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Best Fight Scenes: Louis Fan

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Louis Fan Siu-Wong is a Hong Kong martial artist most recognizable as the northerner Jin Shanzhao in the film “Ip Man”, a master of the style of Kung Fu called Shaobeiquan. His performance won him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the 28th Hong Kong Film Awards. Besides portraying that same character again in “Ip Man 2”, he also played Ip Tin-chi in “The Legend is Born: Ip Man”. But many also attribute him to his starring role in the campy martial arts cult film “Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky”, a live-action movie adaptation of the manga of the same name, which came out over a decade before the first Ip Man film. Trained in Wushu and gymnastics, he is a talented martial artist and actor. Here's a compilation of my favorite Louis Fan fight scenes. List of movies featured in order of appearance: 1. Ip Man 2. The Legend is Born: Ip Man 3. Kung Fu Jungle 4. Master of Zen 5. The Death Games 6. Shadow Mask (2001) (Alan Chan Yiu-Lun) 7. (outro) Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky Other notable films/television series include Righting Wrongs, Immortal Story, Once a Cop, Connected Lovers, Butterfly Lovers, Kung Fu Chefs, Give Love, On His Majesty’s Secret Service, Just Another Pandora’s Box, Ip Man 2, Future X-Cops, Flirting Scholar 2, A Chinese Ghost Story, The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu, Wudang, The Monkey King, The Bounty Hunter, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, Bodyguards and Assassins, and The Bride with White Hair.

