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Nokia 7 Plus vs Honor 10 - Midrange stand-off

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Read the full post: http://andauth.co/EaNjOu | Adam pits the newcomer Nokia 7 Plus against the mighty Honor 10 to see which premium mid-ranger reigns supreme. Who are your bets on? Download the Android Authority App: https://andauth.co/aa-app Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://andauth.co/subscribe ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - http://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://twitter.com/androidauth/ - http://instagram.com/androidauthority/ - https://snapchat.com/add/androidauth - http://google.com/+androidauthority Follow the Team: Joe Hindy: https://twitter.com/ThatJoeHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://twitter.com/LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://twitter.com/jaycebroda Gary Sims: https://twitter.com/garysims Kris Carlon: https://twitter.com/kriscarlon Nirave Gondhia: https://twitter.com/nirave David Imel: https://twitter.com/durvidimel Bailey Stein: https://twitter.com/baileystein1
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Text Comments (338)
Daniel Obuegbe (2 days ago)
Both phones are dependent on ur choice.. if u want a flashy phone, HONOR 10 is the way.. if u want a more consistent and balanced performance, The Nokia 7 plus is the way
ARUN NS (3 days ago)
Sir which one is better honor view10 or Nokia 7+. If I consider performance and built quality. Purpose mainly of web browsing , calling , watching videos .
Balail (4 days ago)
It`s nice to see Nokia making a strong comeback after all the less-than-good years recently. Realy do like the new Nokia phones. As for the Honor 10, I`d like to think of it as an affordable flagship rather than a midranger, more similar to say OnePlus 6. I do share your oppinion on the EMUI, but with that said I actualy like it, I`ve never found it studdering or lagging, not for long anyway. Generaly speaking all Huawey phones` softwere is a bit more hungry for resources but that only becomes a problem if you buy a low-end phone. If you are willing to spend a few extra bucks the EMUI`s flaws simply just vanish!
Dexter Wilson (5 days ago)
Tourist drink laugh estimated license literature nail consistent customer rest.
N S (5 days ago)
If camera is my prearoity then i will go for nokia 7 plus becoz it have eis for video which honor doesnt provide for their phone. Nokia 7 plus seems to be natural and real not like that honor which whitesh photos
Mahammed Anees (6 days ago)
Watch on Nokia 7 ➕ 😍 worth buy
souravpathak91 (7 days ago)
A friend of mine bought nokia 7 plus. He is facing very frequent restarts
Gilbert Ojeda (7 days ago)
Umm... Huawei phones are banned in the US... So Nokia wins lol
Apoorva Sachan (7 days ago)
0:38 which wallpaper is it can anybody please tell me ????
Lauren Watts (8 days ago)
Descend town sex institution confusion elevator surprise this.
Jonathan Flowers (8 days ago)
Name of the game at 2:39?
Jonathan Li (8 days ago)
Huawei Turbo GPU technology will come to the Honor 10 in the future via firmware update so it is more future proof than the nokia 7 plus in my opinion.
Swapnil Meshram (8 days ago)
Nokia 7 plus 😊
Sebastian Jårema (8 days ago)
*Still no 4K Upload it's a fcking shame!*
sultanabran1 (8 days ago)
i bought the nokia 7+. lovely phone to use and have in hand. camera is a little disappointing but it's ok. 7+ also has a really nice big screen, the edges are thin and makes the phone feel thinner than it is. love the 7+.
Muzzamil Ahmad (9 days ago)
Even couldn't get that body 5:59
Rob Schmitt (9 days ago)
Nokia 7 plus: Better Videos, naked and pure Android, great battery, no bloatware. Honor 10 has more features like scroll shot, audio recorder.
sic22l (9 days ago)
Honor greatly improved the fps performance in the latest update. There was also something wrong with your device, Geekbench scores were way too low. It's best to use "warm" color calibration in the Honor as stock calibration adds too much blue. You can customize EMUI's appearance to your liking. You can't do that with stock Android which has many more limitations therefore it may not be appreciated by many users (including me).
