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Welcome to my Top 5 Best Upcoming 2018 smartphones, until end of 2018. Includes Galaxy S9, Red Hydrogen One, Oneplus 6, Galaxy S9 plus, and Galaxy X specs, camera, battery, and features / release date! 😄 Subscribe (IT'S FREE) 😄 : https://goo.gl/pLg6fE It would make my day if you could also follow me on: 🌈 Instagram: https://goo.gl/OUqBBa 🐦 Twitter: https://goo.gl/EFhwqL 😊 Facebook: https://goo.gl/Aluzl1 Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: Amazon US: https://goo.gl/3yS2aP Amazon UK: https://goo.gl/gvrsGZ My Filming Gear: https://goo.gl/5HKrBp
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Text Comments (983)
Nawin (4 months ago)
1000 fps!! Wow that sounds interesting..
kapil busawah (3 months ago)
Jason Cotrell Samsung created the trend of big phones with the release of the Galaxy Note in 2011. That product alone has literally shifted the industry where every company is making large displays and why a 4.7inch is considered small. S pen tech is still not available on any other smart phone Edge displays are currently only possible on Samsung phones. The Note line literally pushes and changes the market and is Samsung's greatest innovation platform. As a Samsung and Sony owner I can say I prefer the experience of a modern Xperia than Galaxy. Also, even though nearly all the big companies use Sony camera sensors which can land top 5 cameras on a list, a Sony phone will barely make a top 15. Yes Sony have done 4k first, 960fps first and ip65-68 on every flagship device first, I guarantee Samsung will execute all those traits better than Sony. I really don't know if we have the tech to cram a 4k amoled display in a phone factor but if Samsung does it, it'll be better than Sony and since 1k slo mo on mobile is in its infancy, there are lots of ways to approach it and with new tech, a lot of them are better than Sony's first try in the XZP
Markko (4 months ago)
dude , its meant for slow motion , if you have usual video 30 fps , then you can take 120fps video and run it 4 times slower with 30fps video smoothness !
Jason Cotrell (4 months ago)
Ethan Lee Samsung can't gecause of simply reasons, never called you blind, just ignorant and stupid, and no those aren't intended as insults, they are just the words to describe you since is what you are, Samsung ofc is a bigger company than Sony, but it's not better, and I have never, and I mean, NEVER said that I like Apple, but surely I prefer Apple than Samsung because at least they put (maybe tiny little things, but they do) innovation on their products, and how they were behind ? They never were, just because the other companies release their phones in the middle or in the first half of the year and Apple in September, it doesn't mean they are behind, and if you were talking about technology, than I am not surprised, because you are an ignorant and you simply don't know other products apart from Samsung's ones (you actually don't even know about Samsung's ones) because in technology they are ahead. I do know about tech, I live for this, I am not like you that doesn't know nothing, I told you ''fucking stupid'' because I just can't stand at your stupidity and ignorance anymore, yes I call Samsung the most overrated company in the world because it is, and again you talk about Apple when no one here ever mentioned 'em, and yes I complain about Apple, but I wasn't talking about that, so I won't go off-topic as you are doing just to defend Samsung, ''Samsung doesn't need to compete'' I am starting thinking if Samsung saved your family, did they ? No, so stop sucking their dick pls, they ofc need to compete, especially for the minds of the most experts, not for the simple customers as you, but for ppl like me, because they are way behind the competition and they should try to compete with the best ones, but they won't because experts liie me doesn't make the market, but ignorant customers like you and the stupid youtubers does, ''4K screen is overrated'' that's curious, since everyone is going with 4K, don't you find it strange ? The experts like me, knows that 4K makes a big difference in resolution and that's why having a 4K screen is always awesome, the screen of the XZ Premium is better than the S8 and Note 8 one notjust because of the 4K idiot, we are talking about the technology behind the screen, for example the iPhone X has less res than the S8, but its display it's much much better than the S8 and than the Note 8 too, simply because of the technology behind it and for the awesome tweaking by Apple, I am not gonna say that I had a Samsung phone, simply because everytime I test, they are always the last ones (not always), ''we know you didn't'' that's funny, you live with me ? You are my girlfriend ? No ? So how would you know it, you simply can't, as I said this is my job, and I don't want to look cool, I already am. P.S Time passed, ofc, I didn't know if I should give you an opportunity to learn or just leave you with your ignorance, after six days I chose to give you an opportunity, I already know you will waste it, but I hope that ppl like you will someday learn and study to know what they are talking about, instead of spreading enourmous bullshits like ''Xbox One is more popular than PS4'' at least try, Google is your friend, use it.
