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Is Chinese KUNG FU Bulls#!t?

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Shaolin monks, mystical arts flying through the air and temples in the mountains? Is this stuff for real or is it just a load of tripe? Let's talk to someone who actually does this stuff... George's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAGTpcuP8o9_sWzvDGfZYKA Byron's no-nonsense Kung Fu channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/wushutigeriron Don't forget to watch my new food series: Quest for the best Chinese in the USA! https://youtu.be/KFAejbtB5W0 Conquering Northern China: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringnorthernchina DISCOUNT CODE: STAYAWESOME Conquering Southern China: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringsouthernchina Support Sasha and I on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/serpentza Join me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/winstoninchina Twitter: @serpentza Instagram: serpent_za My other channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/advchina Music used: Virtual Vice - El Caldarone https://virtual-vice.bandcamp.com/album/chinatown-ep

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Duston McCreary (1 day ago)
Bruce Lee changed his methods that began to closely resemble today's MMA due to realizing his traditional methods were often impractical in a real street fight.
John Shore (1 day ago)
Heard of Falun Gong? It had a massive following until 20 years ago.. Discussed here by another SA researcher. https://youtu.be/UWqNhnflWFA
SilverSilmarils (5 days ago)
11:19 Ah, a user of Andy Dwyer's secret "Punch to the Crotch" opening technique
Frankie Fourfngrs (5 days ago)
The kung fu vs mma challenges in China have answered this question.
ABAREBUGYO (5 days ago)
This George bloke rocks.
Abandon Reality (5 days ago)
We can debate the merits and legitimacy of Kung FU and whether or not it's bullshit all day (Mostly bullshit, MMA fighters would stomp most monks). Though I must say, as an avid martial arts practitioner and fan this guy is BULLSHIT.
verifyyouare18or (5 days ago)
Should have talked about sanda. That is legit
Pleisterman (7 days ago)
I have been to Henan and had Tai Chi lessons for while. There was a group of foreigners adults and a group of Chinese children. In the morning at 7:00 all the children would come out with their swords and spears and they would start practising. A really cool sight. For the Tai Chi part, it was Chen style and my trainer was 32 years old. Training was intense and was 6 days a week from 7:00 to 19:00. The food was simple but good, only meat once a week and that where mostly chicken feet, not so good, but the Chinese love it. What I have experienced and seen from my trainer is that Tai Chi is very complex, getting to the fighting level in Tai Chi takes many years of training and dedication. Thinking that Tai Chi is no good or worthless just because there is one video of an MMA fighter almost killing a foolish man doesn't say nothing. I got a lot healthier there. One of the best times of my life.
corturia (8 days ago)
all martial arts are 50% propoganda anyway, one of first things you get taught in virtually all martial arts is fighting is a last resort you need to project yourself bigger,louder and come across all together stronger than you opponent. kung fu obviously been massively featured in entertainment industry as well which amplifies it even more,and last but not least like a a lot of things in this modern world when its no longer needed theres no longer intrest 100 years ago i bet china was very different with kung fu teacing and display
Cxeri93 (10 days ago)
2:06 am i the only one who thinks those 2 buses are kissing each other? thats waaaaaay too damn tight.
Dirty Astronaut (10 days ago)
I'm at 2:18, I love your videos but this guy seems like... not someone I would take seriously... I'll keep gladly watching though!
PERUANO31 (11 days ago)
" all that kind of nonsense" lol
Mateo Suvelza Auza (11 days ago)
Well at least there karate left...I mean as a real thing...and it has a lot to do with kung fu Is so sad that such an ancient culture and its traditions is almost kind of lost forever
Auden Dillon (11 days ago)
who was ready for winston to do some crazy kung fu moves at the end lol
r10623 (13 days ago)
seems there are more "Kung Fu" schools in HK 😜
bigmac (13 days ago)
Yep I'm thinkin 2 to 3 seconds in the octogon and it's lights out Kung Fu.
