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My New Car Is Electric!

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What Is It Like Living With An Electric Car? How Electric Cars Work How Will Formula E Change In Season 5? Sponsored by Formula E Subscribe for new videos every Wednesday! - https://goo.gl/VZstk7 Related Videos: (Formula E Series) 1. Electric Cars Are Single Speed - https://youtu.be/36H9BVeMYMI 2. Manual Transmission Electric Cars - https://youtu.be/42MVi6Fel-E 3. Tuning Electric Cars - https://youtu.be/OgyMnPZvGW0 4. 300 MPH Electric Production Car - https://youtu.be/n8brxrLSryc 5. How EVs Beat ICE - https://youtu.be/vk__f28yeLs The latest addition to the Engineering Explained garage is an electric car! In the United States, electric cars make up less than 2% of the overall market, yet that number has nearly doubled since 2013. That is to say, the electric car revolution is coming, and I'll be experiencing life with an electric car before the majority of folks make the jump. While in today's world electric cars don't make perfect sense for every scenario, they do offer plenty of advantages over gasoline or diesel powered cars. They have instant acceleration when you put your foot down, peak torque from zero RPM, they're far more energy efficient - meaning you spend less on "refilling the tank," and they don't have any emissions. This makes EVs great for city environments where travel distances are relatively short, and congestion is high. Check out the video for more information on the EV series I'm starting with Formula E! Electric Car Basics: Hybrid Cars - http://youtu.be/3T5ShFUkeFA Electric Motors: http://youtu.be/ErV5lGVso1w Magnets: http://youtu.be/7nhmJPMi4FU Electromagnets: http://youtu.be/1YSjRrijsRg DC Motors: http://youtu.be/kTkqbcesf10 Electric Cars: http://youtu.be/MWcmUgKP1GU Alternating Currents: http://youtu.be/Pv8WxPsJf4A Regenerative Braking: http://youtu.be/BhOEoXfxHMc Regen Braking Fuel Savings: http://youtu.be/kNDWzFaiDZQ AC Motors: http://youtu.be/C-WIn629d_o Induction Motors: http://youtu.be/EWZkFX48vu0 Batteries: http://youtu.be/vSzmbFf4Pyo Lithium Ion: http://youtu.be/12F8IlrKR40 Don't forget to check out my other pages below! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/engineeringexplained Official Website: http://www.howdoesacarwork.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jasonfenske13 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/engineeringexplained Car Throttle: https://www.carthrottle.com/user/engineeringexplained Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/engineeringexplained EE Extra: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsrY4q8xGPJQbQ8HPQZn6iA NEW VIDEO EVERY WEDNESDAY!
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Engineering Explained (5 days ago)
Different and new will always be criticized! I think there's no exception among car enthusiasts either. With less than 2% of cars on the road being EVs, most of us base our opinions on EVs without having spent much time in one (myself included). There aren't many cars I don't get excited about, and I hope you're as excited as I am to learn more about EVs - the good, and the not so good! While the smartest decision for an automotive channel might be to get into a supercar or something exotic, I'll continue to quietly draw on my whiteboard and try out cars which march to the beat of a different drum. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do, and for sure leave your suggestions below for things you'd like to know more about in the EV world! Here are a few examples of the last series' topics: 1. Electric Cars Are Single Speed - https://youtu.be/36H9BVeMYMI 2. Manual Transmission Electric Cars - https://youtu.be/42MVi6Fel-E 3. Tuning Electric Cars - https://youtu.be/OgyMnPZvGW0 4. 300 MPH Electric Production Car - https://youtu.be/n8brxrLSryc 5. How EVs Beat ICE - https://youtu.be/vk__f28yeLs
Matthew Jenkinson (20 hours ago)
Ali Butt mid engine layout is usually for weight distribution. For handling it's better to have the engine weight right between the axles than either end of them. Often the main design of the engine won't be all that different, though it may have the external bits laid out to be better for transverse rather than longitudinal layout.
Matthew Jenkinson (20 hours ago)
Sam Wong could be redundant supply for the 12v systems, in case there's a problem with the traction battery.
