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Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 Review: Should You Buy this or the Surface Laptop?

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The 2017 Microsoft Surface Pro is a thin, light, portable and powerful 2-in-1 laptop. It's the perfect tablet laptop hybrid for an artist or someone who travels a lot. But with the Surface Laptop on the market which one is the right one for you? Watch for the full review! Buy Here on Amazon: Microsoft Surface Laptop - http://geni.us/Gtzh Microsoft Surface Pro - http://geni.us/G3yA Music by Lakey Inspired: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired Help support the channel by using my Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon US: http://goo.gl/BVc5ez Amazon Canada: http://goo.gl/SK9sQK Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/is1MXU Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattmoniz123 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mattmoniz123 Website: http://www.matthewmoniz.com
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Text Comments (328)
Matthew Moniz (6 months ago)
Surface Pro or Surface Laptop? If you could only choose one, which one would it be?
Neill Ferguson (21 days ago)
Surface pro particularly now the price has been reduced.
Miron Kannu (1 month ago)
Niklas Kempenaers how lucky you can be
Niklas Kempenaers (1 month ago)
Surface pro... because i’m getting one this monday :P
Walker Morales (1 month ago)
Xmanl I think that was his point
Xmanl (1 month ago)
Communist Proletariat Warrior fuckin apple fanboy😂 Apple prices are just as overpriced
daniel vasquez (5 days ago)
i really only want to use this with netflix, torrents and microsoft excel and with my girlfriend. I just want to know how much the battery lasts for, for real. I think 14 hours is bull
UltraKryptonian (6 days ago)
I have the Surface Pro 4 w/ i5 CPU & 4GB RAM... it’s certainly a great machine for everyday use. One thing you forgot to mention about the Surface Laptop... it has a special version of Windows 10, which is supposed to run W10 apps only.
atimholt (7 days ago)
You know you’re happy with a product when you watch a review for it, *on* it, after 5 months of ownership. :D
Zenace Menace (11 days ago)
Please reply. I need help deciding.Does the Surface Pro 2017 i7 16gb provide enough power to run Maya/Blender/Illustrator/Photoshop,etc.? I need a good device for 3d Modelling, Rigging, Animation, Graphic Designing, and similar tasks. Need recommendations.
samouraiosa2008 (16 days ago)
Nice review but what i noticed the problem the surface pro is an expancive device after couple of years it will be die, while wacome mobile studio after years you can use it like tablet 🤔
gameterminal (13 days ago)
die?? i'm still using my first gen surface pro...from over 4 years ago.
Man of Baguazhang (17 days ago)
can you use the new pen on the surface 4?
EddyGraphic (18 days ago)
The fact that all these $1000 laptops come with just 128GB of storage is a disgrace come on, cheaper laptops come with 1TB why can't these super expensive laptops come with them.
Shahani Braga (19 days ago)
I’ve probably seen like a bunch of reviews already, and I still can’t make up my mind. I have a budget and I want my money worth it. I am both an comic book artist and a writer (I use word documents a lot when writing short stories). I also don’t have WiFi all the time... which is a better deal? They’re both the same price, but the Pro needs a pen and a keyboard separately. Idk if I should just stick to the iPad Pro I’m currently using with the Apple Pencil. But I also want a fullblown writing tool. Sigh.
Clark Santiago (20 days ago)
It makes me happy how laptop game examples are always Overwatch !
Ben Abu Bakr Beltran (22 days ago)
Hi Mat. Can you give me a piece of advice. Im working on mobile apps programming on android studio. Will the i5 8gb ram version can handle coding or should I get the i7 16gb ram? I am also looking for hp spectre x2 2017 with i7 8gb ram with iris, way cheaper than the SP.
Mosa Hamo (26 days ago)
Your review is awesome
Matthew Moniz (26 days ago)
Thanks Mosa!
ObsessiveFanBoy (26 days ago)
Why is this just called Surface Pro when the others were called Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 etc?
ShainCake (1 month ago)
Should I get a Yoga Book or a Surface Pro if I plan to use it mainly for drawing and writing? I really can't decide- (I'd definitely only get the i5 with 4GB RAM one, I just can't afford 8GB RAM).
faysalmaxamed maxamud (1 month ago)
TeachersBadi In (1 month ago)
Microsoft Surface product is worst product! I faced hardware and display issues in my surface pro..
