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OnePlus 6 Impressions!

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OnePlus 6 is finally unveiled for $529. Here's everything you need to know about it! OnePlus 5T: https://youtu.be/Lxet1zLBTM8 OnePlus 6 skins: https://dbrand.com/shop/oneplus-6-skins MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD Intro Track: Connery by Alltta ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD Phone provided by OnePlus for video.

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Text Comments (7459)
Raphael Insigne (3 minutes ago)
In the makeup world of youtube, we would call that matte black back a "satin" finish
The Graze (8 minutes ago)
My Nexus 5x broke a week ago so i want to change but the price is a big deal for me so idk if i take the oneplus 5t (475€) or the 6 (520€), is it really worth, I really want the opinion of anybody, thx if you respond
Red Tiger (9 minutes ago)
Funny how all YouTubers hype the oneplus and yet never use any of their products.
D Harris (22 minutes ago)
Headphone jack is overrated for me it’s 2018
awaisis (25 minutes ago)
never understood the hype/excitement/disgust/disappointment etc etc when the notch for the ipX came to view. its a notch! displays can easily handle that in freakin 2018!! you can blank it out, make it a dual notification tray, and honestly its not all that ugly. Even though Samsung easily manages their screen real estate and camera placement without a notch. Yall need to chill with super micro and nerdy fanboy analysis. OMG OMG theres a NOTCH!!! wtf? calm the f down. btw i hate iphones regardless but damn. crazy ppl
Ian Tompsett (38 minutes ago)
Is it really true you can't schedule DND in Oxygen? Bit of an annoying deal breaker for me. I don't trust myself to remember to turn off all sound before getting to work!
utkarsh gupta (1 hour ago)
please do a full review
MdAtiqur Rahman (1 hour ago)
Mubashar Mushtaq (1 hour ago)
I m using one plus 5 and love my phone its amazing thanks one plus ➕
SHÜMÜ DESIGNS (2 hours ago)
Hey MKBHD, help me to figure out which is best ?? - S8 or OnePlus 6 I want to buy one among them 😉☺
Timothy W (2 hours ago)
Oneplus 6 review please!
Kevin Vaz (2 hours ago)
Can someone tell me where does he get these cool wallpapers from?
umar khan (2 hours ago)
Desperately waiting for the OnePlus 6 in depth review.
umar khan (2 hours ago)
who else is waiting for it?
Silent Refusal (2 hours ago)
Phones like OnePlus, Lenovo's Zuk series and Huawei's Mate series gave us a hope that bigger brands like Samsung and Sony would reconsider their pricing and we may eventually get Samsung Flagship under 600 USD. What happened instead, Lenovo's Zuk series died off, Huawei dropped their balls with their Mate series and OnePlus... Well OnePlus actually started chasing the big guns in their pricing.
Maj 777 (3 hours ago)
Actually speaking .....any phones with compact dimensions are much better ......no matter how many comparison....and all. 1+6 might be faster but it's too big for a regular use.....
abhimarsh (3 hours ago)
No external sd slot and small battery with no wireless charging is a bummer!!!! And worst customer service in INDIA!!!
Yusuf Jamal (3 hours ago)
The phone's looking so artificial
krisztián Balogh (4 hours ago)
teccik s tipecé hatoss
Paully808 (4 hours ago)
Watching this on my Oneplus 3. Huge fan of the brand and happy to see them continuing to deliver massive specs for a reasonable price.
GAURAV RAI (5 hours ago)
Where i can get this wallpaper
eastlondonhustler (5 hours ago)
WHY ???!!! Why Oneplus would you release an impressively spec'd and competitively priced smartphone with a FUGLY NOTCH!! ? I don't care how good the spec to price ratio of this phone is, i won't be laying my hands on a phone with an ugly notch! STOP COPYING CRAPPLE!! Edit: After reading some of the comments below, i have a feeling that Oneplus is gonna get a VERY expensive lesson from this phone
UBI (7 hours ago)
Should i upgrade from my S7 Edge to OnePlus 6 ?
Pratik Chore (8 hours ago)
A D (9 hours ago)
One plus motto : play it safe
Koko (9 hours ago)
I want that wallpaper
WOATolsson (9 hours ago)
Sooo, Nokia 7plus and the new 8, you notcied them? Maybe do a review or to 😇?
SAURABH SINGH (9 hours ago)
Am I the only one who still prefers capacitive buttons over on-screen ones?
Giradox (9 hours ago)
I love the fact they have a 1080p display. 😍
ZoroNinja (10 hours ago)
Equal 7
Syuna (10 hours ago)
Lmfao another iPhone knockoff not surprised cuz android has always been frauds
Prasanna Patil (10 hours ago)
8gb ram 128 storage is perfect choice... Use this code in Amazon in gifts and promotion. VYGU-CR6XYV-2DKALH
Rohith John (11 hours ago)
Watching this on my one plus 6
Mohammed Bishar (11 hours ago)
By seeing this video . I have brought one+6.great phone thanks man .but the battery mah is too low .
