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First Look at the New Qualcomm Snapdragon 850

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We checked out Qualcomm's Snapdragon 850 at Computex in Taipei. Will it help Qualcomm kill the traditional laptop? | Read more: http://andauth.co/SD850 Download the Android Authority App: https://andauth.co/aa-app Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://andauth.co/subscribe ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - http://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://twitter.com/androidauth/ - http://instagram.com/androidauthority/ - https://snapchat.com/add/androidauth - http://google.com/+androidauthority Follow the Team: Joe Hindy: https://twitter.com/ThatJoeHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://twitter.com/LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://twitter.com/jaycebroda Gary Sims: https://twitter.com/garysims Kris Carlon: https://twitter.com/kriscarlon Nirave Gondhia: https://twitter.com/nirave David Imel: https://twitter.com/durvidimel Bailey Stein: https://twitter.com/baileystein1
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Text Comments (289)
Ilham Ramadan (9 days ago)
these ARM laptop come with BIOS screen? allow to boot other ARM OS?
Gamer Aarav (9 days ago)
Wow ....looks powerful😆😆
Sammy Salman (9 days ago)
Why pay $$$ for slow laptop with gr8 battery life, when you can pay $$ for 5 x the power and less to similar battery life.
Trygve Evensen (9 days ago)
It's a piece of plastic incased in glass...
©opyright (9 days ago)
Wait for the 7nm gen
Bima Le Beau (10 days ago)
Ini never use SD 835 yet,but now ITS already 850
HiragaSaito sama. (10 days ago)
Sd=shitdragon....i prefer kirin/exynos/helio
Rados Brzakovic (10 days ago)
A11 still faster😂
Där der (10 days ago)
fanboi detected
Yashwant Holkar (10 days ago)
By 2020 Qualcomm will beat apple chip.
Micheal Dapaah (10 days ago)
yea just don't awknowledge the existance of the snapdragon 845
armada nasar (10 days ago)
Please make one that runs Linux Mint.. please please please
White Guy (11 days ago)
Déjà vu?
Stephen Davis (12 days ago)
FFS I just bought a phone with an 845.
Där der (10 days ago)
so? did you even watch the video`?
richarddr1234 (12 days ago)
I disliked this video because you made so many errors when explaining how Windows apps will run. To begin with, not everything will be emulated. Windows OS itself is running natively on ARM. UWP apps are generally ARM native as well. ARM64 compiled apps will provide a significant performance boost over the emulated version. You made a few other errors as well. My advice, just stick to covering smartphones.
marawan BG (12 days ago)
Windows on ARM is never going to reach the performance of x86-64. It's just not made to be,if you want something that's actually good to use,just get a GOOD Android tablet with a detachable keyboard.
Sam Salom (13 days ago)
LTE in Spain sucks, you wont get more than 20Mb/s
James Love (14 days ago)
Can it play Crysis?
Cartney84 Ian (14 days ago)
I think mediatek is better cheap and be a pirates lol
weinerschnitzelboy (14 days ago)
I don't get it. There currently is the 845. The new 850 is targeted towards laptop configurations. For some reason though, they're comparing the 850 to the 835 not 845. The 850 though, is more powerful, has better thermals, and is more power efficient. So why isn't this a phone SoC if it performs better in all the important metrics? Why are they comparing this to the 835 and not 845?
Tridip Deb (15 days ago)
What racing game is that??
Irakli Otarashvili (15 days ago)
I am scare a lot about cooling system
Rahim Rabbani Sharizam (15 days ago)
I'm still using Motorola Dragon Ball cpu lol
crysisownz (15 days ago)
Will it play pubg?
OnePlus 6T confirmed 😛
ironshark123 (16 days ago)
why he not spoke a single word on 845. 🤔
Alchemist-A (16 days ago)
How about 850 for Chromebooks?
Edwin Shepherd (16 days ago)
I will wait till it is actually benchmarked
KOTYAR0 (16 days ago)
Mobile processor for Win 10? *THIS SUCKS*
Gummy Lobster (16 days ago)
can you guys compare it to a real full notebook i'm curious how it performs in games as in battlefield or gta can it even perform ? probably not idk that's a thing i am most interested in
DerFreakXD (16 days ago)
Yeah beeing always connected like that is not something we would want here in germany... You pay like 30€ a month but only get like 10gb from a bad carrier lol... If you want it to be good you only get like 5gb.... Thats a shame but theres nothing anyone could do except for the politicians...
