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12 Speaker Headphones = MIND BLOWN

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Bluedio U Plus (UFO) (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2e5x6wC Bluedio U Plus (UFO) (International) - http://geni.us/CUbyA Had the chance to check out my first 12 speaker wireless headphones. This model from Bluedio also features enhanced bass. It's some of the most powerful bass I've ever heard on headphones. From the manufacturer - Innovation never stops.To provide the ultimate sound experience, our engineers have putted a lot of time and efforts into Bluedio U Plus and achieved new breakthrough.Our exclusive PPS12 technology, specially designed cavity and vents work in conjunction to provide vibrant bass and clear, vivid sound reproduction through the entire frequency range. Bluedio advocates ultimate, fashion and simplicity, emphasizes music is most important spiritual enjoyment of mankind and provides professional audio and wireless communication solutions.Bluedio has been spread out to more than 150 countries, owned more than 30 patents. With the constant pursuit for improvement, our engineers have spent three years to develop PPS12 technology.The combination of three drivers specially for trembles and another three drivers for mids and bass, makes sure that you will enjoy all range of frequency to the fullest extent.You can expect crisp, vivid highs from this headphone. Cavity Design gives isolation from some ambient noises, enhances the bass response and pushes the airflow of both front and back cavity to achieve resonance.The cavities, along with specially designed vents, which adjust the ventilation, contribute to a full-bodied, vibrant and bouncy bass reproduction. To protect your ears, Bluedio U Plus adopts over-ear earmuffs and stereo clipping craft. It not only brings you natural and comfortable wearing, but also reduce sound leakage. The ear cups is designed to be rotated backward for 180 degrees, mainly considering the special requirements of DJ.It also works when you want to stay aware about what`s happening around you. Built with premium materials, Al-Ti alloy. It owns sturdy, lightweight alloyed frames, yokes and sliders.So, the headphone will last for years. FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak
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Text Comments (3996)
Krzysztof Sobała (2 days ago)
Jeden dobrze zaprojektowany przetwornik zawsze będzie lepszy od kilku współpracujących...
J (2 days ago)
You don't need 12 fucking drivers... Retarded..
Duck Man (6 days ago)
That frequency response alone makes me want to throw them out of a window. They are obviously selling this to people who have no idea what actual Quality sounds like. If these people heard a great pair of headphones, they would bitch about how little "bass" is present. Sickening...
JapanFamilyGuy (7 days ago)
Bought the VICTORY version (improved model). Very nice... Needs 200 hours to warm them in properly.
SaberWolf 4K-HD (8 days ago)
Hey man I know this video is really old but I was thinking if you would be willing to make a fan whole year ...by hook him up with a pair of these headphones I really like the idea behind these headphones???...I really love your channel
EL EVO (13 days ago)
At the end, you scared me into buying these :o/
Ricky Saull (15 days ago)
Waste of money... Audio physics just don't work out that way. Drivers that close together actually work against each other.
JapanFamilyGuy (7 days ago)
Or because 12 different types of sound coming from just 2 speakers does not get muddied?
JapanFamilyGuy (7 days ago)
Because 3 people talking to you are totally incomprehensible?
John Lemon (18 days ago)
Full Metal Monkey (18 days ago)
More bass than Nuraphone?
M&M S (24 days ago)
does it even possible to find exactly the same speakers WITH cable? :) I really hate speakers with BT connection..
Altharrion (26 days ago)
More drivers, the higher risk of failure.
JapanFamilyGuy (7 days ago)
Nope. Less risk of failure. If one speaker goes on a dual driver headphone you have lost 50% of your sound. With these... one speaker goes west, and you still have over 90% of your sound.
Emanuel Watches (26 days ago)
I bought one but when it got here the bass was weak. The $30 bluedios I had- had more bass
JapanFamilyGuy (7 days ago)
The VICTORY version (upgraded) fixed that.
56LesPaulJunior (27 days ago)
I look for flat response in headphones. I don't want my speakers/headphones to color the sound in any way. I look for headphones that sound the way the artist and producer mixed/mastered the song. Hearing that the bass was biggest ever (or however you described it) probably means this is not a product I would be interested in. Thanks for the honest review. Different strokes....
Shyro Channing (28 days ago)
Unbox Therapy B-Line... B-Line You Say Sir. So I... Neeeeeed... Them!!!
