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Five of Android P's worst changes (and how to fix some of them)

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With all the changes in the new Android P Beta there are some great new features. Not all of them can be the best. Here are five of Android P's worst changes, and how to fix some of them. Leave your comments on your favorite and least favorite changes in the new Android P Beta below! ▶ WATCH our video of the top 5 new features in the Android P Beta: https://youtu.be/uLABtpIIjIU - READ our article on the "CLEAR ALL" Feature: https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/05/11/android-p-dp2-removes-clear-button-multitasking-view-will-back/ - FIND OUT how to bring the "SYSTEM UI TUNER" back: https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/03/29/android-p-feature-spotlight-heres-bring-back-system-ui-tuner/ - READ our article on the AESTHETIC changes: https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/03/16/android-p-5-least-favorite-changes-far/ - FIX the removal of the "BATTERY USAGE DATA": https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/03/08/android-p-feature-spotlight-battery-menu-no-longer-includes-per-app-usage-data/ - DISCUSS the new GESTURES: https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/05/09/android-ps-gesture-navigation-bad-google/ - GET the WALLPAPERS: http://bit.ly/wallpapermegathread ▶ WATCH the Q&A with Android Developers at Google I/O 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7E62C9GWFs&feature=youtu.be&t=18m56s ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed
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Text Comments (435)
- (8 hours ago)
Oreo really fucked up the notification system
Tobiáš Kaláb (19 hours ago)
What I don't like about Android P? It's not compatible with my phone.
Marcus Zarafonetis (20 hours ago)
I got a Samsung s9 so I'll probably never get android p
Matt (1 day ago)
2:53 "log-in to your battery settings" wtf that's not how it works
Ezio Auditore (1 day ago)
People talking about Android 9 while I still have android 7 ;-;
Ryon McAuley (1 day ago)
For people watching this in the future: Beta 2.0 has fixed most of these, including the in-app one swipe to app drawer. And Android P has many under the hood improvements over O.
Joe King (2 days ago)
Least liked !!!! This may take a while. Oms support is gone.that god aweful White isent changeable for settings UI. System UI tuner for most part is gone. Are they keeping notch or not every version has it enable toggle for different points on screen. Is it Android anymore or is it IOAndroid now. Why for one version can't we have clock customizations. Just one version I'd love a center clock lol
Doru Gabriel (2 days ago)
We want Android, not IOS
Andrew Osei (3 days ago)
Android P looks so bad
Gaming Oasis (3 days ago)
2 of those things were fixed in the latest beta (The Clear All and the long swipe to get to the app drawer) It almost seems like someone from Google watched this 🤔...
VitosGaming (4 days ago)
Dude.....too much face.....I came here too see the os
chaitanya Patil (4 days ago)
Whata wrong with your head?
I love the gestures
Stephen Gunnoe (4 days ago)
I'm actually loving P. In fact, I'm sacrificing a couple of apps not working correctly to use it. I personally think it's an improvement.
Adam Truelove (4 days ago)
Everyone is going to hate P....until next year....then everyone will hate Q....until the year after that....then everyone will hate R. And round and round we go. It happens every year. People hate/are afraid of change. Every iteration of Android has been the best one, that won't change with P. It may take them a few minor releases of P to perfect it, but it will be everyone's favorite in time.
Billy Reynolds (4 days ago)
SystemUI Demo Mode was also in the developer settings you showed later in the video
One of the most important missing features is the settings cog missing from the notifications panel, you know have to completely open and pull down the toggles panel to show this settings cog. For me this was this easiest quickest way for me to get into settings without having the stupid settings icon on my main screen cluttering it up.. #WHYGOOGLE #NOTMYGOOGLE lol
nahuelisimo1197 (5 days ago)
Why the double swipe is "inconsistent", if you're in the home screen you swipe up to go to recent apps, and swipe longer to go to the app drawer, if you're an in app you have to do two swipes, the same as you'd have to press the home button and then open the app drawer in previous versions of Android
therealergo (5 days ago)
Android P is dumb. You're not in some nonsense Apple fantasy land. Removing stuff is NOT a feature.
Kyle White (5 days ago)
For me I hated the gestures shit, that's then saying "hey let's be like Apple" just Kirk removing the headphone jack on the pixel 2, and now putting notch on the pixel 3xl next year.
