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Why Namibia is better than South Africa

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Done by Charlton Mowes
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ticklemaster (3 days ago)
do they have good weed there?
Sonwabile Ntloko (3 days ago)
This is a stupid comparison by whoever did this dumb video
Kinetic Kelpie (8 days ago)
Sorry but I live in Namibia but have lived in south Africa my whole life, you just show the bad in s.a. And the good in Nam. Like what? And I'm a true south african and there are reasons for those those things that happen you know. And even though I'm a teen does not mean I don't have a say. South Africa is a wonderful country in certain places. I say the same for Namibia. Namibia is wonderful the people too but, people also think that there's no crime here, but there is. Thank yoy
Skereful (10 days ago)
Wrong title !
Keith Scott (12 days ago)
too funny....they could have picked somewhere better than south Africa to compare to... that's like saying at least our country is better than hell...come visit...😂😂😂
Amadou Soura (13 days ago)
Dump people the day u will touch white man interest ( farms or Banks) u will hear from them. Slaves in your own country and still don't feel ashamed.
sphephelo sokhela (14 days ago)
There is no single African country that is better then south Africa in terms of everything you can think of south Africa is the only African country that is not ranked as 3rd world country in the continent and also we're not 2rd world country also we're in between
You should be discussing reparations for the Namibian genocide by Germans instead of dancing around with them. The jews got their reparations, why haven't You?
terry diomande (21 days ago)
I'd love to visit there but I don't want to see not even 1 white person whilst I'm there unless they are serving me tea or coffee. Not a racist comment just a fact...if I want to rub shoulders with a white person I can stay in Europe. They came to Africa and oppressed us...we can live as one at a distance.
mat man (14 days ago)
terry diomande That's really closed minded of you
loreda gomez (27 days ago)
both of the countrys are fine the way they are so stop this
Jared Robinson (29 days ago)
Lol this is the dumbest video ever... You showed some shit that looks bad made some false alligations and then showed some stupid ass color festival to compare to it. Boi that jol looks deader than a graveyard.
applecandy folks (29 days ago)
Namibian and sa are displaced. rich white germans in naming owing everything. rich white British in SA owning everything . both have black people at a strategic marginalized disadvantage. SA riot for landbut Namibians don't so itSEEMS like everything is cool. ant black who agree with this video is very much brain washed by the evils of white
Legyuamhakreqwegand a (30 days ago)
The real question is — Namibia or Botswana?
MightyForSure (30 days ago)
Show some white dudes beating a black dude, then teenagers partying and saying one is better than the other hahaha this vid is BS
I LOVE SOUTH AFRICA (1 month ago)
sa black and namibians and southern afrikans are slaves to white master,,no economy ..no land
Iron Man 69 (1 month ago)
Well, Namibia doesn't have 45 million blacks like South Africa does. Trade your black population for ours and then you'll sing a different tune.
Explorer (1 month ago)
Is this Europe or Africa?
Ila Blak (1 month ago)
*sigh* ignorance is our greatest enemy Can we just stop comparing and appreciate the beauty of each and every country and race ... Am I right or am I right?😅😅😅
Bernie AJ (1 month ago)
You black namibians are a disgrace not only to the Africans but to all humans of this world that all gatherd against oppression and racism and yet the stupid namibians are the only ones controlled by former Nazi Germans one of the few countrys in the world with no fuckin balls
briantravelman (1 month ago)
EVERY sub-Saharan country is better then South Africa right now. But why you only show footage of whites beating black men, it works both ways there. But yeah, Naimbia is safe and peaceful.
sphephelo sokhela (14 days ago)
briantravelman south Africa is more developed have highest GDP and HDI best cities is leading everyone in the continent so I'm asking myself which south Africa are you talking about broh🤔🤔 south Africa is the only country in the continent that is not ranked as LEDC or MEDC we're in between so where did you get that info? Mr
milesknos (1 month ago)
Lol smh who ever made this is a fool go get real facts half of the country is fenced off for whites!