Asus Kawasaki (30 days ago)
Please for me 😁
Warmer (1 month ago)
That frequencies response is GARBAGE! Not to mention the horrible phase alignment with all those different sources. What a waste of $180. Get some AKG K271 MKII Closed-back cans for $199 they are LIGHT YEARS better than those.
JapanFamilyGuy (7 days ago)
Well, you might as well go with the ISK HD-9999 if thats the case. They have a better range than the AKG, (look similar) and are MUCH MUCH Cheaper.
sol666 (1 month ago)
I will guess it is Chinese. Only Chinese manufacturer would be sneaky enough to create a 12 driver gimmick when the maximum number of channels that any existing OS can support is 7.1 ( two front, two side, two back, two center, and two sub-woofer) that's 10 drivers 5 for each ear. I can already see there really doesn't seem to be any point in having 12 drivers any way since it is not true analog surround sound. In order to be true surround it would need 4 jacks for audio channel control. Since it uses only one it is a single channel stereo headset, and definitely not virtual surround since it doesn't use USB control. So the question is what the hell are those tiny drivers doing in the headset? I would guess either repeating the signal from the main driver or amplifying sound frequency by constructive interference to make it sound louder. What it is not doing is distributing components of a sound file over separate channels like real surround sound headsets do.
Casey (1 month ago)
I got these $150 (Australian) from Bludio ebay site. Very cheap compared to a lot of other companies. They fit snug and can hurt after a while but you can stretch apart the headband for bigger heads. Insanely bass heavy and quality. They seem a little muddy at first but after you go back in in-ears or anything else, everything sounds tinny and sharp. A good buy for at home head phones. Too large to rock around with though. they look stupid as fuck
Forza Fox (1 month ago)
skull candy crusher wireless vs. these??
vegtom1 (1 month ago)
PLN : ciekawe czy jest dobry dla osób słabosłyszący ? I wonder if it is good for people who are poorly of hearing?
Peter Chan (1 month ago)
how's the treble of this headphone?8 out of ten or what?
worldknows now (1 month ago)
Where is the gamer headset vids at ?
Google_Vs_Games (1 month ago)
Recommend pushing the bass to the limit with an amplifier, then it is an actual sub-woofer.
Monuj Das (1 month ago)
Hey . Whats your monthly income man?? From yoi tube
The9thRapist (1 month ago)
Watching the review with the Bluedio UFO plus on my head 😂
Aditya Mangal (1 month ago)
Listening on a bluedio headset .. ;)
Robert NES816 (1 month ago)
Listening to this video through Creative Giga Works T40 Series 2 speakers.....you know affordable yet good enough stuff lol.
Howard Bamber (1 month ago)
White bearded people and rap and black RnB ROTFL
The9thRapist (1 month ago)
I have em, They truely are awesome.
Ashraf Khan (1 month ago)
Hi there, great reviews! Love the show and always check to see what you have covered lately. Was hoping if you could do a side-by-side comprehensive comparison of the Bludio U PLUS UFO Wireless and the new Skullcandy CRUSHER Wireless headphones. As it would be great to know which is the best for the HIGHS, MIDS, LOWS ranges and SUBWOOFER performance.
Off META (1 month ago)
can you make a video for Bluedio Victory and tell us with what headphones can you compare it?
Andy Williams (1 month ago)
God I hate this guy. He gets too silly and raves about everything. I can't get an opinion from his reviews when he acts so dumb after listening to everything.
spincube23 (1 month ago)
124€ nope
JOE Bozza (1 month ago)
Why does he have to start off like a lunatic...He puts me into a very irritable state of mind.
Tezla Gray (2 months ago)
Does he even 19 hertz bro?
Robson Silveira (2 months ago)
BLUETOOTH cutting the sound   I can not fix on PC
Pedro Martinez (2 months ago)
Dude the ending was hilarious. Loce your reviews my guy. Keep doing ya thing.
Shivang Bhama (2 months ago)
Are they comfortable??
Infernon (1 month ago)
BeastMaster69 (2 months ago)
try razer crakenz
Dagustino (2 months ago)
What the fuck buy this shit headphones when u can get Bose witch are same speaker level and noise cancelling
Azer Imamaliyev (2 months ago)
Hi friends. I need your assistant. I cant choose headphone between Bluedio victory and Fiil diva. Pls give advice to me. Which one should i buy?