Nick Thomas (5 days ago)
I actually like the gestures
Benas Seliuginas (5 days ago)
Is it just me or you ain't going to update your phone to Android P as well.
Kim Jong Skill (5 days ago)
Android P videos. Meanwhile... > My LG V20 is still on Nougat. > My Tab S3 just got Oreo a week ago.
Nookiezilla (5 days ago)
Why tf should you clear all apps?!
DeepDoge (5 days ago)
Clear all removed because people are keep pressing to it and clear all everything. So then android have to process starting everytime you start an app. Maybe they can add clear all button but it just hides everything.
rasengan720 (5 days ago)
Quick settings is gone? What the fuck
Dylan H (6 days ago)
I genuinely want to know Google's rationale behind removing the per-app battery usage information. That is something I find incredibly useful, and they've also been whittling down for a while.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
I hope they don't go the Apple route and make navigating settings a major PITA
Idodok BlueFlame (6 days ago)
Android P is ugly :/
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Get a Samsung and they'll make that decision for you :P
Idodok BlueFlame (6 days ago)
Not upgrading for sure
mikeyyy0 (7 days ago)
Yeah I don’t understand why they got rid of the Bluetooth/WiFi quick settings so dumb
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Not very intuitive either.
Kyle (8 days ago)
This google only design choices is bs. Adhere to material guidelines should be abolished for innovation purposes. Android 4 had better ideas. Especially being able to not interact with anything from the lockscreen
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
I liked where we were with Oreo. The design and everything was actually quite nice!
Davis Wiker (9 days ago)
You made my day with the quick swipe thing!!
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Glad I could make your day!
Cupofjoe (9 days ago)
They should add a swipe left instead of the back button for the gestures
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
It's so obvious, too.
That Guy (12 days ago)
Jesus you people in these comments are some whiny little babies
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Way to be "That Guy"
Zoltán Szőke (12 days ago)
What mixer do you use? :D
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Haha, that's a Yamaha M7CL. Super old and I don't like it. I prefer Digico boards :)
Aaron Votan (12 days ago)
It seems as if the developers want to make it harder for me to control my device. Key features that took me away from IOS are being taken away from this version of Android, like the ability to access quick settings or control different volumes levels. I think I might keep my pixel 2 at Oreo...
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
I don't know why they're trying to copy now.
Urmil Shroff (12 days ago)
They've added clear all back in DP3
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
John Le (12 days ago)
The battery drain on android P. It's trash
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Did you do a clean install?
Sandro Antadze (12 days ago)
Clear all is back!!!
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
FOR8UC (13 days ago)
I wanted to switch to android, because im sick of apple. But this little tease of the Android P gave me a reason to stay with the iPhone.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
How disappointing. That's crazy to hear.
Nikki Pantera Metal (13 days ago)
I am not a fan of a single one of the changes. They all seem pointless. I heard that the new home button slider can be kept just as is in settings. Any truth to this? I do not like the gesture at all.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Yes, you can avoid gestures, but the app overview screen and drop down navigation is all the same. It's a mess.
razor1964 (13 days ago)
The media volume control display should be on the left side of the display panel not the right side. Why? Because the palm of the hand covers it up so you can't see it moving up or down in landscape mode.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
The funny thing about reading comments is how you learn that everyone uses their phone differently. I think that's how you use your phone but I have the exact opposite issue. UI design is hard because you can't account for every scenario. So hard!
Mister CoconutCurry (13 days ago)
When you clear your apps you are ruining your battery life without adding to performance. No matter what you think - the OS algorithms are far better at memory management than you are. Shutting down apps you will use again wastes energy that could be used to improving performance instead. Phone engineers have been saying this for about a decade.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Sure. We know what is actually good for our phones, but a lot of people still want a clean app overview instead. Even if they made a visual change instead of actually closing them, that would be better than removing the close all.
weedwak (13 days ago)
I just don't understand why they'd downgrade the quick settings and get rid of things like UI Tuner or detailed battery settings. Don't dumb your UI down. Add, but don't remove.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
I can imagine that they're trying to simplify, but I actually thought that was pretty simple and intuitive. Sigh.