Joe Hew (14 days ago)
That kid was definitely bullied at school
Frog Princess (15 days ago)
I love Jackie Chan films 😂. This English fella is a lovely chirpy guy 👍🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧
Edward Berry (15 days ago)
Someone should tell Joe Rogan about Winston, I guarantee you Joe would LOVE to have SerpentZA on his show. Does anyone know how to reach him??? 😀
Joe Hew (16 days ago)
Your videos are the number one procrastination tool
J.A.H. van de Laak (17 days ago)
I've practiced Kung Fu for around 10 years. I've to say that most practitioners only know forms, and no spontaneous applications. Also no concept/room for being yourself/having your own "style". Instead it's root learning/copying the moves without being the "owner" of the moves.
wowalinbie (18 days ago)
Learn wrestling, boxing, jiu jitsu, Judo, mui thai or something actually useful in fighting. Tai chi is like aikido, ineffective.
BARBATUS 89 (18 days ago)
Reminds me of when I was in Judo during part of my middle school period, and that my western sensei farted when he was doing some demonstration. It was quite unromantic. I never passed beyond the white belt because I was there to have fun, not to study stifling and typically arbitrary rules.
Ahmed Shareef (19 days ago)
Trrristan (20 days ago)
Of course it is. It's gymnastics.
Kick Face (22 days ago)
so sad there was no fight :(
Kick Face (22 days ago)
7:34 Bai bai culture
Kick Face (22 days ago)
at first i though he was laowhy
Alzapebu (24 days ago)
Serpentza going Agent Smith.
Kung Fu is like a weak karate
Chris Abino (25 days ago)
winston would fuck your master up lol hahaha
WalkingOnSunshineMan (26 days ago)
a pretending wanker no kung fu here
WalkingOnSunshineMan (26 days ago)
look gay
Skeptic Illuminati (26 days ago)
I would say all asian martial arts is bullshit; it's all pseudoreligious culty crap.
joe smith (26 days ago)
I went to see the shaolin monks wheel of life back in the early 2000s it was brilliant.
sunny neal (27 days ago)
Kung fu is for weaklings
Damnationization (27 days ago)
You don't know any martial arts. I can tell by your bad stance. :) But you do look like the transporter. :)
grassdeep Chin (27 days ago)
The westerns want to learn from Kungfu about how to beat others, the Chinese practice Kungfu just to build up their own body.
Wilson Lee (28 days ago)
Kung Fu is over rated & mostly for exhibitions & performance rather than real world combat, of cause getting yourselves all sweaty isn't what most Chinese wants to do if you don't get money out of doing. People not just in China but all over the world are less healthy & probably 95% of the human population never perform or participated in any intense activity other than just work. People I find now are much weaker at any age & you can see evidence of this in trashy exercise equipment on sale everywhere that claims to need very little or no effort to build six pack abs or loose a ton of weight in two weeks.
silent watcher (29 days ago)
If you want to know if kung fu is effective, challenge a real practioner of kung fu of ten years but before you do that reserve a room in the hospital and the emergency room. The patient will be yourself ,not the kung fu practicioner.
HAN CUI (29 days ago)
Better not misinform people outside China, if you don't really understand Kung Fu.
Wotdermatter (1 month ago)
The actual name is Wu Shu. It received the accolade Kung Fu when a British General was watching a demonstration and while he could speak good Chinese he inadvertently called it Kung Fu and the name has stuck ever since. Wu Shu translated refers to martial arts in general. Sorry, Winston but your guest is neither qualified to talk about the subject nor a good proponent of the arts. He needs at least 10 more years.
Igor Krahenbuhl (1 month ago)
Guess I've never seen any martial arts school in China and I go there very often. Also among my friends in China, few of them enjoy playing basketball and that's it. No Kung Fu.
