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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Official Introduction

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For more videos & Subscribe : https://goo.gl/ytNBiQ Samsung Galaxy S9 Introduction news What’s the latest Galaxy S9 news? When is the Galaxy S9 release date? What will be new about the Galaxy S9 design and specs? What will be the Galaxy S9 price? We won’t hear much information about finer Samsung Galaxy S9 details for a while, but given the long run-up to a processor launch, we already have a good idea about what to expect in terms of the Galaxy S9’s CPU. Samsung phones typically ship with two different chips, either of which will be selected for a certain market region where the phone will be on sale. You’ll either get a Samsung-built Exynos chipset, or a Qualcomm-designed Snapdragon chipset. The Snapdragon 845 chip has already been confirmed by Qualcomm, and will once again be manufactured by Samsung’s chip-making division. It will be built on an efficient 10nm process, just like the Snapdragon 835 before it. The 10nm chip architecture denotes the manufacturing process, and simply refers to the distance between each transistor – those are the tiny electronic switches that enable computing tasks to take place. A smaller number is better, because it means you can fit more transistors onto a single chip, paving the way for more power and better power efficiency overall. The Samsung Galaxy S8 ran on a 10nm chip, which is already seriously efficient – so we’d expect similar capabilities from the new model. Also interesting was a report in late August from Ice Universe suggested that Samsung would be hoarding 2018’s initial supply of Snapdragon 845. According to Google Translate, the tweet reads: “In terms of availability, 845 goes to S9 / S9+ for the USA at the beginning, the rest will be later. S9 a month earlier than usual.” Last year, Samsung was accused of buying up the early Snapdragon 835 stock – a processor that Samsung’s own chip-making arm manufactured for Qualcomm – for the Galaxy S8 in North America, forced LG to utilise last year’s Snapdragon 821 for the LG G6, with other phone makers like Sony and HTC allegedly having to delay their flagship handsets in order to acquire Snapdragon 835 units. According to Ice Universe, it seems we’ll be seeing a similar story play out in 2018, but there’s no proof yet. The other big news is that the Asian, European and Middle Eastern variant of the Galaxy S9 is going to pack Samsung’s recently-announced Exynos 9810 chipset, which features an octa-core setup, as well as a standalone security management unit that’s complete with an enhanced face-tracking engine for improved face recognition. It’s also equipped with the industry’s first Cat. 18 LTE modem for faster data transmission (up to 1.2Gbps); a dedicated imaging processing unit, capable of shooting 4K Ultra HD video at an eye-watering 120fps; and a deep learning-based artificial intelligence software. The Cat.18 6CA-supported LTE modem is 20% faster than last year’s and will likely make it into select regional versions of the Galaxy S9, including the variant that’s set to hit the shelves in the United Kingdom. Samsung says the modem will make the most of existing 4G networks and help set the stage for 5G. “With the increase of high-quality online content services, the demand for high-performance LTE modems continue to rise as well,” said Woonhaing Hur, VP of LSI Protocol Development. “The 1.2Gbps maximum downlink speed with 6CA support highlights Samsung’s leading design capabilities and well positions Samsung for the upcoming 5G era.” source: https://goo.gl/KaqXrd

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