Ali Butt (1 day ago)
Does v8 engine placed at mid layout is same as front engine layout v8 engine
Ali Butt (1 day ago)
Hi i want to know the v8 engine constructed for mid engine layout car is constructed similarly as v8 engine of front layout car or is different well waiting for reply thanks for indeed
Ali Butt (1 day ago)
Hi sir can you tell me please what is the benefit of mid engine layout
Bob Burghart (1 hour ago)
When traveling at highway speed with an electric vehicle, is it more efficient to maintain throttle position (and thus accelerate) after cresting a hill (starting to go on long downhill), or to regen and NOT accelerate? In other words, is it better to take the potential energy of altitude and turn that into kinetic energy (velocity) or electric energy (regen)? Assume that after the long downhill, an equally long uphill follows.
Suaves2101 (1 hour ago)
I'm not sure if there's enough material to make a full video, but it would be cool to go over the safety of electric cars vs ICE cars in a crash and how first response is different.
Noah Pratt (2 hours ago)
I've been curious if electric cars are actually cleaner than internal combustion cars with all things considered. If the energy comes from a coal plant is it still better than burning gasoline. I've kinda felt that electric cars are just ways for people to separate themselves from the pollution than fixing the problem..
s2kdriver (3 hours ago)
why is there a lead acid battery in the bay?
Emperors Ordeal (3 hours ago)
Can this review be honest, since it seems like they gave it to you, review it fairly and if it is really bad, then do say it because people will end up buying or not buying an electric car from reviews like this Thanks
Mariah Vandiver (8 hours ago)
Velocity is speed and direction, not just speed. Speed is speed.
Ethan W. (13 hours ago)
How about maintenance of Electric cars vs gas powered cars vs diesel cars?
Ned Funnell (14 hours ago)
If you could drop the traction battery and do an overview of it, that'd be great.
Jose Duran Jr (16 hours ago)
Why the leaf?
Dan Fraser (17 hours ago)
Please please please always flag sponsored content. I can only assume Nissan is giving you this car for free. Please be honest about it.
Engineering Explained (17 hours ago)
I open stating that it's made in partnership with Formula E in the video. Not only that, but I include that it's sponsored in the second line of the video description (above the fold). I happily disclose sponsored content; not only because it's the law but because its the right thing to do. Plenty of YouTubers ignore this.
Morelia300 (17 hours ago)
A lot of people make claims about the efficiency of producing electric cars vs maintaining an older ICE car. I've heard that the long-run environmental costs of a new EV, particularly of mining the necessary metals, may outweigh the benefits of decreased emissions. The real answer here is, of course, "It depends," but since (I take it) some EV's have less resource-intensive engines/drivetrains than others, could you shed light in a future vid on the relative costs/benefits of various approaches to designing and producing modern EV's? I guess you wouldn't even have to touch the environmental aspect of it, since it gets verrry speculative....
T-F-M snavy (17 hours ago)
Family electrics? 8 seaters? How you can tie into your house
Borja Kankkunen (18 hours ago)
Hi Jason. Been a follower for a couple of years now, but never wrote a comment before. Now I have a ton of questions. First of all, this car is advertised in Spain as a single pedal car, they say it doesn't have brake pedal, just throttle pedal, how the hell does this work? If you need to stop it immediately, what do you do? Just lift the throttle heavily and it stops perhaps...? And this topic brings about other question: internal combustion engines produce air and suck air as well, which means the brake system can take advantage of it by using this air flow to help the driver to push the brake pedal through a servo (I dunno know how this is called in English, sorry), but electric cars dunno have that extra force, how do brake systems work in electric cars? Aren't their brake pedals way stiffer than traditional cars? In addition, internal combustion engines with manual transmission can be started up downhill in case your battery dies, but electric cars aren't manual and even if they were, they rely on a battery for everything, I guess this could be a dead-end situation in which the only solution would be either recharging the battery or calling a tow truck. And related to this issue, how about radio, heating, air conditioning, power windows, highbeam lights and so? All that stuff uses up energy from the battery, I assume those things reduce the amount of mileage electric cars can last with a full charged battery... damn it! Heating! How electric cars produce hot air? I mean, I don't mean to be critic, but sometimes I find situations in which electric cars might present less alternatives or more problems than internal combustion engines... like if your clutch pedal has some issue (old cars had a coiled steel cable to push the clutch, and it breaks down as it gets worn out), and if you have manual transmission, you can get to your destination anyways by changing gears without clutch, but electrics (and any automatic) you cannot do so. How do they cope with all that stuff? I find it interesting
Borja Kankkunen (17 hours ago)
Engineering Explained thank you, Jason, can't wait to know more 'bout that Nissan! Keep up with the good explanations!