Bobby Roberts (16 days ago)
No Qualcomm cpu laptop actually available so far. What a shame!!!
Christian Alboroto (16 days ago)
Who is this guy? I like him. No homo
MetroIsHere YT (13 days ago)
Christian Alboroto gay like your profile
TednTin (16 days ago)
video editing on arm? i dont think anyone should consider these laptops if they are doing video editing
ian twy (16 days ago)
Well it's not for phones... So my hope is down...
Nazif Morshed (16 days ago)
3:05 But today you were my source for Windows.
SU Playz (16 days ago)
Disco Deoxys (16 days ago)
Wait... don't we still need a carrier plan to use that LTE internet?! There's no way that'll just be free right?!
Aditya Kumar (16 days ago)
But the major question here arises CAN YOU PLAY FORTNITE ON THIS??!!
The other "No" dude (16 days ago)
What is the raw performance comparison between the A11/A10X vs the Snapdragon 850?
Maruf Mostafa (16 days ago)
Qualcomm snapdragon is always overrated due to their marketing strategy. If Intel Mobile processor grabbed the phone market then Snapdragon would've been an underdog.
Maruf Mostafa (15 days ago)
Ya, they didn't and It's a huge mistake for Intel
SidewindeR (15 days ago)
Maruf Mostafa but Intel didn't take qualcomm seriously until it was too late. Their atom mobile soc had potential but the lack of development and their reluctance to push it to more oem's halted further advancement.
Dene. F. (16 days ago)
Was it not possible to speak without using the word 'like' lots of inappropriate times?
Jacob K (17 days ago)
This new kid is a nice fit. I like it. I'm sure you're making Joshua Vergara proud, my dude!
NTH THN (17 days ago)
Big Boar (17 days ago)
i wonder what will be the prices for SD 850 laptops?
Cocaine Fish (17 days ago)
Qualcomm has sure gone to shit . How you gonna let apple score higher than you ?
Kai Sern (17 days ago)
Will this powered oneplus 6T?
TheDrFed (17 days ago)
Your source for all things Android...or Windows on ARM64.
azrul nizam (17 days ago)
Then Google will propose Qualcomm to put this chipset on their brand new pixel 3.
American (17 days ago)
idk y u keep mentioning SD835 when there's SD845 already out there?
nozz nozz (17 days ago)
Clear and concise 👍 Can't wait for new qualcom laptops
Astat1940 (17 days ago)
That sounds like the 850 is verry similar to the 845, except for the x20 modem and 0,15ghz more clock-speed? nothing too new
Lord baal (17 days ago)
Are you old enough to travel half way across the globe by yourself? This guy looks like he's 15 years old.
GenosPerformer (17 days ago)
Does this mean that you can run windows on a Snapdragon 835 phone?
Rio Mare (16 days ago)
As this guy said, in theory yes. But I've yet to see an Android device running Win10.
NetRolller3D (16 days ago)
For now, the Lumia 950 and the Hapanero RX-130 can run full Windows 10.
Mum Blic (17 days ago)
In theory yes(if driver support is present), usability is another question! It even runs on a Raspberry Pi (kind of)
Caleb Mills (17 days ago)
So If I wanted to play a game like Warframe would this be okay for the game to run well?
Shmu'el (17 days ago)
I'm so glad Josh is no longer with us...😁😁😁
Triggered Feminist (16 days ago)
He was the best
Shmu'el (16 days ago)
Wiradi Martin because his voice is so annoying...😒
Wiradi Martin (16 days ago)
Jaysann22 (17 days ago)
Shmu'el I had heard he was fired. Is there any truth to that and what is the story behind it? Sources??
Aman Srivastava (17 days ago)
the pauses ... are... getting.. longer
Hanyue Li (17 days ago)
Everything said so fast except the very last phrase...
DarkRanger919 (17 days ago)
PRICE! i need a windows enabled, lightweight and portable work system. this is perfect!
Epic Hot Videos (17 days ago)
& I'm still using MediaTek Lol
UnknownUser (17 days ago)
Sweet! Can't wait to use this with my 5GB plan...
