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LG G2 - 10 Tips & Tricks!

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Kevin Aka "The Tech Ninja" Shows you 10 tips and tricks for the LG G2! Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=androidauthority ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AndroidAuthority/posts - http://www.facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://www.twitter.com/androidauth/ Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115479956157583333059 Joe Hindy: https://plus.google.com/u/0/107254147915240233302 Darcy LaCouvee: https://plus.google.com/u/0/113844012153953197176 Derek Scott: https://plus.google.com/110914077526066118305

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Text Comments (529)
Lucio Briones (29 days ago)
DarkFaze2134 (1 year ago)
how to do the cnock on thing
Wilma Haizlip (1 year ago)
how do i get this phone to flash wjen some one calls.
Dragon (1 year ago)
Okay, so. Everything is fine, except for one thing. My gaming apps always close when I open them. Well, good ones that should work at least. The result in that, is now I can't play a game that I personally paid money on. As in, made in-app purchases on. If you possibly know a solution, can you please help. The developers of the game I paid in-app purchases on aren't showing any acknowledgment to my problem and have not replied to me what so ever about the problem. And it has been a few weeks since I tried messaging them about my situation. Anyway, if anyone knows how to fix this, feel free to tell me. And yes, I do use an LG G pad. So feel free to help me, if you know how to fix it, as I said before! It would be much appreciated! :)
Mian ji C-S-S (1 year ago)
hi my cell not dail 111 nd *7000# *303# *786#plz hellp me
Hamza Malik (1 year ago)
anyone know how to log out google account from lg g2
ahmedaburaihan (1 year ago)
Lg g2mini
sharroac28 (1 year ago)
did lg g2 get 6.0
_ BurgerKing_ (1 year ago)
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LAMAMK (1 year ago)
Mr Nothings (1 year ago)
Thanks mate, i don't know all this tricks,because my phone are LG_G2
Rafael Cioram (1 year ago)
name song in intro?
Carlos P,león (1 year ago)
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rafi rafirahim (2 years ago)
In my lg g2 have some sound problems, some times i play music very low sound and i restart the mobile then sound ok, any solution for this problem.
M (2 years ago)
Download this App called " Volume Booster Goodev" on Google Play. This will increase your sound. Once downloaded put booster at 40% and volume % increase or decrease based on your hearing. It will be 100% better than stock.
tomses40 (2 years ago)
Hi, same problem here..! but just make a call to somebody, and the noise are gone..and playing music are better..without noise..:)
Ishfaq Awan (2 years ago)
my cell don't connect to 3g or 4g
Laurence (2 years ago)
my LG G2 cant connect to wifi.. what to do?
Laurence (2 years ago)
Louis (2 years ago)
+lorenzo belen it should work, try again and look if your password was right
maximaximaxi (2 years ago)
does anyone have the display problems here?
jayblades2011 (2 years ago)
+Bad Wolf its the light sensor. put your phone in front of a light and it will work. the phone thinks its in your pocket so it turns it self off
Sagad Flamarz (2 years ago)
+Lou When i open my phone and the screen turns off
f4z0 (2 years ago)
wireless storage is great. Paired with a nice daemon you can always have a nice backup while you sit at home. Thanks a lot
f4z0 (2 years ago)
+f4z0 in fact lollipop removed this feature T_T i want it back
So Thiquidit (2 years ago)
If I go on you tube from my phone and I like a song on it, is there a way I can transfer the music to my phone? I think there is, but I don't know how to do it.
So Thiquidit (1 year ago)
I wanted cool ringtones just from snippets of songs, not the whole thing but I haven't found a nice app that actually works for my phone.
Jayden Thompson (1 year ago)
So Thiquidit you said you don't know how to do it.. Why would you want to know how to?
So Thiquidit (1 year ago)
+Jayden Thompson (DarkHaunts) First of all my user name is NOT Thy quirky, and second of all I just asked a question which isn't illegal to ask if you're unsure of something, so go ahead and report THAT!!!!
Jayden Thompson (1 year ago)
So Thy quirky no because that's illegal.. This comment will be reported.
Pol Best (2 years ago)
Sfondo please?
Colin Henley (2 years ago)
can you take a screen video instead of screenshot for the lgg2?
Kabir Sewani (2 years ago)
what case are you using?
kenshiro raoh (2 years ago)
The g2 look great but it has horrible problem the both camera are lagy and blury in low light
Tommie Ford42 (2 years ago)
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Sqkanx Zheguvf (2 years ago)
+Tommie Ford42 This program works!!! Thank you so much!
