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Tonight on the premiere of #TheLandQuestion on eNCA

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South Africa is not the only African country grappling with the land question. After 28 years of independence, Namibia is still trying to address land reform. Now, a new political movement that has been likened to the EFF is promising to serve the needs of the landless masses. CheckPoint Anchor, Nkepile Mabuse, unpacks more about 'The Land Question', premiering tonight at 8:30pm on DStv403
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sunbonanza (2 days ago)
Use "force to sell at market value for all bare-lands only" together with financial solutions can resolve land reform, no need to mess with property rights or create racist policies: Create a second legal currency called Land currency and give every matriculated South African an equal share. All bare-lands must be put on auction that must be sold to highest bidder. All land auctions must be settled with 50% Lands until 50% of total Lands in circulation has circulated then Land value will gradually drop to zero via taxing. The Lands can be traded with Rands on the open market and the Lands price will not be regulated.
Clinton Hartley (6 days ago)
Like Trevor said.."build 9 and take from the 10th".Namibian leaders take all even from the helping hand. I blame history for that,former leaders made a life for them selfs and thats what the current leaders continue with. Everyone for them selfs,God for all.
Edwin Namadhila (7 days ago)
"How can you give land to a poor person?" This kind of response is one I would expect from an illiterate and not the head of the Land Reform Ministry. This is just one of the many exemplifications of the low educational requirements to occupy a seat of power in Namibia. Should you underake your own research into the Namibian government, you'll be met with quite a number of office bearers boasting mere honorary academic qualifications and few who actually put in the required hours to earning said qualifications. Perhaps a colourful Linkedin profile is more important than serving the needs of the masses in one's own country. A country so rich in natural resources and adequate land for its miniscule population is ravaged by corrupt, insensitive and incompetent figures within government. These are suppose to be the same people furthering the cause of equality and socioeconomic progress we fought so hard for in the past. How can the citizens themselves take on the foreign corporations and wealthy few without the backing of lawmakers and administrators in government? Side Note: The minister quoted in the video is the same cat that ordered the dismissal of the former deputy minister of the land reform ministry, Cde. Bernadus Swaartbooi, who openly questioned the measures government had taken to compensate those most affected by the past, spoke out on corruption within the ruling party and the many failures of his senior pertaining to the land redistribution issue. His brave efforts continue through the formation of the Landless People's Movement of Namibia.
alex silek (9 days ago)
This dude is a juvenile like his corrupt father. The current situation will lead us in assesinating this people in the future. Just watch
Bianca Kheimses (9 days ago)
This is Namibia, where independence meant suffering for the masses, how do you give more to people who already have, the land in Namibia is more than enough for all but the leaders have degrees in mismanagement science
Pendukeni Shakela (10 days ago)
Nuujoma was so excited during this interview.this is not what you call a slip of a tongue but stupidity .
R-Jay Franc (10 days ago)
Namibian nr. second IDIOT....just as his corrupt father since 1990

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