Engineering Explained (17 hours ago)
It has a brake pedal as well, you just don't have to use it if you don't want to (but it's always there for emergencies, etc). You can change the mode from 2-pedal driving to 1-pedal driving, but either way the brake pedal works the same.
Integrafreak1 (19 hours ago)
I knew you would never buy one
knowledge share (19 hours ago)
Please learn not to focus on the 2% thing. The manufacturers only makes 2% EVs if they made 52% EVs they would sell them all which they never do with lots of ICE cars.
Engineering Explained (16 hours ago)
Companies make what consumers demand. If more people are buying electric cars, companies will step in to take that market share. A car unfortunately isn't sold simply by making it.
Waffeey (19 hours ago)
Only 150 mile range?!?!? Daamn figured a little communter peaf could at least do 200 miles in 2018. Love the tech but ill stick with my gasoline 2006 Acura TL that takes me 450miles!
12bmxdude12 (22 hours ago)
Nixxanator (23 hours ago)
Why did you chose the Leaf over the Bolt? I'm not sure about the climate you live in, but the active cooling of the Bolt is much better for battery longevity than passive air cooling of the Leaf. I would love to see an in depth video on the differences in these battery cooling methods, and if possible a comparison of battery degradation between cooling methods.
Tom (1 day ago)
A common criticism on electric cars is that it is very polluting to make them. According to +bigclivedotcom there are only trace amounts of lithium in lithium cells, but it would still make up a large amount of lithium in total if everyone is switching to electric cars. Also, rare earth metals seems to be required to make the high efficiency, compact electric motors. Can you do a video on what materials are used to create an electric car and how this compares to the pollution of having a car run fossiel fuel?
J M (1 day ago)
Will it even be possible anytime soon for apartment dwellers or those without a garage to own one? I want one but I don't want or need a garage. Tesla and all companies seem to only care about fast chargers for long trips for public consumption but for daily recharge you need your own source and can't pay for a public one it seems.
Nikolas Escuza (1 day ago)
How does temperature affect charge and battery life? (Especially really low temperature)
G J (1 day ago)
Hi. You talk about jerk in your video: as an electric car is very responsive, how is it to drive over a rough surface or a sharp bump, that would affect your right foot's connection with the throttle? Does the manufacturer need to reduce the response to improve ride quality?
Ali Butt (1 day ago)
Hi sir can you tell me why most super cars are mid engine
John Drohan (1 day ago)
WHATEVER YOU DO , don't get trapped inside a wrecked electric car in the U.S. ! First responders are PETRIFIED of them , and with GOOD CAUSE , considering how many of them have been BADLY BURNED or ELECTROCUTED by their (short-circuited) high voltage systems .
varun babinwala (1 day ago)
why the car still needs a starter battery ???
Hypocrite in a bush (1 day ago)
Can you still drift in electric cars? That's something I've always wondered as typically electric cars have a lot of electric aid.
sTTu (1 day ago)
Although always improving, battery technology seems to be lagging behind just about everything else. Where, when and how do you see this improving - what breakthroughs are on the horizon perhaps? When do you think we'll see batteries providing the same sort of range as traditional petrol with similar weight as just a full tank of gas? More importantly, getting that 'gas' back in the battery more quickly? Obviously at some point petroleum will run out and electric vehicles will be the only option, but I don't think they will be accepted as an equal until refueling is much quicker. Is this even possible?
