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Hisense H8C Review: Best Budget 55" 4K HDR TV for $550!?

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Is the Hisense 55H8C is one of the best cheap 4K TVs you can buy? It's a SMART UHD TV with HDR and great colour accuracy! Also, good response time for casual gamers. Watch for the full review! Buy Here: Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2kAT8YO Amazon Canada (50" Model) - http://amzn.to/2jZ2m1z Help support the channel by using my Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon US: http://goo.gl/BVc5ez Amazon Canada: http://goo.gl/SK9sQK Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/is1MXU Follow me on Nice! http://getnice.com/c/MatthewMoniz/EO0WMiyOek8 Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattmoniz123 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mattmoniz123 Website: http://www.matthewmoniz.com
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Text Comments (199)
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
Great TV if you're on a budget and want 4K with HDR! Thanks for watching guys!
David Hinkle (3 months ago)
Nicholas J. Paris it does have wide color gamut you idiot
David Hinkle (3 months ago)
TekReviews this model does support HDR 10 through the HDMI input
Always VIRAL (6 months ago)
Matthew Moniz please do the 2017 hisense tvs
Frank Robbins (9 months ago)
TekReviews trust me, based on your douchey comments we can tell you've been building pcs in your moms basement for quite some time. Good for you man, you knew about a feature on a TV. Holy hell what would the world do without such knowledge? Your contribution to the human race has not and will not go unnoticed. We will hold parades and holidays to celebrate your genius. Get a grip loser.
TekReviews (9 months ago)
I know about the UPDATE and still this NOOB thinks it doesn't do HDR, even RTINGS.COM said it DOES. I suggest you stop being an anal troll. I know what the APPS do, I was talking about HDR on the HDMI ports which IT DID NOT HAVE when it was SOLD!!!! Even though they still claimed at BEST BUY that it was a HDR tv when in fact that was not entirely true! It only played HDR through the USB ports UNTIL the update! Yeah your facts are pathetic and I've been building PC's since 1982, so I think I know enough about electronics and repairing televisions. You Tube BLOCK works wonders for you trolls.
Buffalo Eskate (20 hours ago)
January 2018 55" 4k Curved tv for only $349 and a 55" 4k tv for only $299... the link is... https://youtu.be/_5JX0VfCWOA
David Bryant (5 days ago)
55 model marked down to $348 all Walmart. Needed this review before I buy thanks.
AdannaG (10 days ago)
This is one of the best TV reviews I have seen on YouTube! You give all the relevant technical information, an excellent user experience, useful recommendations and a solid conclusion. I am seriously considering buying a Hisense 4K TV and you have helped me a great deal. Many thanks.
Ryan Walk (18 days ago)
thinking about buying it but my current 1080p display is 120hz and i think itd be a bit awkward to my eyes to go back to 60
he lly (19 days ago)
I wouldnt trust hisense as a brand, they have a lot of complains you can google it if you dont believe me, so be careful if youre buying it
James Walsh (22 days ago)
Great presentation thanks
Matthew Moniz (22 days ago)
You're welcome James!
Luis Manzo (1 month ago)
I have this tv, how come when I go to setting then picture mode , I go down to where it says “ HDMI 2.0 Format” its blocked out and I can’t click it. Is this the reason my tv doesn’t look as HD as I thought it would be ? The picture is not that clear ,so why is that option not available to me? I have an hdmi cable hooked up from my tv to my PS4 and cable box . Do I have to buy a different hdmi cable ?? Please please help !
steven touchton (1 month ago)
Thank you for the tip. I had my ps4 plugged into the wrong hdmi port lol
edgar donato (1 month ago)
Im upset about the clunky interface. Did you say it has dolby vision?
Silent Killa (1 month ago)
Just got a Samsung 50 inch 4k for $600 cad
mostmost1 (1 month ago)
gorgeous picture
ТЕРМИНАТОР X (1 month ago)
Chinese trash .waste money
Nick V (26 days ago)
STJEPAN HORVAT mine says Mexico... so you got a dud... partner
Beast Mode OFF [ON] (1 month ago)
STJEPAN HORVAT I hate to burst your bubble but just about everything is made from chyna. Even the high end tv parts are made from chyna so let's just get that straight. Without chyna, we would pretty much be in the dark ages so get it right next time..
kevin gonzalez (2 months ago)
can u send me a tv
Brotha84 Brotha (2 months ago)
That's a cool Trap budget Tv
B Hood B Good (2 months ago)
Hi Mathew if you had to choose between the Hisense Model H6 and H8c model which would you say is the better model?
