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Maine Musik - Soulja Slim Flow (MUSIC VIDEO)

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Maine Musik - Soulja Slim Flow (MUSIC VIDEO) Video Producer/Director: @Mr_OneNine For media & videography services, call/text 225-366-8805 or email Str8UpEntMusic@gmail.com
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Text Comments (965)
Paul Gales (20 hours ago)
This straight drop. 100
Jay Mel (2 days ago)
Dog u bad
Aisha Hinton (3 days ago)
Bitch u didn't lost too much blood yur head gone !!!!!.....I FELT THAT SHIT 💯💯💯💯😂😂😂😂
Aisha Hinton (3 days ago)
I love U maineeeeeee😍😍😍💯
Renard Kelly (4 days ago)
Issa smash OMM
Jesse Brown (6 days ago)
Straight smoke 🔥🔥🔥
Michael Maragh (15 days ago)
My girl jus said is dat soulja slim?? Lmao bra da sickest
MARQUIS WINSTON (22 days ago)
See it's still youngns that's students of the game & this proof right here
DurtFace Official (24 days ago)
610+1 thumbs down 👎 Soulja Slim ain’t get Enough Kredit Wtf
DurtFace Official (19 days ago)
Only Fukk Niggas Gone promote this Shit...a Real Nigga Gone Respekt it ...plus this nigga be Kissing niggas in the Mouth Do ya Research Fukk nigga
Ayski FromTha312 (19 days ago)
DurtFace Official do you think niggas care?
Born A Hustler (29 days ago)
Soulja slim born over again lil bitty bitch goin hard u heard me
Leroy Riley (1 month ago)
Real ass BR Music New 504 boy. Maine putting you boys in disabled veteran suits. Webbed the fuck out this beat
Wavy Rothstein (1 month ago)
Jay T (1 month ago)
On this nigga set😭😂😂
Arab Nation (1 month ago)
Follow tet_mungo twitter
otf peso (1 month ago)
that song is hot otf peso up next
Young Blizz (1 month ago)
My Jacket Remake Listen to Told Me Freestyle by Young Blizz #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/young-blizz-481595442/told-me-freestyle
Family Love (1 month ago)
Boy Soulja slim spirit will protect you. Amen
Jimbronne Lavine (1 month ago)
Do a Z-Ro flow 🔥🔥
Born A Hustler (29 days ago)
Don't never compare soulja slim to z ro now even close
DRASTIK BEATZ (1 month ago)
This guy is horrible how tf did my playlist add this trash.... Nigga aint even believable..smh Rap is going downhill fa real!!!# dumpster juice
Rome Jackson (1 month ago)
my 13 and 11yr old sons asked me why they knew the song. 😂😂Told they lil azz they been crankin to slim since they was out they mommas💯im from da 202 homes da District foo
Klay Eastwood (1 month ago)
the south > every other region in the us
Peace Thomas (1 month ago)
SPLITT MUSIC (2 months ago)
Mane dis nigga Summoned Magnolia!!!!!!! #VooDooShit🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Mr. Talk 2um (2 months ago)
Clean through that Windows
Candy Yam (2 months ago)
Fucked up bout em. 💪🏾
Delana Thomas (2 months ago)
Maine really living like that facts. I know everything he spits straight truth 💯💯💪
Dslim704 (2 months ago)
Yall rap niggas in fuckn trouble u hear me big fukn trouble
Romie Smith (2 months ago)
I play them hall way cuts stalking niggaz is ah must‼️🔥🔥🔥
Dslim704 (2 months ago)
Wtf this nigga goin the fuck off
Bernard Osbie (2 months ago)
K (2 months ago)
What beat is this ?
K whop beezy consequences
J B (2 months ago)
The intro so corny lmao. Timothy hill😂 Maine too raw for that shit
I amblackman (2 months ago)
Do a juvenile flow next or bg
I amblackman (2 months ago)
Baby Draco on me I pray it never grown up
Big Diesel (2 months ago)
Soulja Slim's disciple
Ron Bryant (2 months ago)
The boy next
MR. REALIONAIRE (2 months ago)
Slim Murder (2 months ago)
Eugene Dew (2 months ago)
Damien Landry (2 months ago)
Rest easy slim
Bless Ford (2 months ago)
I'm from Ga, and I fucks with that raw music n.o stay putting out that gutta shitt and he made Soulja proud with this, he went in to the fullest.
Lil Chris (2 months ago)
John Robertson (2 months ago)
So utoobo wants to censor videos on gun maintainence as well as fire arm education but push this crap
Young Man (3 months ago)
This that fire
calvin peeler (3 months ago)
this go hard.
Hip Hop Fanatic (3 months ago)
My Boy Maine is 2 🔥🔥🔥🔥 wit da Bars💪🏾💪🏾
Torry Smith (3 months ago)
Rip slim
shannon kelly (3 months ago)
He down bad
Gwop Fox (3 months ago)
Respected sir
Chris Wills (3 months ago)
Fuck wits Maine Muzic. Yung Nigga up on everything...