Steve Heksen (17 days ago)
Dang David ur hot af, sorry had to say that! #yeshomo
mosab432 (16 days ago)
Steve Heksen faggot
Cam P (17 days ago)
No need for Chromebooks anymore
Piotr Romasz (17 days ago)
Using bottlecapped lte connection instead of unlimited wifi.
Tigerex966 (16 days ago)
or even faster wired ethernet though a usbc to ethernet adapter.
Tony S (17 days ago)
Where is Brandon minimum?
Triggered Feminist (16 days ago)
Tony S Lol
Wondering Guy (17 days ago)
Dr MAK (17 days ago)
I though their would be DRAGONS 😓🐍
Katona A (17 days ago)
isn't windows is nativly compiled to arm64?, (i mean the windows 10 ARM version)
NetRolller3D (16 days ago)
Exactly - as of now, even a humble Raspberry Pi with low-end Cortex A53 cores can take advantage of the x86 emulation code and run x86 apps. It's all standard ARM64 code (though Snapdragons apparently have optimizations for it, but no actual new instructions, or at least those aren't used yet).
Mum Blic (17 days ago)
Yes windows is compiled to ARM64, OS provides emulation not CPU!
abhinav kumar (17 days ago)
Read comments a lot of this video . .. now I can say ,here most are indian .. including me .. 😀
abhinav kumar (17 days ago)
I hope it's on Chrome os .. windows is just ugly looking os .. love google .. 😍
Kiruba Shankar (17 days ago)
e SIM reduces theft of mobiles. Who else agrees ?
riyad hazari (17 days ago)
this channel is about android why showing a cpu made for windows?
Dushyant Choudhary (17 days ago)
But they're still emulating desktop app and software and not running real desktop pc instead of.
megablast (17 days ago)
I used Lenovo Miix 630 for a while. Unfortunately Snapdragon 835 wasn't powerful to run (with emulation) office applications. Overall user experience was sluggish. It's better to buy intel / amd cpu laptop unless you dont want to have 20 hours of sluggish performance.
Mum Blic (17 days ago)
"Lenovo Miix 630" Really is it on the market??
Mayur Gangawane (17 days ago)
3:06 why you being so seductive lmao
MK. (17 days ago)
lol its here
D Jaquith (17 days ago)
Windows and Office Apps emulated .. great .. not. 😒
Rahim Rabbani Sharizam (15 days ago)
D Jaquith -I don't know how you could misunderstand your own graph. Read under the table "Native Process" https://www.extremetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/x86-Slide.png -It clearly states that Windows 10 run native on ARM. Shell applications run native on ARM. MS Office run native on ARM. MS Store apps run native on ARM. Legacy x86 apps require emulation. What's so difficult for you to understand? x64 support is coming to Snapdragon 850. -It's not slow if you only use the software from the MS Store. -Since you're at it, why don't you show proof that Windows 10 itself is emulated on ARM?
D Jaquith (15 days ago)
Rahim Rabbani Sharizam The Emulation is always running. Listen it's Windows RT with an x86 Emulator. I don't get what's so difficult for you to understand? Not to mention it's so damn slow with x86 (unusable for x64) that only an idiot will buy one. It's like the $1,000 (reduced to $750) Google Pixelbook but worse in every respect with hardly any good Apps. Not to mention at least Google was smart enough to use an i5 and i7.
Rahim Rabbani Sharizam (15 days ago)
D Jaquith -You might want to re-read your own graph. It clearly states that Windows, Edge and shell run under "Native Process". https://www.extremetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/x86-Slide.png -"64-bit x86 applications don't work" — You can do all your essential stuffs on 32-bit x86 applications, sometimes, even better. 99.98% of Windows software are available in 32-bit. -"Shell extensions, input method editors, assistive technologies don’t work" — who's gonna do those things on a tablet PC? -"Cloud storage apps don’t work" — You can still use OneDrive, or use internet browser for cloud storage. -"No x86 drivers are supported" — that's gonna be a problem for older printers indeed. Apart from that, all components run native on ARM. -"Hyper-V, Microsoft’s own virtualization system, is not supported" — again, who's gonna use a virtual machine on a tablet PC? Do you know that Hyper-V is also not supported on x86_64 Windows 10 Home? And you can actually install Ubuntu Linux on Windows 10 on ARM from the MS Store. -"Vulkan and OpenGL are not supported. Pre-DX9 APIs are not supported" — they clearly said that this PC is not meant for graphic intensive applications. -All of those limitations are already made known by the developer to potential buyers. -Windows 10 on ARM is *not* an emualtion.