Chikoo Blade (1 day ago)
Oh, so there is a unit called meter per second cube. Nice. What about rate of change of jerk?
AL Lan (1 day ago)
Strangely reserved and stoked at the same time. Is it cost effective long term? I personally would be interested in knowing more about how the electrical system works on these cars with regards to batteries, what is there rated life time expectation's, how long does it take to notice a decline in efficiency, with regards to the battery life, etc. My major qualm, and pull away from this whole idea is the 2% factor you mentioned at the beginning. Only 2% of us are purchasing these types of cars, which means when Murphy comes along he steals your wallet.
J0L0 (1 day ago)
Would be interested to see are there any room for customisation or upgrades for EV's and how it can be done
Alex You (1 day ago)
David Drives (1 day ago)
Thanks for educating the world! :)
Robby Rubio (1 day ago)
Rwd pls
MrMinecraftAtlantis (1 day ago)
What happens to the batteries later on down the road? Landfill?
benjiosaur (1 day ago)
How long would it take to charge from a portable petrol generator? For instance, if all of the charging spots were taken at a charging station and you had no range left, could you revert back to fossil fuels briefly in order to reach your destination?
Pavel Krupets (1 day ago)
What's the actual range? What's the price of charging fast/slow.
John Carder (1 day ago)
I hope that you will address the issue of depreciation. The Leaf (and other electric cars) lose value VERY quickly.
Mike Kratz (1 day ago)
I think most people considering buying an electric car are concerned about range.  Numbers quoted by manufacturers are always optimal but what about the real world and weather.  How does it affect the range with the heat on, or the air-conditioning?  What apps are available to monitor the car? What if it is 10 degrees below, how far will I be able to go.  How does temperature affect the charge times?It would be interesting to see testing done under these conditions
Jason Gillean (1 day ago)
One thing I've been wondering about is if there is any kind of drag or engine braking with an electric system. For example the Tesla semi truck. How effective is the braking system now that you have no exhaust brake and no form of engine braking?
Levenkay (1 day ago)
Well... the truck's driving wheels are permanently coupled to electric machines. Those machines can act as motors, when driven by applied electric power. Or, via cleverly juggling the voltage and current, they can act as generators. In generator mode, they present a torque that DEcelerates the wheels. The kinetic energy of the vehicle is converted to electrical energy and sent back into the battery, recharging it. So, it's pretty much EXACTLY like an exhaust brake, if the exhaust brake were able to manufacture replacement diesel fuel and pump it back into the truck's tank.
Alex Ewing (1 day ago)
I've read that we're reaching the limits of what Li-Ion tech has to offer in terms of energy density and charge/discharge rates. Its heavy reliance on cobalt is also a major weakness. Have you heard about magnesium-ion solid state batteries under development? I would be keen to hear your take on which battery chemistries might eventually replace Li-Ion in EVs.
Scott Lundy (1 day ago)
However I do like your channel Thanks,
Peter Enns (1 day ago)
I want to know about braking. How common are regenerative brakes? How good is their stopping performance? How efficient is their energy capture? How smooth is the transition to disk brakes? How well can the batteries deal with a sudden power gain? How is the drivability of a car without engine braking? Does it feel natural?
Levenkay (1 day ago)
ALL production electric vehicles are capable of regenerative braking to one degree or another. In its most aggressively regenerating "driving mode", if I lift off the 2016 LEAF I drive's throttle at >40 MPH or so, the car seems to recover energy at about 40% of the rate it expends energy at full throttle. At slower speeds, the "foot off the throttle" regeneration is gentler, but can be strengthened by pressing the brake pedal slightly. Pressing the brake pedal harder kicks the friction brakes in as well, although I can't tell by feel when the friction brakes come into the picture. As for the energy capture: if I drive up a mountain, and then (circumstances permitting) feather the throttle to check speed via regeneration only on the downhill return, the car recovers about 30% of the charge it expended on the climb, so that's a very rough ballpark for regen's capture efficiency. As for the "sudden power gain", the power generated during regen is less than what the battery would experience during DC fast charging.