Ethan Lee (4 months ago)
Jason Cotrell dude it's not like you know anything about tech either "fucking stuoid". I love how are calling Samsung the most overrated company when you don't even complain about apple LOL. Samsung doesn't need to compete because don't already lost. They actually are nothing. Why would Samsung or apple care anyway?? 4k screen is overrated. People like you think it's a huge difference but you have no proof and say it's so much better than a Samsung display. Now your probably gonna say you had a Samsung phone before, but we know you didn't. Saying "sweetheart" doesn't make you look cool in your horrible insults.
Ethan Lee (4 months ago)
Jason Cotrell lol your calling me blind when you think Samsung can't implement a 4k screen. 😂😂😂 Samsung is a way bigger company than Sony. Btw there's no point in repeating "ignorant" like is that your only insult you know? Anither thing I find funny is that you like apple, but they were more behind lol
Gurvaaz Sidhu (7 days ago)
Oneplus and settle ???
Tech Lovers (7 days ago)
Apple giving choices ?! 😂
regular idiot (15 days ago)
Galaxy X won't happen this year the Qualcomm manager confirmed that we still don't have the technology
Nic Fernando (1 month ago)
Don’t you think that Samsung only had minor improvements on the S9 due to highly probably getting most of their R&D to accelerate the foldable phone to release latter part this year or the next? :)
Slfx (1 month ago)
I don't know if we can trust red hydrogen since we have seen a lot of over the top mega phones but the companies run short due to cash and that could just happen.
Ketan Patel (1 month ago)
your hand gestures make no sense! good videos though =D
Maybe try either shaving or cleaning up your beard please.thank you.
The Hummus King (2 months ago)
i think the oneplus 6 is going to try and emulate the look of the iphone x. we already have evidence of this as photos and accessories have been leaked of the oppo r13, which we know oppo and oneplus are part of the same family. not only that, every time those 2 companies release a phone, they are exactly the same in terms of design and feel, the only difference being the logo. you should check out the oppo r13 leaks, they are pretty interesting and might give away what the op6 might look like
Carlosio (2 months ago)
any mods should come with the phone or they are ripping you off simples, why pay for mods most phones already have ffs.
AY Zavala (2 months ago)
How are these the best phones? Lol smh these are more like prototypes that you are listing not actual backing behind it
Nishant Yadav (2 months ago)
Please make a best android apps video now .......😖😖😖😖😖
Nishant Yadav (2 months ago)
Nice phones... Waiting for your unboxing..😍😍
Conner Cooper (2 months ago)
S9 I have the s8 and can't wait to see the s9 but probably won't get it cause my s8 is pretty much brand new. But I'm still looking forward for the s9 including the galaxy x though I don't think it will be that successful.
PRASAD BEDKYALE (2 months ago)
Acceleration Gate (2 months ago)
Xiaomi Mi7
k.v.Narasimha Murthy (2 months ago)
Drew Media Australia (2 months ago)
Content is great....control your hands bro too much movment
Kai Sui (2 months ago)
really good video
michael petti (2 months ago)
your hands are way too distracting.... good information, however....
King Nostra (2 months ago)
stop tapping your finger.
Shawn Deravii (3 months ago)
Interested in the Red Hydrogen Phone but probably will wait awhile before purchasing it. I want to make sure all the bugs and glitches are fixed. I want to make sure that the Battery, Apps such as GPS, Music, Calendar, Contact are as good or better than Samsung or Apple.
Muhummed Sami yawar (3 months ago)
The new huawei has me hyped
Don Eyal (3 months ago)
I'm most interested in the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium
Winston's College Vlogs (3 months ago)
1000 fps on a phone camera? I call bullshit
Dimiter Dimitrov (3 months ago)
I am waiting for OnePlus 6!!! I use OnePlus 3 and Samsung Galaxy s8 and I love them.