DWriteLambily (1 month ago)
Does it do that random updating thing, where it takes freaking eons and decades to update? I’m considering this, a MacBook Air, or an iPad Pro. I’m a writer. I really just need it for Microsoft word. I’m tired of carrying around my laptop. Need something smaller without compromising Microsoft word functionality
Honestly only the surface book is worth getting(except the price) The surface pro is nice and expensive but not powerful enough and very expensive if you want a speced out unit. The surface laptop is nice but still too expensive for its specs and not powerful enough. I just wish microsoft could slash 20 percent off their surface book, then I would really consider getting one
Chim Chim (1 month ago)
Would the 4gb+128gb be good for students/ school work?
Dr. Mystery (1 month ago)
I don't get it, what's type c USB port... Don't all usb's fit into the same port?🤔 So, it seems Microsoft has a lot to improve on, so it wouldn't be good to purchase a Microsoft pro this year. The price is up for a good reason, but they aren't selling the keyboard together with it. The pen, yea it should cost more, I heard it was the fastest in the world, but the keyboard...Come on, guys really? I may not know a lot about computers and stuff, but it wouldn't be wise to get one, until they change. Also, I keep worrying that it'll break, because the back, and the keyboard doesn't look like it'll help out when you drop it. I'm curious as to whether they are gonna do something about that, because I don't wanna accidentally drop it and it breaks into a million pieces (lmao). This is my opinion, I'm no professional, but before you release a good computer tablet, make it look less like bait for people with money. Just saying, I'm not hating on it, because it looks good to me, but based on what I'm hearing from other people, it's not that great.😬
KidLightning47 (1 month ago)
Got this laptop to replace my Macbook Air; should I be weary of viruses or my device plain slowing down with time?
Kenward Evan (23 days ago)
KidLightning47 as long as you don't download random stuff from shady websites, using your logic to judge what you see in the internet and not gullible to be tricked by aggresive ads, then no
Leave Alone (1 month ago)
Bluetooth Ultrathin Keyboard for Surface Pro3 Pro4 New Pro5 https://goo.gl/69A1mo
Petar Z. (23 days ago)
I buy two surface pro 4 and the both are broken releted with "permanent sleep of death bug". I will never buy any hardware from Microsoft!!!
Kenward Evan (23 days ago)
Okay thank you, minor light bleed at the corners are acceptable for me
Petar Z. (23 days ago)
Surface display is very bad . Test in the dark room shown white spots at the corners. I thing Microsoft or Amazon.de sell me refurbished for a new. When I return the first one surface pro 4 related with fatal sound problem. They send me back a new one but with display problem. Still I did not return. By the way box was opened not by me. After two years second Surface pro 4 stop work with permanent sleep of death. I WILL NEVER BUY GARBAGE SURFACE. I WILL NEVER MAKE MISTAKE TO BUY PRODUCTS FROM MICROSOFT. NEVER AGAIN. The only ligth is from led on the power supply cable when I conected to surface. Display is totally black and not want to turn it on. NOT ANY LIGHT ON THE SCREEN!
Kenward Evan (23 days ago)
Petar Z. Any noticeable light bleed ?
Emily Acevedo (1 month ago)
I'll keep my Pro 4.
Neko Sharon (1 month ago)
I'm going to TAFE next year and need it for daily use for a couple of years, and occasional gaming (LOL, warcraft, tf2). Which one should I get? The Surface Laptop or the Surface Pro (2017). Not doing anything related to video editing, drawing etc) but I want a lightweight and easy to carry device. Which one should I get? Please help
cong0707 (1 month ago)
how to repair it?
Taran Navy (1 month ago)
My wife is a photographer and she wants to start a very small business I bought her the 2017 pro model 256 KGB I-5 8 gig is this enough for her to do some work with her camera?
Bill Dingo (1 month ago)
Taran Navy id hope so you already bought it too late lol
Knowthings First (1 month ago)
I'm a graphic designer. Should i buy this Microsoft Surface Pro 4 ?? And What mic are you using ? It's awesome :)
epicRED (1 month ago)
Anyone know what song that is at the end? I know it's some kind of remix of the karate kid movie song.
Robbie English, Broker (1 month ago)
So Matthew, if you were to buy a 2017 Surface (function over price), would you get the i5 256 8g RAM or the i7 512 16g RAM?