Debra Holder (2 years ago)
+Tommie Ford42 I got a key from this site
Derena Wheeler (2 years ago)
+Tommie Ford42 thanks man
Aettye Miranda (2 years ago)
+Tommie Ford42 thanks
zzora Randall (2 years ago)
+Tommie Ford42 cheap ?
Earthwind Ryan (2 years ago)
phone is too delicate. one crack on the screen and its over. unusable. broke it twice already. suggest getting a nice case.
The Clam (2 years ago)
Whats your intro song?
Tamithie Schmader (2 years ago)
how do I unfreeze my screen lg
Katoya Mason (1 year ago)
+Duszek Smsaczek hsudkjcjckcucjckf
Duszek Smsaczek (2 years ago)
Naomi Maanu (2 years ago)
I accidentally hide my screenshot album how do I unhide it? Can someone help please, thank you.
Mauricius GoRu. (2 years ago)
You forgot "lg g2 imvited mode" to show us
Bev Enright (2 years ago)
How can you copy text messages to your computer from an LG G2?
n.n Zneyk Torres (3 years ago)
Please I need help! the wi fi , when I want turn on, the fucking botton is gray 😭😭😭
dollbaby4400 (3 years ago)
Very useful . How to you screen shot ? TFS Blessings Doll
Ahmed Ahmed Tuch (3 years ago)
Sebastian J (3 years ago)
Mega Kudos To U...I've Been Wondering About A Simple Way To Access The Clip Tray...I Have The The LG VOLT/LS740[What I Call The The Poor Mans LG G2...LOL]And The LG REALM/LS620...Which Has Alot Of The Same Features...
Sebastian J (3 years ago)
If Only There Was A Tip On How To Buy The LG G2~Which Recently Became Available For BoostMobile~For Well Under $200~Or Even Less[I Know...Pipe Dream~But Bloody Well Possible...]
Meshark Unah (3 years ago)
i like it
Sherry Joseph (3 years ago)
Hi, I recently tried out a keyboard from the app store and didn't like it so I deleted it, now my question is how do I get my original keyboard back?
PROFESSIONALMAN627 (3 years ago)
LG sounds like OG, which is nice
Kenneth Roda (3 years ago)
He doesn't know how to use alternate screenshot instead of quickmemo.. And a camera feature of that LG G2 only hav.
Amal Tom (3 years ago)
Fellow G2 owners, any news on the new Android Lollipop?
Alan Heath (3 years ago)
Brilliant - very useful.  Some things I did not know about the phone I have now been using for more than six months!
Vago (3 years ago)
When i want to see videos the backlight goes lower on screen whatching
Jessica m (3 years ago)
I cant send any videos when i attach them to my text, it says my attachments has exceeded the limit? What should i do??
Gr33n (3 years ago)
Larissa (3 years ago)
Hi guys!! How do I find an album I clicked hide on? Can't find it back? Lol thanks
Francis Arnaiz (3 years ago)
Thanks dude,it helps me.
F Zentura (3 years ago)
Kevin looks like a smooth brotha!
Emanuela Ricci Risso (3 years ago)
great,, thanks !!
kendra (3 years ago)
how do your on and off switches look like that?
Joseph Cro (3 years ago)
Did he said tech nigga?
Swapnil Varatk (3 years ago)
LG g2 Wifi auto on help
-FK- (3 years ago)
Tip 11 : Flash CM on it
CJ Hatton (3 years ago)
Slow down!
nihthasu (3 years ago)
Very insightful. Thanks.
DM Gustafson (3 years ago)
Thanks, learned a few things I didn't know I could do with my unit.
NovaScene (3 years ago)
Dude smoked dat good shit wid dem red eyez
Lil_ Destro (3 years ago)
you do know u can screen shot by pressing the down volume key and the power button at the same time and it will screen shot
Jankeldi Kowmaganbetov (3 years ago)
Tiger Webster (3 years ago)
excellent information..really helped me learn this phone...thank you...
Kazaro Paul (3 years ago)
I Have This Phone And Id Never Even Think About Selling it !
Jermaine Carey (3 years ago)
Since the LG G2 and the LG Volt share a similar UI, I noticed a lot of these tips and tricks do work for the Volt as well.
Nicolas Salazar (3 years ago)
The best tip that you can give an lg g2 owner is to instal a ported ROM from the G3. It turns into an incredible BEAST!