South East Bobby (3 months ago)
Thanks alot very informative and made my decision to go with the 43" 4k model, just wanted to make sure it was hdr for my xbox one x, i want.
Rusty Burrito (1 month ago)
Do not get this TV for your Xbox One X. There’s input lag even on gaming mode on 4K on the proper HDMI ports
MGS FoxUnitGreyfox (2 months ago)
Cool. Thanks for the reply. ☺
South East Bobby (2 months ago)
Decided to get an Xbox One S instead, my moms bought this tv though, it looks great when in 4k but television hasn't caught up to 4k so it only is useful when you watch channels like youtube 4k
MGS FoxUnitGreyfox (2 months ago)
I'm thinking of getting that one too. How is it?
Ricky Barrera (3 months ago)
How are you liking it so far?
sissy murphy (3 months ago)
I got it and since I have fiber optic cable the tv pic is great .Not sure if that helps but the pic is crystal clear .I already have a hisense 40 inch and it has been in my den for a year and works great .I guess I will see if it last but for that amount of money I can't loose
Bobby Hill (3 months ago)
Hisense has horrible quality control. I don't know where they source their parts, but they clearly don't have someone checking the quality of their hardware. These tv's are a luck of the draw. Some are built solid while others break down too often.
sissy murphy (3 months ago)
Question I have fiber optic cable do you think that would improve the tv pic .I have another hisense and have been very happy with it as it is now over 3 years old and still works great
sissy murphy (3 months ago)
looking at it here 398 dollars now
Bobby Hill (3 months ago)
Not worth it. Well, let me ask you. What are you going to use it for? Sports? Bad TV! Over the Air? Bad TV! Streaming Apps like Netflix, HULU and other forms of streaming? Cool. Also, the angle viewing is horrible. U better sit right in the middle of the tv. Not an issue if this is your bedroom tv and watch it from one position. Clearly an issue if watching it from multiple spots like living room
Leo Rodriguez (3 months ago)
I got this TV from Walmart refurbished for 280$! I wasn't even looking at buying a TV, but at that price and literally because of this review I went ahead and bought it. I still have not tested it but with all the positive reviews it should be worth what I paid for.
Matthew Moniz (3 months ago)
+Leo Rodriguez awesome! Let me know how you like it : )
MrChad97Z (4 months ago)
is this 55DU6070, a H8C ?
Ricky Barrera (3 months ago)
Did you ever find it? I seem to not find any info on it. Plz lemme know
Erik Brice Ledford (4 months ago)
This guys eyes are black that's scary
Erik Brice Ledford (4 months ago)
Yes cause I saw this at Walmart for much cheaper than Samsung , vizio and others. Much needed video.
Mugiwara (4 months ago)
Why you did't just get download some 4k Videos before you do a review about a fucking 4k TV
Demon Returns (4 months ago)
Don't lie to people..... this TV has 0.... YES ZERO% chance of getting Dolby Vision
Ricky Barrera (3 months ago)
Lmao. It is a 10bit panel, and Dolby Vision uses 12 however there are no 12 bit panels on the market currently just 10bits that are being pushed to achieve 12-bit(Dolby Vision) so it is possible but not likely
Kenny 92 (4 months ago)
I have this TV and I love it ...there's just one problem, TV remote input lagggg
mohammed satti (5 months ago)
Best chance for everyone to have a 4K television.
Joolz1982 (5 months ago)
Cheers for this always interested to see how it stacks against other 4K TVs
DASamX5453 (5 months ago)
Would rather have a TV with a Digital Tuner instead of crappy Analog...only thing that would stop me right now...
kevinranders (5 months ago)
I would say the TCL P Series is a much better deal. HDR + Dolby Vision, FALD back lighting, 499.99 at Best Buy for 55inch.
Jefforey Gatlops (5 months ago)
Is it dual voltage?
Sergi Chao (6 months ago)
How about the durability of this brand. Will it be just last very short period of operational time before it has to go back for repair or warranty?