Evetron (1 month ago)
What was that background at 4:20?
Leave Alone (1 month ago)
Bluetooth Ultrathin Keyboard for Surface Pro3 Pro4 New Pro5https://goo.gl/69A1mo
jaizel mp (2 months ago)
Worst laptop_surface pro 4:I am a student and uses surface pro 4. Just recently the screen of my laptop started flickering and now the screen is totally unusable. I need to connect to an external display to read texts without the flickering screen. It just started few months back, I did everything Microsoft tech guys asked including hard reset..still the problem persists...and i dont have a warranty anymore The customer service are now suggesting replacement- ohh yeah., its gonna cost 450Euros.. Microsoft...u guys made the laptop without much R&D...please own your mistakes..thats what a good company do (if you dont remember).. hope that surface line up doesn't end up like surface phones Otherwise you will loose your customers...We are the ones giving reviews..( i have already reviewed many places the same way)...Remember-Samsung still has their name even though they pulled out their note 7. "In a survey of 90,000 tablet and laptop owners, Consumer Reports found that roughly 25 percent of Surface users have encountered “problems by the end of the second year of ownership.” Those problems include freezing, unexpected shutdowns, and touchscreen response issues."( courtesy THE VERGE).. Ohh yeah I would include screen flickering to this list..\
[]HĒŁŁ [] KNĪGHT [] (2 months ago)
Uh... 8G is gonna get me through every day becuase becuase my IPAD is like 4 g it’s not quite needed
Uwais Alharthi (2 months ago)
Hey, I've liked & Subscribed!
Honest Mike (2 months ago)
I'm having so much trouble deciding that I may just get both.
mrJesper a (2 months ago)
Dear people of YouTube, I saw this deal at my local shop; MICROSOFT Surface Pro 4 M3 4GB/128GB ( Intel Core M3-6Y30 version) for $600. Is it still a good option or should consider 2017 version? I will use it for schoolwork, light gaming (dota 2) and internet and stuf. Im still a student so money is kinda issue here. Cheers
Alief RezkiNanda (2 months ago)
mrJesper a Microsoft surface is not strong enough for dota 2, even in the lowest setting unless you okay to play in 40 fps
TTTR 10969 (2 months ago)
I’m waiting for that surfacebook 15” !!!!
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
ME too! = ) Should have it in studio in November.
Deborah Gulley (2 months ago)
What comes in the box besides the device, like a keyboard per chance?
Jeca Martinez Art (3 months ago)
I was almost sold but then you mentioned it's not good for video editing? Could you elaborate more on this (ex: is it still capable of video editing but it'll be slower, etc) because I intend to use it for lots of design and animation work with Adobe software. Thanks!
Gonçalo Santos (3 months ago)
Why say no buy the m3? as a secondary device is perfectly fine , i have a i7 Laptop, and an m3 surface for note taking etc...
Troy (3 months ago)
Can I use SQL server and visual studio with surface pro ? Which one is better i5 or i7?
Troy (2 months ago)
Adolfo Correa Thank you , Also did you try Android studio?
Adolfo Correa (2 months ago)
Troy I use both on my old SP3 i7, no problems.
Jordan DeAnnonz (3 months ago)
fucking 1 minute ads.... u sryss
kanzzz (3 months ago)
XPS 13.
Rodney Spartan (3 months ago)
I got the I7 1TB surface book insted
JesusSavedJoshua (3 months ago)
Too expensive and still too hot in temp..display adapter lockups too. I don't understand why at this price range they don't throw in the cover and the pen. The Surface Pro book or laptop has lousy battery life when the tablet is disconnected from the base.
SecGuard Guy (3 months ago)
Our name kind of sound alike moniz monice
Nereus (3 months ago)
who doees buy this shit? at least if you buy apple from the previous year you get discount and everything..
seno bayu (3 months ago)
pro pro pro
Keith (3 months ago)
I’m sorry but the base model does work for everyday use. Most people won’t get this laptop for gaming and RAM/GPU heavy reasons, mostly colleges and businesses and from what I’ve seen the base model holds its pretty well Day-to-day use wise
World Citizen (3 months ago)
You look like The Hound in game of throne
Ryan's (27 days ago)
Jay Jon (2 months ago)
"I understand that if any more words come pouring out of that cunt mouth; I'm going to have to eat every fucking chicken in this room."
