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Here's why 5G is the future

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What is 5G? It's a wireless network technology that will change everything from how you use your phone to how self-driving cars navigate. Welcome to the super-charged world of 5G.
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Jasen Ericksen (4 hours ago)
There's so much money as democrats we can totally make money off of this.   Tents being supplied, medicines being supplied... those stocks will go up.   Also democrats can take photos of exploiting children & using them to & get donations for the democrat vote. Lots of money to be made off of this.   Its fun to be a democrat and there is so much we can get away with.  We democrats even collapsed the Honduran economy to have violence occur in their country & for them to move up to the USA.   Its cool.  WE can totally profit from dark skinned people like we did back in the democrats owning slaves on sanctuary plantation farms too.  Easy exploits cause they don't even want to be caught.   As democrats we can exploit these little brown skinned people as undocumented work too. This is how we can radicalize the usa & democrats and its citizens too.  Democrats shall rule & control more people. Some good sex trafficking too in the USA by using these immigrants.   The news like CBS, ABC, BBC, ALJAZZERA, NBC, TYT, VOX, CNN & MSNBC are even funneling them to come to US. Yay. Its so easy to make money off of this.   As democrats, the USA cant possibly even fix their own problem so we will destabilize it so that all the people lean on a bigger government. Its cool.  Its easy to become an actual immigrant, or a refugee but telling everyone how to fix the loop holes, its easy to manipulate the rules & bring more undocumented people to. Its fun. oh and always blame republicans like Obama did.  Its important to use the news to manipulate people for their kindness & encourage more exploits of children & women for undocumented work.   Don't look at the democrats past of using undocumented workers in sanctuary plantations in the south.   We are supreme democrats who are better then all jews & Christians & republicans.   Join the left & follow our side in the resistance. We know as democrats the consequences of un-trackable undocumented/ illegal aliens leads to child sex slavery in California and other sanctuary cities... but we don't care.  this crisis & relabeling them migrants & refugees to manipulate & confuse people is profitable.  We will use this crisis to our advantage & get the democrat vote off of it.   We will create a larger government because of the people who we just let in because they are used to & conditioned to left wing governments... Its been in the plan for 7 years now.   So far its working too.   Those stupid republicans don't even have a clue and we will get away with this too.    WE OWN 90% of the news just like the Nazis did too.   This is actually what fascism is too.  So Lets use this.... We control what people believe.  GET EVERYONE TO HATE THE REUBLICAN INFESTATION.  We can even use Don Lemon for this.   He is black & the house slave that we can trust.   Great job Don keep it up.  Lets get undocumented workers.  Its cool.
KJVBibleStudy Channel (2 days ago)
It is not the future citizens United against this. We must stop 5G!!! Our health matters care about yourself! #Stop5G #NoGovernmentControl #WeAreThePeople
Ewaz Nazari (7 days ago)
https://www.samsung.com/us/business/short-form/education-funding-solutions/?CampaignCode=solutions-industries-education-Read-White-Paper http://www.samsung.com/us/common/legal.html http://www.samsung.com/us/common/privacy.html https://www.samsung.com/us/business/solutions/industries/education/#Contact_Us https://www.samsung.com/us/business/solutions/industries/education/#Resources https://www.samsung.com/us/business/solutions/industries/education/#PRODUCTS https://www.samsung.com/us/business/solutions/industries/education/#Solutions
random channel (8 days ago)
Until it's used by the robots, then it won't be so useful for humanity.
Jeremiah Turner (8 days ago)
Explaining 5g in 480p
Nikola Tesla (8 days ago)
$300B? Cool, less than 6 months of America's military budget.
John Smith (9 days ago)
I'm the future, I'm going to be living in a Faraday cage!
Kwame (9 days ago)
Yo, ISPs. I can loan y'all $300b easily. Let me know!
Antonio Chang (10 days ago)
The US never pushed 3G or LTE to its max potential.... and want to move on to 5G... psss
Youngn Saqajan (10 days ago)
Still not fast enough to download all my porn
BLacKNesMonsTaz (10 days ago)
You see how we've progressed, why not the same in fuel consumption....
Macario Patrick (10 days ago)
You're talking about 5G when 4G isn't even available everywhere. I only get one bar when I am outside of my house.
David Holmes (10 days ago)
This is crowd control to lower the population. Nothing will come good out of this. This will make cancer rates skyrocket.
jj rr (11 days ago)
we're sick of this shit. you guys can fuck right off with all of this.
Fuck it man. Even if we end up with the life span of a gerbil at least we will have fast connections.
