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Log Cabin Update: Moving it to the Property, Making a Log Bench and Fireside Chat

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Finally, an update to the log cabin build! There is a lot going on in this video. I build a log bench for the fireside, I investigate the 2nd log cabin site beside the pond, I clear more of the log cabin site , I check on water levels in the stream, cut notches in the final logs of the cabin, split rocks for the fireplace and talk about why I'm not using power tools or assistance from other people. Please follow me on my other online channels; Website: http://myselfreliance.com/ Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/MySelfReliance/ Personal Facebook Page (Shawn James) – https://www.facebook.com/shawn.james.msr Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/myselfreliance/
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Tem continuação desse vídeo
Mei Collins (5 days ago)
do it your way that is what it counts.
Mei Collins (5 days ago)
I remember a lot of your hand tools, as a youngster my father had many of the same hand tools. sadly over the years they were lost. but I used them, so I have the experience in their use. and I am aquring a tool at a time. that is why I in joy your channel so much and look forward each week.
Loupis Canis (9 days ago)
Thank you
Southern_country_boi (15 days ago)
At 8:43 did anyone else notice that dragonfly on his hat 😂
John Camp (30 days ago)
Kevin Costner all grown up, dances with Cali
Vilma Soares Ruiz (1 month ago)
Porquê não tem legendas em português.
Andre EWERT (1 month ago)
Am interested to learn about herbs, teas, spices, edible roots in the Bush..great series..this guy in Alaska also did a series like this about years ago...keep on hacking...lol
Tina Gallagher (1 month ago)
That looks amazing!
Montreal Artlive (1 month ago)
8:56🐉 you got a dragonfly on your hat, 🐛you're in harmony with nature 🐍
Howard Fortyfive (1 month ago)
I thought the Pocono's were in California.:DOH:
Howard Fortyfive (1 month ago)
Over 4M views. Hoocheecoo
Starquality 1 Reviews (1 month ago)
Nice to see the land be the caban was build and watch you work,l love the pace,,,,
Bob Moto (1 month ago)
great looking bench
IRMA ZONUM (2 months ago)
YOU...aRE *AMAZING*...😊😉😘👍
Sam Lorenz (2 months ago)
I have seen your cabin and watched you build it…your AWESOME!
Ge Gwen (2 months ago)
Enjoy the journey but I must admit I would be using a good chainsaw & a workmate bench to hold the material secure that you are often cutting in your other vid's. Now about your reflective jacket/ear protectors/eye protection/hard hat/men at work sign/risk assesment form ........................... (ducks for cover)
Monica Camargo (2 months ago)
I saw a bear fur hanging on your cabin´s wall. I think that is very mean.. If you need to hunt to eat is one thing but, to hunt a bear, thaz we don´t even eat to hang her fur there to decorate... You are a man with a mask... Inside I think you are sick!
My Self Reliance (2 months ago)
Monica Camargo learn the facts before you criticize. Of course people eat bear, which is the only reason I hunt them. And of course I keep a representation of the animal after the hunt - man, in our evolutionary form, has been doing that for millions of years, just as today people of all types buy fake antlers and furs to hang on their walls or their person.
Diane Nassir (2 months ago)
love the dragonfly that kept perching on top of your hat-
Marlon (2 months ago)
Super video. Inspired. Lolzies @ the dragonfly photobombing you at 9mins :)
Allen Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Very impressive Shawn on every thing you've done so far... I love it.... Looking great my friend... Keep keeping it interesting... The editing perfect... Explaining things... Awesome... The build.. Well you know I'll keep watching.. Give Cali a pet on the head for me...
would rather be fishing (3 months ago)
I hear sugar pines , fantastic tune 👍
Paul Wilson (3 months ago)
Watch this video from 8:41 to see the really cool dragonfly land on his hat. The dragonfly totem carries the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. Nature approved.
Rino Ferraro (3 months ago)
Special guest maybe "RAMBO"!!!
John Richard (3 months ago)
The dragon fly on your cap (8:43) was a nice touch.
Debbie Hahn (3 months ago)
For all the people who are not as experienced as you. You are an inspiration.
Paravetje (4 months ago)
I love the dragonfly on your hat at 8:42 to 9:37. It was just happily chilling there while you were having a serious talk and moving your head and stuff. Very funny.
thangquocnguyenmdp (4 months ago)
The bench is little low, don’t you think? If it has the backrest it would be very nice too...
thangquocnguyenmdp (4 months ago)
Good dog friend a companion and protection especially in the wilderness
David Walts (4 months ago)
I'm noticing how well your saws cut. Wondering how you keep them all so sharp?