Princip Warehouse (14 days ago)
Google seems really obsessed with turning Android into iOS
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Mind-boggling. Why?!
U can also search for system UI tuner in the settings, can't u?
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Prabhjot Lidhar (15 days ago)
I thought I would never say this But I don't wanna get this and ill just stick with Samsung Experience 9 It's clean and it has features
Prabhjot Lidhar (5 days ago)
This Is Tech Today Yeah true it's just an opinion
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Prabhjot Lidhar I personally don't like the Samsung UI. It feels cluttered to me, but to each their own 😊
Prabhjot Lidhar (5 days ago)
This Is Tech Today But Samsung ui is nice af I'd always stick with it Hate lg and Hawaiis look Do like the 1+ and maybe the pixel But SE9 is so nice
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
It's pretty bad when people want Samsung UI over stock android, lol.
Prabhjot Lidhar (15 days ago)
I don't like p I want them to make a version like android Q and just simply work on perfect everything Like the the lag that you get while opening a game Just make it godly
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
We'll see what they do. I have a feeling this will be a rough release and it'll get better in the following version like you said.
Radu Barbulescu (15 days ago)
2 of those issues were solved in the 3rd developer preview. We're now waiting for quick settings in the notification bar to come back...
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
And multitasking not being hidden in an awful spot!
Brian P (16 days ago)
The gesture change is trash. I kept my square button for the single tap for open apps but i hate the swipe up to clear out the apps. its not a fluid as the swipe left or right.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Yeah, I prefer the other version more, especially for multitasking/split screen.
Wael Kdouh (16 days ago)
It would make sense if they removed the back button and replace it with a swipe left of the home button.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Totally. 100%
Brent V (17 days ago)
I've always used gestures in Nova launcher for my app drawer, so I just swipe up anywhere on the screen and the app drawer comes up, and if I want the app switcher, I just swipe up from the home button, so it's just that memory of swiping from the middle of my phone or the bottom. It sounds confusing, but actually makes things so much easier.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
As long as it's intuitive, I'm for it. I just don't find the current version of gestures they have in this beta intuitive. There's still time before the public release.
Matthew McNair (17 days ago)
I've got to be honest, I really enjoy the gestures. I recently went back to the current stable build because I was going to be traveling and didn't want to worry about beta issues. It was really hard to go back to using the buttons once I had adapted to gestures.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
To each their own. That's totally fine! I can see some great things in the gestures, I just think they need some work.
365 charcoal (19 days ago)
Consistency is one of key factor to success in any world! Oh my god! Android... Where are you going to? To Android.
365 charcoal (5 days ago)
Yeah! They should deeply learn UX/CX more. In fact, I'd like to suggest to them if they are OK. But there is no feedback system on my Android unfortunately.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
It's like they need a designer. Where's DUARTE?!
Hussein X99 (19 days ago)
Okay kiddo let me remind that this is A DEVELOPER PREVIEW. it's not final changes. And for those in the comments nagging, you're the same crowd that said KitKat was better than Android L in that time. 😂
This Is Tech Today (19 days ago)
First, I'm not a kid. Second, we ALL know it's a developer preview/beta. The feedback the Android team received is the reason the "Clear All" feature is coming back. Without providing feedback, we cannot have improvements before the public release. You could simply sit back and take whatever they give you, or actually do something about it like the rest of us.
Premyy.M (19 days ago)
I use a Pixel phone because I dislike the Samsung UI and much prefer stock android. Oreo tuned for PIxel 2 provides a premium clean and balanced, best of Android and iOS type experience. It looks Android P is a downgrade to a more Samsung like experience so I guess it's either stick with 8.1 or bring on Android Q
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
I agree 100%
Magnum (19 days ago)
Clear all makes clean and tidy, great information from an Android publication.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Thanks for watching, friend!
Howard Horst (19 days ago)
Google’s trademark lack of attention to detail is everywhere in this video.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
It's astoundingly bad. I'm shocked that they think this is okay.
Michael Avaliani (19 days ago)
Im glad i have a samsung. I wont get this shitty update for quite a while haha
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Correction: you will never get this update, haha.
Hype World (20 days ago)
Im a person all for opinions but you people haven't even tried it for yourself yet and are already judging it.