Keke Lekalakala (1 month ago)
Oh my!, all those fights happened in my university, the University of the Free State and yes there was political issues happening on campus, but that isn't happening in the whole of South Africa. Just watched a short documentary about Namibia called Germans in Namibia : Apartheid Continues, if I were you I'd remove this video.
Pelo MK (1 month ago)
I don't get it. South Africa also has vast land, wildlife and festivals similar to Namibia's color festival. The video explain well why Namibia is supposedly better.
Desmond Conradie (1 month ago)
it seems fine in Namibia until wamboes will be told to stop corruption and be the soul beneficiaries from Namibia , wamboes need to share the cake equally.
GAVIN BRAND (1 month ago)
apparently, Namibia ain't that great after all. This video is prove https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0U2g5K8JaJk
Richard Schoonraad (1 month ago)
White people chasing blacks in SA Chartlon you are a has been. Don't steal material that is already on YouTube and edited it to suit your agenda. Your entro clip was from Netwerk 24 Video " Kovsies: Vuiste klap Voor wedstryd " the poor black dude been chased had struck a female twice in the face so hard that she fell to the ground. I see some of the comments on your video come from females, how will the comment if they knew the real reason why the poor black dude is been chased? Your second clip is of the same day where the protesters invaded the rugby field. And in my opinion it was escalated due to what happened earlier at the gate where the protesters where not allowed to enter the rugby stadium, and where the female was assaulted by the protester. So next time if you want to make a statement use accurate material and not edited material to suit you. Good luck YouTube want to be (51 subs ) you not getting mine Loser
Charlton Mowes (1 month ago)
Every one has his or her own opinion( Freedom of speech) in my eyes I feel my county Namibia is better than S A. We have problems (china is taking over in Namibia, if you are unemployed you must ask a China man for a job) but you don't see Namibians on CNN killing. And thanks for the comments (Namibians)
Sheikh-dhp TV (1 month ago)
Dint see cutie curvy women
Helen Enang (1 month ago)
They are using parties to decieve you yey you work for them and they own 44% of the land and 99% of you live in poverty. I think your brain needs to be checked!
Effiong Umoetok (1 month ago)
Tahlia cooke (1 month ago)
Wow nice..but l love south Africa so much ...nice video
Sarah Ilunga (1 month ago)
To hell with you , Namibia is not better than SA , SA is better than all countries is Africa
Elvis Ameb (26 days ago)
stop tripping your a shithole... Namibia is the best
Michael Mike (1 month ago)
So far Namibian black people havnt challenged white people about land and wealth.That's why whites are still comfortable in namibia.even the worst racist who are here in south Africa are running to namibia, especially afrikaaners.We have suffocated their space and they are starting to feel the heat.in namibia they can be racists without anyone putting them to order..im actually disappointed by namibia.They are wasting time playing with whites instead of tackling serious issues they have with whites.such as land, poverty and unemployment.The white government gave black namibians desert instead of giving them proper land.Those are issues you guys should be focusing on.playing tennis with whites won't give u land.I do love your music by the way.
American Reaper (21 hours ago)
Elvis Ameb what a beautiful comment. Bless you.
Ian Binda (3 days ago)
Michael Mike South Africa and Namibia I think they are most stupid nation in southern
Ian Binda (3 days ago)
Michael Mike well spotted these guys are blinded with this so called white africans🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 let them suffer they deserves it stupid Namibians good for nothing tennis won’t get you fixed
Iwan Stacey (20 days ago)
You fucking idiot the reason whites are leaving south Africa is because the racist blacks are taking their farms and land from them as well as descriminating against white people. I understand whites in the past oppressed blacks but it's fucking 2018. Why not try to work together instead of being set souley on revenge against people who are very loosely related to slave traders
terry diomande (21 days ago)
Silvana Barilla What a backward comment. Whites came in uninvited and raped and pillaged leaving the aboriginals at a loss. How dare you.
mmuku (1 month ago)
Lochlanist (1 month ago)
Like the debate but change the song use a Namibian artist instead of a South African artist
Ndapewa Iipinge (1 month ago)
True we r one in Namibia
obo franck (1 month ago)
obo franck (1 month ago)
Wisepersonsay (1 month ago)
At least, at this present moment, April 2018, Namibia is not going through Post-Apartheid Traumatic Disorder.
