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The Dual Camera Smartphone SCAM.

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The Scam that is Dual cameras with SOME Smartphone Companies - Key Suspects - Bluboo, Ulefone, Doogee, UMI, Maze Mobile. ➽ Subscribe (IT'S FREE): https://goo.gl/pLg6fE CONNECT WITH ME PERSONALLY: Facebook: https://goo.gl/Aluzl1 Instagram: https://goo.gl/OUqBBa Twitter: https://goo.gl/EFhwqL Google+: https://goo.gl/DHEXfn Snapchat: mrwhosetheboss Intro Made by ExtonGraphics: https://goo.gl/Y1fYvw My Filming Gear: https://goo.gl/5HKrBp

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Text Comments (2355)
Minh Vũ (1 day ago)
iPhone 8 has only 01 back camera so no portrait mode??
Mi 5X/Mi A1 Owner ;) Amazing Dual camera setup :)
Aftab THE BEST (10 days ago)
Honestly is becoming very rare. Thanks for the courage and will you showed. Respect is what you deserve. God bless.
Iso pod (12 days ago)
Chinese product doesn't last long except for their phone '<'
I always thought camera was to help when zooming.
Dhruv Baheti (18 days ago)
I just tried to cover the lense and took pictures. My phone has a real dual camera setup and the bokeh effect didn't work with the second lenses covered. Thank you very much for the info.
meltstrap (18 days ago)
I have a fake dual camera phone, but I bought it for 70 bucks, so I dosen't really bother me at that price. The sensor is fine for the price, so yea.
Ryan Lai (20 days ago)
actually lots of phones use dual cameras from zoom in purposes too, you left that out.
Keko keko (21 days ago)
you are amazing and you are not afraid of seeing the truth and this is what made me subscribe 2 years ago
Arjun Krishna (23 days ago)
How's 10.or g's
err 404.electrical (23 days ago)
A good way to tell if cameras are fake is to go to mediatek's website and search for the processor the phone claims to have if the website states that that the SOC has support for dual camera it probably will work. I.e. the mtk9650v has no support for dual camera and umidigi crystal has"dual cameras ". These are fake but umidigi z pro has helio x27 +dual cameras and mtk's website says helio x27 support for dual camera and on z pro it work fine ☺
Jhon Lorenze Carcer (24 days ago)
Chris Schuler (26 days ago)
What about the huawei p10?
55 44 (27 days ago)
Y7 pro 2018 i bought for 4990 baht ($159us) and the dual is good, at least it isnt fake
Edison Guevarra (29 days ago)
Man this deserves more appreciation
Ray Robinson (1 month ago)
iPhone 7 had same problem, iPhone x works better with both cameras yet it still needs some work fixed on 2x optics lens otherwise it a good camera setup. Hope they don’t keep leaving gimmicks unfinished like emojis focus ect to me they are gimmicks
That dude Races (1 month ago)
The lg g6 also has amd amazing duel camera setup
Nico Sankar (1 month ago)
Are these lying companies being sued?
TheGaming Master78921 (1 month ago)
Who's watching on iPhone 5C ( I am ) :(
Simon Deelstra (1 month ago)
Almost any smartphone can see depth... it's called autofocus
Marshmello Lover 2004 (1 month ago)
Is the P20 Lite dual camera genuine?
pew dope (1 month ago)
Your American born indian
jake hansen (1 month ago)
My lg v30s doivle camera is legit its for wide angel shots and it works amazingly.
Gio2.0 (1 month ago)
watched on my P20 pro triple camera LOL
Ezequiel Solis (1 month ago)
For that info im gonna suscribe your channel
NoChannel (1 month ago)
Just to add to the mystery, tearing down my Bluboo S8 (not plus) shows it does have two cameras. The second is operational and can be tested on a bench. However, the second one is simply not used by the software and does not show up in any diagnostics. The connector is supplying power, the camera is sending data, but the phone has no idea the second camera even exists. I can just hear the engineers at BB, "Me run marathon. Ah, me legs there but spine split! So sad. Tell people run marathon anyway."
NoChannel (1 month ago)
There are actually Ulefon fakes. Chinese companies ripping off other Chinese companies.
Eating Away Time (1 month ago)
Not Ginger246 (1 month ago)
Is honor 9 fake or just bad portrait?