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Boris Micel Registriert (12 minutes ago)
Boris Micel (R)
md mohammed (6 hours ago)
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emon bhuyan (9 hours ago)
Please sombody can tell me this movie name?
Condiment Dog (12 hours ago)
6:04 Donnie is so badass
배용재 (12 hours ago)
I'll pay good :D
LIL TIMOTEO (14 hours ago)
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Aleem Shahzad (16 hours ago)
Sooooooooooooper big faeit
Adrian Abreu (17 hours ago)
Todo esta bien mientras no se tope a Ip Man.
faisal shop (19 hours ago)
Ruben Miranda (20 hours ago)
Please don't try this at home. It doesn't work. Good old fashioned boxing and some BJJ will keep you safe.
Baljinder Singh (20 hours ago)
Awsome up to the Mark
Allen (21 hours ago)
Kid "If you don't start Fighting everything in this house will be broken" meaning kick his ass Already! 😂😂😂😂
Lesley Chang (22 hours ago)
Wait a minute is this Ricki Oh?
David (23 hours ago)
IP MAN Classic a must have
Хуйня китайская
LookALittleCloser (1 day ago)
Jin will always be my favorite character! After Ip Man, of course.
郭慧娟 (1 day ago)
Ashiedel Rruh (1 day ago)
1:34 my God that was good😮!!! 4:32 you are so right😲 that's my kid. 6:50 that was painful 😂😂
احسن حاجه في الفيديوهات دي ان الهدوم بتعتهم بتطلع غبار وعفار ذي اللي مبيستحموش بقالهم سنين وبيناموا في الشارع 😄😄😄😄
Endang Kurniawan (1 day ago)
Kc bash Jocker rand (1 day ago)
This guy is not human
chess747 (1 day ago)
The Chinese think they are fast, that’s why we westerners, invented the gun, because they can’t beat us in our Kung Fu !!
Peter Pan (1 day ago)
5:10 That landing is so fucking funny omg
菊亭晴季 (1 day ago)
Sharmila Joseph (1 day ago)
J F Gamerz (1 day ago)
Donnie and louise when kids are match But when they grow donnie get better
jonjon (1 day ago)
Now imagine sayians, ultra instinct
bilkone (1 day ago)
HAH! HUH! IEH!  HUUUH! NGAH!  NCIUH!.............................................
Franz Bonaparte (1 day ago)
Where is my dear Riki Oh?
Elisa Guzman (1 day ago)
Ignacio castaňeda lldm
Jerome Williams (1 day ago)
That guy looks over 50 and cant still fight hard...lol
Mohsin Mohsin (1 day ago)
justin case (1 day ago)
The story of Ricky 2 ahahahah
Steve Magana (1 day ago)
Omg thanks for this video, I cant believe I havent watch some of these movies!
Reu (1 day ago)
I thought #3 was kung- fu killer.
James Eaton (1 day ago)
Hha.. he is like, how is this happening at - 6:19 - 6:30
Fight Freaks (1 day ago)
BEBAK4 (2 days ago)
Look good at a speed of x1.5 ;)
Abdulsalam Cute (2 days ago)
killersushi99 (2 days ago)
*Get beat with a feather duster? Someone has been training with my mom. Her house slipper style is unmatched as well.*
Remi Pouillart (2 days ago)
chooonh chiiinnn faaaaaaaa
Hai Nam (2 days ago)
Riki oh would literally murder Ip man though
XxWolfThe GamerxX (2 days ago)
XD Am fromThailand
XxWolfThe GamerxX (2 days ago)
XD Asian like kung fu
OskyGNetwork (2 days ago)
bruce lee's mentor was not playing no games lol
ёк макарёк (2 days ago)
FaaNa king (2 days ago)
Mac Gelz (2 days ago)
That's not even a pen, and yet Ip Man made it mightier than sword 😎
Jason Barnes (2 days ago)
Louis Fan...Story of Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Pook (2 days ago)
Ohh, This is where mom got her ass-whooping techniques.
Devastating Joke (2 days ago)
dun ya'all think that there's just too many Ipman movies?
Chowdhury Foysal (2 days ago)
Movie name plz
Fun Tom (2 days ago)
I believe in old China time, the martial killing / fighting skills really existed because the rural part is so huge in China. You needed to learn fighting to protect you and your families when travelling.
Всем кто практикует удар отсроченной погибели.
赤姓老者 (2 days ago)
The last one is the best
shabenga mwidini (2 days ago)
attractive fighting moves ever
Black Swan (2 days ago)
At 14:43 the sound effects got ahead start.
Ashkindness1 (2 days ago)
Bruce lee was more fun .. this is to much special effect..
ジョン (2 days ago)
Shadda- O-GANG (2 days ago)
He almost looks like Frost from Storm Riders
After studying Mantis style for a year and a half (in my youth) and watching my Sifu and doing the training, I still think those close quarters, stand up straight arm blocks are beautiful.
Troy Harris (2 days ago)
It's fucked up funny how he landed @ 5:09
molo molo (2 days ago)
Nice 👏👏👏👍👍👍
rob will (2 days ago)
This guy got some moves 👊🏽💪🏾💀
Ahmaed Alaealn (2 days ago)
ولا تعليق عربي 😢
Rico Smith (2 days ago)
He can play Kung Lao in a Mortal Kombat movie or voice him in MK 11
kal nal (2 days ago)
이용우 (2 days ago)
캐릭터는 분명 엽문의 금사부인것같은데 아이피맨(IP MAN)이라는 모르는 새로운 영화가 있었구나 했는데 그게 엽문의 중국식 발음이었네요. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Konstantin Benelli (3 days ago)
fucking marital arts :(
b_mwx5 gumi (3 days ago)
What's the name of this movie???
Jorge Winson (3 days ago)
Where are the martial arts movie actors make a movie already
S A Storyteller (3 days ago)
Real hero warrior fights barbaric idiot BULLY. nice one. ;)
pedro ngalaxi (3 days ago)
IP Man is the best martial art movie I have seen in this Century, Great Movie Jin Shanzhao, Donnie Yen Amazing
Delaney Walker Jr (3 days ago)
Liu kang's bicycle kick, 10:30
Thaung Naing Win (3 days ago)
Lexi B (3 days ago)
this is where u need Indiana Jones staring him down and then just shoots him
yadav thotla (3 days ago)
i like charlie brother
Lee B (3 days ago)
No wonder they invented guns. All that training and a five year old can beat them with their index finger.
tajinder singh (3 days ago)
Donnie yen becomes my favorite actor, now.
IDOL BOk (3 days ago)
Jet li number one
Saidamen Sapra (3 days ago)
ano bayan
blaq diamond (3 days ago)
Lion Gamer (3 days ago)
So where is my chow mei?
omü müo (3 days ago)
Weia....viel heiße Luft.... und sonst?
Venkata Ramana (3 days ago)
h-z gamers (3 days ago)
that kid is so relax he like see more whors and horible thing then that
jerk chicken (3 days ago)
I had to give up on martial arts movies twenty years ago... still way too much posing and jerking off. Add to that all the wire work and there's very little actual martial arts pay off. If these had real drama instead of being so obvious at least there'd be something more to watch, but I fidget for 90 minutes hoping to see a real move or two i've never seen and it's just not worth it anymore. Someone needs to make another film without all the bullshit. I have a feeling it would revolutionize the industry once again. These people are still copying Bruce Lee movies with the reaction shots every minute. Its way past time for something different.
Vimun Alex (3 days ago)
If he had beards.....he would have been the next John Wick😎
생각하는 나무 (3 days ago)
영화는 영화일뿐 진짜가 아니다. 쿵푸가 그렇게 강하면 왜 격투기 선수와는 잽도 되지 않을까?
Son of Éire (3 days ago)
Same guy in IP man 2 but he's deaf he shows up at the fish market to help IP 😈
MrStr8leg (3 days ago)
If "Death Games" were made today, it would be considered "Gay bashing" and President Trump would be held responsible even though Putin coerced him to do it when they were eating Big-Macs at Kim Jong Un's Palace of death.
Maryse Charron (3 days ago)
donny yen best kungfu actor
Deals togo (3 days ago)
Sound effects are terrific!
Deborah Houston (3 days ago)
Jet Li or Donnie Yen?
Andy Vasvari (3 days ago)
I can break a korean klozet by the rim of my palm.
0:59 😂
David Chissoe (3 days ago)
Well the guy is a hottie but love movies like this.

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