ToxicTommy (1 day ago)
In another YouTube video, the owner of an earlier Leaf reported that his battery was unusable after 15,000 miles and a replacement cost over $10,000. Has Nissan addressed this disgraceful rip-off?
Scott Ryman (1 day ago)
This is a pretty simple thing, but I'd like to know differences in how to maintain an electric car vs. a car with a gas/diesel engine. What, if anything needs to be done to maintain the batteries/motors, are there differences in maintenance with service items shared by both types of cars, etc? Also, what sort of things can be done to improve the performance of an electric car, and do you think as we move to an electric future, enthusiasts will have accessible ways of tuning a car the way we do now with internal combustion?
Ronald Schild (1 day ago)
Kudos to you for narrating the entire presentation from behind the wheel of your Nissan Leaf while driving those twisty roads. What did you do to prepared for the smooth and cogent verbal delivery for nearly 10 minutes? I can't imagine you had a teleprompter on the dash. That was all mighty impressive. I'll keep watching your stuff and hitting the thumbs up button.
Gianluca Webb (2 days ago)
What is it like using the Nissan Leafs new one pedal system?
Ron Bradford (2 days ago)
How do sub zero temperatures (Fahrenheit) effect the Leafs drive range? I think this would be a great topic. I live near Minneapolis Minnesota and the weather in the winter reaches -20 degrees sometimes colder and I would imagine this to be very detrimental to drive range. Please excuse me if you have already covered this topic with electric vehicles.
Christopher Heller (2 days ago)
Jason, the Leaf does not have an active thermal management system for the battery like the Chevy Volt and Bolt and Tesla models! Without thermal management, expect the battery to degrade faster.
jatt4life10 (2 days ago)
Thanks, excited to see more information about e cars!
BlessedThrone (2 days ago)
Electric cars are amazing, got good jerk, but it doesn't sound as great as a motor.
Kenneth Blocher (2 days ago)
Jason, could you talk about some of the issues with the first gen Leafs' resale value, why was it so horrible? From an engineering standpoint, specifically, and what has been done to this newer version to overcome those problems and how a consumer might perceive them in day to day use -how the average user/owner might be impacted.
755hp (2 days ago)
The derivation of acceleration is "jerk". I remember this from my engineering courses (physics I & II).
Krummer 89 (2 days ago)
Aren’t electric cars actually worse for the environment considering the precious metals that are mined from the earth to make the batteries?
12 GPM shower (2 days ago)
Pound feet? Please show the metric measurement also.
Kepulikeppi (2 days ago)
I guess one of the questions about owning an electric car is: how quickly will the battery lose its capacity during the years, and how expensive is it to replace the battery?
Daniel (2 days ago)
could you talk about / test EMF in electric cars? I think many people is concerned about the health effects, and basically no one came up with any proper test
Dominetor000 (2 days ago)
Here in my garage, just bought this new Leaf here. It’s fun to drive up here in the Hollywood hills. But you know what I like more than materialistic things? Knowledge
Louis Lestner (2 days ago)
Can enthusiasts really ever develop the same feelings for an electric car as they can with an ICE
Kim Swaden-Ward (2 days ago)
Change in velocity over time = acceleration Change in acceleration over time = jerk Change in jerk over time = snap Change in snap over time = crackle Change in crackle over time = pop
cellphonelightsaber (2 days ago)
Boogie woogie woogie?
Matt Rex (2 days ago)
Omg he got another car
andy coomber (2 days ago)
Why don't they put solar cells on the roof and hood of these cars ? Then park them outside.
Levenkay (1 day ago)
Buying solar cells to feed your EV from is a great idea, but put them somewhere they'll enjoy more predictable/constant illumination. The roof of your house, for example.