Tahlia cooke (1 month ago)
Wisepersonsay U should subscribe to REDFISH YouTube channel then see what Ur country is going through 🙄
Piet Pule (1 month ago)
south africa is my country okay is fine then what?
Kurhula Pardon Qhibi (2 months ago)
Its funny how ya'l try to compete with South Africa, but we have no time to compete with your country coz we better than ya'l in everything.
Kurhula Pardon Qhibi (13 days ago)
Elvis Ameb should I tell you who commit all those crimes in SA??..guess what, Its Nigerians, Malawians, Zimbabweans, Ghanians and Mozambiquans.
sphephelo sokhela (14 days ago)
Elvis Ameb our HDI and GDP is 100times way Better than yours hahaha you live in desert places in Namibia you can't even grow crops but you clams to be Better then the powerhouse of Africa hahaha lol
Elvis Ameb (26 days ago)
your better in crime, Racism, corruption, Xenophobia, farm murders etc... your the murder and rapping capital of the continent a real shithole... Namibia is the best
shagwellington (2 months ago)
Great video. Didn't know this. I'd like to go there.
Iamnothere (2 months ago)
so let me understand this you show the bad on sa buy only good of Namibia i will make the same video but in reverse
New Goliard (2 months ago)
I'm from Texas.....all I hear about South Africa is "don't go there unless you want to get raped or car jacked"
Xczar (13 hours ago)
@American Reaper...Let me clue you in on some finer points that's if your memory still serves. Blacks in the USA make up just roughly 13% of the entire USA population totaling over 200million while whites make up over 63% another skewed data may read 75% just to make pale-skinned demoniac feel fine given the fragility of their mind. Black people accounted for 31% of deaths stemming from police killings. Black on black crime accounted for 14.8%. It's the normal academic superfluity that is heightened by the pale-skinned white demoniac on daily basis to suit and fit in favourably well with the narratives of mainstream media. It mere conjecture and blindly hasty to make such groundless claims with no data and your claim facts. Guys search the deep web for PETER SCULLY-DAISY'S DESTRUCTION.. A white man that raped and bludgeoned an 18 month old baby girl in the philippines to satisfy his sexual urge and ... JEFFREY DAHMER another white demoniac that fed on human remains: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe5OixqeLVw White people are not human. The original confession. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k4eh8Y2G90
American Reaper (21 hours ago)
Effiong Umoetok more blacks kill other blacks than the other way around. Facts
Effiong Umoetok (1 month ago)
I heard that white people in Texas are very racist and kill blacks everyday .
Xczar (1 month ago)
Says the person who still hangs and dismembers blacks in the USA..Canadians will tell you how evil the USA is...
LANGUTANIEY (1 month ago)
me too i was told not to go to the US cos they say it's land of heathens,hypocrites and devils.
Will (2 months ago)
One thing that is evident in these comments is that there are a lot of proud South Africans.
Bullfrog377 (2 months ago)
All the game reserves in Namibia are privately owned. And the amount of game there is increasing, even though they allow (controlled) hunting.
nicky tornado (2 months ago)
SA r not afraid of white or other races it a free country idk about Namibia maybe let why white r so glade about Namibia coz no one can touch them . so plz let not start to compere coz we all know that each country has it unique beauty in deferent ways I love Africa an all people in it so Africa unite
Ga Ngomane (2 months ago)
No country is better than South Africa or enything else. Remember South Africa gives shelter to thousands of poor neighbors for at least a century
Frank in SA (1 month ago)
Cloud cuckoo land history
Ga Ngomane (1 month ago)
Frank you ought to know that before Europeans came to Africa we had a good relationship with Asians traders, the subsaharian region was allmost inhabited so we had very few conflicts here and we lived as one country. Once the europeans got here all the shit started. Remember what Cesar and his followers used to do in Roma Colleseu? His favorite hobby was Putting man fight with lions or each other until death .The brutality of the european was incredible
Frank in SA (1 month ago)
tribes that fight and slaughter each other are not 'one' but divided. The Khoisan and the Sub Saharan blacks for example are also not one.