This Is Tech Today (19 days ago)
Wut. How did I make the video if I didn't try it......? lol
The drop down options in the quick settings is my biggest gripe. Plus to connect to a Bluetooth device just tapping the name from the device list doesn't work you have to tap the gear icon then tap connect. The same thing applies for disconnecting a device
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Seriously, I hate that change so much.
Rayyan Imam (20 days ago)
sounds like stock android just got ruined
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
it's like it's becoming a bit more of a skinned launcher.
Mr.Thunder TRLE (20 days ago)
Why the hell do I want this over android Oreo again???
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
There are some better features that they're adding, it's just that they're changing the feel and look of things that is creating a lot of issues with P.
Mr.Thunder TRLE (5 days ago)
This Is Tech Today I wish that wasn't true and they actually add better features.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Change for the sake of change ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Joseph Harvey (11 days ago)
Mr.Thunder TRLE what are they taking out? I don’t know what you’re referring to
Mr.Thunder TRLE (11 days ago)
Joseph Harvey yeah, but the features that they're taking out are much better.
Thiago Moreira (20 days ago)
Well, basically, I hate the circle coloured icons everwhere on P. I liked Oreo betteer on that regard. Also, I hate the notification bar with that waste of space on top. I know it is for notched smartphones, but they should not obligate everybod to have this.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
I'm more upset that the gestures didn't create more screen real estate at the bottom :\
makeit ra1n (20 days ago)
2:37 I need this wallpaper!
This Is Tech Today (20 days ago)
I gotcha :) http://bit.ly/wallpapermegathread
Hashmi Faiq (20 days ago)
i really didn't like those round design everywhere. Android oreo was very clean and professional. this new design just looks like an old fashioned kids mode
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Very cartoony for sure.
David McCann (20 days ago)
The volume control being on the right. I'm left handed
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
David McCann fair enough 😊
David McCann (5 days ago)
This Is Tech Today all I'm asking is for an option in the menu to put it on the left. Or just leave it where it is
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
David McCann I totally understand. I actually use the phone with my left hand despite being right handed. It didn't particularly bother me because I never actually adjust things with the on screen menu but use it as a tangible guide of where the volume is based on the button presses. You're not using the phone wrong, so don't think I'm saying anything bad about you or your opinion. It's just hard to design something for everyone and I would imagine that either Google didn't even think about it, which the overall design in this beta would lead me to believe, or they went with the lowest common denominator of the majority being right handed. I honestly think they didn't look at the latter as the reason for it being on the right side.
David McCann (5 days ago)
This Is Tech Today That might be the case but being given the choice to do it on screen the left handed are clearly forgotten here. I know I'm not the only one who clicks the volume then changes it quicker with my finger. This will be so much easier if I was right handed with Oreo. Its also nicer to feel acknowledged and not ignored, imagine 90% of people are left handed and you're the 10% of right handers you'll start to see yourself ignored. If you rotate the screen in android the three menu buttons always go to the right.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
I've never actually touched the volume control on the screen, so I just use the buttons even if I use the phone with my left hand. Funny how you don't realize people use a phone different than you until you talk about it, haha.
Alex Harvey (20 days ago)
The left side clock and the 4 icon notification bar maximum are both cancerous as fuck The removal of the option to hold the recents button to trigger splitscreen means I don't use split screen anymore because it's no longer any more convenient than just switching back and forth between apps, even with regular button the option is gone and with gesture controls the button isn't there to use even if the option was available Also swiping up on the dock on the home screen should open the app drawer. I don't know why I need to double swipe or swipe all the way up my phone when I'm on home
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
I think a single tap to go home and a swipe up to go to the app drawer could be nice. The multitasking change is horrendous. It shouldn't be that hard to get to.
Lesnite Neko (20 days ago)
Why do people complain about gestures? You don't have to use them if you don't want to Last time I checked they were not enabled by default
This Is Tech Today (20 days ago)
You don't have to use gestures, but all the bad stuff about the app overview is still there, which I dislike the most. The removal of quick settings is also a bit frustrating. The rest I can deal with.
Ehsan Kia (20 days ago)
Fantastic video. A lot of these are obviously in flux, as you mention clear all is coming, and im sure gestures will change a lot until release (remember this is a beta), but for right now, this video is very informative. I wouldn't judge it as final product though.