Michael Torbert (3 months ago)
Maine we want tht soulja slim flow music, keep runnin it you better by urself #nofeatures
Tre Mosley (3 months ago)
Mann fuckin with it fasho from Dallas #214 to da #504 RIP Magnolia Slim
Kevin Banks (3 months ago)
Niggas ain't wanna give me guns i went found some iron
Joe Mcquay (4 months ago)
T.I.P lil Derrick the 5th hotboy
My a Gordon (4 months ago)
Kiddie Kanvas Walton (4 months ago)
Favorite song of the year
rip slim 504 to 225. fly high soulja 🔫🎶⛽🐅 Listen to Make it Happen to ya (rip souljaslim) by Jboyneworleans900(Viip fed #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/user-24388801/make-it-happen-to-ya-rip
PlayItHowItGo 205 (4 months ago)
Yaaahh...ya hear dat....
i dont know zayy (4 months ago)
nigga stay in yo lane yhu not from Nola
yG montana (4 months ago)
On that slim shit like if u fwi
Trevor Manning (4 months ago)
Trevor Manning (4 months ago)
Torry Smith (4 months ago)
Rich Junkiez (4 months ago)
he shoot a video in sherwood marty hood 😭😭
Rich Junkiez (4 months ago)
that's usually how it be niggas from your own hood
Jamar Allen (4 months ago)
Rich Junkiez dey both from the same hood my g
Rodney Thomas (4 months ago)
442 people must not know about that Slim flow
krih lee (4 months ago)
Dis bih go hard ass fuk my nigga and from belle glade fla
flyacross (4 months ago)
Soulja turning in his casket trying to grab a Choppa to get thiz fool for biting.
bam bam (4 months ago)
🔥shit blood brockin loud
jmarcus morris (4 months ago)
Real soulja shit
Guarantee u it’s phone calls bein made bout dis nigga top but I’m Vibin wit It smart move
Lanii (4 months ago)
J.R. Fields (4 months ago)
100%! 504 to the bone
The Real Swoo400 (4 months ago)
Zaraiyah Lumumba (4 months ago)
OMG this that dude that made the food stamp video talking bout Donald Trump. LMAO I fw this tho.
ziggmonsta (4 months ago)
Man homie sound jus like Mac #freeMac #ripSlim
Mint Ross (4 months ago)
Shoutout Ben 10 stop playin
Splashs’ Saga (4 months ago)
"Waaaah" Llss 🅿️
ThePrettyHustleHookUp (4 months ago)
I Looooooovvvve this
Darell Lewis (4 months ago)
yaaaa slim...my gun cook a nigga like he fell on a stove....like dat dere
Jhaquille Wilbert (4 months ago)
Maine the only artist that can do soulja slim flow real shit it sound just like slim that real kutt shit
Trevor Morrison (4 months ago)
Heard everything since ,go crazy dropped, maine and tec been slamming shit ever since 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jay Woods (4 months ago)
He got to do a part 3 and put slim son on tat bitch 🔥
Stay Down (4 months ago)
I love them Louisiana beats. G shit 💯💯💯
Perry Flowers (4 months ago)
I'm from MP HARVEYHITTAS I fw son fr..
dee3558 (4 months ago)
AInt shit like Magnolia Slim !!! Nice try doe
Jayson William (4 months ago)
Dam I miss Soulja Slim... This shit was tight. Took me back fareal tho. But you know soulja said: Dont jock my style/ wanna be like me but you dont know how/ first thang be original/ cuz when you get ya own style people feel ya mo/
Jacob (4 months ago)
him and tec killin all these lil hair dyin fags
Shawty Duwhop (4 months ago)
Lj James (4 months ago)
Jamaal Francis (4 months ago)
Long Live Magnolia Slim the king of the south this nigga did his thing Louisiana always had the most talent in the south
Tre Tucker (4 months ago)
Got damn this shit raw! Lol
Brad Jordan (4 months ago)
Lostin Bolds (4 months ago)
Louisiana off top
George Mitchell (4 months ago)
He Can Spit! But he isn't Soulja Slim at all. It's only One "Magnolia Slim"
Cartel 1090 (4 months ago)
Boosie Louisiana Hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Manaj Bruin (4 months ago)
Whats the name of this intstrumental *please help* cant find it anywhere
Jay Stacks (4 months ago)
ALBUM OUT RIGHT NOW https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/mixxsquaders/id1059508570 LISTEN ON SPOTIFY https://open.spotify.com/album/62R02BPTnfhEQqUKZI0ubm
dj165ghallday (4 months ago)
Nahhh you bodied this this bro !! 💪🏾💪🏾 🔥 🔥 🔥
Eddie Brown (4 months ago)
That beat soulja down 4real 😎

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