Steven Gu (4 months ago)
Hey, I am planning to get the surface pro 2017 and I was wondering if I should get the i5 or i7 model. I am currently in the IB program in high school. I use laptops a lot for taking notes, doing homework and almost everything. I don't play graphic intensive games and often watch documentaries on my laptop. Though, I sometimes do very simple video editing for presentations and simple coding. Which model would you recommend? Thank you!
Steven Gu (4 months ago)
Matthew Moniz Thanks for the fast reply!
Matthew Moniz (4 months ago)
+Steven Gu you'll be fine with the i5
whats that games name you were playing?
Trayson Nguyen (4 months ago)
I just need to use Microsoft programs such as word and PowerPoint, and downloading music from iTunes to my iPhone, if I can edit in photoshop too that be great.
1060079 (4 months ago)
link to the wallpaper
Golden K-POP Charts (4 months ago)
1.Can you use Windows movie maker on this ??? 2. Can someone explain to me again the pros and cons of the i5 vs i7 processor
MagicSteel1 (4 months ago)
Ruth Hansma (4 months ago)
I'm reading that the Surface Pro crashes a lot. This is quite off-putting. Have you heard this Matthews?
Trinity W. O’Donnell (4 months ago)
Thanks you,Moniz.
Matthew Moniz (4 months ago)
You're welcome!
Josh Bowman (4 months ago)
Don't buy the Surface Pro 5 if you want to have something that can write without pen jitter or draw without wobbly pen lines. Having purchased both SP5 and new pen from Microsoft, the SP5 has better battery life, but everything else is actually worse that the SP4 in terms of quality. Screen light bleeding, wobbly pen strokes, calibration of pen introduces major issues, cursor jumps under the pen tip when it goes from hovering over the screen to touching...it's an absolute mess between the hardware. Microsoft has released a product that is actually INFERIOR to it's previous model.
digitalcaveman (4 months ago)
Great review. I spent the small fortune and got the 512/16/i7.
digitalcaveman (4 months ago)
Portability, 5 stars, Keyboard/Trackpad 5 stars, Look and Feel 5 stars, Screen 5 stars, Touch sensitivity and Brightness adjust is fantastic 5 stars, Battery 4 stars, Performance 5 stars (You can do video editing with this model, it has plenty of power), Ports 4 stars (Agree w/Your Review on lack of USB-C), Fan Noise/Heat with i7 non-existent 5 stars, Keyboard/Trackpad (Alcantara) feel fantastic, trackpad very high quality 5 stars. This is a really amazing device. I read where some people complained of back-light bleed and I would say Microsoft needs to take care of that situation immediately. I lucked out or perhaps they took care of the issue. I'm not sure why they even came out with the Surface Laptop either. I disagree with people who say you cannot really use this on your lap. I'm typing this on my lap right now and it is fine. Magnet to keyboard is very secure. I can even bend the keyboard around the back if I want and quickly go to tablet mode. Amazing device, however for this price, it better be amazing. If you buy this model and you do not come away with sheer amazement, you need to return it. At this price, plus extra for pen & keyboard, you need to feel you got what you paid for and I feel that I have. Justifying a chunk based upon the thousands of dollars spent in software I can use (Adobe/Office etc). I can install thes apps and not have to spend $ on cloud apps. Another big thing if your doing an Apple comparison is that with iOS you have to re-purchase the same apps to use on an iPad / Mac etc. So you end up spending more for the same functionality. That was the final straw for me. If you have a lot $ invested in Microsoft Windows software and that software is very good or still relevant and stable you really need to weigh that over moving to iOS. I still think Apple has the phone market, love the iPhone 7 Plus, love chat, but canceling the iPad Pro, no need to review it. It may blossom later and I am sure Microsoft will keep up to compete. If I were in a position to either wait for the next version or buy now, I would buy this now. The improvements over the SP4 are tremendous. And really, what else can you improve upon, battery? I have one I could plug into the USB port, done. Ports? Perhaps but does it hamper workflow, no. Perhaps built in LTE would be a nice request so you didn't have to carry another device but eh..you could turn that device on and leave it in a bag, done, no big deal. Bottom line. One of the best devices I have ever seen. Amazing.
Matthew Moniz (4 months ago)
Thanks! How are you liking it so far?
