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Car / Automotive Designer Careers explained - General Motors Auto Design Jobs

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GM Design, the industry's first and largest global automotive design function, is among Crain's 2011 "Cool Places to Work" winners for their ability to communicate with employees, attract and retain talent, and create a positive work environment.
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Pankaj Yadav (11 days ago)
plez guide me... I am doing now B tech 2nd year, I want to make carrier in Car design..
Kgau Mercy (8 months ago)
Hellow south Africa this is mercy*kgauza ,,,I'm about to bring u more about me ,,,,so wait n chill #mercy*k
Edwin Dominguez (9 months ago)
So it's these people to blame for the horrible car designs at cadillac and gm
The80’s Champagne Mami (9 months ago)
Edwin Dominguez lol
nyambe Glen (9 months ago)
I love drawing cars
Sophia Lenore (1 year ago)
Awesome – we like it ☺

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