Reds Maroon (3 years ago)
G2 sounds good..i'm buying it next week!! i like G3 though, but G2 seems reasonable to me.
puffer1958 (3 years ago)
Kevin reminds me of Cuba Gooding Jr. Good video Kevin!
abysswatcher (3 years ago)
How did you get those application Icons and gadgets like the clock and Messaging icon?
Kristen Wright (3 years ago)
My lg g2 got wet, i cant turn it on and it is flashing red light when i charge it. Will it still work?
Benais Saez Jr. (3 years ago)
Try a new battery. If you're lucky maybe it was only your battery that got damaged.
Goreface (3 years ago)
Nah, you fucked it up.
Sabin Sabev (3 years ago)
Sarah XY (3 years ago)
Do you know how to do the lyrics on a song? (Sorry for my english :) )
Jack Rogers (3 years ago)
What case do you have on this phone?
Christina Keller (3 years ago)
Does anyone have any tips on how to fix the camera when it won't focus? It literally will not focus on anything.
Mohammad Hassan (3 years ago)
i have LG G2 D802 with Android 4.4.2 Kitkat...i'm having issue with WiFi...i can't seem to keep it off...when i switch it off it automatically turns on...plz help...
Balla T. (3 years ago)
Je dois juste vous dire que s 'est ma fête
Joe Fares (3 years ago)
May i ask, what is the software that was on that current lg g2?
Richard Mišenčík (3 years ago)
Hi, nice tips. Btw whats the case you are using?
Hariz Nonis (3 years ago)
I never knew I could pinch out on the home screen...
xeckfield (3 years ago)
Thanks for the tips, bro! Never thought there was that much features I didn't know about in my phone! You're the man!
Katherine Yanza (3 years ago)
Danny Peychev (3 years ago)
Tip 11. Slap a CM11 on the damn thing.
Cathy Zhou (3 years ago)
waterproof case for LG G2,global first launched,you can diving and swimming with your LG G2 now,get the best price at: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MGM41KK
Ralph Maldonado Avery (3 years ago)
Very helpful thank you!
Nick Andreadis (3 years ago)
Are all of those features available in the LG G2 Mini, too?
Christian Tobar (3 years ago)
Hi friend, where can I download the icons you have on your lg g2 are very realistic
Andrew J. Plummer (3 years ago)
How can i download my music & photos from my galaxy tab 3 to my lg g2 ?, i don't have access to a pc.
Andrew J. Plummer (3 years ago)
I would prefer that I could put them on an SD Card.
royal ford (3 years ago)
You could Bluetooth them to the other device
Apollo Donny (3 years ago)
Gerardo Guerra (3 years ago)
Xavier Fierros (3 years ago)
EL Reks Tisnes (3 years ago)
Search Nerhubian Doom
Aliyah Butler (3 years ago)
Aliyah Butler (3 years ago)
HelloMoto (3 years ago)
This phone is a beast just got it today <3
Justin Adams (3 years ago)
Hey man i'm having issues with my WI-FI it wont turn on when im at home? Any advice on this issue?
MovieVidKing (3 years ago)
Learned something new today! Thanks!
Arash Nefas (3 years ago)
hi, i got an lg g2 from verizon unlocked, i trasfered it over to metropcs, i onlyget calls no data, someone told me that verizon phones will not work on metropcs, even though it is unlocked. - what should i do- if anything???
Nath4N (3 years ago)
thanks for the wireless storage tip
Isabella O'Connor (3 years ago)
I just bought this phone and this has helped heaps!! Thankyou :) 
Lucas Kramer (3 years ago)
i'll buy this phone this week >_< now i'm exited
neilandkathie (3 years ago)
I just recently purchased this phone. I took some video at a concert, we were row 3 so quite close, the sound is awful, loud and distorted. Is there a way that you know of to avoid this in the future?
vanho214 (3 years ago)
how do you changed the classic button applications a square to a circle?
Rodrigo R (3 years ago)
who would imagine
jmbrecken (3 years ago)
My LGG2 phone is on 3G.  How can I change it to 4G.  When I go to Settings/Mobile Networks.  4G Settings there are no options to modify.  My husband has sprint and can get faster response time in our home.  I don't have the same results.  Help!
Camila Zukiene (3 years ago)
They all work on the flex yay!
DookieMeister (3 years ago)
What was the song used in both the beginning and end?
I'm LG G pro2
Hershey31 (3 years ago)
I love my new phone!
bumpy doo (3 years ago)
LG stepped on Samsung with the G2. This is the best phone I've ever had so far. The back buttons and knock on feature is evolutionary.
Jassim M. (3 years ago)
Thanks lot...Great Tips .. Big thumb UP 

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