D Jaquith (15 days ago)
Rahim Rabbani Sharizam Sorry buddy but are you dense? Of course the Windows ARM IS is running an Emulator .. the version that didn't was the failed Windows RT. Here's a Emulation Graph for dummies, you might want to check it out https://www.extremetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/x86-Slide.png Umm no I don't run Apple's nor MacOS. However, this is the exact same situation that Apple ran across when they switched processors back in the 90's. Here's a small list of other limitations of the Windows ARM Emulation: 64-bit x86 applications don’t work. Thurrot doesn’t specify if 64-bit ARM applications work, but seems to imply they don’t. Shell extensions, input method editors, assistive technologies, and cloud storage apps don’t work. All of these must be recompiled for ARM and may not be available until next year. No x86 drivers are supported. All drivers must be rewritten to run on ARM hardware. Hyper-V, Microsoft’s own virtualization system, is not supported. Limited graphics API compatibility. Windows 10 on ARM supports DirectX 9, 10, 11, and 12. Vulkan and OpenGL are not supported. Pre-DX9 APIs are not supported.
Rahim Rabbani Sharizam (15 days ago)
D Jaquith -It may have worse performance, but still it's *not* emulated. -People who look for this kind of PC are not expecting to do Photoshop, nor does it advertised to do so. -All Windows applications have 32-bit version. For some reason, I use the 32-bit version of Office 2016 on a 64-bit processor. -You said "until Intel licenses x86 to Qualcomm", then, "people aren't going to be flocking over to ARM on Windows". Which one do ou mean? x86 or ARM? -You keep harping on UNIX. Are you an Apple fans?
TommyThousandFaces (17 days ago)
You can't burn your legs with a processor that can't do 90% of the things a true X86 processor can't do. The 835 has been shown to be slower than a Pentium mobile CPU. I think this is just a glorified tablet, not worth until there's a way to run apps natively.
Aji Supriyatno (17 days ago)
Why not buiding it on x86_64?
The High Tower (17 days ago)
Skynet is growing
HarD TarGeT (17 days ago)
NVIDIA Tegra & Apple CPU are the fastest one. Qualcomm is just playing catch up like forever.
Beastly G (7 days ago)
Samuel Baird Yep. They all do it. Some use per app throttling (up throttling), Apple uses load based throttling. None of its realistic. That's why when people are trumpeting the A10 and A11 because of some crazy benchmarks, it's useless. There's several phones that beat it in real world speed tests and some we're even still 835 powered. I don't know about everyone, but use apps, shoot videos, use social media etc on my phones, not run benchmarks lol
Samuel Baird (8 days ago)
Beastly G Hasn't there been evidence of them artificlally boosting their benchmark scores? Like during the One plus One era? I've never really trusted them after that.
Hi have a nice day (10 days ago)
Beastly G bruh finally someone who understands
Beastly G (15 days ago)
Nvidias were pretty good, but too power hungry. But Apple isn't faster, it just benchmarks higher. That means nothing. They get smoked in real world speed tests all over the place. I wish people would stop insisting on saying things they don't know anything about.
Galaxy Gamers (16 days ago)
Apple is crap
So only 2 years of updates then huh?
SALAR KHAN (17 days ago)
3:05 Because Of course we are your source for all thing .... Android! and there's nothing Related to Android! Just Kidding! Sorry!
mn007 (17 days ago)
And it's still going to be slow garbage just like the 835/845 and the rest of Qualcomm's shit tier chips.
Kal_Jor_El (17 days ago)
I think the last line of this video is not true as this video is about Windows and Snapdragon 850!
Mergan Naidoo (17 days ago)
Will Adobe support this platform?
CollectionsForFun (17 days ago)
Dont give a shit anymore 820, 825, 835,.... Bla bla bla...