Jack Wall (4 months ago)
I am really surprised that there would be any criticism about anything at all. I've been a general contractor, carpenter and cabinet maker for 40 years and I have to tell you the the fit and finish of your work is pretty amazing considering the "primitive" tools you're using. I have not seen single tool, after watching more than a dozen of your videos, that were not available 200 years ago. I'm trying to think back and I just can't think of any. Anyway, I always consider that anyone who criticizes, probably has not walked a mile in your moccasins. Great job, great videos and so enjoyable. I am spending the month in Yucatan working on a 200 years house that was hand built with field stone, dry stacks to 12 feet tall and then chinked with small rocks and mortar. Much of the repair work I'm doing myself. But here is my main point. I cannot tell you why but watching your videos is so relaxing to my mind. They are de-streesing me. My wife even commented how relaxed I look when we FaceTime together. Anyway, working my way backwards to the beginning of where it all started for you. Again, great job.
Evematrix102 (4 months ago)
Ever consider building log cabins and selling them id buy one so i dont have to build it :D
Russell Cupples (4 months ago)
You are an excellent video producer Sir
Gary Martens (4 months ago)
8:42 oh hai dragonfly
Stevie FordRanger (4 months ago)
Love the Dragon Fly on your hat @ 8:58
Stevie FordRanger (4 months ago)
Hi Shawn, it’s very interesting looking at the softwood timbers you have native there, I wouldn’t like to be sawing the hardwoods we have here in Australia. I like that you’ve given the genus and species of the tree you were working on, you may like to note that the proper notation for genus and species is upper case first letter for genus and all lower case for species eg Pinus resinosa. At least I remembered something from Yr 12 Biology. Loving your channel.
sue mcfarlane (4 months ago)
Joe robinet for sure and there is a English guy who’s channel called mcqbushcrat he does a lot of wood carving and hunting with a sling shot because England has some strict gun laws and you need landowners permission to go onto their property to hunt present gr9use and even hares all of which he shows how to field dress and cook he also makes hawthorn hedge fruit leather in the forest over a open fire his knowledge base is extensive and even though he is based in the uk he does travel his wife and he did a fair bit of canoeing and hiking and camping in scandinavier
Robert Robrahn (5 months ago)
One more thing Sean. I never questioned your not using power tools. I totally get it. It's all about the artistry and my admiration for that is boundless. You're a true artist and I'd be honored to meet you.
Robert Robrahn (5 months ago)
Howdy Sean! Good to get a chance to see your awesomeness again. I was wondering what you would do if the beavers had dammed up the pond. Do you disrupt them and destroy their work? Always great to see you and learn. How would I, a mere mortal, get the chance to check out one of your workshops? Oh yeah, your triceps are bangin'! All that chopping seems to be an excellent work-out. Have a fantastic day buddy and thanks for the great vids. I'm a big fan!
jubjunior (5 months ago)
What is the name of the music in the begining of the video (1:50min) ?
이재상 (5 months ago)
talk too much
Bobby Livingstone (5 months ago)
Total newb question, but what are you doing at 1:25 with your axe in this video?
TheInfinitequest (5 months ago)
hahaha, loved the Dragon Fly Hat! Out of curiosity, why didn't you back the trailer further up the road before unloading the logs?
emrguns1 (5 months ago)
So you went "Old School" . I love that, great idea.
Tony Gatton (5 months ago)
I wish you would number these part 1, part 2, part 3 etc so I know which order to watch them lol
AI Man (6 months ago)
That dragonfly just chillin on the hat around 9:20
dedi Sembiring (6 months ago)
U really looks like Eric bana
Hutchinsons Adventures (6 months ago)
So this was the first self reflection :)
mountainguyed67 (6 months ago)
We bought a mountain property in May this year, our only suitable camp so far had been covered with Bear Clover. We haven’t made a campfire yet because of the potential of a root fire. Tried to dig and remove the roots, but there’s too much rock. Looks like you didn’t have any issues like this?? BTW I’m enjoying the videos, and picking up good info. We’ll have a suitable campfire area eventually.
Eric Huurre (6 months ago)
You mentioned that you were not "building to code" on this project. I'm curious if you are hoping to avoid local building departments discovering your site? Even in the "bush" there are agencies in N. America that generally insist on approvals of plans, and then a series of inspections. How are you getting around this?
mountainguyed67 (6 months ago)
I think he’s in an area without codes.
Robert H Cochran (6 months ago)
Shawn, Thank you for sharing your building experience and your thoughts on life... I spent my life as a history teacher and police officer in Florida and my home state of Pennsylvania... I wish I was closer to Canada... I have built two log cabins and a frame cabin in Pennsylvania... All I had were old Foxfire books to study back in the early 1970s ... lol... no internet ... I love your videos and philosophy... Keep it coming... be careful ... I am currently living in Long Beach, Ca. .... Jim Croce wrote a song back in the late sixties, “New York’s Not My Home” ... I now understand his song... concrete jungles are not the way God meant for us to live... I want to get out and into the woods again...