Jean-Loïc De Jaeger (1 month ago)
I've been into martial arts since forever and have been practicing for 10 years+ now. Sounds so bad to hear "my master doesn't want to me to reveal secrets of my Kung Fu style" ... there's really no such things as secret martial arts techniques ... As Bruce Lee said : “I personally do not believe in the word style. Why? Because, unless there are human beings with three arms and four legs, unless we have another group of human beings that are structually different from us, there can be no different style of fighting.”
peekaboo peekaboo (1 month ago)
Bullshit ? --- that's the videos you are spreading.
peekaboo peekaboo (1 month ago)
More and more viewers are realizing what you and other China-based vloggers are about.
serpentza (1 month ago)
Lol, careful! Your butthurt is showing
David Yoho (1 month ago)
Midgar Cloud (1 month ago)
Winston looks like the Transporter in the suit lol
JoachimderZweite (1 month ago)
About forty years ago the Singapore Straits Times newspaper sponsored a contest between a group of boxers and a group of kung fu practitioners. A bunch of us fans waited with baited breath in San Francisco for Singapore Airlines to arrive with the newspapers. All of the kung fu guys were knocked out. The longest a kung fu guy lasted was 2 minutes. Contact them. I am sure they can dig up the article.
Shadowtrip (1 month ago)
Been watching watching you're videos lately Winston, I gotta say man you inspire me, been in a deep depression, but seeing your success over this past few years is uplifting keep up the good work. Live your best life.
serpentza (1 month ago)
Thanks mate! Stay Awesome and kick that depression’s arse!
Muyao Tang (1 month ago)
i can tell you enjoy the 莲花山公园 very much :P. I have been lived in US for 4 years but i still miss 福田区 and 深圳!
gambet0007 (1 month ago)
I blame discovery channel for this Shaolin making you wait on door for days and night on you knees before they take you in thing
Kim Jong-lol (1 month ago)
why don’t you review western movies about china and rate how realistic they are?
secrom1014 (1 month ago)
Someone get Joe Rogan over here.
DoomMCMV (1 month ago)
name of the movie at 00:50 is Seven Steps of Kung Fu
Mr. VW O' Day (1 month ago)
george don't forget the mma ground and pound will help you too
ImmortalDuke (1 month ago)
He moves like a noodle in a bowl. It will take a moment for him to connect to qi. I hope he finds it. Props for following a dream.
Kaarel (1 month ago)
in india we hef big dick martial temples and we practice big dick martial arts aswell
TheKimcheeRamen (1 month ago)
I was hoping to see some of your praying mantis Winston..
LabRat6619 (1 month ago)
Get back to Britain and pay off your student loan you hippy
Ray (1 month ago)
Hi Winston!
Ray (1 month ago)
I'm an old martial arts guy. I've taken Kung fu, Karate, Judo and Tai Kwan Do. Here are the facts based on my 50 years of training: 1. Kung Fu is half martial arts and half acrobatics. Many of their moves are for show only. 2. Karate is very stiff and not effective against western boxing and same for Tai Kwan Do. Ever see a Karate tournament? They use boxing. They don't use Karate moves (except for kicks). The best martial arts for self-defense? THAI BOXING. A mix of boxing and kicking. My opinions are based on lots of years experience in different styles. Judge for yourself.
Julian Reid (1 month ago)
Left hand on top is in temple; right hand on top is out of temple schools.
Rude Valve (1 month ago)
Certified Gold!!!!!
Hon Kei Ma (1 month ago)
better to learn kung fu in hong kong then china.
Dakers11 (1 month ago)
Hi Winston I studied under Jimmy H. Woo's Kung-Fu-San Soo School in SoCal. Salute. Left hand is the House protector , Right hand is the Power. Len Wylie was my Instructor as a young lad til my late Teens.
How4Basic (1 month ago)
0:33 this looks like he had a stroke before doing it
Adam W (1 month ago)
Make a video about trailer park cunts and how they impact chinese society.
Gosh. I thought it was Cmilk in disguise. Aesthetic closing clip.
Jochi Raider (1 month ago)
I have to agree that modern wushu is very watered down, having studied choy lay fut buk sing for a number of years, it is easy to see the flickiness and lack of real application that is generally taught worldwide and in China. The story I was told is that all of the real masters left the mainland or "retired" in the 50's and 60's, and that this was due to the perception that they would foment rebellion against the government.
vlnal (1 month ago)
Winston always looks for ways to improve his videos not only the topic... He is improving all the time. No bullshit the real deal.
Leo Arthur (1 month ago)
taiji is very harmful to your knees.