Orrsmen (2 days ago)
I would like to know how much the bill for electricity goes up and also what is needed for getting a charger for the car and how much it costs
JOE XINYU Zhou (2 days ago)
Hi Jason, I've been your fan for a while and I'm glad you're digging into electric cars deeper! With your profession and knowledge, would you predict electric cars or hybrid cars be dominating the consumer market in next 50 years, and why? What about new generation car enthusiasts that are more performance focused?
F!@#Guilt (2 days ago)
When it comes to new tech, always be late to the party.
Paul FUN (2 days ago)
Yaaa can you please drive around in stop and go traffic with everything cranked and doin' a lot of jerk. Please report exactly how far you went. Hot and rainy conditions if possible.
Tom Tom (2 days ago)
I won't buy an electric car until they look like normal cars, get over a 420 mile range, and cost under 20k brand new.
mspider12 (2 days ago)
Guess supercharging the s2000 didnt do it for him? EVs are find if you like the range anxiety of driving around with a gallon of gas in your tank.
kn7gez (2 days ago)
POS must let cool off before charging passive battery cooling. Total crap
Rafael Silva (2 days ago)
i love eletric cars, can't wait to see the content you come up with it
David Jaraba (2 days ago)
It'd be awesome if you could compare the gas prices and the energy prices. Also how you charge it? Can you plug it to a normal DC plug at home, or you need a special unit? Would it be a good idea to put solar panels on an EV? Thanks man
Scott Lundy (2 days ago)
I guess we will have to burn more coal for the new power plants to charge the batteries on the new cars that is what you people do not see. nothing is free.
Levenkay (2 days ago)
Okay, but we get to stop spending 4.2kWh of energy* to refine each gallon of gas that electric cars avoid burning. And, given that an EV will go about 25 miles on that saved energy, switching from a 25MPG car to an EV is a complete wash, energy-wise. (*disclaimer: only 0.2kWh of that figure comes in the form of electricity, the rest is thermal energy from burning something like coal). P.S. Electricity can be made in many ways besides burning coal; you may have heard of this thing called "the sun". And because those other ways have now become CHEAPER than burning coal, we won't be burning much more of it (pull up a graph of Britain's coal consumption over the last decade or so)
rezin russell (2 days ago)
My condolences.
TKV (2 days ago)
a car every man should have but I would be in Chevy Bolt since its' battery back is liquid cooled. the leaf is not
Andrew P (2 days ago)
Hi Junior, thanks for all the information about the old electric car technology. let me know when Nissan and Tesla catches up to the electric technology of DeWalt, Hilti, etc...and get back to me. thanks.
Jairo Leal (2 days ago)
Great video
Freedom Cobra (2 days ago)
Getting jerked in a Nissan Leaf
Eduardo Orozco (2 days ago)
How does the Leaf maintain max constant torque for over 3,000 rpms?
Theo Costa (2 days ago)
Very nice tecnology, but is it ready to be a became usefull thing in a people day by day ? I think it is too far for ....
James Pratt (2 days ago)
Why does the new Leaf have a conventional car battery under the hood? I tried Google, but just got results on the larger operating batteries.
Adam Haddad (2 days ago)
But how is its jounce?
Karl Warner (2 days ago)
Is it possible to soup it up with some super capacitor banks?
Perkelator (2 days ago)
A few things I would like to know about electric cars is firstly the maintenance and longevity of the cars. Not in build quality, but in the idea that I have to replace my cell phones every 2 years due the the battery being charged and discharged, it kills the battery. What is the life span of electric cars currently and what is predicted? Could i just get a new battery? is getting a new battery cost effective? Also What fluids would one need to check? What is the same between electric and combustion, do the breaking systems work the same does power steering work the same? How much Does your electric bill go up using it as a daily, say 30 to 60 miles a day or whatever the avg is for most people. Do some driving videos or live streams (if that is legal).
Dangaio (2 days ago)
Would be interesting to see it on a dyno...
Pc Grova (2 days ago)
The cost benefit ratio for most, will depend on the battery cost and lifespan. What's happening there?