Charlie Thomas (6 months ago)
Shawn, I love watching your vidos. I've learned alot, thank you. Keep up the good work .
Greetings from Saigon Vietnam, love the series of videos, is your facebook listed on this channel?
keelinga (6 months ago)
Mr. Fix-All would have good stuff to share. He’s a Prepper living I. North Carolina and former U.S. military. Very cool YouTuber.
Pauloutdoors (7 months ago)
Hi there, I'm a new subscriber. Love your outlook, you have tremendous skill. Thanks for taking us along on your journey. All the best..Paul
N Sadat (7 months ago)
That drone footage is awesome!
Todd DiNezza (7 months ago)
Hi Shawn, Great job building this cabin and I really respect your commitment to doing it on your own and with hand tools! I think it really helps to provide an educational and historical insight into what our ancestors had to do as pioneers in North America. So stick to your plan, keep up the good work and don't let the nay sayers get you down! I have been keeping up to date on the more recent videos you have posted over the past two months on the actual cabin build and am now getting caught up on the earlier ones. I remember seeing a PBS digitally remastered video of a film from the 1950's where a man built a cabin by himself (I believe) that is located in Alaska and your channel reminds me of that very much! I remember him creating the cabin and even using moss to cover over the tarps on the roof boards to complete his roof. Similarly, I just had a question about how you are using moss to fill in the gaps in between the logs on the walls. Just since I am curious, How does that work over the next year or so? Does the moss regrow in those spots to create a better seal or is it more of a temporary measure that needs to be repeated occasionally as part of the regular maintenance of the cabin? I honestly do not know the answer and was curious to learn about that part of the process. Not trying to be a troll or anything like that. Finally, you mentioned something about having people up there to help you with the next cabin as part of group project. That sounds interesting and please be sure to give us an update so we know how and when to enroll. Thanks again for sharing this and have a great weekend! Looking forward to seeing your reply when you have a chance.
joe wagner (7 months ago)
What brand of axes and hatches do you use...
joe wagner (7 months ago)
The long handle wood chisel, what is it called. Also the blue curved tool that has a long handle and a knob on the opposite side, what is it called. Are these sold on the internet. I'm in Texas going to NM. Thanks for your time... Email is      wagnerjoe2016@gmail.com
Haizum74 (7 months ago)
I've been watching your vids for the past few days and thoroughly enjoy them. I got to the point a few years ago where I wanted out of the rat race, however it is much more difficult to do so in the UK. Shame really too as my folks were going to move to Canada, back in the early 80's. So, the furthest I got was moving to a small town away from the city I lived in. Anywho, cheers for the great videos and look forward to more of them. Oh, how much are those logs weighing, roughly?
Wood Butcher (7 months ago)
Ya got a hitchiker on your hat. 8:44
Tom Panetti (7 months ago)
mighty fine video work...really neat to reflect on all the great work you've done Shawn.........there is a Canadian Wilderness Superman...your wife and children are very fortunate...to have such a fine figure of a man...in making a great bush life style too
Scott Leech (7 months ago)
@ 8:44 I see you gain a passenger. :-)
Beth Fl , Elizabeth Crom (7 months ago)
So thankful for your working on your cabin, with hand tools, such workmanship, independence, ingenuity, and peace. God honored by your efforts, thank you! Wood is such a great opportunity, for creative touch, for imagination. So enjoy watching.
J. B. (7 months ago)
At 8:40, a Dragonfly lands on your hat and stops to listen to you . . he stays to the end of that segment. Probably most interested in hearing about the water levels. Ciao.
Opinionator52 (7 months ago)
I'm surprised it's not a whole family project... We moved into a mountain shack and made it livable with pluming and electric... and replaced the dry-stacked rock foundation with a full basement... Once the kids were out of the baby stage we all took some part... Your doing a great job thank you for sharing.... :o) O,,,
Braxx Juventa (7 months ago)
Thumbs up again Shawn!
Jameson Cross (7 months ago)
I noticed you don't use any power tools. How come? More specifically a chainsaw.
Beverley Hawkins (7 months ago)
So happy to stumble across your channel! I have been wanting a cabin in the woods for quite some time. So impressed watching you build your cabin(s) by yourself! You have proved the point that me and my significant other can to do this!! Great job! Looking forward to more great videos! Subscribed ...
Solo Over 50 (7 months ago)
Christopher Graff (7 months ago)
Inspirational ~ Thanks
Debra Kellerman (7 months ago)
did he say he's taking the cabin apart and moving it?
Debra Kellerman (7 months ago)
My Self Reliance okay
My Self Reliance (7 months ago)
Debra Kellerman thanks Debra. Check out my latest videos. The cabin has been moved and the roof is now on.