Jerry Huang (4 months ago)
The pro doesn't have USB port right? I jus realize that's a big part of my daily use. Does this mean the laptop is a better option
Jerry Huang (4 months ago)
you're right! thanks
Artur Nóbrega (4 months ago)
It has 1 normal-sized USB ;)
Dan Mantena (4 months ago)
great video matt. keep it up!
T.E.D. tech (4 months ago)
so cost more than a really good pc....how bour no
Ephraim Pamatian II (4 months ago)
T.E.D. tech fuck you
R9 (5 months ago)
Which WiFi adapter does it have? Does it support 1 Gbps wirelessly?
Phillip Truong (5 months ago)
Would this be a good laptop for coding and web development?
Phillip Truong (5 months ago)
Chillitscape Thank you very much for the information! I really appreciate it. I might need to take a look into the Chromebook because I am not really sure how to dualboot. I might have to do some research 😁.
Chillitscape (5 months ago)
Chromebook would be great for something portable and inexpensive. You can dualboot ubuntu or some other distro of linux if you want. Maybe a macbook would be great too because of the natural support of unix. Chromebooks and macbooks are great in battery life. This surface pro is basically like the macbook in value... not great. Check out asus ux360 for something affordable. But I'd suggest a chromebook if you spend like ~200 or a macbook at ~1000 remember that microsoft surface does need a type cover. i have a dell XPS in hand with a chromebook from lenovo and the lenovo chromebook battery life is on par with XPS for ~200 and I can write some C++ applications along with running node applications. Compile times sometimes could be faster but def the best value
Phillip Truong (5 months ago)
Chillitscape thanks for the reply. I already have a gaming desktop. I just something before school. Specifically web design and coding. Portable and good battery life.
Chillitscape (5 months ago)
Its abit expensive though but a solid choice never theless
Chillitscape (5 months ago)
yes this would be a solid choice. In fact any laptop does. I have a gaming desktop and a chromebook for on the go. Even thats a fine setup
Joey N (5 months ago)
I really hope they make a surface pro with etched glass screens like Wacom. The matte finish and the better traction on the screen makes it so much better. I really wish someone else would make a type of etched glass screen like Wacom as to compete with their amazing screens. Are there any nibs or anything that can make the pen more lifelike when drawing? Also what about different pens? Are you only able to use the pen it comes with or can you use different brand pens such as Wacoms?
Fox Gabanna (5 months ago)
Where can i get some of this bad ass music from?! Please respond Matt :)
onkel bens (5 months ago)
Sure a decent device, but the price really bothers me. You can get an all new Macbook for the price of the Surface Pro with the cover and the pen. To me, that's not worth it.
Kevin Karls (5 months ago)
No USB C no buy.. GG
Jeong-hun Sin (5 months ago)
4GB is good enough for most users. I do not know why so many people are bashing 4GB models. I have used laptops with 4GB and with 4GB, and I ran applications like Visual Studio, Android Studio, etc. No noticeable differences. Also, I can hardly fill even 100GB of my 256 SSD.
Vang Xiong (5 months ago)
Jeong-hun Sin bruh..us power users need the 8gig..its noticeable when u have over 10 sites of porn running while trying to d/l and watch...smh
David Corpuz (5 months ago)
Didn't you forget the biggest upgrade which is internally. No more fans slimmer design and increase in battery, Kaby processor more reliable and faster. The only negative is that it's OS is a windows not Mac. MS isn't user friendly and if you want a trip down memory lane you'll see a lot of windows 95 formatting still within its system. Also Cmd is crap compared to others which makes it worthless. The reason being why MS App Store offers Ubuntu and Linux for free!!! Hell they'll even give you bash as beta because cmd blows and guzzles cum drops.
David Corpuz (3 months ago)
Without MS surface line, MS stock is worthless. MS also got pwned by Steve right before he released a new line up which was the iPhone and etc. cause MS is greedy. It was a proper lesson what MS learnt over the past years.
Merciless Assailant (4 months ago)
Oi fuckboy. MacOS sucks shit.
Michael Reif (5 months ago)
I had the original Surface Pro. Upgraded to iPad Pro. Waiting for the Surface Pro with Type C and P3 display (compare to iPad Pro or new Macbook display makes this an obvious omission). I will wait for the Canon Lake version 2018.
