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Gifts from GOOGLE - Unboxing Time Episode 17

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Unboxing Mystery Tech from my PO BOX! ►SUBSCRIBE for more - https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSafTV?sub_confirmation=1 ►PREVIOUS EPISODE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPbFRX5GP20&list=PL7lJjKhsIqjLzMQ-1zGznHudAqcLqW7ZE&index=1 ►SEND STUFF for the next Episode: SuperSaf Limited, LCB Depot, 31 Rutland Street, Leicester, LE1 1RE, UK ►PRODUCTS FEATURED: Google Home Mini https://store.google.com/uk/product/google_home_mini?hl=en-US TaoTronics TT-BH16 Wireless Magnetic Headphones US: http://amzn.to/2DfWY49 UK: http://amzn.to/2AHKsaG TaoTronics Pulse X 14W Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Speaker US: http://amzn.to/2FiJNQn UK: http://amzn.to/2mdYawG RAVPower 10050mAh Rugged Power Bank US: http://amzn.to/2DcC85y UK: http://amzn.to/2CLtb1R VAVA Essential Oil Diffuser http://amzn.to/2CIwcA1 Anjou 100 Pure Top 6 Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set US: http://amzn.to/2mfKrpg UK: http://amzn.to/2AIn1Ox AUKEY 1080P Dash Cam DR02-FR US: http://amzn.to/2CYfgJ8 UK: http://amzn.to/2AJy4Xs AUKEY Action Camera http://amzn.to/2CVJexz Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSaf Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (491)
Zeel Kalsa (17 hours ago)
Any one of this wireless thing...
Anirudh Nair (23 hours ago)
Mr. Saf. Have you ever came to India. Which is your favorite place in India. Have you heard about Kerala. Who is your favourite Indian YouTuber
Gadget Switched (1 day ago)
Cool unboxing, Saf ... keep it coming,
Ranga Kowshik (3 days ago)
shashank verma (3 days ago)
is something for giveaway
sahil sangwan (3 days ago)
Or kesa hai saf
Peppermint. Hmmm... Maybe. That was a subtle hint, Google. Haha
Vishi Sidhu (4 days ago)
User User (4 days ago)
You are my fav youtuber. I will be happy if you give me a whatever phone. Pls read my comment. Thanks.
KEVIN SAJU (4 days ago)
Abu Umer (4 days ago)
Bimla Hizkiel (4 days ago)
Google is a famous search engine and i not hope google lounch a phone the is soooooooo greaf 🙌
Bharat Maru (5 days ago)
Abhishek karikatti (5 days ago)
Bro get Google home mini because it's not available in India yet
Rangrej 99 (5 days ago)
I love your videos SAF Can u send me the action camera
Joe Salinas (5 days ago)
Is Google still giving a free Google home mini with purchase of pixel 2 xl?
Mohamed Abdelhamid (5 days ago)
You are my favourite youtuper I love you
Ranjan Dhakal (5 days ago)
Running to 1M sub
Lewis Lehmann (5 days ago)
It's nice to see an Arab with a knife and no ones head being chopped off.
Ralph John Delima (5 days ago)
Give away plss
Rahul Viraaj (5 days ago)
Google home mini is awesome
Aniket Mondal (6 days ago)
Awesome bro,, i loved to see your video,,,, Next android version P means I think it's penut guessing!!!
Farhan Sarfraz (6 days ago)
Google is always leading👌👌
othman lahssini (6 days ago)
Power bank is killer
My Fun Collection (6 days ago)
Very very very very nice video
My Fun Collection (6 days ago)
This is awesome
Ravi Kumar Sinha (6 days ago)
You are making us jeolus
Karan Jawa (6 days ago)
I love the aukey sports camera.....pretty cool that is
Promise Meet (6 days ago)
hey you motherfucker why you stop making camera comparison videos
Raunak Kumar (6 days ago)
how can i get these gifts
Filip Styczyński (6 days ago)
Hi Supersaf. What do you think about reviewing action cameras in style of your phone cameras' comparrisions?
Asad Sheikh (6 days ago)
Again its a sooper dooper tech....😍
SA Siyad (6 days ago)
Google ur ozzzzm
game star (6 days ago)
Your Indian🇮🇳👳
Pamela Paje (6 days ago)
Great Unboxing 😍😍 It makes me excited Lol. 😂
JATIN LIMBACHIA (6 days ago)
Nice Video I liked Google products
Thirunesh S (6 days ago)
I need one of the Google product 😂😂😂
ramani peruri (6 days ago)
Power bank is aswome
Luca Francesco Domini (6 days ago)
Always enjoy your vids man 👌🏼 I’m not far from you either I’m only in Derby!
Mega Shivam (6 days ago)
Nice video
Krupali Goti (7 days ago)
I want any one of this wireless speaker....