Pedro Carlos (9 days ago)
I have the Nokia 7 Plus my device pictures are perfect with pixel 2 camera app or default you must have a faulty device lol
Eman Biswas (9 days ago)
Your Honor 10 geekbench benchmark is wayyyy off ...... shows 1900 single and 6600 multi on my device
chandransh pandey (9 days ago)
Nokia 7 plus build quality is top notch
Fardin Zaman (9 days ago)
Nokia 7 plus for me because it's cheaper Super rugged build Stoke Android And I love nokia
Aarib Anwar (9 days ago)
Nokia 8 sirocco Vs one plus 6
Som Prakash (9 days ago)
Geekbench result is surprising.
free mov (9 days ago)
On first look!!! Old John cena !!!!
subha xtube (9 days ago)
Nokia 7 plus far ahead in this race
SALAR KHAN (9 days ago)
Thanks for Benchmarking!
Joshbert & Friends (10 days ago)
I would take the Nokia because of the software and the display panel
Ezad Hameed (10 days ago)
Nokia 7 plus is 300 $ and Honor 10 is 485 $ where i live.
Wojek400 (10 days ago)
Honor 10? Midranger? I dont think so
el ley (10 days ago)
Honor 10 , is 600 u.s dollar here.. is that midrange phone?😕
Sharath Shaiva (10 days ago)
I really hate those wallpapers
vid kid (10 days ago)
Watching on my Nokia 7 Plus. Use pixel cam and the camera can beat most of the flagships
Kirin 970 is comparable to SD835 so in terms of chipset the Nokia is outgunned but the stock Android of Nokia is quite awesome compared to EMUI, but the Huawei phones have a custom file system to prevent slow downs over time which works quite well trust me 80% perfromance for almost 2 years is quite amazing. Edit: Adreno GPU is probably better on the Nokia if not on par with the Mali of the Honor...
Mohtesham ali (10 days ago)
Thank you for saying aluminium😀
Viyus Avery (10 days ago)
Get the honor play instead
Maged refaei (10 days ago)
The honor 10 does not have EIS when recording video even on 1080p , that's one more credit to Nokia
Braedan McNicol (10 days ago)
I have the 7 Plus, and recently installed the Gcam port from the Pixel. Its a massive improvement over the stock software, and i would say, pretty close to Pixel 2 quality. Super impressed with the phone, but will be nice when they get some of the lag sorted.
Joker MNE (10 days ago)
Honor 10 wich Kirin 970 and 4/6 gb of ram is not midrange phone ;-)
Maria (10 days ago)
Which phone has the best camera?
XtraDreamLantern17 (10 days ago)
If I had to pick one, it would be Honor 10 by a small margin. Because: 1. Honor 10 can have very colour accurate display according to GSMArena if you change the colour calibration settings 2. I want a louder speaker on Honor 10 so that I don't miss any calls or notifications 3. Honor 10 has better camera overall 4. Honor 10 has a high-end chipset. Plus, if GPU Turbo is coming to this device through the OTA, its graphics performance most likely will be on par with SD845 which means it's going to be much better than SD660 on Nokia 7 Plus in terms of not only CPU intensive tasks but also in real life gaming performance as well Nokia 7 Plus, however, has: -Better battery life -Faster OS update -No notch -Definitely cooler design (though the back feels a bit plasticky due to thick layer of primer on the surface)
Oscar Cooke-Abbott (10 days ago)
Just resubbed due to the quality of this comparison.
Adam Sinicki (10 days ago)
Sweet :-D Thanks and welcome back!
mmiyahki 93 (10 days ago)
geekbench results doesnt make any sense.
Avinash Singh (10 days ago)
Honor 10 has significantly higher price where I live
Avinash Singh (9 days ago)
Priyank Chil exactly
Priyank Chil (10 days ago)
Avinash Singh and is much better
Luis H. (10 days ago)
Nokia 7 plus for better software and security updates, can't say the same thing for Honor brand. I'm looking at u Honor 8🤔
efraim asoy (10 days ago)
both are wesome for me :)
Samuel Pattinson (10 days ago)
. I am watching this on My Nokia 7 Plus,... . I just brought it 3 days ago, and it was impressive for a midranger, there was no issues found so far,... . Well done Nokia,....
Samuel Manu (10 days ago)
Annette Huppatz (10 days ago)
The one thing you forgot is the updates on the Nokia. Although it sounds like they needed it lol.