UnitedWeStand4EVR (5 months ago)
Should I get this, Surface Book, or Lenovo Yoga 720 4k i7. Cant decide. What is best for college students. 😖
bizmonkey007 (1 month ago)
UnitedWeStand4EVR What's your major? That's a big question to consider. If you're an Engineering, Animation or Graphics Art Major, consider the option that has more RAM and a more powerful processor (i5 to i7) for the money.
Allen Tom (4 months ago)
if weight is not an issue, I HIGHLY recommend the yoga 720. Overall best 2 in 1 convertable and blows anything in its class when it comes to performance. Although battery life may not be as long as the Surface series, its more than enough for when u use it in class for notes. Btw the Yoga's screen is much better for drawing if u care about that (wacom vs en-trig)
Austin Sharp (4 months ago)
UnitedWeStand4EVR surface book
Elijah Wood (5 months ago)
If you can afford the Surface Book, I would get that. I have a Surface Pro 4 and had a Surface 3 (not the Pro 3) before that. The SP4 is great, but the keyboard/trackpad on the Book is the best around, and it has a decent amount more power. It's bigger, and not as easy to handwrite on if your school has tiny desks, but other than that, the Surface book wins.
Venture (5 months ago)
UnitedWeStand4EVR I'm starting university this year and just bought the surface pro. Because of its note taking capabilities with the pen, I found the pro to be the best device I could get. I would highly recommend it
Lelouch (5 months ago)
this or xps 13?
Raylor (5 months ago)
All your videos must be played at 1.25 bro. you should maybe edit your videos voice at 1.10 or so....your videos are awesome
Akmal Hisyam (5 months ago)
If you guys to much complaining then you can go Apple thank you very much
Jared Lo (5 months ago)
I'm new to this kind of stuff, so how long does Microsoft usually lower their prices? Or is it going to stay that way for a long time? I'm thinking to wait until next year to get this.
Kenward Evan (23 days ago)
Microsoft cut $200 off the i5 model
Jared Lo stays up high for quite a while. If you can wait a year, it could be worth it cause Microsoft will let out student coupons near the beginning of school year and you may get additional student discounts at some stores across the US. I bought my SP4 that way last September
Carlos Plascencia (6 months ago)
I love the surface brand as a whole, I've been using the surface 3, not pro just the surface 3 . I got it back in 2015, the lowest end model. Now that I'm gearing up for the police academy my surface 3 feels so slow and outdated :(do you think jumping from the surface 3 to the new surface pro 2017 with i5 8 gig of ram will.be worth it for me?
Wizzy Watkins (6 months ago)
Can you charge your phone through the USB port on the Surface Pro?
Wizzy Watkins yeah. It's standard charging speed though
nicegoodspeed1 (6 months ago)
moral of the story, buy microsoft surface pro 4.
ycats1970 (6 months ago)
Thinking of purchasing the Surface Pro for my daughter for high school. Can't decide whether to get the I5 or I7 processor, 8gb 256gb. She'll most likely do homework on this, watch youtube videos, netflix, and download photos and videos from her iphone. She's not a hard core gamer, but may occasionally play games. Do you think the I5 processor would be efficient, or should we should get the I7 processor? Also, she wants a laptop that doesn't have a fan that makes the loud annoying fan noise.
Andrew A (4 months ago)
+DerAmateur should be called m5 as our still the low voltage one
DerAmateur (6 months ago)
ycats1970 For her needs is the unit with the i5 the better option. And the unit with the i5 doesn't have a fan, only the unit with the i7:) I hope i can help you:)
M. Fajar Ismail (6 months ago)
is it 4k?
M. Fajar Ismail nah dude, I'll take that resolution for better battery life
M. Fajar Ismail (6 months ago)
shame :(
Matthew Moniz (6 months ago)
no QHD
Silmarieni C (6 months ago)
There is in fact no reason to purchase a Surface Laptop, since you will NOT use the pen in real life, because it isn't a 2 in 1 If you want a high end laptop without stylus, get a Dell, Lenovo or HP for less. If you want a laptop with stylus, get a true 2 in 1 from HP or Lenovo. If you want a tablet, get the Surface Pro.
Silmarieni C for laptop with a stylus, Surface book ftw
Nick (6 months ago)
Music coming from a tablet's speakers is not a "party" period.
Nick (6 months ago)
I'm just yanking your chain lol. Good video btw!