Christopher Jones (1 month ago)
Frank in SA what are you talking about, go and read your history. Africa was one but have many tribes.
Frank in SA (1 month ago)
come on man. Maybe it was the West or Europe who drew the lines of the countries of today. But Africans where never one people, they were already divided before even one white man entered the continent. Like any other continent in the world.
Courtney Ndana (2 months ago)
Am Namibian, visited Cape town last year and I should say hands down the best city in Southern Africa "that I have been to". It's a shame my brother's argument is based on violence only what about other factors? Yes we are peaceful but don't forget if we were highly populated like any other African country we would have been chaotic as well.
mmuku (1 month ago)
Get your act together and get your forefather's lands back!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0U2g5K8JaJk&ab_channel=redfish
Tedi (2 months ago)
Stop patronizing us , you know that you are not better lets just unite and stop being so shallow . You dont know chaotic
Comparing one country to another is such a shitty thing to do. It done not educate about the two countries. All you have done is depicted the worst of the country you want to bash and the best your own country!!! I am South African. I love my country. There are tough converstations we must have and lots of areas we need to get right but we have a bright future. Good luck to Namibia, if you have perfect race relations good for you but there certainly are areas where SA whoops your asses.
FKtdyvan 2016 (2 months ago)
I am a Namibian immigrant in the United States. In this country we constantly hear many Americans make those types of ignorant comments about the United States being the best country in the world. Many of the Americans who make these kinds of ignorant claims have not even traveled outside their country and yet they make such nonsensical and unfounded claims. I have studied the history of both Namibia and South Africa, and I have not come across any historical evidence that Namibia is better than South Africa or vice versa. In both countries we have to deal with the legacy of Apartheid that our leaders in the ruling parties of the ANC and SWAPO are ill-equipped to handle confidently and in a competent manner.
Friedhelm Winter (1 month ago)
FKtdyvan 2016, Well America is technically the greatest in modern day in age, not because of its people but because of its accomplishments and continual contribution to the HDI of the world. Not the best country to live in but the greatest country by far.
Bonnie C.D Disashi (2 months ago)
Bullshit bro
Donna King (2 months ago)
White ppl don't give a damn about blacks. The sooner you pay attention to this fact the better things will be. I wish you could hear what they say about you while not in your presence.
They are imaginary borders 😅😅😅. It's still 1 piece of land
jacob 1996 (2 months ago)
IonlyROBwhite People&Dealers yeah white people did that
Taylor Black (2 months ago)
Namibia will end up like South Africa. The blacks let the whites in and after 100 years the whites begin to subjugate them. Same thing happened in South Africa, whites were welcomed and 100 years later they hate the natives. Don't be fooled it is the same everywhere.
Ven One (2 months ago)
Any african country is better than south africa. Only when the Germans destroy the anc and eff will they begin the road to recovery. "When the ice begins to melt. "
Ven One (1 month ago)
Frank in SA well he has never been wrong and by the time it happens, Germany will be a different Germany by then.
Frank in SA (1 month ago)
I don't have to read van Rensburg (the "Siener" lol), I'm German. Not much time and Germany reaches the point of no return
Ven One (1 month ago)
Frank in SA governments change within the blink of an eye. Yes Germany is in a crisis at the moment but things will change there too. Germany is the leading country at the moment economically. Wait you will see. Read up on Nikolaas Van Rensburg.
Frank in SA (1 month ago)
What do you have with the Germans. The Germans will never destroy the ANC or the EFF. All they doing is busy destroying themselves at the moment.