Debra Kellerman (7 months ago)
My Self Reliance that's alot of work. stay safe
My Self Reliance (7 months ago)
Debra Kellerman Yes, he did :) its common practice
Johnnybob Kadiddlehopper (8 months ago)
Oh, oh I didn't see a puppy dog?
aralsea1 (8 months ago)
Just excellent!
Broke Tackle (8 months ago)
Shawn. We have been watching your channel for a couple months. A short time. During this time I have grown to respect and appreciate you and what's goin on a little bit more in life. Inspirational on moving toward the future and being as self sufficient as you can. Good luck man on these cabin builds and everything you and the family are enduring. Definitely motivating. Thanks buddy.
Larry Jacobs (8 months ago)
Great idea looking forward to watching
Uncle Bud (8 months ago)
lol loving the safety sandals buddy ;) Great vid!
Ted Timmis (8 months ago)
Great camera work and editing!
Mark Brockman (8 months ago)
I wish I could do this. Make sure you take care of your body. They don’t last forever.
Chris Helms (8 months ago)
You sir ,are an incredibly motivating person!
joe pimer (8 months ago)
hardiest working you tuber love all your vids.. wer r u at ..great work
C Hamilton (8 months ago)
Wonderful and can't wait for the fireside chats (love the nostalgia in the title.... like Roosevelt when in office) . You should invite "Boss of the Swamp" for a chat.... you seem to be like minded. God Bless
Zoik Scoobie (8 months ago)
I appreciate your time and I have benefited from your great advice and skills.. Thank you
Robert Drinkwine (8 months ago)
Thoroughly enjoy watching your channel and expert axemanship. Can you tell me how you set your scribe width when marking your logs? Do you first rest it on the very top of the bottom log and set the width to exactly half the width of the top log then and then move it to the side of the bottom leg to start scribing? This way you ensure that you don't cut out too much out of the scribes log to ensure a sturdy notch. Regards, Rob
Kieran Hodgkinson (8 months ago)
Great vids mate beautiful
sofiastefani (8 months ago)
DeeInTheHouse (8 months ago)
Great videos but you need to number then or have some means of someone following...thx
Ann Marie (9 months ago)
My Self Reliance, you're so precise when transferring wood into art. I really appreciate you sharing your survival skills, and art. My Self Reliance you're a professional Wood Craftsman, and so much more. Is there anything that you can't do? Nevermind keep hope alive. Oh, that art wood work was amazing, all hand carved. I absolutely love it. What a legacy! I wish you and your family the best. You certainly work hard for it... Please keep sharing!
Ex-Law Enforcement (9 months ago)
I'm looking forward to the "Fireside Chats" too...
leona williams (9 months ago)
love your ' ideas' and think your a go getter'' living with the land is the way to go '' check out rocket stoves
leona williams (9 months ago)
why not put in an earthen floor' can use rocket stove floor heating ' rocket stove heating with cob stucco seating bench  couch'
My Self Reliance (9 months ago)
I'm not sure if I mentioned exactly that in one of my cabin videos from the spring. I am planning on doing that in the cabin I'm building for my friend on her property. Now that you mentioned it though, I think I should add one to one of the cabins on my property as well.
lupodelpratomagno (9 months ago)
Great!Great channel!!Immediately I sub it!!Video Super!!Ciao from Italian Apennines.Sergio.
My Self Reliance (9 months ago)
Ciao. Thanks!
Geoff Allert (9 months ago)
You probably have one of these, but a draw knife might be a bit more useful for some of the processes that you do. Good video, mate. All the way from Australia.:)
Linda Hodgkins (9 months ago)
Loving the cabin building. Fireside chats and work shops sounds amazing. I would love to attend a workshop. Could you put together a check list PDF for clothing and basic equipment that would be needed when attending a workshop in your climate.
My Self Reliance (9 months ago)
Thanks. Yes, I have a list that I is available on the website page once I make it live this weekend. You can find it at myselfreliance.com
idaho justus (9 months ago)
I love your philosophy! It seems people have forgot how to be self sufficient, or care how.
My Self Reliance (9 months ago)
Labeouf (9 months ago)
Talk about offroading into say rural campsites around your location
Anthony Medina (9 months ago)
Shawn James. Your big ol' muscles!
Tiny House Customs (9 months ago)
i was #40,000 congrats
Dirty D's RC (9 months ago)
Well said. Planning on building one of my own. Thank you for sharing. :)
CjC (9 months ago)
First of all...the dragonfly that was settled on your hat...Bodes Well! And secondly...I'm proud of you for building the Big cabin by yourself with hand tools! It will be a great Legacy. And I'm looking forward to the Fireside Chats. Thanks. Cate

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