The Blade Runner (6 months ago)
Vizio or Hisense?
Dub V (7 months ago)
Awesome review. I'm looking at purchasing this exact TV . The thermal test during Bruno mars "uptown funk" was defiantly a first, very well detailed. Thanks for sharing.
Christopher Everhart (7 months ago)
Very happy to see this review I have been trying to research a good 4k tv I can plop in the bedroom for a fair price. After seeing this review I feel confident enough to make this purchase. Thanks.
Matthew Moniz (7 months ago)
You're welcome! = )
Nathen Wallis (8 months ago)
I just bought a Sharp Lc-43n6100u. do you think the Hisense h8 is a better TV?, I have 90days to take the Sharp back if I decide I don't like it. One thing I don't like about the Sharp, is I cannot download Hulu, so I still have to use my gaming console to stream Hulu, which I'm guessing Hulu could be downloaded to the Hisense
Steve Sumo (8 months ago)
Hisense is Chinese technology, god bless China.
Юрий Давыдов (9 months ago)
Very cheap and not trusted brand
Targatheory (9 months ago)
i tried flickig the loose string on your right shoulder off my screen....lol
King Voxel (9 months ago)
Wow a 4K TV with component inputs!
REDXJeenKs30000 idk (9 months ago)
"Also, good response time for casual gamers." What is a casual gamer, and why would a "casual gamer" waste money on 4k when "casual gamers" tend to play indie games as validated from many sources like PcMaster Race
Jeffrey williams (10 months ago)
how is the hdr for 4k movies whats its peak brightness
The British Pilgrim (10 months ago)
Is this genuine HDR ?? I'm looking for a decent screen for gaming that isn't gonna brake the bank.
Matthew Moniz (10 months ago)
Just HDR10 it supports
Lord of the Jungle (10 months ago)
Speakers are in the back so sound bounces but not had for a budget TV for most people
Nicholas J. Paris (10 months ago)
Young Den Yup, you'll need an external speaker set. I believe there's an aux port for this TV.
Mickxal (10 months ago)
I like LG but that RGBW fucks my jugement. I think I'm going with this one
Nicholas J. Paris (10 months ago)
Mickxal it's response time is disappointing.. I'd look at the Samsung ku6290 instead.
theone2be33 (10 months ago)
HISENSE MAKES GREAT TVs!!! Dont be afraid to purchase one! should see the speakers that are in these things! Great sound! Great Picture! Never a issue! unless you a lemon
abraham ruiz (6 months ago)
theone2be33 totally, I have one of their 1080p models (bought in 2014 or 2015) and i have had friends think it was a Home theater systems
Evil209er (10 months ago)
Got this tv at bestbuy for $499 with tax money and it's great so far
Timothy Moss (1 month ago)
I hear you, in a similar boat. Just worried to know if it will last honestly, debating between this and the 49inch TCL on amazon
Nappa Carl (1 month ago)
I used it here and there. Unfortunately I've been focused on school (last week) so I haven't used it to the extent that I want (5 or 6hrs) but I tested it out. Pretty good imo. Tried a couple games at 4k 60fps and it looks good
Timothy Moss (1 month ago)
hows it holding up so far
Nappa Carl (1 month ago)
bought mine at sams club for $347
Kenny 92 (4 months ago)
N J valhalla not sure if you bought this TV yet, but Best buy is selling it for $399 ...just a heads up
Bryant Smith (10 months ago)
Scott Mantooth (10 months ago)
I have had this TV for about 2 months now. We use it as our bedroom television, watch UHD movies and gaming on the Xbox One S. We love it. My only complaint is that the viewing angles are pretty bad. We sit in bed directly in front of it, so it works perfectly for us. The picture quality is amazing in 4K. We have only watched Deadpool on UHD so far, and Netflix 4K streaming. We paid $449.99 for this TV, and there's nothing in that price range that can touch it as far as picture quality and features are concerned.
Danny Mendez (6 months ago)
I'm really not interested on dropping 900 for a 4k hdr Samsung tv lol.