Brian M (10 days ago)
Huawei phones don't have an app drawer. Also I'm not a fan of glass backs.
What the hell is wrong with those Geekbench scores.... Are you kidding me... 1100 single core and 5000 multi core on honor 10.....fpr gods sake don't fake the test or probably you got defective units..... Lots off ppl watch your videos and reviews why come up with wrong information..... How the hell could sd 660 be portrayed to be faster than kirin 970....bad comparison
akshay chauhan (10 days ago)
Watching from Nokia 7plus
Jj Dane (10 days ago)
Something wrong with the honor 10's benchmark. Sd660 is not on par with the kirin 970.
Rao DYC (10 days ago)
Snapdragon in Device And that's my Choice
Bysler (10 days ago)
You left out battery life
Light Saber (10 days ago)
Lg g6
HARI KRISHNAN (10 days ago)
xuntan2003 (10 days ago)
Have you noticed any heating issues on both these phones? I plan to buy the honor 10 but some reviews mentioned that the camera area heats up and the phone gets very warm when watching online videos.
Ali (11 days ago)
Am using Nokia 7 plus for past two weeks
Eddie Chung (11 days ago)
Where you get the stock android theme for the honor 10?
Hayden Gibor (11 days ago)
A five hundred sixty dollar smartphone doesn't seem midrange to me.... just because competition has ridiculously high prices doesn't make them the "premium" range.... I would say the honor 10 is a high end device. I mean, the honor 10 has the kirin 970 processor. That is definitely not a midrange specsheet for Huawei...
franz ainag (11 days ago)
watching on my nokia 7 plus running android p beta😎
h ryan (11 days ago)
Why no Games of the month series ?
Renas S. (11 days ago)
Cool video man ✌🏽 You just forgot about a pro of the Nokia 7 Plus, it has a huge battery!
Dick B. (11 days ago)
Adam - enjoy your work.
James W (11 days ago)
This comparison is so off. Honor 10 is legitimately a flagship and the Nokia 7 Plus is using the SD 660 which is an upper mid-range processor.
Hanu Gh (11 days ago)
James W right bro no comparison between a midranges and flagship .This comparison make no sense. huge price difference.
Francesco Varrato (11 days ago)
The non-glass rear back is the only option I'd consider. So, thumb-up for Nokia
sin bad (11 days ago)
Why pay 399 when you can get 1+6 for 70 pound more !!
Aman Ullah (11 days ago)
What game was he playing? Geometric Dash?
Thinal Weerasinghe (11 days ago)
Egyptian Manc (11 days ago)
You forgot to add that buying the Nokia gives you a free Google Home mini direct from the Nokia website. That is a pretty big deal breaker. £50 less and a free £49 device.
Ernesto Rodriguez (11 days ago)
Easy, sd card slot, snap dragon 845, aluminum back,Or plastic and removable battery. And no notch! That's how we decide which to use
Rokas Anonimas (11 days ago)
I would go for Nokia 7 Plus all day any day
BoomTimeGR (11 days ago)
I won't give my money on Chinese shit. In terms of the camera nokia was always the best
Ionut Daniel Serban (11 days ago)
why is the honor 10 classed as a midrange? it´s a budget high end smartphone, meanwhile the nokia is a premium midrange (a real premium midrange and not a hyped up one like A series from samsung or the Z play from motorola)
Pasi123 (11 days ago)
3:32 Is those real Geekbench 4 scores?! My Honor 9 got 1897 single core and 6499 multi core
breh breh (11 days ago)
Nokia 7 Plus! Looks classier & more premium.
breh breh (10 days ago)
Adam Sinicki 👍
Adam Sinicki (10 days ago)
Quinch (11 days ago)
Whilst it's last years chipset, I'm curious to know how the Kirin 970 did so well in benchmarks on, for example, the Huawei Mate 10 and P20 which put it really close to, and in some instances surpassing, the SD835 yet in this review its struggling against really mediocre chip. Is it RAM configuration, software? Seems very odd.
Adam Sinicki (10 days ago)
I'm also not sure what was up here. Perhaps something to do with throttling, optimization... Will do a little more research and see what other Honor 10 users have found.
