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Top 10 Best Smartphone Under Rs.10,000 $150 in 2018

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If you are in the market looking for a budget Android smartphone, chances are, you have a budget of Rs. 10,000. So, what do you get in this budget? well, a lot actually. As technology continues to become cheaper with each passing month, features such as 13MP rear cameras, Full HD+ displays, fingerprint sensors have started to make their way in this segment. But, which phone to buy?. Here is our list of the top Android phone in 10000 in India for this month across different brands. These are the best android phones under 10000 and offer the best combination of features, performance and quality for a phone buyer whose budget is under Rs 10,000. i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe my channel Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Click Here to Subscribe:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-3XJxY4sVdB_LG2idABvig?view_as=subscriber
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Text Comments (115)
bhsuralkar@gmail.com (10 hours ago)
Xiaomi redmi 5. mistake is redni
android gamer (1 day ago)
http://techkart.ml/2018/06/23/best-mi-phones-in-2018/ Check this out for simillar content
Haider Haider (1 day ago)
Fudu video
Tejas Rathore (3 days ago)
1:38 redni what
Raja Rajpoot (4 days ago)
Yar Pakistani price ma bato
Sanyam Wadhwa (4 days ago)
Now Redmi y2 should be on the top
bhai pehle ap khud to price check krlo
SAAD PATHAN (5 days ago)
an honor 7 a is not at 8999 its for 10410
DIPU DEBBARMA (5 days ago)
KSHITIJ SHARMA (6 days ago)
Lava z70 also
SULEKHA DAS (6 days ago)
these video is tooo coll and please comment me
vijay kumar (7 days ago)
My fav. Phone moto🤡🤗🤗🤗
Vinay Kumar Doredla (7 days ago)
Nice. I am a Redmi note 5 user.😀😀🤗🤗
jashan aulakh (7 days ago)
ek phone bar bar dekha rahe ho
Mahanta Pradhan (8 days ago)
so nice video
techy student (9 days ago)
Fake rate of phone and don't detailed properly
Samanth Dabhole (9 days ago)
No 3 great LC Q6
mozartzc (10 days ago)
Yes Yes Yes 100k subs ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Nirupama Bharangar (10 days ago)
Nope the the 1st is oppo real me 1 3gb ram 32 GB and it's cheaper then redmi it's 8990 on Amazon it has 2ghz processor and better camera
Garvit G (10 days ago)
Honor play 7 char bar aa gaya
Sahil Sharma (10 days ago)
Don't buy any mobile he shows. Because real phone is xiomi red mi note 5. But he shows it's fake redni note 5.😁😂lol
Ashutosh Kakade (10 days ago)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Best Phone hai
Boby RaJPuT (10 days ago)
Teri ma ki chut bhosdi k kam su kam phele puri details pta kr liya kr jabhi video upload kra kr sari details glat h bhosdi k
Soham Chowdhury (10 days ago)
2:29 honor play 7 And the next is the same name Wtf
Jakeer Bhai (11 days ago)
Deepak Dhuri (11 days ago)
Bhai honour play 7 ka ringtone batana
Samiul Alim (11 days ago)
wrong prices
Shivam Dhole (11 days ago)
Redmi y2 launch ho gaya hai nayi video banao
Prince Tiwari (11 days ago)
Mr. GK (12 days ago)
Moto g5s+ 7500 me kbse aa rha h. Jldi dila do.
Dip Gore (12 days ago)
Mohd Shoaib (13 days ago)
Sahil Beg (14 days ago)
Nice ringtones 👌
cuti pie dance (14 days ago)
Number 6 that's not honor play 7 that is Mi note 4
Naveed Malik (14 days ago)
Motu patlu
Mohit Sah (14 days ago)
moto g5s ka price pata hai
Mohit Sah (14 days ago)
moto g5s ka price pata hai
Ratnamala Patil (14 days ago)
Wrong hai
Maitry aadhya (15 days ago)
IPhone is best
Komal Kate (15 days ago)
Sagar Goswami (16 days ago)
marama patym kar no 9727822251 5000 hajar ok
desi jaat (16 days ago)
Bhai mere channel Ko bhi subscribe kar do please
Kirpalsinh Kirpalsinh (16 days ago)
Prabhdeep Dhaliwal (16 days ago)
Hor koi phone
LAUGHING DOSE (16 days ago)
Fake video and poor video this video is copy
aayush rai (16 days ago)
nice look is honer
aayush rai (16 days ago)
Vaibhav Shete (16 days ago)
माजा कड नाही आय फोन भावा नों सॉरी बर का बेबी
Saiful tech (17 days ago)
Please give me the link of background song
cristy shantha kumari (17 days ago)
3:10 what is the background music bro
Lakhan Patil (17 days ago)
Real me phone kitne ka hai
Sangita Singh (16 days ago)
8999 rs
Sangita Singh (16 days ago)
Shaikh Umar (17 days ago)
Yeh VC
Mritunjoy choudhury (17 days ago)
Gopal Sa Rathore (17 days ago)
Very nice pic
siri pala (17 days ago)
Thada Bro
All Rounder Boss (17 days ago)
Bakwas. Aadha maal to Chinese dhika diya.