Danny Mendez (6 months ago)
Scott S I was actually going to say does it work great for the Xbox one s? And you answered my question. So I'm definitely considering on getting this. Especially XBX is around the corner
Vlad TMS (10 months ago)
samsung k6300 is the way to go if you're looking for a budget 4k tv
Vlad TMS (10 months ago)
ku6300 is the perfect entry-level 4K TV
Vlad TMS (10 months ago)
@James the ku6300 have tons of apps, Bluetooth , better contrast, brightness with the lowest input for gaming, more video and audio connectivity, web browser, child lock, ccc and its around $300-$490 at walmart
James Garlets (10 months ago)
Nicholas J. Paris I game occasionally but not competitively so the input lag I don't notice at all. I don't think the Samsung is a bad TV at all. My friend has a 60" 6270 it looks nice but I still prefer the hisense.
Nicholas J. Paris (10 months ago)
James Garlets yeah I had both TVs to compare to. Overall I found the Samsung much more response, lower input lag, and better app support. The sharp/hisense is still a good TV, but if you're a gamer or want better response from the remote or more app support, LG and Samsung got that Market
James Garlets (10 months ago)
Nicholas J. Paris It's not true Hdr I understand that. But it works better than most budget Led tvs that I have seen. I looked at the Samsung 6300 as well as this tv. This tv looked better than the Samsung. It's all individuals preference. So if you prefer the Samsung that's great. I don't like their UI, as well as imo this Hisense looked better.
TekReviews (10 months ago)
I keep reading that you only get HDR on the USB port and the 4K Apps on the tv. They keep saying firmware update will give you HDR on the HDMI but it needs to be a HDCP 2.2 HDMI port from what I hear to even get HDR.
Okay I’m hearing it’s not really HDR, but does it look good compared to the real HDR quality?
TekReviews (10 months ago)
RTINGS calls it Chroma Subsampling, there are various versions of HDR like HDR 10 and Dolby Vision as well. RTINGS gives it 83 percent of the D3 PCI spectrum. It might not be as good as other high end HDR tvs but what can you expect for a tv that is selling at Best Buy for $299. I'm surprised he keeps highlighting those who say it doesn't have HDR yet his video still says HDR 4K tv. Funny shit. Dude must be staying up late monitoring every message on here and only picking ones that he likes. Reality sucks for some people.
James Garlets (10 months ago)
I had an update as soon as I finished setting it up. I had to change an hdmi setting to advanced to have their version of HDR on hdmi port 3 and 4. My xbox one s shows 4k with hdr enabled. It's not real hdr though.
TekReviews (10 months ago)
Read the description! It says HDR 55 inch but HiSense said ONLY FOR USB PORTS they keep telling customers it's going to get a FIRMWARE UPDATE to make the HDMI port use HDR! Why did you get a HIGHLIGHTED COMMENT when you are a MORON! And a TROLL! I know all about this tv and them trying to say it's HDR when people are questioning it. You know nothing about HDR or checkers.
Nicholas J. Paris (10 months ago)
TekReviews there's no wide color gamut on this TV... Thus no hdr!
theone2be33 (11 months ago)
i have a Hisense 55inch 1080p smart Uhd tv. is a great tv! i use it for gaming. upgrading to a Samsung 4k hdr tv cause just bought the Xbox1 S. Good review
Nicholas J. Paris (10 months ago)
theone2be33 the Samsung ku6290 is a solid alternative
Anil Thomas (11 months ago)
Is it good for ps4 pro
Nicholas J. Paris (10 months ago)
anil thomas high input lag, so I would say no
Hector Freytes (11 months ago)
just saw they came out with the 65" version for only 899
FURY (11 months ago)
Good, concise review. I'd like to share that this summer Hisense aka Sharp TV will be selling 65 inch 4K ULED TV's that meet Dolby Vision specs etc all for $799. This TV will bite a chunk out of LG's OLED market. It's said the Hisense ULED is 3X brighter & last 2 times as long as the OLED TV's. Just a heads up. ~ peace
Javi (10 months ago)
Mykal Fury the 65" uled would start at $1299
Javi (10 months ago)
M Higgs if you go to tbe Cnet page they have the prices for the ULED tv and the price for 65 inch is $1299 so far.