Matthew Moniz (6 months ago)
+Outside the Box it's sarcasm : )
Diamond Eevee (6 months ago)
the laptop has shit price/performance compared to a 2015 Macbook.
BTICronox (5 months ago)
Diamond Eevee and then you have to buy an iPad Pro with pen additionally to the Macbook just to get the same use, because your Macbook doesn't support touch or pen input.
Jan Großer (6 months ago)
Very nice review!
Optimal Supreme (6 months ago)
Well lets see arcane 1947 tech for what 1500 ..ok if u want that tech buy it. Plus, wasnt it not suppose to be a pad ..yes it was oh people wake up.
Jakie Mason (6 months ago)
fuck the separate purchase of pen and keyboard, they are copying ipad pro bullshit money milking.
Harold (6 months ago)
yea who the fuck uses usb c
Quan Nguyen (2 months ago)
ikr? wtf? Tech companies are trying to put usb-c a standard these days, except for maybe apple and samsung
Mario Darnadi (2 months ago)
Clifton Taylor what new cables... You would get it in box if its for charging
Mario Darnadi (2 months ago)
What are you all retarded xD everyone but samsung is using it
Clifton Taylor (2 months ago)
My phone (LG V20) is USB-C on the phone, but the charging cable that came with it is USB-C on one end and USB 3.0 on the other end which plugs into the charging brick. Why go half and half? If USB-C was on the Surface Pro, most people would end up having to buy all new cables for the devices they already have.
Razorlance (2 months ago)
tbh i've never even used a usb 3 device
Dave Simkus (6 months ago)
So the i7 cannot handle video editing?
Travis Orozco (6 months ago)
Dave Simkus that's what I was thinking? how can the i7 with 16 GB of RAM not handle video editing.
R X (6 months ago)
You forgot the Surface Book.
R X (6 months ago)
If you eat bacon sandwiches. Choose the Pro. Id cry if I got greasy fingers on the surface Laptop.
Dickson Pau (6 months ago)
Would I need the i7?
Bart Q (6 months ago)
Don't think so, I was capable of doing that with my Surface 3 back in the days (2GB RAM, so browsing with 9 tabs open and both OneNote, Excel and Word opened was quite a challenge) But I gotta say, now I sold the 3 and bought the Pro 4, the fan only kicks in at high CPU loads, which rarely happens with this user-profile!
Dickson Pau (6 months ago)
Hi sir, mostly just note taking, web browsing, watching video, and so on. But from time to time, I expect to do some spreadsheet work with some plug-in that has to work on hundreds to thousands of cells.
Matthew Moniz (6 months ago)
+Dickson Pau what kind of stuff do you do with your computer?
Robert Cheung (6 months ago)
Could you comment on the consistent backlight bleeding at the bottom of the screen that all the batches have experienced?
Milot X (6 months ago)
good review i think am getting surface pro this week
Matthew Moniz (6 months ago)
Nice! Let me know how you like it!
Jack Dolah (6 months ago)
What camera are you using to shoot this? It's so crisp
Jack Dolah (6 months ago)
Matthew Moniz are you f kiding me!? Wow i thought you use something like sony FS or c300, you got skills man! Thumbs up!
Matthew Moniz (6 months ago)
+JACK DOLAH Sony a6500
WhatDoesntkillYa (6 months ago)
As a Canadian youtuber, its nice that you put pricing in CAD. unlike Karl Conrad.
That Guy (16 days ago)
Spartan oh you don’t get the reference 😞
Spartan (16 days ago)
That Guy I’m Canadian and believe me when I say this..... it’s not that great!
That Guy (29 days ago)
Brandon they’ve had it too good for too long...
Brandon (1 month ago)
Johnny English what's your issue with Canada?
Johnny English (2 months ago)
WhatDoesntkillYa Fuck Canada from USA
ripperx444 (6 months ago)
I love this thing. Been using it for programming and watching movies. Does the job and does It fine. Battery life is AZAMZING! I returned the surface laptop because they used the cheapest Toshiba ssh you can buy nd the core i5 is a shittier version than this machine.
Matthew Moniz (6 months ago)
+ripperx444 ya they should of used an nvme ssd inside the surface laptop. Makes no sense
Geo Reyes (6 months ago)
Love your raccoon face 🐼
Matthew Moniz (6 months ago)
LOL thanks

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