Yahweh 4ever (11 days ago)
Keep your 5G & the Cancer that it causes!
were0 (11 days ago)
why do we have so many nut jobs in the comments. if you guys were the majority of innovators in the world, we be stuck in the stone age. "cAuSe eVerYtHiNG cAusEs cAnCEr"
Black mythic (11 days ago)
cancer city coming near you
YoungCrs (11 days ago)
2020 skynet
Smash Adams (11 days ago)
Lead in gas was also said to be perfectly fine....until an entire generation was retarded by it.....this is scary stuff here
Smash Adams (11 days ago)
5g will also make you sterile and permanently damage your dna.....not to mention let companies know every single thing about your life including what products you bye and where you are going every single second. NO THANKS
Jason Vargas (11 days ago)
.....uh huh and I can't wait until they slow down my Internet speed so that 6g seems faster than ever
Billy Bob (11 days ago)
All these conspiracy theorist nut jobs in the comment section SMH
Random Name (3 days ago)
A typical comment from a ignorant person with no knowledge or understanding about the subject. 5G is going to fry us. It's just objective reality. Do some research ffs.
Hamguy Bacon (8 days ago)
it's called science and fact you dipshit, be a god goy and listen to your government.
Jackie Rose Online (9 days ago)
Id rather be a nut job than a conformist....use your critical thinking skills...douche
왜그래 (11 days ago)
5G technology is unique in Korea ,. Of course in order to realize the 5G technology, it is necessary to actively publicize the utilization of the technology ,. in government and corporations.
HamptonAveRepresenta (11 days ago)
smh sheep will believe anything
Sean Wilson (11 days ago)
I've had 5g on my home internet for like 3 years now your all late 300mb download 75mb upload
Negus jr (11 days ago)
Radiation !!!!!!!!
billiam sharpe (11 days ago)
II have no say in whether or not this is happening. It just is and everybody's just rollin. As if self driving cars and robots are necessary. Im cool driving, and i don't need my house "fully connected"
derrick t (11 days ago)
Bullshit... but yet you cant get Caribbean islands up to speed with 4g... dr still uses 2g... wtf.... gtfoh 💯
Mike Em (11 days ago)
Korea basically already has 7G lol
alexcruz (11 days ago)
5G CAUSES CANCER 5G KILLS YOU! But hey robots are cool... CNN keeping you ignorant since 1980.
SuperiorWare (11 days ago)
Enjoy your 5G retards! 5G is a full attack on you. For everyone I dont like Im buying them 5G phones.
CASJ K ERIC (11 days ago)
i thought 4G was the future!? plot twist...THERE IS NO FUTURE
waxpants (11 days ago)
this is very dangerous do your research
J1.92c (11 days ago)
Im from the year 2041 and we have 8g here..
Smash Adams (11 days ago)
and you are also all sterile and gay.....
zigzigfuck (13 days ago)
GSM technology = dangerous waves ! ( called " pulsed waves " ) the real problem : it's not only one device emetting pulsed waves but the accumulation of thousands devices all around us. it's worse and worse everywhere since the last 10 years... computers wi-fi + smartphones + wi-fi gadgets + Bluetooth + DECT phones + internet wi-fi boxes + electrics meters including carrier current transmission , etc. we live and swim all trough an ocean of invisible of nocives waves... it's crazy, they don't care about our health. they prefer to make a massive money bu$ine$$ with it... it's just scandalous but they 're powerful and protected by lobbies ( close to the worst politicians )
Jonathan Brady (13 days ago)
5G uses millimeter microwaves that are much more readily absorbed into the soft tissues of the body (or anything for that matter). That's why there needs to be so many cell base stations to use this technology. Any exposure 'over' 1.0 mW/cm2 is damaging to the first 1 to 2mm of skin tissue, affecting that tissue and the nerves around it. Anything higher than that and you start to get thermal increases in the tissue, which obviously denotes damaging effects. Peer-reviewed research demonstrates that short-term exposure to low-intensity millimeter wave (MMW) radiation not only affects human cells, but also bacteria, in a negative way, disrupting cell-function, inter-cell communication and cell's ability to use biologically active chemicals, accumulating in depressed or changed cell function. It's pretty concerning that this technology is being pushed out at breakneck speeds without any concern for human health.
Robert Evans (3 days ago)
x ve: Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that non-ionizing radio waves DO NOT CAUSE CANCER. I know that you can point to a number of anecdotal 'studies' that say there might be a link. Just because you don't understand what a scientific study is and the difference between that and anecdotal evidence it doesn't mean that you can claim false things.
x ve (3 days ago)
lol this robert guy basically said "who cares about the health concerns? the sun gives cancer too so fuck it!" lol smh no wonder we got these idiots pushing 5G
Robert Evans (10 days ago)
David Holmes: I am so glad that you have the time to communicate over wifi with your device with you very important life and busy schedule. I actually care deeply about these communication standards and hate to see them stopped by people who fear everything that they don't understand. As far as your need to be abusive goes, you could seek the help of a qualified counsellor. There is help for both you personality shortcomings and your level of knowledge about radio signals and health. Now go away and have a happy life.