BJ Hamilton (2 months ago)
Can you compare those to the Skullcandy Crusher Wireless? 💀
Capo2209 (2 months ago)
Uhhh does it come with a cable?
blackbusiness7 (2 months ago)
I love the last 10 seconds! Lmao!
Blake Anderson (2 months ago)
surround sound is only in the clubb, duh
immortalsatyr (2 months ago)
DAC is 24@48, not 96 --- DEALBREAKER!
Salt (2 months ago)
For gaming this is bullshit. For music its resonable. You only have to ears to hear where the sounds are coming from. So you need only 2 speakers to simulate that.
Blue Flames (2 months ago)
I need this so badly 😢.. But fuck I can't spend that much..
PARTY MUSIC ON ROIDS (2 months ago)
*You've REALLY GOTTO work on those but-ugly "fish face" reactions that you just looooove to pull every single time that you're trying on brand new headphones for the first time Lui...SERIOUSLY MATE!!* *You look ugly as, and I'm only saying this because I care my friend...So PLEASE TRY ANOTHER REACTION - your fish face" is getting a little stale - video after video after video...if you know what I mean!*
Potato Potter (2 months ago)
real 12.1 headphones
Bagaoisan Mulawin (2 months ago)
Tsukasa Love ABC (3 months ago)
We got double the Likes.. Houhouhouuuu..
rgnlsaizo (3 months ago)
Sweet sister mary francis! Even I could hear that bass, through my Siberia 840's..
stevenx3m (3 months ago)
Just looking at the drivers, this is pure crap. Instead of develop good drivers and enclosures, they just stick more crappy drivers hoping for good sound. Hopeless. For great sound buy high quality headphones and listen to music which has been recorded with high quality (mostly acoustic, but that another topic) or buy high quality headphones and use Dolby Headphones processing in PC to get more 3D sound even from mp3.
stevenx3m (2 months ago)
Ned the muscle man flanders i know what I know very well what I am talking about. I have had many cheap headphones using same drivers like the ones I see in the video. You can't make good sound by multiplying crappy drivers. I have designed and build audio equipment myself. I have also tried most audio stuff you can think of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Try good sound system with well recorded music and then tell me those headphones are good.
stevenx3m wrong , having not even tried these you have no idea what your talking about
Suzy Siviter (3 months ago)
I cant see multiple crappy drivers beating one quality large excursion driver), seriously saying these have better bass than the HD650's?
Lip stick (3 months ago)
Come on now??? Which are better or what are the differences??? You keep saying the same things about both headphones and they're not cheap... The Nuraphone vrs Bluedio U Plus (UFO)
AgentHydraSteven (3 months ago)
The skull candy crushers actually crush these but idk I ended up getting the bluedio victory’s but still lol love this review
Mr.Dingo (3 months ago)
Compare to wireless crusher you think those headphones have bass
Jair Junior (3 months ago)
Do you have a video if show haw to open the phone , my have a problem and I need to open to fix
Brandon Malik (3 months ago)
Those look dumb on you
T Y Peace (4 months ago)
Just got mine!!! This review made it easier to want. These are way better than my $400 Beats studio headphones. MUST BUY!!!
Please review Audio Technica ATH m20x
lisa rudd (4 months ago)
SameerSlash (4 months ago)
100,000th like.
Preetam Pandit (4 months ago)
Lukas Bendiksen (4 months ago)
only surround sound 5.1
Kevon Bryan (4 months ago)
each band seems quite distinct
1sonyzz (4 months ago)
these do 10hz to 22kHz, my Beyerdynamic Custom One pro do 5Hz to 35kHz and price was same when i bought them
Seth Maynard (4 months ago)
AKG did it in 1975 with the 600 ohm K240 Sextets but with passive radiators.
Brendan Ormsby (4 months ago)
I’ve heard Bose etc even my 40 Bluetooth small on ear headphones 🎧 from Sony sound better - these t only LOUD and the imaging stereo is Messed up big time OVERRATED and overpriced and sized
Carlos Mendoza (4 months ago)
Hey review some more bluedio products. We want to know if there worth for hifi audio. And how they compare to other expensive headphones.