ArokZ DP (1 month ago)
Gladly OnePlus didn't lie their customers. Just checked it out after seeing this and they have 2 lenses at the back.
Kgotatso Motshane (1 month ago)
I subscribed because of this video. Thank you for this info
Sam Porter (1 month ago)
To be fair, you're kind of asking for it if you buy something literally named dodgy
Are Eff (1 month ago)
this is what quality content looks like.
Nachiket Pargaonkar (1 month ago)
Even the "more MP = better camera" is a massive scam now, any camera above 12 MP is sufficient.
Jim Vep (1 month ago)
hell nah
Manlio Vaiana (1 month ago)
Is there an android app that can make 3d side by side photos with the 2 rear cameras? Why nobody did it?
Pogsit Pogapo (1 month ago)
*_What the F*CK is a Doogee? A dog food?_*
Clemo Zone (1 month ago)
ITs true.....everything will be there but practically the dual camera setup is a gimmick
Obsidian Nebula (1 month ago)
The thing is that pictures blurred in the background are not looking better at all.
Genaro Arce (1 month ago)
You are so right. I have the Huawei P10 Plus and I know that the dual camera works fine and it's amazing. I've to say once more :If it's not Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo or One plus, please Don't buy any Chinese Phone, due to its price. Here in this video, you would know why in details. Now I know I was right. Greetings from Mexico City Mexico.
WoW! Thank you so much for putting out info that all other reviewers seem to miss. Keep it up!!!
Apollo 71 (2 months ago)
Blueboo's dual camera is similar to the Samsung galaxy s9+
Apollo 71 (2 months ago)
It's normally clones that have dual camera duds.
Karan Aujla (2 months ago)
Honor 6x has a pretty good Dual Camera in my opinion.
incredibil45 (2 months ago)
If youve been on ebay or alliexpress or whatever for a while, you should know that if you see overly exagerrated images advertising whatever that you were looking for, there were some examples in this video, you shouldnt believe them. Period.
Jensi Oquendo (2 months ago)
There was only one phone that actually used both cameras at the same time: the HTC EVO 3D. Somebody beat Nintendo to it.
Silent Animations (2 months ago)
If your phone has only one camera, then your phone is a cyclop
Duncan Tallon (2 months ago)
appleitis is spreading :(
Breakdown Entertainment (2 months ago)
Lg s dual cameras are great the wide angle lens is so awesome much more useful then just for depth data for a still "bad filter" Lg v30 hifi audio is also awesome best ihave ever heard from a portable device
Reevan Amin (2 months ago)
Don't trust Chinese brands
Shreyaan Rajguru (2 months ago)
Fun fact: the Xiaomi Mi 5X is also called the Xiaomi Mi A1
David Popescu (2 months ago)
Limitless Science (2 months ago)
3 cameras?
Chaitanya Best (2 months ago)
Is one plus 5t’s dual camera true
Dragon Eye (2 months ago)
WTF dud? I used 2 models of the same phone, the caméra specs were the same. And NO this ia not scamming us. The Blur and the quality of the photos are beter with 2 cameras So SHUT UP!
wRoNG! (2 months ago)
Dragon Eye found the smartphone employee.
Naeem Shaikh (2 months ago)
Sir whats your name?
Deke (2 months ago)
I have flashed gcam and enabled api2 through magisk on my mi 5 and camera results are astonishing.. I no longer need a dual camera phone.
Rizwan Abbas (2 months ago)
100% correct
Vera Platt (2 months ago)
Doogee just reads as it should be pronounced dodgy to me...
Mert Mustafa (2 months ago)
unbox therapy suck my shriveled up nuts -Idubbz
help me (2 months ago)
google pixel?
help me (2 months ago)
man i tried US only it still showed something like that near my zip code
wRoNG! (2 months ago)
help me Well you're in other areas. It will probably wouldn't even ship to your area.
help me (2 months ago)
idk i saw brand new ones on amazon and ebay sold by companies for under 400
wRoNG! (2 months ago)
help me second hand is $429. Brand new is $559. Still expensive, right?
help me (2 months ago)
iPhone 7 Plus dropping under 400
Olmo C (2 months ago)
My phone x has great dual cameras
TheRussianLondoner (2 months ago)
Agree!!! Especially this second black and white lens business is so laughable, it's almost criminal, CONSIDERING WHAT PIXEL 2XL have shown with a bloody SINGLE LENS, portrait - EASY!!! 👌👌👌👌👌👌🖖😂😋
wRoNG! (2 months ago)
TheRussianLondoner Considering the price of the Google Pixel 2 XL, I Think I'll just go with the Nokia 7 Plus.