This Is Tech Today (20 days ago)
Thank you! Totally! I hold the same position as well. I'm hopeful that things will improve quite a bit before public release. Thanks for watching, friend!
Steven Loreto (20 days ago)
When the android p beta was released, I immediately flashed it on my Nokia 7+. After less than a day flashed back to oreo. I hate that gesture option. Will just wait for the final release of android p.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Lets hope it's much better than the beta we have now!
Ron Austin (21 days ago)
It seems like Google is just making changes for the sake of changes. They're no longer improving the UI. They spend time taking away "clear all"? Who actually asked for that to be removed? They take the time to make it so the UI colour changes automatically with the wallpaper but they refuse to give us a simple dark mode toggle. Mind boggling to me.
Andrew Osei (3 days ago)
They're on a self destruct journey
This Is Tech Today (3 days ago)
Gaming Oasis yup
Gaming Oasis (3 days ago)
They added it back in the newest beta
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Yeah, this one is a bit odd. It feels like we're not progressing like we have in the past, but we're not copying. Quite bizzare.
Joseph Elliott (20 days ago)
Everybody's all butt hurt with Android P. I have no problem with it, I can't wait until the final version is out.
This Is Tech Today (20 days ago)
lol, Joseph, we all know it's a beta. If we don't talk about it though, Google won't know that people do not like it. That's how the "clear all" issue was addressed.
Ihsan Husandi (21 days ago)
Ugly visual and messed up layout status bar/notification drawer/quick setting panel is what really turned me off. Glad the vertical multitasking card is still there if you swap to the great old navigation buttons. Oh, and that new icons in setting apps are also ugly tho
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
I can be okay with some of the designs of icons, but the gestures regularly frustrate me.
Ashik J (21 days ago)
New quick setting on Android P looks bad.
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
I agree, so much.
lakshman kumar (21 days ago)
Nice video Sir... Google developer should defenently watch ur video so that they can modify the required changes before the final release.. & I don't like the rounded icons, the new guestures like apple.. Oreo ui is far better & convenient than android P (Very decent)
This Is Tech Today (20 days ago)
Thank you! Feel free to share it with them!
Sparq (21 days ago)
how about the removal of overlay support?
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Yes, they intentionally broke that, which is a big loss for the customization options we've been able to enjoy.
Sparq (21 days ago)
one hundred percent i agree with this list
This Is Tech Today (5 days ago)
Haha, everyone has different tastes. That's okay :)
Ken Matharoo (20 days ago)
Well I'm on the other end of the spectrum then Yes I actually like the gestures and YES I was excited to disable the navbar when I got the beta
This Is Tech Today (20 days ago)
Haha. Glad you enjoyed it!
Sparq (21 days ago)
Dont forget to unlock your chests
This Is Tech Today (20 days ago)
lol. Good catch :P
Mayank Pipara (21 days ago)
Google apk Love Apple ios. google love apple Google is about to create disaster this year and I hate it, google finally going to make people frustrated like samsung's touchwiz does to people back then, and yes apple gestures is far better than android but still I dont like apple. and yeah! google want people to love ios, i think so. copying apple is good idea and all does but copying like some cheap $100 smartphone company is disaster. Samsung learned from its disaster of touchwiz ui and fixed it, gave a great phone design and boom samsung overcome its bad name and here, google is going backward, creating bad quality phone and now bad interface.
sushant Kumar (21 days ago)
U should never clean the ram. Android is smart. Cleaning ram uses more battery
Sajjad Mistri (21 days ago)
MIUI 10 has better gestures? LOL!!
Ihsan Husandi (21 days ago)
It really is
J T (21 days ago)
What when did you join AP? Congrats Brandon! 👍
This Is Tech Today (20 days ago)
At the beginning of the year. Just a video a month until I have time and capacity for more. Thanks, friend!
ST3 (21 days ago)
The worst one for me is removing Android N's Freeform Mode. (Or maybe it's a tablet exclusive feature idk because tablets aren't supported anymore)
Nick Lame (21 days ago)
Lack of support for Substratum is a deal breaker for me.