Quinch (11 days ago)
Something's a-miss for sure. ...video sponsored by Nokia.. lol ;)
Pasi123 (11 days ago)
He got a really bad Geekbench 4 score at 3:32. My Honor 9 with Kirin 960 got 1897/6499 so maybe his phone is defective
awais ahmed (11 days ago)
Nokia 7 plus because its gona have suport unlike the honour and stay smooth.
Abdulaziz Salam (11 days ago)
Of course the Nokia 7 plus. Huawei software is unbearable IMO.
Rida Kesserwan (11 days ago)
nokia 7 plus is better and cheaper....admit it.. if the camera is an issue for you, just in google camera port apk and see the magic!
Manish Mehta (11 days ago)
In India Honor 10 is 25% more pricier than the Nokia 7plus. Hence, Nokia 7 plus is a better choice in India.
The Mechanic (11 days ago)
the nokia 7 + camera is definitely better than honor 10 once you install google camera app, Somehow the stock camera app cannot utilize its full potential.
Yassen Hesham (11 days ago)
Your honor 10 geekbench has something wrong
Niidea1986 (11 days ago)
Liked because cards against humanity... although there is no way to believe Nokia has the better design
Mirza Cengic (11 days ago)
Thx for the great video, exactly the comparison that i wanted. :D I am still deciding which phone to buy, I am using a Honor 8 for over a year and a half, and wanted to upgrade to H10 but the Nokia seems cooler. Can these phone play 1080p YouTube videos in 2x speed without lag?
Mr Tech (11 days ago)
Nokia 7 Plus is Mid-range Pixel XL 2 I love Nokia 7 Plus Stock But Camera Is better in Honor 10
Michael Gerrard (11 days ago)
It is difficult because these two are different sizes. I picked up the 7plus in a shop today, I liked the feel if it but the size, wow!
H and M Johnson (11 days ago)
Battery life comparison?
Dinesh D (11 days ago)
Can anyone tell me the name of the game at 2.55,pls
Israel Lewis (11 days ago)
The Geekbench score at 3:33... funny the score. Did Honor underclock the 970?? To make it slower to behave more like a budget device??
Chaitanya Kalavakunta (11 days ago)
Will the Asus Zenfone 5 come to India???
Manish Gamez (11 days ago)
Both of these phones make you think are flagships worth 300-500$ more.
MFaiz Salim (11 days ago)
Pick Nokia 7 plus for the camera because Honor 10 camera sick with over saturated images and low quality edge detection when creating depth effect. Honor 10 camera got some fancy stuff like Ai camera which is good help and that "rabbit face" thing that I will never use. Honor 10 night camera can be set for Nokia 7 plus if you adjust the shutter speed with Pro mode. Pick Honor 10 if you like to play game with high quality setting which some games Nokia 7 plus need to use medium quality setting for better performance. Honor 10 can use EMUI screen record to record you playing game. But I see a Youtuber that play Mobile Legend and the notch block the display. I try the preinstall game like Asphalt that didn't have notch problem. Take me two days to study and decide, so I end up pick Nokia 7 plus for the more nature camera colour, video with EIS & OZO audio, bigger batteries, bigger screen and no notch.
Nihalrashid Kp (11 days ago)
Annoying wallpaper
Diego Kaku (11 days ago)
Nokia 7 Plus is far better
sahil chhabra (11 days ago)
Ill go for nokia 7+ Not coz for stock Android but for design
Sualeh Irfan (11 days ago)
thanks Adam Siniski
Adam Sinicki (10 days ago)
Thank you Sualeh Irfan! :-D
Tahsin Alam (11 days ago)
If it's kirin its not what I call powerful
Tahsin Alam (10 days ago)
Pasi123 Benchmark isn't everything you know? I know its good enough. but snapdragon is far superior
Pasi123 (11 days ago)
Kirin chips are pretty powerful. My Honor 9 (Kirin 960) got 1897/6499 on Geekbench 4
Zulqarnain Aidil (11 days ago)
Literally have been choosing between these two... And the Redmi Note 5 for the past month. Might go for the Nokia still
Adam Sinicki (10 days ago)
It's a great phone :-)

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