THE MAD TECHIE (2 days ago)
Electric car ...man card is now officially suspended pending further investigation. (Just do not call it GREEN....around 80% of electricity in the US power grid still comes from fossil fuels.) Fyi don't trust the Nissan crash avoidance systems...I tried it on a Rogue and in Comparison to what Subaru has or Mercedes has ...its just plain bad. One last troll comment: try that in West Texas ...were major cites can be over 150 miles apart.
Paul Miles (2 days ago)
G'day, my question is this: If you fully charged your Leaf, and hyper-miled until you ran out of charge, how much further than the quoted range could you go, and also, what differences in hyper-miling technique are more beneficial and less beneficial as compared to hyper-miling in an IC vehicle?
Geoffrey Anderson (2 days ago)
Where can I plug in the Nissan? In my area I see Tesla-branded stations, and at walmarts there is some other brand which I do not recall. Is there a universal adapter kit?
Levenkay (2 days ago)
A couple seconds with Google should get you a deluge of information on EV charging. A short answer is that pretty much all recent EVs in North America except Tesla accept a J1772 plug for low-power AC charging, and that connector is available on pretty much all non-Tesla charging stations. There are two different non-Tesla connector designs for DC "Quick Charging". Public "quick chargers" made when the available non-Tesla cars all use the CHAdeMO connector only offer that style plug, but the more modern stations have delivery cables for both CHAdeMO and CCS.
Brooks Ellis (2 days ago)
lol you got a leaf. Err, Leaf
100sammo (2 days ago)
About the rate of change of acceleration, have driven a BMW i3, and was very very disapointed about the responsiveness. It felt as it is reduced in software, it feels more like a turbocharged petrol, rather than more aggressive as a naturally aspirated combustion engine. Is it possible that this is indeed the case as sort of a "safety" feature?
Alejandro Diaz (2 days ago)
How about battery durability? Current EVs use Lithium ions batteries which can only endure a set amount of charges and discharges before becoming huge bricks. Considering that an IC car can last hundreds of thousands of miles and several decades, specially if it's diesel, that's a huge factor for me not migrating to electric power. What do y'all think?
Brandon Behnen (2 days ago)
Questions for driving electric car: Holding vehicle on hill, brakes are best, but what wear and tear is involved to hold vehicle on incline with throttle? Do electric cars have geared transmissions? If so will regenerative braking be more efficient in a lower gear since it would make the motor spin faster? What is the delta in difference between calculated energy loss and actual of using things like the radio or A/C compared to not using them in regards to the range of the vehicle? In regards to total battery charge cycle lifespan, is it better to drain the battery close to shut off voltage, or constantly top it off? That's all I have for now...
Koko4Kosh (2 days ago)
I am most curious about long road trips. In particularly the difficulty of finding fast charging stations. Since you can't use Tesla stations.
Benjamin Burkhardt (2 days ago)
Instant torque.
Benjamin Burkhardt (2 days ago)
I still prefer the S2000
Dave Paroz (2 days ago)
Hi Jason. Great video. I noticed under the bonnet (hood) there appeared to be a starter battery? Is that right and what is that used for in an electric car?
Aigars Mahinovs (2 days ago)
Finally :) Please make a video about electric car cooling, like the myth that they need no cooling at all and thus all the grills are "fake". Both driving time cooling and charging time cooling would be relevant with nice questions about thermal efficiency, air flows, thermal gradient difference due to different operating temperatures and also heat pumps.
James Flores (2 days ago)
can one get a 2010 leaf and put a 2018 battery in it?
jezmun (2 days ago)
I ran a UK spec Leaf Tekna (24kw, heat pump hvac) for two years (2014 to 2016)and 20k miles - it really is a great experience and a good car, my average petrol equivalent figure was 156 mile per gallon measured over the 24 months ownership. Servicing was simple and no parts replaced, notably break pads with next to no wear. The negatives became these, the UK sales increased and public 'fast' service stations became overloaded, when someone charges the car they could be having a coffee or an afternoon shopping, do you wait or go! Either way its not the same experience as filling up at the petrol station where you would wait only minutes. The infrastructure is the key for without it a truly good car and experience is marred.

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