Krish Sanghvi (22 days ago)
Android just got ruined!🤦
Liran Barsisa (22 days ago)
About left handed users, I've made a new suggestion here: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/93428758
Jon Trimmer (22 days ago)
Not entirely sold by Android P yet but at least they have time to fix things. The gestures definitely don't work as well as iOS (I have an iPhone X as well), and it feels like a half hearted effort to copy Apple at the moment which isn't usually Googles style. I like the idea of being able to choose when to rotate certain apps although when I put them in landscape, I can't get them back without locking and then unlocking the phone, but I'm sure this will be sorted before the full release
On the top left of his screen he had the full time on like with seconds as well anyone know how one can achieve this?
This Is Tech Today (22 days ago)
RaZeFX | GFX and More | I'd tell you, but it would be way easier if you just watched the video here that walks you step by step on how to do it. And by here, I mean the one you are commenting on. 🤣
David Hožič (23 days ago)
get Resurrection Remix Android P and problem solved
Doge The Dog (23 days ago)
You can access the appdrawer from the recents app page. And yet you still complain? You made it sound like you could do that in Oreo, easier too.
Nafiz Al Sayem (23 days ago)
Good luck for me My phone will not get The P 😂
MikeInHD (23 days ago)
I hate Android P. The design and implementation of everything is ugly and cumbersome. 👎👎👎
Bill (21 days ago)
What do bothers you when using Android P?
MikeInHD (23 days ago)
May be time to officially jump ship to iOS or hope One Plus can make a high end flagship and fix Google's garbage changes.
Yongky Siaw (23 days ago)
Out of all the oem that implements gestures, xiaomi is first, followed by oneplus.
This Is Tech Today (23 days ago)
Yongky Siaw WebOS 😉
Matthew (23 days ago)
The only thing I hate about Android P is the way you can't slide the app drawer without having to see the app switcher. I don't like swiping up twice, or having to swipe once but very long ratio. I like the older way better, just swipe up and apps will show, not the app switcher.
This Is Tech Today (23 days ago)
Matthew I totally agree ☹️
Zach Owens (23 days ago)
I don't like that the submenus in the quick settings were taken away. It used to be so convenient for things like disconnecting a bluetooth device, but now you have to go into the full settings menu and open a submenu from there in order to do it. It's like they made too many things take a couple more clicks to do than it used to. Same with multi-window. It used to be a long press of the app switcher while in an app, but now you have to swipe up to go to the app switcher, then you click on the app icon in the top middle, then you select multi-window. And you can't just switch back to the old navigation keys to get the old, much faster method. A lot of the changes for Android P made android less intuitive and more iOS like, and I am not a fan of that at all...
This Is Tech Today (21 days ago)
ガMingo - MGx Man. Yup. It's in the video.
ガMingo - MGx (21 days ago)
You can hold the QS to go into the settings menu.
This Is Tech Today (23 days ago)
Zach Owens Totally, Zach! What is interesting about multitasking is how easy it was to do one handed and mostly at the bottom of the phone. Now it goes against the idea of gestures and you have to click the top of the screen...using two hands. So inconsistent.
Evan Eaton (23 days ago)
Love the idea of them adding color to the settings but they couldn't have picked any uglier colors
This Is Tech Today (23 days ago)
Evan Eaton haha, true!
Cesareo Contreras (24 days ago)
While this is all very fair criticism that I hope Google takes note of, I think it's important to clarify that Android P is still in beta. While I doubt they'll change that much when it's officially released, it's important to understand that the software is still being tweaked.
This Is Tech Today (23 days ago)
Cesareo Contreras Yup. Totally.
bumpy knuckles (24 days ago)
This guy is pure cringe
This Is Tech Today (19 days ago)
Gabriel Stolarczyk 😆😂🤣🙃
Gabriel Stolarczyk (19 days ago)
bumpy knuckles Why is that...? - _-
This Is Tech Today (24 days ago)
bumpy knuckles Thanks 😂😉
amol kamble (24 days ago)
What about Multitasking features?????
This Is Tech Today (24 days ago)
amol kamble in the app overview screen tap the icon for the app at the top. Hidden and not obvious plus it's now at the top of the screen which defeats the purpose of gestures....
Gujarathi Sagar (24 days ago)
android P olice
This Is Tech Today (24 days ago)
Gujarathi Sagar nailed it

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