 85% of the owners are still scare to trow it in the water even been waterproof certified, only thing for me is the micro sd slot, which is much convenient knowing that oneplus port are still 2.0 and not 3.1 means take forever upload all your content from a computer.
Tina Morris (22 days ago)
Why copy the ugly notch, though. Seems like it wants to be an iPhone.
David Thomas (22 days ago)
Still rocking the 3t.
maximusZ09 (22 days ago)
My Z3 breaks right at the moment I ordered the Oneplus 6... Does this mean the soul of my Z3 goes into the Oneplus 6?
abanoub waheep (22 days ago)
The background link plz
Amitayputi2203 P (22 days ago)
oneplus 6 or s9+ ?!
Norman Prima Sagah (22 days ago)
I'm curious, can the earpiece be a secondary speaker with a software update?
sultanabran1 (22 days ago)
in real life usage, this is a 5T with a notch
Petko Kirilov (22 days ago)
No one wants this bloody wireless charging!!!
Abhijeet Todkari (22 days ago)
till date we dont have 4.5 amp wireless charger, so one plus 6 dosent have wireless charging
Sandeep Patil (22 days ago)
Already bought the midnight black
Brian ONine (22 days ago)
Still using my OnePlus One to this day! I want to upgrade after 4 years though..
David Yaakovi (22 days ago)
I still don't understand why you photoshopped the picture so it looks like there is no bottom chin at all. Is it to get me enter into your anothr video on the OnePlus 6?
nameless5r (22 days ago)
And it's useless to millions of us because it doesn't work for Sprint or Verizon
Kevin Chau (22 days ago)
Love it so much i bought one
Yusuf Jamal (22 days ago)
I want Innovative ideas instead of powerful specs. What does it take to make a smarter phone without dated UX.?
Yusuf Jamal (22 days ago)
Turn off the dark mode. I hate it
Raleigh Tait (22 days ago)
Wireless charging - OnePlus 6T
Rafi Zawad (22 days ago)
How do you have that kind of navigation bar on s9? 6:18
Christopher Cristobal (22 days ago)
its the first time im gonna buy a OnePlus, does OnePlus sell their phones Unlocked?
Christopher Cristobal (22 days ago)
Now that's some good news, thanks for the info Joe
joemann7971 (22 days ago)
Christopher Cristobal the one plus 6 is a world phone. Since telcel is GSM carrier, it should be compatible. Looks like you should have also have lte support as well since the frequencies telcel uses are supported by the one plus.6.
Christopher Cristobal (22 days ago)
joemann7971 oh thank you good sir, but what if i live in Mexico and i use a Mexican carrier like TELCEL?
joemann7971 (22 days ago)
Yes. They are unlocked. Dual Sim, but they only support GSM networks. So, if you're in the states, it doesn't support Verizon or Sprint. No CDMA whatsoever.
Red Hood (22 days ago)
Its a great phone. But its the last phone I would think of buying. iPhone X or Galaxy S9+ would be my first choice.
Vaiza (22 days ago)
can we all please stop giving 4:3 photo samples on a 16:9 video? i know, quality. but me personally, i never actually use 4:3
nuyou21 (23 days ago)
😂🙄 You can unlock this embarrassing OnePlus iClone X6 for broke dummies with a photo. Flagship killer... that's as funny as Never Settle. 📵💯 http://bgr.com/2018/05/30/oneplus-6-face-unlock-vs-iphone-x-face-id-not-secure/
jazzyfizzle687 (23 days ago)
Would you Go for the one plus 6 if you currently have a galaxy S8 ????
Krepaa (22 days ago)
jazzyfizzle687 no, never, the s8 beats it in every way possible, especially camera, build quality and display
Pedro Sousa (23 days ago)
Can you please try a video on a loud environment? Like a music concert? Thanks.
Ledenk mems (23 days ago)
Its by no means a killer flagship and not even the 6T will be if it takes the same route. Bad screen, no wireless charging, no waterproofing, notch... And for $550. Im highly dissapointed.
Ledenk mems (19 days ago)
Michał L Im a kid? First of all, having phones with 2k screens for the last 3 years, I see a clear difference. Even a 2014 Galaxy S5 has a better screen and that shouldnt happen at that price point. Also, I much rather trust a phone thatd certified to last 30 min underwater than a phone thats splash resistant. And fast charging? Every phone nowadays has that. But wireless charging is important to some people. I rather leave my phone charging on my desk while working or on my night table when sleeping than having to look for a cable to plug it in. Its very hanfy for some people and you can get one for $10-15 on Amazon. Im not saying its a bad phone. Im just saying there sre better ones out there and that it was a large disappointment for me personally, because for the price I would have hoped they would have done more. Its not much of an upgrade over the 5T which already lacked many of these features. Soooo yeah. This sint really a killer flagship. Performance isnt everything and nowadays you cant reslly tell the perfomance difference between flagships.
Michał L (19 days ago)
The screen is great and 1080p is a smart and great choice. 4K display just drains more battery and you cant see the difference. They checked that on a blind test, actually. People can't see the difference so what's the point? There's none. Wireless charging again it's a gimmick, not a real feature. Charges way slower, charger costs extra. It's a con, how can anyone consider it a feature... I'll take dash charge instead, any time. OP6 has been already opened on youtube and has the same securities for water resistance as IP67/IP68 rated flagships. They tested it can stay drowned for 2-5 minutes without any damage, that's more than enough. Once more it's not a feature. Why would be a phone full water-resistant? What's the point? A phone can get splashed, can be dropped into the glass, pool or whatever, you instantly get it out and it'll work just fine, that's what OnePlus offers and that's what matters, no need for any IP ratings. Not to mention e.g. Samsung IP rating is bullshit since warranty doesn't respect drowning your phone haha. Btw, there's no such thing as waterproof phone, phones can be water-resistant. You don't even know that but of course has lots to say about it... so common :) Another kid falling for list of useless features.
Mikael Fredriksson (23 days ago)
asad shaikh (23 days ago)
I bought s9+ over op6 and i must say i am very much happy with my choice. Downloaded Nova launcher to change interface according to my choice. You can clearly feel the difference between these two phones in quality
Krepaa (22 days ago)
asad shaikh yes, you made the best choice, the s9 beats it in every way possible, its in a completely different league the s9, dont even compare them man! ;)
Gerald (23 days ago)
Review the HTC U12+
Aakash Sharma (23 days ago)
What about those who have oneplus 5? 8gb, 128gb? can we wait till op6t under dispaly fingerprint
Aakash Sharma (19 days ago)
Michał L I used OnePlus 3, 3T, OnePlus 5 - got used to of front fingerprint scanner.
Michał L (19 days ago)
The placement of fingerprint scanner is great. I don't understand why people would want it be under display? When you reach for your phone, you hold it on the back and your finger naturally lands on the scanner. That's the ultimate position for it. I don't have to think about unlocking at all because my finger does it intuitively. That'd be the worst idea to move the scanner to the front.
Karl Mags (23 days ago)
Killer radiation levels, once again...
Amir Bright (23 days ago)
Is "aluminum" a new kind of material, I looked in the chemical element chart but didn't find it?

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