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim (2 months ago)
it's name should be Doodgy
Transformaster (2 months ago)
On the note 8, I did this test. What happens was when I switched to the ×2 mode, it switched to the camera for a second, then it automatically sensed it was covered and switched to the other one. When I covered that one, it went to the other.
dajlan vukcaj (2 months ago)
hi,even doogee X60L with 2 cameras back.one of two is fake.did you try it.what you thing.thanks
Shuvransu Behera (2 months ago)
Bro Please suggest me a smartphone below $250..Please
Nike Calunsag (2 months ago)
Solipsist Cynic (2 months ago)
Nice video Mrwhosetheboss, you are the best source on the Internet.
Raymond Charles (2 months ago)
Why are some companies doing this and taking people money.... and when it comes down to it.... they are gonna be one who gets left behind when the companies who are genuine move on ahead.
Link Kakariko (2 months ago)
The main companies that actually have dual lenses are Samsung and Apple if you have the money.
KeKe (2 months ago)
only china companies to that kind of scaming
Go Bazs-y (2 months ago)
How about the Xiaomi Mi A1
LAYTON 508 (2 months ago)
Boring video
LAYTON 508 (2 months ago)
It’s not I tested this one my iPhone X and it’s real
wRoNG! (2 months ago)
LAYTON 508 Lol. Did you even understand the Video? Its for FAKE $200 CHINESE PHONES DUAL CAMERA SCAMS. NOT $1,000 iPhones. I suppose you are on the age of 12.
Niranjan Pazhani Chamy (2 months ago)
Are they rgb and normal?
NOT EVEN GOD (2 months ago)
Wow I can't believe this thank you for telling people
RenzGaming101 (2 months ago)
S9+. Best phone so far
MGTOW Lite (2 months ago)
He did not point it is the Chinese who are lying...
Selyman Ahmadzai (2 months ago)
WTF now I know why Samsung is the king
Delta Here (2 months ago)
Lol my friends 50 dollar phone has a real dual camera
Ruby Freak (2 months ago)
i remember when i used the htc one m8, he noticed that you cover the second camera and let you know
Tadgh Foley (2 months ago)
Gaurang Tiwari (2 months ago)
Take a shot everytime he says essentially
Zak Anderson (2 months ago)
What about phones with wide angle and normal lenses
Caleb Hawn (2 months ago)
Well, that sucks. I just bought a DOOGEE BL5000. I was wondering if its dual camera setup was real because covering the bottom camera didn't seem to make any difference. That's too bad, and I wish they'd stop doing that. Despite that, I still love the phone for everything else it has. It's still a great phone. Having a dual camera was just a plus when I bought it as a budget phone, so it's no loss for me since it's better than the $30 phone I had previously. For thoes who really care about the camera on their phones, I can understand why this would be an issue.
Alexander Levin (2 months ago)
Is there ay way to fix this?
Akshay YT (2 months ago)
What about honor 7x
Joe Yousef (2 months ago)
You are 💯% absolutely right very good review keep up the good work
Seth Shifflet (2 months ago)
what an honest guy. respect to you man!
Scary Planet (2 months ago)
Its wierd to see an indian tech youtuber with a british accent
Varun VC (2 months ago)
You just told the world that I wanted to, dude! Great job! I even complained about this at Moto forums to the admin, but he said that the second one is for blah blah blah...
Adarsh Jon (2 months ago)
I have Honor 6x. It has two cameras. The second camera is useless. And I know it. I bought it for the amazing first camera.
Sairam Chowdary (2 months ago)
Great vedio about dual camers on fake phones
Ouss Ko (2 months ago)
thank you Mrwhosetheboss I never thaught some brands could scam us shamelessly like dat
Rafael B. (3 months ago)
Does oukitel mix 2 has real dual camera or fake? Does anyone kmow?
Chalton Aloe (3 months ago)
Man, thank you for your education. It really helps.
Praveer Dhaka (3 months ago)
U r the boss. Thums up
Scott Pricker (3 months ago)
Chinese phones...lol

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