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Dr.Zakir Naik - Is Insurance Allowed in Islam?

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Is Insurance Allowed in Islam? answer by Dr.Zakir Naik.
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Malik Umer (1 month ago)
halal h ismay konsa jowa h koi masla banday ko khuch hojaiey to pichay ghar walay to set rahaingay naa bahi
Malik Umer (1 month ago)
halal h ismay konsa jowa h koi masla banday ko khuch hojaiey to pichay ghar walay to set rahaingay naa bahi
Edible Memes (4 months ago)
Don't let this video distract you from the fact that logic is biracial
Rex KSD (5 months ago)
Very simple. Ask yourself, if you get involve in insurance u are basically buying money with money. Where does that extra money comes from? Dont tell me the company fork out their own pocket money
Younus Qadri (9 months ago)
Zakir Naik is the authority in inter faith dialogue and he is doing excellent job in this field converting non muslim into islam, but he or any one can't be the jack of all trade.Since he is not an expert in the field of finance you cannot ask that question to him. tkaful is the form of islamic insurance but it is functioning like the same as conventional insurance. you cannot simply say it is halal or acceptable in islam.
Mohd Faizan (11 months ago)
there is a doubt on u dr. sb
guddu sona (1 year ago)
bole wali kamaity lotry jaiz hai ya nahi
Jo Ma (1 year ago)
car accident is qada & qadar for example if u lost any limb isn't it haram to have insurance bcoz it's qada & qadar?
what is solution sir ? please guide
Abuibrahim Abdulaziz (2 years ago)
Insurance is haraaam for reasons other than just that the company that provides it deals with Riba - May Allah guide us - please read this site that has a lot more proof on the matter - https://islamqa.info/en/102969
Faisal Imam (2 years ago)
Qaalib Yusuf (3 years ago)
Thank you sheikh
Saad Zahid (3 years ago)
Zakir Naik, you don't know much about Islam...  insurance in its entirety is haram. Absolutely haram. No doubt about that. 
Lynn Khir (1 month ago)
If we strictly follow the Quran and sunnah, then we don't need insurance. Just read an article about AXA funding the production of weapons for war against Syria. Not sure if that is true but you can google and read up on your own. Also, where does your monthly premium go to? You need to know exactly what they are investing in. Say that the company invests in livestock market like pigs, is that really ok? Or alcohol? Is that ok too? I still feel sinful if I were have any form of insurance because it diminishes although not completely, my reliance on the Provider of sustenance, Allah s.w.t. But like what Zakir Naik said, Islamic insurance based on the law of syariah is ok. Doesn't involve riba. Think of it as helping your brother or sister in Islam should something happens to them. Plus, with the exclusion of riba, you do not get a huge amount of interest. In a way, you are helping the Islamic community as you are actually investing in their businesses. Not other potentially non halal forms of investments.
Salma Arshad (1 year ago)
Saad Zahid
Ibrahim Shah (1 year ago)
Saad Zahid the article you mentioned is incorrect. Islam forbids uncertainty, risk and speculation, I agree completely.. BUT it forbids them in matters of earning! There is no uncertainty in insurance. You pay a fixed ammount regardless of any event that occurs. Riba/gambling is forbidden because you lose money based on chance. You don't lose money by chance in insurance. You pay the company for their services, and you can leave anytime unlike in riba which has a vicious cycle of keeping you trapped. Hope that makes sense.
Jo Ma (1 year ago)
Ibrahim Sardar yes & the 9 wali songo from indonesia
Azhar Khan (5 years ago)
ye its right ......but kafir o oo ko kaise samjhye.emove the character (ascii) art and try again.
Aisha Ahmed (5 years ago)
Auzubillahi minash shaidarirrajim
Joe (6 years ago)
But in the days of the messenger the would torture and kill muslimeen just to not obey the prophet and god but the messenger and his freinds and most of the other muslimeen refused to do so......we r supposed to take leadership from them
Ronaldo93680 (6 years ago)
@kangsan2014, brother, that is a wrong statement, anything that we think about of doing or do, we should allways think whether it is in the laws of ALLAH or if it is against it, meaning if it is Halal or Haram in islam. if it is Haram, unless our lives are at stake, we should abstain from it, ALLAH is our creator, we should obey his laws and we should follow islam at all times, unless our lives is at stake. in that situation ALLAH has given us permission in the Quran to disobey him.
Ronaldo93680 (6 years ago)
@kangsan2014 Brother, this is wrong intention and a bad comment, we should allways make decisions based on what islam says unless our lives is at stake.
Jo Ma (1 year ago)
Ronaldo93680 lets say a zionist wants to kill u then u would not fight but give him money?
Ian Channel (6 years ago)
Someone shouldn't care whether getting insurance is against Islam or not. They should always care for themselves first before Allah and Islam. A true Muslim cares for himself.

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