ReplayTheBeatz (17 days ago)
Makes no sense why you're comparing the 850 to the 835 and not the 845
michael jeacock (16 days ago)
835 was a phone chip but stuck in both hence not great in the laptop. the 845 is a phone chip the 850 is a laptop chip. they are both the sequels to the 835 but they are now tailor made for the devices they are put in.
Davroid Full (16 days ago)
Because Snapdragon says 845 is only a refinement version of 835. Mainly features. Like AI etc.
mn007 (17 days ago)
ReplayTheBeatz because that was the last processor they put in a laptop, it was a peice of shit though.
Swessy (17 days ago)
I don't get it. Why would they call it the 850 if it isn't part of their mobile line-up
Greg Weber (17 days ago)
Swessy it is apart of their mobile line up. Laptops are mobile devices. This is specifically designed for Microsoft as they are releasing actual mobile pca now.
dimitris aspetakis (17 days ago)
Because of course, we are your source, for all things... ...Android...
Mohsin Sait (16 days ago)
But that's a Windows device.
The Master (17 days ago)
dimitris aspetakis rule #1 about the new AA.. we do not speak of Joshua Vergara. Ohh.. umm 💩. I said his name!
gamer 002 (17 days ago)
*1:38** What Game was that?*
Focus_20SF (15 days ago)
gamer 002 asphalt 9
Lelouch V Britannia (17 days ago)
can it edit 4k videos?
David Imel (17 days ago)
Technically, but it's really not made for that kind of workload. I asked Qualcomm about it and they're really going for the Chromebook crowd on this one. Something that can do most everyday tasks but doens't need to handle crazy workloads.
Lelouch V Britannia most likely not.
Sharath Gowda (17 days ago)
Waiting fr garry to explain the sd850😬
David Imel (15 days ago)
Sharath Gowda thanks man!
Sharath Gowda (15 days ago)
David Imel By the way liked ur brief note on this 👍👌
David Imel (15 days ago)
Sharath Gowda In the works!
ActosMagus (17 days ago)
Whether it has an LTE SIM in it or not, someone's still gotta pay for the data plan. Last I checked Free Wifi is a lot cheaper than LTE data plans. Or does the laptop price include some kind of lifetime subscription fee to a major LTE network? (which still means you're paying for it)
Rahim Rabbani Sharizam (13 days ago)
Jiko Vicko I'm from Malaysia. $7.50 gives me 5GB at speed around 16-22Mbps, and 2TB YouTube surfing. Cable internet, however, is more expensive here than in other countries
Jiko Vicko (13 days ago)
Rahim Rabbani Sharizam which country you are from?
Rahim Rabbani Sharizam (15 days ago)
Just curious how much does LTE cost in your country? Here, the fastest LTE costs $7.50 for 5GB monthly
Rio Mare (16 days ago)
These devices aren't for people who want to cheap out. Just the device is going to cost you around $1k (that how much the current 835s cost). They are meant for people who need connectivity anywhere (regardless of the cost), along with amazing battery life and some other cool features.
Dr MAK (17 days ago)
#WindowShoppingBeLike No, Show me the other Variety. Do You Have DragSnappon? 🤔
Dr MAK (17 days ago)
W H A T ? 😓 I thought 🤔 their would be Dragons🐍 in this Video 🙁
HYPERSONIC20 (17 days ago)
Moses Jonson (17 days ago)
The fact that I can run Windows 10(snapdragon 850 soc) is out of this world and the fact that it can run games in the background is also amazing.
Moses Jonson (17 days ago)
Snapdragons looking amazing
Shellyman Studios (17 days ago)
Qualcomm ain't playing around this year, SD 1000 is also coming later this year.
MeenMan 777 (10 days ago)
Yeah but what I want to know if it’s better than the A11, I have a big dislike against Qualcomm
Mohamed Shadab Khan (11 days ago)
Luke et dude 845 isnt bad at all its the best till this date 850 isnt here yet and still 845 is better than any other processor still
J.C. L. (11 days ago)
scarrken, they did that shit with the 1rst gen Chrome laptop and Microsoft wanted to do it with the Xbox One before it was backlashed to hell and beyond. They will try it again and again and this looks like it.
J.C. L. (11 days ago)
odehko, they will pull a "Chrome laptop 1rst gen" bullshit.
odehko (13 days ago)
J.C. L. It means always connected to LTE

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