Ven One (2 months ago)
Tedi dummy?
marvin mandela (2 months ago)
Lol 😂 the guy ~I wish I lived in Namibia
King Mzizi (2 months ago)
loooolz neh I don't wish to be Namibia I'm okay as south African thanks
Miss King Kong (13 days ago)
U mean namibian
MightyForSure (30 days ago)
Why do you prefer to be located in sa? (my girlfriend is sa, I live somewhere else but want to live in Namibia with her)
Paul Ebai (2 months ago)
khazars are visitors in southern africa j7st as africans in europe. there are aliens
toniesta the real (2 months ago)
Tshepo Koopedi (2 months ago)
Nah dude ,you don't know south Africa
Ven One (2 months ago)
Tshepo Koopedi Germany going to bring big change to south africa. The right change is coming.
Malang Mendy (2 months ago)
It's time to wake African up and kill all this criminal in your land
Random Quacker!!!!!! (2 months ago)
Malang Mendy look what happened to Zimbabwe.
humspace2000 (2 months ago)
Namibia... liberation from whites is upcoming....blacks forever
SomeGuy FromAfrica (2 months ago)
humspace2000, That's a racist thing to say. Get your hatred under control. You are showing a lack of class.
Random Quacker!!!!!! (2 months ago)
humspace2000 look at Zimbabwe.
Ben Earley (3 months ago)
Much beter way beter
Leon Kotze (3 months ago)
Whoever made this video is a moron. Educate yourself (or are you twisting facts for a reason?) before making crap like this, you look worse than CNN at this stage.
SIYANDA NKALANE (3 months ago)
lol really? please start facing the truth, South Africa is the BEST place to be in all Africa.
Thabo Shai (2 days ago)
why do you keep flocking to south africa then?
Friedhelm Winter (1 month ago)
mmuku, The fourth reich is already risen though, Germany has the most soft political power in the world. They are also the richest country in Europe and the has the most wealth per density in the entire world, they manufacture more than 70% of the world's weapons, 64% of the world's automobiles come from Germany alone, their technological advancement is way above any other country even in Europe. Germany also controls the EU and the European Army in the making. Nationalism is also unfortunately steadily on the rise in Europe, I doubt it'll be long before the entire Europe becomes nationalistic again. They also have thousands of holdings and investments in Africa. Especially South Africa, Frankfurt has major holdings on the JSE and her contributions to South Africa including trade makes up 40% of our economy. Don't trust the Germans, they always want power, they have just learned that fighting alone against the whole world wouldn't work the last two times, so now they're doing it subliminally.
Friedhelm Winter (1 month ago)
Guys, the average South African is 4 times richer than the average African. It's infrastructure and acedemical institutions are also the best in Africa. Crime is a problem yeah, as well as the past, put government seems to be forgetting their obligations, but that's going to change in due course.
mmuku (1 month ago)
Heil sieg.....keep on dreaming. The third reich will never raise again, and especially not on African soil. In your heart and bowels yes, but not in Africa. Your sickness is deep, please keep on taking your pills and don't miss any again!!!
Mompati Modukanele (1 month ago)
SIYANDA NKALANE both countries are the and I'm from Botswana keep the peace the region will prosper
AKSHAY GANESH (3 months ago)
Is it holi
Kristoff Bjorgman (3 months ago)
Namibia knows de whae. South Africa does not know de whae.
Kristoff Bjorgman (3 months ago)
South Africa also sucks for whites as well as the whites are being butchered there, or at least the white farmers. Nambia looks like fun! That celebration where they are all colored in different paints, it looks strange but fun. And I've thought being to the Middle East, a bit of Eastern Europe, seeing much of western Europe, seeing Britain, Canada, many states in my country, Mexico, and Guatemala, I thought I've seen it all.
Thabo Shai (2 days ago)
have you forgotten how wites butchered blacks in SA or to be simple,have you forgotten aparthied?you live by sword you die by sword
Kristoff Bjorgman (8 days ago)
And you wonder why white people don't like you when you demonstrate racism towards the like this.