Lina Berger (12 hours ago)
Behind finance working hook slice dispute discovery quiet assist start.
Asifuz Zaman (12 hours ago)
Marques...which wallpaper/ launcher you used in this video....?? plz...give me the link...it's awesome......!!!! plz....Brownlee
Ted H (13 hours ago)
Raj Chheda (13 hours ago)
You didn’t mention water resistance
noorur (13 hours ago)
just realised, you now have 6 million subscribers. Well done. I remember watching your videos from a few years ago. Happy to see you kept the momentum without falling off. bless you M
KS2K (14 hours ago)
Love the Dbrand Camouflage
Stephen Wayda (14 hours ago)
It's too expensive for me I don't see why prices have increased so much. $529 just a couple years ago was flagship pricing. The upgrades have been very minor since around 2015. My $400 Moto X Pure from 2015 is still running very fast even though the battery is starting to fail.
timothy moore (15 hours ago)
Benedict Chen (15 hours ago)
I have to get the One plus 6. I've had a cheaper budget phone for a while now
Bart P (15 hours ago)
Why this video is not in 1444p???
Saad Syed (15 hours ago)
2018ized? That the hell does that mean? Why don't you be unbiased and just say they ripped of the iPhone X just like every other Android maker beside Samsung at this point (Google's the only one left and don't be surprised to see it there, too). Same notch-shape design and same bumped dual camera design... Looks good? Of course it does. When your design is based on Apple's, of course it is going to.
Syuna (10 hours ago)
Saad Syed I know cuz these ppl hate being guilty or feeling guilty of using the phone hat they hate on they try to downplay it an do damage control they all like oh the iPhone X didn’t have the notch first etc it’s really despicable an one of the reasons why I will never go back to Android it’s just a fake iPhone knockoff an truly a phone for fake ppl
Williams Phil (15 hours ago)
why is every phone manufacturer copying apple's take to make the NOTCH on the top... never settle. funny.
Nate (16 hours ago)
What makes this phone almost $500 cheaper than the big boys?
TheForgotten (17 hours ago)
Oneplus 6.. One + 6? 1+6 = 7 Illuminati
The Tech Temple (18 hours ago)
How's the call quality? Can't forget to make those calls 😁.
Iuppiter Zeus (20 hours ago)
I really don't like new phones why should a fingerprint sensor on the back make sense ? if it's laying on the table or in some holding thing in a car i cant use it imo the OnePlus 3T still is the best overall phone out there
Athulhav Raghav (20 hours ago)
Yeruma kudhi
Dapo Olurin (20 hours ago)
Marques what is the wallpaper send the link pls!!!
izun nature (21 hours ago)
Can you send to me that phone after ur review on this video ?
Do a giveaway please
Riza Rahim (22 hours ago)
pls tell me whr to get that wallpaper
Blah blah blah. not waterproof, not better than a s8+ and i hate android going to get an iPhone
Irfan Hamid (23 hours ago)
Please talk in detail about the display of the One Plus 6. I'm still apprehensive about buying a 1080p pentile OLED.
Sh4khal (23 hours ago)
Anyone wants to cooperate with the refferal program? I will buy the phone this week and if you already have a one plus product, we will both get 20$. Anyone interested?
Hоsеp Krikоr (1 day ago)
Please publish the full review. Can't trust any other reviewer!
Henryluyu (1 day ago)
Where did you get the wallpaper????
yanislegeek (21 hours ago)
ok so after this great video i'm stuck with a dilemma, i've had a nexus 5 for like 3-4 years now and it's dying on me, and i've also wanted to change my phone for a long ass time so i went and looked for new phones and now i'm stuck between getting a samsung s8 a one plus 6 and a huawei p20, what do you thint i should get guys ? if anyone can give me advices that'll be really cool. ( i'm mainly going to use this phone for gaming and casual use, no photos and anything like that )
Daniel Brito (1 day ago)
MKBHD: no wireless charging seems like a poor used of space
Ravi Jha (1 day ago)
1 like from me 2
DarkGreninja (1 day ago)
Marques, your a great tech youtuber. We, as subscribers wait for your videos. Its great that you provide us top quality videos. Literally speaking, your videos are awesome & most importantly 'fun'. But, I feel like as you are a big youtuber with millions of subscribers, you should have 1080p 60 fps videos. You know how cool 60fps videos are! So why not implement them in your videos? I appreciate your efforts for this channel, but as a subscriber, I, hopefully without disrespecting you, can demand 60fps videos. Not only me, but also all of us watchers will be pleased with 60fps videos. Again, hopefully, you can see this comment. If you see this, thank you, we all appreciate your efforts in making this tech community worth interest!
Just A Creator (1 day ago)
Whats the difference between the cameras, 4 megapixels. OnePlus what are you doing?. LG 7 beat this phone on camera department. My opinion.