KabuTheFox (4 months ago)
12 shit tier mini drivers when you could have 2 full size drivers with plenty of spatial awareness (especially if open back)
Lucian Andries (4 months ago)
It's got a jack adapter, screw that! Get it? :))
Baron von Hindenei (4 months ago)
Who wants this? Having many drivers is a gaming headset thing, which is why gaming headsets are sooo terrible.
joek money (4 months ago)
Baron von Hindenei oh ok 😐
Baron von Hindenei (4 months ago)
joek money i dont use headphones for movies but music sounds bad. This is like the worst kind of surround sound, many drivers without any harmony.
joek money (4 months ago)
Baron von Hindenei 👀really these ain't good for watching movies and listening to music?????????
Brodhi B (4 months ago)
Does this have a mic so you can chat while playing a video game?
Jude Sparky (4 months ago)
I wanna listen to that music you're listening to. The one that got a deep beat and stuff. No, not the first one, the second one, where you take your headphones of and stick it near the mic.
AustinPetDetective (4 months ago)
Fuk you are annoying !!!!!.
Randy Watson (4 months ago)
Even the Cheaper Bluedio Headphones are Pretty Awesome!
Nikolaz Feliciano (4 months ago)
Gabe Ulrickson (4 months ago)
We got the 50k
Gabe Ulrickson (4 months ago)
Channel Icon won't go away now... It's always there
John X (4 months ago)
If Lew hasn't had lawsuits from parents of beaten kids yet, I have faith in the future of the world.
Douglas Keith (4 months ago)
I've had the Bluedio R+ Legends and they're pretty good in terms of sound. The only drawback is the battery stops holding a long charge and it isn't made to be replaced. I think the Bluedio R+ Legends are a precursor to this model. One other problem is if the battery is dead you can't even listen to the headphones with the wired audio jack. At least it didn't work for me.
Michele Giuseppe Iurlo (5 months ago)
2 ears = 2 drivers....
Near Future (5 months ago)
I have Bluedio track 8 Revolution headphones, i've somehow broke a plastic part that holds in a screw for the connection to the folding place of the headphone. Does anyone know where to find parts / repair for the headphones?
Alex Bradley (5 months ago)
You should do a review on the skull candy crusher wireless, the bass is nothing you’ve ever seen before on a headset
Bernhard Hnida (5 months ago)
the loudest base is not at all a sign of quality ofcource if you love it use it but rember it kills your hearing harmony to distortion loving dumb listner. its not a question of MUCH its a question of Persicion ;-) . the headfone should not SOUND . the MUSIUK should SOUND teh Artist should bring in coloration of sound he likes as muhc he likes but not the fone. if you like it crank the EQ but not the colouring headfone.....
Bernhard Hnida (5 months ago)
engenering nonsense interference loaded crab? cant wait hearing it if i am right ore not. send me one i tell you the truth of 30 years listning to headphones with persice testing and pile of messurmtens.
jin kazama (5 months ago)
Fuck....imagin wearing this & listen to Deathcore 😍😍
clement nicholson (5 months ago)
try the victory.s headset from bluedio
Wixxy Pharoah (5 months ago)
I like bIG CUPS And i cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny, that when your Ear walks in to an itty bitty cup or an... i got nothing.. sorry.
Alex Borr (5 months ago)
12 speakers headphones on a STEREO cable, its like a FERRARI with a scooter engine. It should have a soundcard build-in and a USB CONNECTION, to deliver a proper surround; otherwise it's just a higher quality stereo headphone.
Cristian Prisecaru (5 months ago)
I try Azatom Freedom made in UK and are the Best for no more then 80 $ .
Alex Turpin (5 months ago)
Never herd these head phones but I own Skullcandy skull crushers NO HEAD PHONE SOUNDS BETTER AND OR COMPARES IN BASS
Kevin Gates (5 months ago)
your a kid theres a bully ur gonna go after 🤣🤣🤣😂
The Boss (5 months ago)
Like really cool. What stores would they be available in? Give me an idea
Mr. Wingman (5 months ago)
What were those AMAZING songs you put up to the mic!!? ...and RYAN'S COMING BACK!! 98k likes...
Cyber Fighter (5 months ago)
no one in all presentation no said this headphones lose signal over door almost 2 m gone ,last my old headphone bluedio revolution no , i live in house 1leven this lose signal imediatly ,mention its full battery,its shame this produce in money 145 pounds gb
Tawhid Khan (5 months ago)
it's has Very Powerful Sound
Tech Prady (5 months ago)
Ryan, Jack’s brother

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