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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+: Official Introduction

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We live our lives through our phones. They're now our screens of choice to enjoy everything from TV shows to mind-blowing games. But smartphones still look the same as they did a decade ago. Until Now. Unbox Your Phone Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ http://spr.ly/Unboxed [Infinity Display] The new Infinity Display gives you an incredible full screen experience. By creating a bezel-less, full-frontal edge-to-edge screen, the Galaxy S8 gives you more space for the things that matter. [A Whole New Way To Interact] The Galaxy S8 also presents a whole new way to interact with your phone – Bixby. Bixby will be a new intelligent interface on our devices. [Removing Everyday Barriers] We constantly push ourselves to give you technology that makes your life easier through Face Recognition, Iris Scanner, Samsung DeX, Camera and more. [Opening New Worlds] The Galaxy S8 connects you to a new world of experiences by pairing with the Gear VR with Controller or the new Gear 360. For more information: http://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/galaxy-s8
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Text Comments (20852)
BRAEDENPLAYZ (2 hours ago)
The1KINGpig YT (7 hours ago)
Seems cool
Yong Geun Song (17 hours ago)
they should make the phone like how the screen is with the sides also with the bottom and top
Harrison Allsopp (20 hours ago)
My Samsung s8 is getting scarted but the phone is still very good
Greetings from this phone xD i love it!!!
리마틴 (1 day ago)
Dont trust water proof it. My ip68 phone got water damage in shallow water. Repair fee is more expensive than original phon price in malaysia..dont buy samsung phone.
Blake Perry (1 day ago)
Awwww I'm gonna miss the touch keys 😔
Martín Gutiérrez (1 day ago)
aver si ponen el bixby en españolll
hi (2 days ago)
S8 aj k ami kinbooo
COD (2 days ago)
atleast better than lg g6
Morel Williams (2 days ago)
Good stuff. Have you done any iphone vs Samsung comparisons?
BRAEDENPLAYZ (3 days ago)
BRAEDENPLAYZ (3 days ago)
I love it!!!!!!!!!!!
alklde :v (3 days ago)
XTeoX (3 days ago)
My friend said s8 does not have edge screen, soooo rekt.
flet_ 1919 (3 days ago)
Wait for s9🔥🔥
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Swapnil Kumar (4 days ago)
I love s8
i love s8+ cuz i have it
Sebastián Hernandez (5 days ago)
Ok parece cool pero preocupense del presio
Mostfa Youseff (5 days ago)
Buy galaxy S8 online: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y14T5YW/ref=as_li_qf_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=13253037-20&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B06Y14T5YW&linkId=1987aa480c383b7f910b6adc1edb8ffd
Captain MSA (6 days ago)
Abdullah bohar (6 days ago)
The Best Smart phones in the world i Love Samsung
TEMPLATE lit (6 days ago)
Kayden Yerington (6 days ago)
At least the UI isn't something off of a ZTE phone
Kayden Yerington (6 days ago)
This looks like one of those weird invention videos
Imthiyaz Mohamed (6 days ago)
Samsung... alwayssss in my heart❤❤❤❤
Ethel Ezeama (6 days ago)
the Sang son is a very powerful phone you can thinks about.
Tengoken (6 days ago)
It's good, but not as good as the Lenovo P2.
Nafe Chowdhury (6 days ago)
2:29 always focuses on the girls? XD
Nafe Chowdhury (6 days ago)
S8 is the best. I love it <3
Tim Zarraonandia (6 days ago)
Anyone else watching this just to get pumped up for the S9 launch coming up?
D P (6 days ago)
They improved all!!!
Kaiden Artura (7 days ago)
Please can you make phones which have a camera with a half inch sensor and an f1.4 lens please. Also, a zenon flash.
Faidon M. (7 days ago)
*Ahem.... This video doesn't fit in the infinity display 😡
Pussy Sucker (7 days ago)
Who is waiting for the s9 ?
Simon Budi Hermanto (7 days ago)
RIP Iphone lol haha
Aditya Lakshmanan (7 days ago)
Iam watching this in my s8+
prachi arya (8 days ago)
I love it
Alpha (8 days ago)
I watch this with the S8 lol
Philippines WTF (8 days ago)
Now this is smart.
sitanshu raj (9 days ago)
Wow nice phone
Archana Sharma (9 days ago)
Beautiful I love it
Dennis johnal Pineda (9 days ago)
So super ugly phone
No stereo speaker, no buy.
Bilal Javeed (10 days ago)
Monskie 강마리 (11 days ago)
Hey guys hope you could help. Do anyone experience lag after a repair from the service center? I got my phone camera fixed since there was a manufacturer's issue, but after receiving the unit back, I feel like the phone became laggy and some apps crash frequently (ex facebook). Did they do something? Honestly, I don't trust the service center in our locality, that's why I don't like to get my phone repaired with them. But since, the camera defect was still covered by the warranty, I gave it a try. Now, after the repair, I just feel that they did something that makes my phone lag. :( Someone, help? Thanks. Btw, got an S8 here.