David Holmes (10 days ago)
Robert Evans You ignorant fuck. This is population Controll and I hope you're the first one to get cancer. Do you have nothing better to do than reply to every comment thread? Seriously, you need to get a life.
Robert Evans (11 days ago)
Smash: Please don't let facts get in your way of forming an opinion on a technology that is not even finished its beta testing and is still in the concept phase. It is curious that you just now ask what my background is when you have already declared be to not know anything. Perhaps, before you form an opinion, you might want to look into the subject first and find out what it is about. Ignorance is not an excuse in this day and age. Look it up.
Christina K. (13 days ago)
You mean the future of horrific health problems?
Mohammed. HD (13 days ago)
Ooredoo qatar Launched 5G network in Doha But there is no 5G device available yet
Kevin Lau (14 days ago)
better than 3G and 4G
Elby West (14 days ago)
Doesn't seem like to bad of a price considering some of the crap we waste money on...
Shabba (14 days ago)
America needs to invest heavily in this
SupaEMT134 (14 days ago)
I'm shocked this is a CNN video — bc the volume is down AND I CAN'T HEAR A DAMN THING!
SupaEMT134 (14 days ago)
It's not the future! Citizens unite! Revolt!
House Party (14 days ago)
Why not wait till the tech doesnt need 100s more transmitters?
Terry Smith (14 days ago)
Here is the thing, what if during surgery being conducted remotely, what if the equipment breaks down during the operation?
Vinny ! (9 days ago)
Terry Smith clearly it is not the 5G's problem.
Blade Runner (14 days ago)
nightlightabcd (14 days ago)
We really don't need the 5G, it's most for the benefit of those that make it! I would not be surprised that they don't get the government to discontinue the 4G to make people pay more for the 5G for huge profits for the companies and their investors and the US gets poorer! I would not be willing to pay more for 5G!
Nik Ninja (11 days ago)
thats exactly how this country works. And the cops will kill you if you dont abide by those laws that have absolutely nothing to do with moral decency. "sir, you are in a 5g area and resisting" Thats all it takes to get murdered today
rohit saju (14 days ago)
its gonna come cheap when North Korea starts sharing their precious metal resources to make electroincs... 😆
James Lines (14 days ago)
If a 5 g tower goes up near my house, i will cut it down repeatedly until they stop or go bankrupt. My kids are not getting cancer for this unnecessary technology.
Huckleberry Finn (14 days ago)
The VHF emits more than the 5g network. And we've all lived with that for almost 100 years.
Black Panther (14 days ago)
The food that you ate today is slowly causing cancer. That drink you consumed today is slowly causing cancer. The Air Quality you breath everyday is causing cancer. Everything causes cancer. Tell us something we don’t know.
alexcruz (11 days ago)
Not true... not everything causes cancer. lol Think before you type.
Christina K. (13 days ago)
Black Panther What you ate today isn't going to cause cancer like high powered radiation being beamed through your body everyday but okay. I'm guessing you have no clue what 5G even is.
Vincent Phang (14 days ago)
great! now make battery last longer!
Mystery Mashine (14 days ago)
5G is dangerous. Do your research and find out why. It’s great that it can provide faster internet speeds, but is that really worth the risks? People have reported everything from nosebleeds and sleepless nights to miscarriages and cancerous tumors when being within range of an experimental 5g transmitter.
DEEPANJAN ROY (14 days ago)
Mystery Mashine staying under the reading lights is more harmful than this
2bRealist (15 days ago)
If it is the Future... it's only because Government and Media are pushing it down our throats O_o
davet11 (15 days ago)
6G = stick your head in a microwave oven
Giorgos Glinis (14 days ago)
8G flexible dick!
Abiy BattleSpell (14 days ago)
20G u are the radio station
Cool Chansey (14 days ago)
7G= Eat a radio station
Why is this video so quite?
they're putting chemicals in the water that are turning the freaking frogs gay
marlon jackson (15 days ago)
And how is 5g going the affect our health?
Robert Evans (9 days ago)
Omar Ahmed A-omar: Thank you for your deep and considered response. Please explain where I was arrogant and what I should have said instead?
Omar Ahmed A-omar (9 days ago)
Robert Evans my man you're too arrogant chill the fuck out
MaxAir365 (10 days ago)
Robert Evans u just to say it I'll manifest so it happens to us 369
Robert Evans (10 days ago)
MaxAir365: I feel your pain, sir. It must be painful when you realize that you can't write, spell, think or communicate. Those four years you spent in grade three weren't totally wasted. Often they just pass a student on after two years in the same grade though. I would complain if I was you.