Prabha Karan. (7 days ago)
Poda potta
darve felerman (7 days ago)
when you said "ok google" my pixel2 phone's google assistant came up and tracked what you said and saved the reminder. I don't know if it picked up because of the voice or even if it's common to others too.
syedkhan pattan (7 days ago)
I like your unboxing safwaan bhai...👍👍
technical siddharth (7 days ago)
Goggle products are owsome but ur more owsome......😍😍😉
Qian xin soong (7 days ago)
Papermint is a pretty nice name tho XD
Akila Lakmal (7 days ago)
Headphones are nice..
Akila Lakmal (7 days ago)
Headphones are nice..
Silesh Chandran (7 days ago)
Get that Instagram shit in here man, noones got time for fukin Instagram
Charles Deregnaucourt (7 days ago)
Next android software, your pepermint theory is very smart
GadGeT HuB (7 days ago)
Sorry to say!! But it's soo boring buddy!! Put up some extra info and present it well 🙃
Sukhdeep Singh (7 days ago)
Sports action cam
LDC Tech (7 days ago)
android peppermint or android peanut butter is my guess
For You (7 days ago)
The aukey sport action camera is awesome....
derbst (7 days ago)
Saf, please do vlogs when you go to places like vegas for ces2018. that would be awesome :)
devilshivam123 (7 days ago)
Veer apne punjabi 22 nu vi bhejdo ek adha phone 😭😭
Zakaria Oukil (7 days ago)
please i need caméra <3
Zakaria Oukil (7 days ago)
please i need caméra <3
Zakaria Oukil (7 days ago)
please i need caméra <3
Zakaria Oukil (7 days ago)
please i need caméra <3
Zakaria Oukil (7 days ago)
please i need caméra <3
Justinian (7 days ago)
Worst unboxing I ever have seen !
Jeffery Brown (7 days ago)
Wow a huge unboxing in 2018 👍🏽
Top Trend (7 days ago)
I also want to get surprise from Google and YouTube because I also want to start a channel
Kashyap P. Bezbaruah (7 days ago)
Best was the action camera... From aukey
Yash Atishay (7 days ago)
ok am sorry bruh, but if am with my family I would talk to them and not to a speaker/google and come on "let's make a google logo this Christmas" said no one. Am sorry but WTF bruh!
anas mamdouh elgabari (7 days ago)
My favorite product the wireless air bods awesome
Jonn Leighton (7 days ago)
Please send me a pixel 2 .....
Dhananjay Bhakat (7 days ago)
I need it plz
Ashutosh Kumar (7 days ago)
Ashutosh kumar
Applelover800 (7 days ago)
You know what’s hilarious is that every product besides the google home mini that Google made this year is actually flopping like the pixel but in the pixel phone so the only way to keep themselves alive is show at the park but and send a bunch of free google stuff to you tubers to get them to keep liking them man in people dis apple sheep!😂
ritu sarawgi (7 days ago)
CHD (7 days ago)
my favourite is the speaker
stephen v (7 days ago)
Techno Feeds (7 days ago)
you are so lucky person
Harpreet Singh (7 days ago)
Google home mini
Mr. President (7 days ago)
Wooowww yeah SupersafTv who ever you are your a genious I think the next android will be called pepermint...
Eric Radcliff (7 days ago)
Jazz rambo (7 days ago)
Nice Video 👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈
Jibu Shaji mathew (7 days ago)
Action camera ✌️
Saad Yaqoob (7 days ago)
Mr whose the boss got the same thing lol
Toan Huynh (7 days ago)
Google is already teasing the next version of Android when my note 8 is stuck on nougat........
You r awesome.. 💖💖💖💖💖💖
Virat Khole (7 days ago)
Music Cover (7 days ago)
nice as usual no youtube unboxer as good as SAF
Music Cover (7 days ago)
nice as usual no youtube unboxer as good as SAF
Music Cover (7 days ago)
nice as usual
saikat ghora (8 days ago)
This is......Awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Arsalan Ahmad (8 days ago)
Oh Man U Are Soo Lucky
Ankit Sharma (8 days ago)
Amazing one 😍
AFZAL ANSARI (8 days ago)
Shaik shafi (8 days ago)
power bank
Safder Rehman (8 days ago)
Next Version of Android is...................Paper Mint or Pan Cake
Samir sd (8 days ago)
Pushpendra Kumar (8 days ago)
Speaker was good
Gautham.s Shankar (8 days ago)
Nice boxes to be honest
RITOM BARUA (8 days ago)
The most Awesome stuff
Omkar Desai (8 days ago)
Give me anything I'll be happier 😛😂❤️❤️
mala Singh (8 days ago)
Happy new year supersaf
David hunsinger (8 days ago)
Google is looking for a better way *I already Kno de wae*
David hunsinger (5 days ago)
Slayer Kills all *spit*
Slayer Kills all (5 days ago)
David hunsinger I can smell the Ebola on you

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