M Higgs (10 months ago)
How'd you find this out?? Released to the US market this summer? I was about to pull the trigger on the 65" H8C for $799... but ULED at the same size & price is worth the wait
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
Thanks Mykal! I saw their new tvs at CES 2017 they look really good. LG is licensing OLED out to all these companies. So they're still making a pretty penny
Travis Onkst (11 months ago)
Is it worth getting the samsung Ks8000 over this tv because im mainly gonna be using it for Hdr. But for 500 dollars that its running for at Best Buy this is a hard offer to pass up. Just curious as to how big of a difference in Hdr the picture quality would be. If the extra 500 bucks for the samsung would be worth it or not. Im insanely on the fence about this.
Frank Robbins (9 months ago)
If you have the extra $500 and can spend it without concern about it, then get the KS8000. If you think you may regret that $500, get the Hisense. These two TVs cannot be compared and if you want the best in HDR at that price range the ks8000 series is it. I have the Hisense and thought about the 8000 as well. For me it came down to simply not wanting to part with $1600 vs $765 I spent for the Hisense. I used the extra money for an entertainment center and a new xbox 1s. If it wasnt a concern of cost, and I wasnt so budget conscious I would have the 8000. Comparing side by side though purely speaking of cost vs features I don't think the ks8000 is worth it in my case.
Nicholas J. Paris (10 months ago)
Travis Onkst this TV does not support true hdr, but the Samsung KS8000 does.
Troy Anderson (11 months ago)
what's the difference between 8h and the 8hc? also the h7 and the h8/h8c??
Hector Freytes (11 months ago)
what an awesome review. simple and to the point. great job sir
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
Thanks Hector!
Michael Mendez (11 months ago)
8 bit or 10 bit tv ?
Nicholas J. Paris (10 months ago)
No wide color gamut though :-(
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
Anytime and glad I could help = ) Thanks for subbing and welcome to the channel!
Michael Mendez (11 months ago)
Matthew Moniz wow amazing with your replies man. thanks for the info I'm seriously considering this TV. earned a subscriber 😎😎
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
10 bit
Howard Zhang (11 months ago)
is there any high end hisense tv you can recommend? and i wish you can review xiaomi TV :)
Zac VanVeen (11 months ago)
48ms?!?!?!? HAHahahahahahahhaa ahhhh Console Gamers won't notice I guess.
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
+Zac VanVeen oh god ya not for pc gaming lol that would be horrible. The best tvs for gaming usually only hit around 18-20ms
Chris Dude (11 months ago)
That TV is right up my alley for my bedroom. Adding a Shield Android TV unit to it would probably be awesome too. very good value and the link that you provided for the US customers is selling it for only $375 for the 55 inch. funny thing is that the 50 inch is almost $600 lol
Chris Dude (11 months ago)
no it went up to $499
Aditya Shanbhag (11 months ago)
+Chris Dude Do u still see it for 375 when you open the link?
Chris Dude (11 months ago)
that's weird, amazon just derps sometimes i guess
Aditya Shanbhag (11 months ago)
+Chris Dude It shows $499 for both the sizes for me. Wonder why! :(
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
+Chris Dude it's hard not too with the price so low! Thank you too Chris for watching my videos !
Adam S. (11 months ago)
Great video, Matt! Before going with the Sony x800D, I looked into getting this tv. Unfortunately, it's not readily available in Canada so I went with the Sony instead. Still have a Panny plasma from 2012 that looks great too.
Anthony Lauro (1 month ago)
Adam S. My Panasonic plasma just died. I'm looking at this for a replacement. I have the 50" and it's laggy w smart TV functions but not bad.
Nicholas J. Paris (10 months ago)
Adam S. In Canada it's the sharp n6000u. Same tv and you can get it at Costco
Ziich (11 months ago)
that Marco Polo plug ftw!!
The Halfrican (11 months ago)
Let a brotha hold it
Shaarujon Vijayakumar (11 months ago)
Great video, and the new set up is coming out really nice! Keep working at it
Emma Smets (11 months ago)
behavioral wing due writing justice announcement nearly notice expensive ignore.
ImJacobL15 (11 months ago)
Cool! Great review. Sorry for not being active to your channel. I'll try to send my backpack tomorrow. :)
Shawn Lee (11 months ago)
is this h8c hisense better than LG uh7700 4k tv
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
I've never reviewed the LG UH7700 maybe someone in the comments can chime in
I'm the real slim spidey (11 months ago)
You said it's a budget TV 1000 times and yet you didn't mention the price!! How much does it cost??!!!