Weslley Paixão (11 days ago)
Eu Queroo ! 💭
Steve Edward (11 days ago)
watching on my S8 PLUS😍
Brandon Caleb (11 days ago)
the question is: who goes to the beach to watch netflix
Pangkal Chanel (12 days ago)
Baterai cepat habis
VexWard (12 days ago)
Don't get me wrong I love Samsung, but looking at some of the comments here, I'm kinda glad Apple disables their comment section.
Ani ShayShayyy (12 days ago)
Swear this is my dream phone from onwards... better than the s6!
Shaan Haider (12 days ago)
i ditched iPhone after 3 years.. and my hunch went absolutely right.. this phone is a legend.
Ziil (12 days ago)
Oh dawmn you used stranger things in here haha i'm sold
Sankoung Diedhiou (12 days ago)
Tres cool
Bao Pham (12 days ago)
yvonne ROBINSON (12 days ago)
Just got mine today😁
gtone339 (13 days ago)
Still waiting for Android 8.0 Oreo for my Galaxy S8 hehe!
Hasan Süheyl Yıldız (13 days ago)
Bana hediye eder misiniz
Jan Khalife (13 days ago)
Watching this on my S8 🐸
Naufal N (13 days ago)
I'm watching this on my s8+
Muhammad Adam (13 days ago)
a thousand more beautiful than iphone x
THE BEST (13 days ago)
Who disliked they are fan of apple I hate apple
Sarah Pereira (14 days ago)
Presentation is excellent as always
furba sherpa (14 days ago)
I am curious to buy this phone
Manuales Y Tutoriales (14 days ago)
Download User's guides for S8 and S8+ -> http://manualsandtutorials.com/manual-samsung-galaxy-s8-pdf/ -> http://manualsandtutorials.com/manual-samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-pdf/
MeeareMarkus (14 days ago)
Should've made the video in 18:9...
Jonathan Ventura (14 days ago)
I just like my Samsung j1!!!!
Agon Morina (15 days ago)
samsung galaxy s8 the best of the world
Nobleノーブル (16 days ago)
At the end of the advert you realise the Iphone X has come out and also realise that the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge had more or less all the features the Iphone X just recieved. LOL
Elias Heinze (16 days ago)
Looking for s9
Premdeep Kaur (16 days ago)
My new mobile .I love it.
ProDiamond (17 days ago)
If my j7 can do face recognition on camera then why it doesent have face secure?
Liza C (17 days ago)
Just got mine today, I'm a little late but so worth it❤ I love it already.. I mean I legit had a samsung galaxy note 3 so it was about time to upgrade !!!
Tstojoshii 32 (17 days ago)
Baitiyan Abd Malik (17 days ago)
My favourite phone 😍😍😍
Greg (18 days ago)
Who's watching this on their s8?
Morphos Someone (18 days ago)
Anyone seeing this in 2018?
Daniel Garrido (18 days ago)
The iPhone X. Its 2 numbers ahead, yet one step behind the S8
John Peter (18 days ago)
By the way the only place Apple is ahead is the processor. Check your facts first.
John Peter (18 days ago)
Stop letting the brand name fool you. Check the benchmarks. They haven't even released Oreo yet. Android P is about to be unveiled and they still struggling.
Sofia Verdida (18 days ago)
Even samsung likes stranger things😂❤
I wish mom would give me an s8 for my Birthday
Yağız Gürcan (19 days ago)
Im happy that I have s8+
Dwi Adiva (19 days ago)
Song in 2:32?
Sean Ohayo (20 days ago)
Love this phone. Iphone not improve every times. Expensive with full hd resolution every times iphone new model to make.
Avery Banner (20 days ago)
Please, please, please, please, please!!!!!! Never remove the headphone jack!!! Everyone knows wired audio sounds best and does not get distorted or disrupted! Make a quad dac or something and improve audio! That is one of the main reasons I have gone over to Samsung. They still have the headphone jack.
Avery Banner don't worry the headphone jack remain on the bottom of the next S succesor
The gamer TV chandra (21 days ago)
Way better then the trashy iphone x
hexa pole (11 days ago)
I would rather buy a two $800 Galaxy S8 than buying a $1000 Smartphone.
남현우 (22 days ago)
2018 - Poldable Smart Phone ' Samsung Galaxy X ' is now available
Jack Wiltshire (22 days ago)
The camera only focused on the women
Bilal Kanwal (22 days ago)
Samsung watching samsung s8 ad on mine s8😄😄😍😍
Sayidomar Mahmud (22 days ago)
Watching on my S8+ 💜💛💚
Andrie R (23 days ago)
i was going to buy iphone 8 but i think im gonna wait for s9 for now
star wiz (23 days ago)
Erick Rodriguez (24 days ago)
i hate apple
Alexander Diaz (24 days ago)
Watching this on my Samsung galaxy s8
Erik Markovčić (24 days ago)
This is Galaxy S8, and S9 is comming now(2/25/2018) . Feel old yet?

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