GeorgeCantstandya (3 months ago)
I’m usually an android user, but an accident with my phone resulted in me using a family member’s iPhone 6 for a few months until I’m Eligible for an upgrade from my carrier. The thing that drives me absolutely bananas is the simple fact that I can’t change the menus or the theme to a black theme or a dark theme smart inverse colours does not really work with all media and apps. My eyes are tired apple, please allow for different colour themes.
Magnus Kermack (3 months ago)
Shouldn't it be "who's the boss"? Sorry to be 'that guy'
Danknado. (3 months ago)
You know you can just swipe up in the app switcher of the iPhone X to close apps aswell
Aadi Khurana (3 months ago)
oneplus 6
MS Channel For U (3 months ago)
Upcoming best 10 smartphones in 2018 https://youtu.be/ewCzHbKSdP4
F Szabo (3 months ago)
Just by looking at the last 10 years of the history of Apple, the new iPhone in 2018 will look exactly like the iphone X. .......And in 2019 and 2020.
kapil busawah (3 months ago)
I'm personally looking forward to what Sony is doing in 2018. They're going to have a bezeless design philosophy, 4k display, stereo speakers, 1k slo mo, 19mp camera, 5G Internet and all the latest android builds
XxshonenxX (3 months ago)
Man I hope one plus makes a 5.2" bezelmeme phone. Would be noice
Ashlee Sharpe (3 months ago)
the reason want the iPhone 8 plus and no the x is because when I'm on Netflix on the x yes its all screen but the little part where the camera is will get in my way and interrupt me.
Liontob Gaming (3 months ago)
SAMSUNG S9!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Scychotic97 (3 months ago)
They need to release a REAL sneak peak of Xiaomi Mi 7 already 😭😭
Tuhcra Revilo (3 months ago)
Must must be thin and detailed i prefer the S9 it looks good
kangaroo (3 months ago)
... huawei p11 huawei p11. Just huawei p11................
Lars van Dijk (3 months ago)
So @mrwhosetheboss, I've read somewhere that the OnePlus 6 is going to feature an in display fingerprint sensor. What do you think about this and is this true? Would be awesome!!
Tharsan J (3 months ago)
Dope video
Matthew Gill (3 months ago)
Galaxy x because i can carry a 7inch tablet that folds up
khunt (3 months ago)
you articulate yourself well but dude quit with the fucking hands. use graphics if you need a focal point.
Mike Scott (3 months ago)
Dude why are you moving your hands so much when you speak? Also, why do you constantly stare at your hands?
MD Samiul (3 months ago)
you make some different types of video...
Nikola Jankovic (3 months ago)
These phones are reason for insane DDR4 Ram pricing...
The Greatest Of All Time (3 months ago)
Funny you praise iPhone for technology that LG has had starting on their g3 and till current I've people who have all versions and even the g3 recognises face every time. Enjoyable video yet still playing into Apple's propaganda,
Kevin Dunne (3 months ago)
the bluboo s9
Sherriff Ghous (3 months ago)
Oh man you've a really akward body movement ... Not a hater but your hand gestures are very annoying ! Please stop 😂😂😂
Yusuf Domun (4 months ago)
Oneplus 6
papagunz45 (4 months ago)
Good video man! I know this is random, but your hoodie is dope!
Elaine Roblox & More (4 months ago)
Excited for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus
Nikos Stoitsis (4 months ago)
Well how about the Xiaomi mi7 or the Xiaomi mi mix 3
Adil Abbas (4 months ago)
I'm king of the world if you don't like my comment then you belong to donkey family ✌️✌️✌️The cutest person on the Earth is reading my comment right now ,, 😍 wow And and all the idiots ignoring
John Balce (4 months ago)
Bring back the intro 😢
razer phone 2
Karol-Julien WILD (4 months ago)
Red hydrogen
A-JAY (4 months ago)
I know that having a phone that bends in half is cool but it’s useless other than carrying a large screen in a small screen footprint
Shaka Imaginations (4 months ago)
dude... you gotta work on your body language...
kavinkumar sp (4 months ago)
Redmi note 5 launch date
Gavin Hu (4 months ago)
Samsung galaxy a8 2018
K_88_D TM (4 months ago)
Apple confirmed with their iphone X. Regardless of what they make, sheep will buy anyway.