Tedi (2 months ago)
Then they should leave SA and stop whining
cleveland anderson (2 months ago)
Kristoff Bjorgman these pale face pig skin devils are bold face...since when Africa belong to these white devils?
SIYANDA NKALANE (3 months ago)
bla bla bla bla, bullshit! a hand full of farmers are killed by bitter blacks and ur make it seem like all farmers are being killed? KZN side, not even one farmer has been killed yet we are counted amongst the largest province
siyabonga ndlovu (4 months ago)
Am shocked! One would have thougt because we are neighbours the person doing the Video would have a better grasp and understanding of South Afrika. More alarming are the comments, did not expect so much ignorants. Am happy for Namibia for being such a peaceful beutiful kumbaya oasis. Genuinly am , in South Afrika we are a mess, a major construction sight. We have too many social ills to be walking on egg shells and fake peace. The mere fact that to market Namibia , the tag line had to be, " Namibia is better then SA" that alone is very telling. You dont feature in our rada as SA. We are too big and great a country and as such have too many problems to fix. So keep on shining but live South Afrika out of it.
Mbatja Kamboua (3 months ago)
words of a wise man. I agree with you that the caption of the video and what its trying to promote is wrong, morally and as a Namibian I presume, knowing how significant our neighbors are to us. I say this because we need to promote a one southern Africa if not a whole Africa, but let me comment on behalf of my fellow countryman, that made this video and he should correct me if I am wrong. I lived in south Africa for 7 years, a pre-eminent, beautiful country with everything but the right people. A lot of things are wrong with South Africa, the state of racism, corruption, the economy that could be better, the crime and in this specific instance its the people. to be specific its the ignorance and superiority complex that South Africans have. what I mean by ignorance is for instance, Many South Africans would ask me where I am from and when I answer "Namibia", they would act like they don't know where that is. I am not sure if it was acting or just playing but that would frequently happen and they were never bothered when you try and explain where that is. They would now just regard you as "African" , "you African" as if Africa was a continent on its own of which South Africa was not a part of. Which to me was mind blowing ignorance the superiority complex I am referring to is the mindset of thinking that South Africa and its people are better than the rest of Africa in all aspect and in a bad way. We get it, we get it that South Africa is one of Africa's few second world countries and Africa's second largest economy but the way South African's go about living and knowing that is wrong and I think that's what made Charlton make this video, besides promoting Namibia to the world. To show ignorant South Africans that they are not the paradise and heaven they think and brag to be and that there are other countries in Africa like South Africa that are capable and on coarse of catching up or being better if South Africa doesn't reform. I am a believer of "Harambe" and "Ubuntu" but videos like these will continue being made if the rest of south Africa doesn't start thinking like you.
Morne Liebenberg (4 months ago)
You don't know shit about South Africa I live in Namibia
Nita M (5 months ago)
Shame. South Africa is so bad. Racist people are so stupid. Only small minded uneducated people can be racist.lol...
JTox Hanghuwo (5 months ago)
land of the brave, land of the San land of contrast . i say Namibia is great black or white we are one.
Elvis Ameb (26 days ago)
Nat get them out of SA we don't stop you... Whites helped liberated our country against SA... We are a independent country and we are multi racial, We can't be told by you what to do as we don't take orders from stupid racist people like you... Namibia we are one black and white and will remain a best example of how good a country function with a strong conservative government...
ChillWithRahn (26 days ago)
Z Randallson was a true hero
Jerry Hannon (1 month ago)
Thanks Obo.  Please post this also to Michael Mike comment, and to this page in general. One reply to Michael Mike post was that Blacks aren't ruining Namibia like they are in South Africa.  Keep up the Good Work.  Very Much Appreciated.
obo franck (1 month ago)
obo franck (1 month ago)
Curely von Küste (6 months ago)
Namibia is cleaner and safer and secular. South Africa became a crime paradise and now the whites are poor while blacks are richer.