Guy Fawkes (1 month ago)
Modern day karate kid
p s soa (1 month ago)
Cmilk is that you?
- Vajradatta - (1 month ago)
Amazing how many self-important morons here are beating up on the guy for being a noob when he clearly says he's just learning. Oh, forgot. Most of these morons don't read.
3DCRAZY (1 month ago)
I like the Drunken Master style.
Burial (1 month ago)
The "cultural revolution" was one of the great human tragedies, the footage from that period makes me sad every time and I don't even have any connection to China or it's history.
Wentian Zhang (1 month ago)
Right hand over the left means something like condolences I believe. Edit: after a quick research, it turns out that when someone holds his right fist against left palm right in the middle, then push them outward, what it means is that the person is likely to be a member of the secret anti Manchu Court organization called “天地会(Heaven and Earth Society)” or someone who shares the same ideal. Which is to overthrow the Manchu Court (Qing Dynasty) and restore the former Ming Dynasty.
Jake Blake (1 month ago)
2006 sha zui winston rapped a little chinese girl and got away with it
Paul Keating (1 month ago)
I’ll still be the unlikely one that ends up in a tear up with the one King Fu master in a population of billions. Safer to stay peaceful until it’s otherwise necessary.
DenseAlloy (1 month ago)
3:30 it is state how much of Chinese culture was lost with great leap forward and the cultural revolution.
lmtada (1 month ago)
Kung Fu may be big. However When I visited China ping pong was big. Ping pong against school building, courts everywhere.
YouTube Channel (1 month ago)
why not to try interview with the original chinese person. because western he just come and learn with some original chinese person. how about wing chun and so many martial arts from china. i can't tell all of them, but from china so many martial arts.
Joseph Murphy (1 month ago)
the cultural revolution destroyed the martial arts in China. You find much more in Taiwan and Calfornia
Will H. (1 month ago)
Your title of this video does not reflect the content, rather I hate that way you used sensationalized title to attract the audience, only to fail to deliver. I've noticed this happening more and more lately. This seemingly smart move will come back to haunt you in more than one ways that I can imagine. Short term, you'll be fine and actually raking in the benefits nicely, I would imagine. Longer term, you'll likely lose, not because people will feel cheated (although they will) and leave, but more importantly, you'll be complacent at such "twists" and "turns". You'll train yourself away from a down-to-earth, grounded content provider, to a typical media person that chases the wrong things and ending up destroying yourself. I like your content (so far) enough to tell you what I think and hope you'll listen. Either way, life is too short to worry too much. Have fun and best wishes!
goldsilverandiamonds (1 month ago)
Kung Fu is not a practical martial art. It's a pretty inefficient fighting style. To much excessive movement and wasted energy to do things that may look impressive but do little to stop another trained fighter trained in  more effective and efficient style of fighting. Jujitsu,  Muay Thai, Krav Maga and MMA training are all better in achieving stopping  threat faster and more efficiently and effectively than Kung Fu.
Blackpowderkun (1 month ago)
goldsilverandiamonds those moves are taken out of context, the old way they train is to practice forms to explore and learn the mechanics, doing it for hours is a good exercise, they can do with their body and also imagine their applications then they spar, you can actually watch kung fu sparring and it basically look like kickboxing with alot of forms minimized to fit the situation. In arnis I thought what the point of learning how to twirl a stick until I figured that it's a practice in changing angle of stick tragectory, .
goldsilverandiamonds (1 month ago)
Raging Utai We'll have to agree to disagree.
RagingUtai (1 month ago)
goldsilverandiamonds find me legitimate kung fu masters who were well known for their kung fu style that got beat in mma? And jiujitsu, karate , and other japanese arts was introduced from china whose martial arts was well advanced. Like i said all techniques found in mma , karate . Korean arts. Mua thai, every move set from those specialisng in grappling, strikes from the hands and legs, elbows and knees, can be found in kung fu systems. You need to realise that there are many kunf fu styles and many practioners. Theres a lot of bullshit masters out there and alot of legitimate ones , out of the hundreds and thousands, out of a population of a few billion. Many of them have pride and don't believe in public fights, some have closed door fights away from the spotlight. So because they don't fight in MMA it means their style is shit? Or they aren't highly skilled? Go and do some research on kung fu history and styles and see how advanced it gets.