InsaneClown Posse (4 months ago)
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Chirag Mansuri (4 months ago)
Samsung shall do something interesting.
Rohit goel (4 months ago)
One plus 6
Luke Beauchamp (4 months ago)
Apple, great visual design and bad ergonomics.
UTSAV ARYA (4 months ago)
OnePlus 6
Derpy Sheep (4 months ago)
If apple brings back the headphone jack and home button.....
Acedeath (4 months ago)
Oneplus 6
Umar khan (4 months ago)
one plus 6
Fabian Bertel (4 months ago)
What the fuck its wrong with your crazy moving hands?
asaom1 (4 months ago)
buy note 8 now or wait?
aditya lokhande (4 months ago)
You are cool
b b (4 months ago)
6t and s9
Ky_90 (4 months ago)
Hey Mr. I need your help.. I would like to buy a new smrtphone, and I can't decide what's best between the Umidigi S2 Pro and the DOOGEE Mix 2... Can you help me? I caan0t decide what's best. Or maybe you have other advices, maybe phones in the same prie range.. Thanks a lot - Ciro
Suyog Hagir (4 months ago)
The new Huawei Mate Series.. I am rocking the Mate 10.. which is exceptional
mel johns (4 months ago)
Note 9,is what I'm looking forward to
Julian Bobi (4 months ago)
Man ure handsome
Ojaswa Chaturvedi (4 months ago)
catmeozy alhamid (4 months ago)
i was hoping you say 1 plus 6 or a samsung 9
Shaik Nadir (4 months ago)
One plus 6
surethom (4 months ago)
It's the LG G7 that's I'm waiting for the V30 in LG G6 body.
Mehesh cx7 (4 months ago)
I think your channel is the best
chetan aditya (4 months ago)
when is the video of 5t coming out bro
Man Aap (4 months ago)
No redmi 5 plus? WTF
Mr HTD TECH (4 months ago)
s9 is next beast
Abdullah Rahimi (4 months ago)
UC Browser - Fast Download APK Download for Android, https://gbandroidapk.blogspot.com/2017/12/uc-browser-fast-download-apk-download.html
ImPikachu Gaming (4 months ago)
the red hydrogen one is the one who took my attention. :D great insight #Mrwhosetheboss
Kalyan (4 months ago)
Pixel 3 is missing??
Bandon Lim (4 months ago)
Apple is probably saying  Dear Aaron, We here at apple only believe in courage and we dont go backwards in technology of yesteryear. Why? because we have the courage to move on and do something new and better than anyone. Ot code for we dont add stuff, we take them out like the headphone jack and home button because we wanna be difficult and strong-arm everyone to copy us. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL hahahaha jkjkjk. But it kinda of sounds like them
MK Mier (4 months ago)
I'm watching this with a crappy motorola moto g3 8gb version :\
tHE iNDIE gAMER (4 months ago)
What about iPhone SE2????
HorizonTech HD (4 months ago)
Great list!! Watch my list too!! https://youtu.be/i8CxaOZmrYo
Giuseppe Della Motta (4 months ago)
Why the heck there's no sony?! All the best stuff was introduced by sony, for example the water and dust resistence. Unsubscribing
SaeJin Kim (4 months ago)
Vojta Frydl (4 months ago)
Come on, clickbaits!? You can do better!
Michael Nielsen (4 months ago)
Another one who doesn't mension LG, no wonder they don't sell enough. And what about Huawei??
FerrGames (4 months ago)
If you guys are looking for a really good phone, i have another suggestion. The motorola moto z2 zoom 2018. Im verry excited for this phone to release! Its going to br around 700 us dollar! I dont know how they can make such a phone for that price!, amazing!
hari ram (4 months ago)
S10 gonna be awesome
Sanskar Gupta (4 months ago)
#mrwhosetheboss,which phone do you think i should buy now-iphone 7 or the google pixel 2,both are at the same price of $620 or ₹39,999 ?

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