Actually whites have become richer in the New SA than they were ever before. Don't be emotional chief, check stats before making bum of yourself.
cleveland anderson (2 months ago)
Curely von Küste since when Africa belong to you whites you think we blacks can go to Europe and take over shit think about it y'all can try tyatbwith China or korea..
nat turner (2 months ago)
that is the way it should be, get them devils out of namibia also
Victoria Adeyemi (2 months ago)
curely the poverty rate is still higher in black South Africans. The difference now is that the economy was no longer secluded to only whites so they had to compete with blacks. Some whites became poor and some blacks became rich. That's expected but most large companies in SA are still white owned.
Mbatja Kamboua (3 months ago)
learn to keep quiet and make a calculated comment if you do not agree with a statment. google it, its a fact.
Edna Riruako (6 months ago)
This amazing. .. our country is soo beautiful
Ricardo Vieira (2 months ago)
Vera Lee (4 months ago)
Edna Riruako one namibia one nation 🙌👌
Jardiel (7 months ago)
Namibia looks awesome
ImSleb (9 months ago)
lets be honest, Namibia is really shit...
obo franck (1 month ago)
Lialani Kaija (9 months ago)
ImSleb Viss and plus Evan though south Africa is rich but Namibia is more safer and less racist. No xenophobic attacks and all that shit. South African need to work together to make their country a better society. But WTF I live in america Florida and I'm black american and that's the truth. No other African country can be compare to Namibia's peacefulness. And Namibia isn't that poor as south Africa either.
ImSleb (9 months ago)
Lialani Kaija (9 months ago)
ImSleb Viss its less violent and less racist. Very peaceful and no violent crimes. Namibia has a better society than south Africa.
ImSleb (9 months ago)
there's honestly nothing to be proud of a namibian. its just a poor country placed in africa thats 100% worth nothing when south africa actually puts africa somewhere out there and not just leaves africa in the most poorest part of the world you feel me? if you can reply with a decent sentence where you explain how helpful namibia is to africa i can find nothing good about namibia except the beauty there everything els show's absolute nothing.
Thabo Shai (9 months ago)
this explain why namibia's rugby team is 100% white hey :-)
Thabo Shai (2 days ago)
namabia team has no BEE and what has it achieved?
Thabo Shai (2 days ago)
South africa has a white player now..in the soccer team we have won the african cup of nation,in rugby we've won the world cup twice and currently we're number 5 in the world?..and your namibia?..your country is a shit hole
Thabo Shai (2 days ago)
that explains why your rugby team with it's 100% whites has never won anything..we just beat england
Thabo Shai (2 days ago)
you're the one with a small mind..there's no equal representation in your rugby team that's why you've never won anything
Thabo Shai (2 days ago)
WHAT TRUTH HURTS?more people in namabia are black,why should the team be dominated by settlers?
khwezi c (1 year ago)
the music doesn't fit with the video
Visto Ryn (6 months ago)
😂😂.... my goodness... u reallly goina say that..
MUJTABA PARKAR (1 year ago)
wat kak is die dan, verkeerde depiction of south africa
Llwellyn Loftie-Eaton (2 years ago)
Thanks Charlton, its sad about South Africa, but I am proud of how we do things in Namibia. Lets hope our spirit of reconciliation floews over to SA and not Vica Versa. Great job you did, ignore any negative comments.
LANGUTANIEY (1 month ago)
start talking about land ...those white people will suddenly change colours.
mmuku (1 month ago)
Ghunter Vos (2 months ago)
It only shows the bad side of South Africa and the good side of namiba how could that be possibly a good job?
SIYANDA NKALANE (3 months ago)
please dont believe every thing you read.
Suad Losper (2 years ago)
Bull dust! cultures do not get along in Namibia - entertainment is zero to nothing.
mmuku (1 month ago)
Mbatja Kamboua (3 months ago)
like any other country with diverse languages and cultures, misunderstanding will occur but its manageable and not a problem in Namibia. your comment clearly shows you haven't been to South Africa where its much worse and incomparable.
Jeffune Kheib (1 year ago)
Wat bedoel j "cultures not get along"

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