Aftab Alam (17 days ago)
Arbaaz Khan (17 days ago)
Redmi note 5 pro nahi hai 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😈😈😈😈
Sanyam Wadhwa (4 days ago)
Bhai y2 hona chaiye ab top pe
shalu kushwaha (14 days ago)
Arbaaz Khan u live in kanpur?
Knowledge Bank (16 days ago)
Bhai woh 15 hajar ka hai
Suresh Choudhary (17 days ago)
is it real or fack video tell me guys
Vimal Kumar (17 days ago)
Bhai 1st wala kon sa tha
Tech-ET (17 days ago)
redmi 5 plus
Aneesh Ahmad (17 days ago)
Yes how
Vishal Gautam (17 days ago)
Not redni its redmi
Anand Aravind (17 days ago)
where is Moto e4 plus?.5000mah battery...8,500rs price..that is 1st...
Kundan Kumar Raj (18 days ago)
Bakvas video h
chinna angara (18 days ago)
Chutiya banare sub ko ek bada chutiya honor 7x 13000 bc
Sahan Rathnayaka (18 days ago)
I am interested in
Sahan Rathnayaka (18 days ago)
Plz tell Mee
Sahan Rathnayaka (18 days ago)
Where we can buy this phone this price
Sanyam Wadhwa (4 days ago)
Sahan Rathnayaka frm many websites
Mehedi Hasan (18 days ago)
Xiaomi best
Faizal Khan (18 days ago)
How we buy it please tell us
Mahajan Eesam (6 days ago)
Faizal Khan yassss? ???????
Amit Mhatre (18 days ago)
Zhata kay pan takatav
Ankit Jinagal (11 days ago)
Amit Mhatre raja
Ankit Jinagal (11 days ago)
Amit Mhatre d
Sujal Tiwery (18 days ago)
Three bro the racers (18 days ago)
Yeh jagha kaha hai
GOWTHAM GOWTHU (18 days ago)
Moto g5s plus cost is above 13000
Aryan Lahiri (18 days ago)
What about mi y1
Malay Mukherjee (18 days ago)
Hai mi not ni...
king Akhil Rôy (18 days ago)
AlL Lia (19 days ago)
What about Moto e4 plus it is superb
AlL Lia (19 days ago)
Wrong prices Moto g5s plus is 13000
Deep Jat (19 days ago)
False info on each and every single phone
kalyan borborah (19 days ago)
Mi redme note 4
Soumo Bhattacharya (19 days ago)
Yes xio mi red mi note5 is no.1 mobile under this price
Bhuban sabar (19 days ago)
Is it true lg q6 8990/-
Himanshu singh (19 days ago)
Vivo bhe hai
Akshat Verma (19 days ago)
Samsung J7 max 1000Rs
kautilya kumar (19 days ago)
who was give u Moto G5s plus in 7300???
Deep Jat (19 days ago)
kautilya kumar the same guy who teaches you english.
Noshad Khan (20 days ago)
Rahul Chaurasiya (20 days ago)
Gjb ki video e Editing
Mirajudheen Mohamed (20 days ago)
Awesome tune at Lenovo and LG
in me se konsa smartphone khride
fun world (23 days ago)
Honor play 7 three times how😨😨😨😨😨
Bhavya Ghodasara (13 days ago)
Yes , this is fu*king video
Frankz Angelo Labia (24 days ago)
I can't explain well why I hate this video because I'm not a smart person.
Pintu Patil (4 days ago)
Frankz Angelo Labia !
hanif afridi (4 days ago)
Frankz Angelo Labia answer me
hanif afridi (4 days ago)
Frankz Angelo Labia why
Frankz Angelo Labia (24 days ago)
This video sucks!
Frankz Angelo Labia (24 days ago)
Worst video ever! Many mistakes! Dislike this video. Frustrating.
Shubham Durral Rawat (25 days ago)
So much of animation less information..
bulan thakur (17 days ago)
Shubham Durral Rawat if u want more info about these phones then search on Google or any shopping app...
Apple (26 days ago)
Cool video
Apple . Hvb
Salman Malik (20 days ago)
The2xGamers (28 days ago)
Friend focus more on showing more features and details of phone and less on advertising...
Nayazahmad Nayazahnad (29 days ago)
Your video best
John Karlitos (29 days ago)
Simanta Choudhury (20 days ago)
No. 8 Redmi 5 not redni 5

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