I'm the real slim spidey (11 months ago)
Yeah sure man! I really love your vids and hope you hit 500k subs this year. all the best!!
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
+Raghuram Gaddam it's all good man! Thanks for watching
I'm the real slim spidey (11 months ago)
Oh shit! I am so sorry man. I didn't listen properly. My bad.
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
+Raghuram Gaddam I mentioned the price in the first 30 seconds of the video and at the end and it's in the title!
ALTHDS (11 months ago)
he played starboy
Matthew Baillargeon (11 months ago)
I just recently bought a H6C for $300 when it was on sale at Best Buy. Great display and amazing TV. This looks like an update version of that. Hisense makes some nice tvs for a small price.
TekReviews (10 months ago)
Yeah but read the reviews on Amazon.
Mianlo Mangaing (11 months ago)
I bought 50" H7gb1 for $500, plus tax and warranty made it little under 600 dollars. Summer 2015 (August? I think)
lapirk (11 months ago)
Wait. You still a plasma??!
Sladzan B (11 months ago)
lapirk plasma is good trust me.I have plasma end year model and 2014 model led tv And plasma is good so.Led tv have color much better yes.. motion real-100Hz led tv and plasma real- 50Hz ; plasma 50Hz better motion picture. trust me.tested. hisense for this money cost 🖐🖒 for 4k 2x hdmi 60Hz and HDR not bad. For How long ???is real?but is your select... thx and good video Mattew. 😉
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
Depends on the plasma! Their are some really good ones and some really poor ones.. Before OLED a lot of videophiles would cling dearly on to their plasma TVs since they provided the best viewing experience.
lapirk (11 months ago)
Matthew Moniz hmm that wasn't my experience with my old plasma. Ntheless this thing looks cheap. Might as well spend lil more to get better brands
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
haha yup! I love plasma minus the high energy consumption. Deeper blacks, more natural colours
UrTech Therapist (11 months ago)
Hey dude what was that live? 😂
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
haha an accident = )
Dimitrios Zacharopoulos (11 months ago)
I've owned a Hisense TV before. They are terrible and don't last. Also Hisense service and support sucks!
Darren Green (11 months ago)
18% 1 star Amazon ratings...the TV came out a couple of years ago, but May 2016 the HDR version. I was tempted last summer but went with Panasonic Viera (true 4k 4096) and I will not get a new TV until HDR is actually broadcasted regularly AND at a more affordable price. Quantum Dot LED's are the way forward and will be my next but I'm hoping my Panasonic will last long enough for Gen 2 QD-LED Electro Luminescent..5 years. (by then the public will be conned into buying 8k with zero content for 2 years just like 4k...)
Kameron Jannissar (11 months ago)
Can u buy it from best buy?
Vanja Susnjar (11 months ago)
nice video Matt
Max Mustermann (11 months ago)
I have the same tv and its very good for the price but i use this tv with the chromecast ultra
Pietro Del Franco (11 months ago)
Too bad it's not oled 😞
Abdulaziz Amer (11 months ago)
am in uae is this the same with m7000
Aakash Chandra (11 months ago)
The new setup reminds me of Canoopsy !
Aakash Chandra (11 months ago)
totally get it man! :D
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
Thanks! =) It's nice and clean but I like have something cool in the background to add colour.
Aakash Chandra (11 months ago)
By no means it's bad. I like it but the old one was better :D
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
This is VERY temporary = ) I won't be using a plain white wall as my main background for too long. I'm still reorganizing.
VinceLess (11 months ago)
Would you recommend this tv (On the wall) fi put it above my 2 screens on my desksetup ? Nice review :)
marlon paris (11 months ago)
Could you do someone gaming headset reviews ...your review to me are so real
Don Braugh (11 months ago)
Thank you!
ReekaMusic (11 months ago)
What bout the stream you tried to do?
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
lol ignore that! = ) But expect a video game review !
Mriganka 16 (11 months ago)
👍 Love your new video Matthew.The Hisense 4k tv looks amazing.Is it worth buying?
Mriganka 16 (11 months ago)
Matthew Moniz Thanks for replying!
Matthew Moniz (11 months ago)
Thanks man! = ) For the money it's definitely worth it. It's good if you want 4K on a tight budget.

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