goldsilverandiamonds (1 month ago)
RagingUti I personally think Japanese Jujitsu is superior to BBJ which is more limited technique wise. BBJ though is far more effective and efficient is stopping other fighters compared especially compared to Kung Fu. The results speak for themselves world wide. And Jujitsu did not come from Kung Fu. What next are you going to claim kicking and punching also came from Kung Fu? Lol.  If others many who are masters of other arts with 10-35 years experience can get into the cage or ring to fight in MMA can? Why don't Kung Fu masters do it anymore? Why did Kung Fu practitioners stop? Because they were getting beaten badly by others with better training and skill. And you can't take a shaolin master over a MMA fighter any day because none are found to take on top level or chmpion MMA fighters. So....
RagingUtai (1 month ago)
goldsilverandiamonds so bjj must be shit, since the founder and expert at the time got beaten by the master jiujitsu at the time, whose style was a simplified system of a japanese jiujutsu style whicj cam from a chinese kung fu system? U really think kung fu masters who have spen 10 to 20 years mastering the art enter mixed mma? Id pick a shaolin/ wudang kung fu master over any mma fighter any day of the week with no rules, no gloves real self defense.
Run Liu (1 month ago)
I can said you titled like this ,you are bull shift.
serpentza (1 month ago)
Lol shift?
senchaholic (1 month ago)
A clip from Vice where an MMA fighter takes on a Taichi master. https://youtu.be/LZ6j0i0LxNo
You should come to the United States. We play firearm and AR-15 daily instead of this useless stuff.
serpentza (1 month ago)
Or come to South Africa where we murder more people in a day than in a year in the USA lol
Sad to see your Bullshits this time about Martial Arts with this guy looking like a skinny new age opium addict. Physicaly unfit with Skin Wrap in Bones .. Holiness is Cleanliness.time to clean up your dirty face.
Jucius Maximus (1 month ago)
Winston's martial arts are Matrix style - requires dark eyewear to be effective!
Jake Blake (1 month ago)
Hey! Winston Sterzel, do you remember that time when you raped a Chinese girl in sha zui, and then bragged about it to me in 2006? I do...
MrJohnyysmith (1 month ago)
Good vid but you did not even touch the interesting bit. How does kung fu actually measure up in real world fights. And does your guest simply enjoy 'playing' kung fu or does he compete?
Neal Fridman (1 month ago)
Keep up hte good work. I was just in Hong Kong, wasn't allowed into China, even after 3 attempts.
Paul Hurst (1 month ago)
Kwanglebeh: you didn't actually name one thing. You mentioned yet one more thing not invented in China. Thanks for confirming my point.
sean murphy (1 month ago)
Chinese in Australia are the bottom of the Food Chain. Everybody (Ethincs) bashes them up. I have never seen an Asian defend themselves by Kung-Fu.
A10troll (1 month ago)
soon as I saw this I thought about IP man
Brian Ring (1 month ago)
Well, there is a MMA (Western Martial Art) guy in China challenging allot of Kung Fu masters and kicking their butts on video. So watch for yourselves There have also have been lots of Mix Martial Arts competitions where many style were used and Kung Fu has never won. As a matter of fact Asians in general do poorly. That said I love cheesy Kung Fu movies. I also love Asian philosophy and meditation.
Jean Son (1 month ago)
Serpentenza doing kungfu moves in his suit looks actally really cool :D
Huyou Strategically (1 month ago)
To punch a ordinary guy, kungfu is enough. If you want beat down the fight champion, kungfu is bull shit.
lauraiss (1 month ago)
Thank you, awesome video, very informative. But about MA - with all due respect to classic karate, if martial art basic stance is with hands lowered and not protecting face, that should be considered as a dance not a fighting art. There are zero masters, who can block boxers punch from position where arm is below waist. And there could be kazzilion situations where one can not step back. Fighting in bar or public transport for example. Zenkutsu is a way to broken nose.
TFC (1 month ago)
That look from the beginning killed me.... With laught hahahah xd

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