MaxAir365 (10 days ago)
Robert Evans shut u dumb shill fuck idk why these dumb fucks try to talk with retards like u. Ms like u should be .... .. ...
fd11fd33fd99 (15 days ago)
CNNMoney and CNN are all lot of fake news... I not a Trump supporter and don't care much about Trump. So I am not saying this because CNN is anti Trump. I am saying because it's true... CNN and CNNMoney only tell you little truth and make up lies... Elon Musk was right... All the media are bunch of liers...
Colin (10 days ago)
Santiago Bron You should tell that to Richard Branson. He thought of the idea with a napkin but doesn’t run the company. That’s all richard branson. Get your facts
Nik Ninja (11 days ago)
santiago, you believe the media is honest and wholesome. WHY?? You sir are a brain dead and dont even know it. Your brain doesnt have the capacity so what Im saying doesnt even make an sense to you. sorry
nightlightabcd (14 days ago)
No, right wing propaganda and propagandist are all liars! Their biggest lies is that everyone else is lying. Right wing propaganda is for the most ignorant and stupidest people in the US, like Trump and YOU!! The right is always trying to spread their lies, spin and fake news onto the general media, of which the right is so infamous for. Talking about themselves then putting anothers name on it just like their right wing propaganda BS!. Like anyone with any sense can see that Trump is a retarded criminal and has never been anything else, but he is always putting down Hillery and Obama when it is trump that is the ignorant criminal, and he acts and talks like the retard that he is!! The criminal and retarded trump and his cabinet and the GOP and the3 NRA has brought shame upon the US and made the US the laughing stock of the world!!
nightlightabcd (14 days ago)
You are full of right wing BS. Fox is the liar, fake news, lies and spin! If not for lies, spin and fake news and anonymous big money , the US would be free of right wingers and the GOP, and the NRA!
Makiaveli (14 days ago)
fd11fd33fd99 what are the lies presented in this video please explain
Mr. Noodles (15 days ago)
https://youtu.be/ju2kcMzALkc To all those people who actually think phones cause cancer
Mike Tullercash (15 days ago)
Scientists warn of potential serious health effects of 5G September 13, 2017 https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/Scientist-5G-appeal-2017.pdf
BKB 2017 (15 days ago)
i dont want more toxic radiation giving me cancer
Robert Evans (10 days ago)
Colin: Sometimes we have to take into account the slowness of the recipients and repeat ourselves. I also typed it very slowly because I know that he can't read very fast.
Colin (10 days ago)
Robert Evans you already commented that
BKB 2017 (14 days ago)
Robert Evans good one bozo
Robert Evans (14 days ago)
BKB 2017: I can see the extreme limit of your intellect. Were you deprived of oxygen during birth? You have my sympathy.
BKB 2017 (14 days ago)
Robert Evans why dont you shine my balls if your gonna be there sucking my dick
Charlie4Christ (15 days ago)
It's likely that 5G is unhealthy to the human body. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veqIDYp914Y
Tim Furlong (15 days ago)
Oh boy! Cancer! I can't wait. Not!
Black Panther (14 days ago)
The food that you ate today is slowly causing cancer. The drink that you consumed today is slowly causing cancer. The Air Quality you breath everyday is causing cancer. Everything causes cancer. Tell us something we don’t know.
Robert Evans (14 days ago)
Your ignorance is showing. Get an education and learn something.
Fade2Mist (15 days ago)
The internet is literally going to be roasting us alive.
Robert Evans (14 days ago)
Your ignorance is showing. Get an education and learn something.
james hartley (15 days ago)
already does
Yipyo1986 (15 days ago)
We don’t need it. Save the money
Robert Evans (14 days ago)
Yipyo1986: Are you the younger dumber little brother of 'Very Deep'? Have you given up on getting your G.E.D.? There is still time. You could become very similar to a real person.
Yipyo1986 (14 days ago)
Robert Evans get a life, troll.
Yipyo1986 (14 days ago)
Very Deep no shit. So bc the govt does whatever we shouldn’t have an opinion?
Robert Evans (14 days ago)
(Not) Very Deep: You seem to have a very small view of the world and likely subscribe to conspiracy theories and voted for Dotard Trump. Hopefully, you can obtain your G.E.D. someday and join the rest of society in seeing reality.
Very Deep (14 days ago)
Yipyo1986 you idiot that’s not how the government works they spend how ever much they fucken like they don’t give a fuck
Robert McNamara (15 days ago)
5G gives you Cancer
Colin (10 days ago)
Robert Evans here you go again
Robert Evans (14 days ago)
Your ignorance is showing. Get an education and learn something.
Jez Brunatny (15 days ago)

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