Rohit (1 day ago)
prashant sajwan (1 day ago)
You didn't told us about its water resistant IPS rating
Avinash Sk (1 day ago)
Anyone want an extended warranty of 3 month while buying through amazon comment below i'll send you the referral code.
Strutting_strat (1 day ago)
1080P AGAIN?
Strutting_strat (1 day ago)
Why put 2 of the same cameras? No wide angle? Why not just make one really good one?
Strutting_strat (1 day ago)
I'm excited for the Twoplus
Hari Haran (1 day ago)
One plus 6 review pls
Tanner Michels (1 day ago)
So, to my question... Why don't reviewers ever review what makes a phone, a phone. I would like to see some signal comparisons and reviews of the strength of it's signal (dBm). In my experience being a OnePlus user since OP One, OP tends to lack in signal. Going to a carriers (TMobile or ATT) store I noticed that SamSubg phones continually have better dBms and must faster data DL and UL performances. When I'm out and about, Samsung has never dropped a call, while OnePlus on the same carrier, in the same place, did. A phone is truly only as good as it's connectivity. Please do a review and tell me a reviewer that does that and I'll go bug him/her/non-conforming person.
Andrew (1 day ago)
Marques is there any chance at all that you will review beyerdynamic amiron bluetooth headphone?
I have the OnePlus 5 and i'm still satisfied with it!
Master Adit (1 day ago)
Who made that "6" using the charger in the Thumbnail? It looks Great! Btw, I saw a Samsung Phone Ad before this video started XD
Shane Lovell (1 day ago)
Thought my audio was skipping in the beginning of the video
shyam nagarajan (1 day ago)
Can you sent the download link to the wallaper??
Hotrodjermy (1 day ago)
How does this phone perform with snapchat? In terms of video and picture quality?
Ali Beckford (1 day ago)
that Dbrand fade in was pretty slick
Marcus Harmon (1 day ago)
Cool phone...but that notch 😱
Great_Master Gaming (1 day ago)
Is it same for me to say Oneplus is like a AMD 2.0? Apple: 1100$ PHONE GUYS Oneplus: 530$ BUT BETTER INTEL : 2000$ 18 CORE AMD : 1000$ 16 CORE
Mohan Ravi (1 day ago)
Not related to One 6 Plus, But Wanted to see if you can make a video on Mirrorless Vs DSLR for 2018 (Not a review, But a generalized vid on the trend).
程雷 (1 day ago)
Tell foreign friends that OnePlus is OPPO's internet sub - brand. So, don't buy it.
Jacob Kernell (1 day ago)
What is the song at the beginning originally from?
NinjaPanda (1 day ago)
lmfao more ram than my pc
Paul Varinder (1 day ago)
I'M happy that Samsung didn't copy the noch. Thumbs up Samsung.
Cobin Lim (1 day ago)
its water resistent too
shivam sood (1 day ago)
when is the full review coming?
Frankieishot1 (1 day ago)
Wow I love it but I’m happy I got the iPhone X !
Ibrahim AKTAN (1 day ago)
what's the wrist brand he use?
Sdfg Gfgg (1 day ago)
NOTCH destroys the hole phone
Sdfg Gfgg (1 day ago)
but it is still there and you know it so youw atch there all the time cause you want to see one more time the ugly part of the phone
Ginshima (1 day ago)
you can disable it, and it honestly works really well.
Abhishek Panchali (1 day ago)
What's that wallpaper? Anyone?
Benoit Girard (1 day ago)
So One Plus isn't adding anything to this new phone, same resolution screen, no waterproofing, no wireless charging, no dual/stereo speakers, no face ID. Really they just update the hardware from last year and release a new phone. Their prices are still lower but that that much lower than Samsung on sale. Slowly they're becoming less relevant it feels like. I own a OP5 which I love to death but the improvements of the 5T and 6 aren't enough to warrant an upgrade.
洪劭元 (1 day ago)
How do you feel it vibration strength? Maybe compare basis iPhoneX is 10.
Ruben V (1 day ago)
u lost me at "notch"
Swiftykid LP (1 day ago)
Wheres the dbrand giveaway
Neo (1 day ago)
What is oneplus damage protection plan by Servifo and one year extended warranty plans ? They're on oneplus website but no reviews so far.
Mike Media (1 day ago)
I'm waiting for the full review! It will decide if I'm buying this phone or not :D (Currently on S7 Edge)
Mike Media (14 minutes ago)
Gamelover Correct, but I always changed phones every few months and I had the S7 Edge for nearly two years now because of a 24 month contract. I want a big screen and good battery life. I was thinking about the S9 plus but if I got the OnePlus 6, I could also buy a Huawei W2 or a GoPro hero 6 for the same price as the s9
Gamelover (1 day ago)
No need to upgrade to this. S7 edge is plenty good enough
kuji paan (1 day ago)
All of you black
Hassan Khalid (1 day ago)
From where i can get with discount?

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